Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thunder Storms

Boy, yesterday we had thunder rattle the windows but only got a small ammount or rain. Last night we got another storm go through and this time it knocked the power out. I usually leave my computer on and it was resting good when I came in this morning. I had to restart and reprogram all the things I was working on. Today the weatherman says after today good weather lies ahead. So I'm looking forward to the next 5 days of great sunshine.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Neighbor Likes Beer

My neighbor is 84 years old and likes his beer especially Miller High Life in the 30 pack. Well he had hernia surgery and doctor said it will take up to a year to totally heal. In the meantime don't lift anything over 5 pounds. Well a 30 pack of beer weighs a lot more than that so he hollers for help from me. One of the local grocery stores had Millers on sale for $10.99 and he didn't want to miss the bargain price so had ,me get him one. His daughter just got him one the other day and he had over half another one sitting there. This morning I looked out my window and saw his daughter andher husband drop off 2 more 30 packe. I guess I'll have to go over and help him drink it.

Auto Repair

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Auto Repair

Been in an accident recentlt then you should know about this website auto body repair.because it's important to you. This is where you can go in your to find the very auto repair shops. They have lists of member shops that will do the work and return your vehicle to the condition it was in before the accident.With a minimum record of 95% customer satisfaction and a lifetime warranty you get nothing but the best. There are thousands of repair shops but not all are experts in the field. The best way to find out which ones are just check the site above.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Something You Enjoy

I enjoy blogging because it helps me pass the time of day since I retired. After retiring I discovered that Social Security wouldn't pay all the bills I had. My sister told me about a couple companies that paid a few dollars for bloggers to blog about products. It wasn't a lot of money but it helped pay bills for me. The companies upgraded to be better but the opportunities got fewer and fewer. This last week they have been down to none and it's boring with nothing to do. I sure wish somebody would post some opportunities.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Day Vacation

Nice 2 day vacation eating fresh caught waleyes and big sunfish in Minnesota. Just lounge around having a beer and good food 3 times a day. Our host did all the cooking and we just ate and relaxed. My friend had to work at noon today so we returned last night late. For a short getaway it was great. I'll take several short trips like this one over 1 long vacation anytime because you don't get all worn out.

What's Going On?

It's been a great day outside although slightly hot. I've managed to stay inside in the AC where it's been cool. The day has been pretty dead blog opportunity wise so it's been boring with nothing to do. I'm getting a chance to lean back and listen to some really good classical music. I don't take the time to get my CD's out and listen to them. Right now Johan Strauss is intertaining me and lulling me to sleep with his waltzs.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One More Time

Once again my feet forgot to do what they were supposed to do. I mean like take a step while walking. When that happens my foot drags and catches on little things and trips me. This time I fell down onto some cement steps and peeled the skin from the bottom side of my forarm. I can't believe that for what they charge today that the medical world can't figure out why you legs and feet don't respond all the time. I've fallen several times in the last few years and really don't care for it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Promote Discussion forums

In todays world people don't seem to have time for the important things until it's to late and then they all complain. Why not have a discussion forum on the various various topics so people have an understanding of what the problems are and can voice their opinions. This website Post without Joining. you can checkout the different topics up for discussion. With the big day November 4th election day coming up fast the people should be holding discussion forums in every town in America. They can discuss the problems we face in this country and find ideas how to cope with them. Discussion Forums are absolutely needed for all problems wether comunity or national.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

DVD's And Corn

Today my friend and I rented a couple movies and watched them this afternoon. After we cooked some of the best north Iowa sweetcorn and ate it. Washing it down with a Bud light Chilada. It was a really great day for all concerned. I enjoy a nice quiet day at home without interuptions by anyone or anything. No phone calls and nobody stopped by to say hello. The price the theater charges in Mason City we can rent 2 movies and have a frosty float at Wendy's. That' what I call the best of both worlds.

Good Morning

Well it's another day after blogging all night I really wish it was still nightime. I stayed up until 3:30 this morning trying to get done and sure enough the phone rang at 9:00. My friend says did you get done last night? I told her I went to bed at 3:30 and she said I thought you might but she called anyway.Well maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to catch a nap later. I hate it when I do that.

Denver Magazine

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What Time Is It?

It's time to go to bed stupid. What are you doing out here at 2:35 blogging? You have fun getting your second wind and staying up really late. The big thing is nobody knows this so they will start calling early in the morning. Man I hate it when that happens.Thank God I have caller ID and if I can hold it just right I can read it without my glasses. If it's someone I don't think is important I don't answer.

Bicycle Riding

I'm getting older and shrinking in height so trying to ride a 26 inch bike is a great task for me. I bought a 24 inch but haven't ridden it yet but really have to. With harvest time around the corner I have to start exercising my bad legs or I'll have a problem getting in the trucks. I need the job so have to get in shape. One of my friends told me one time that I should get in shape. I told him that round was a shape.

Disney Tickets

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beer Night Tomorrow

Thursday is the day my buddy stops and my neighbor comes over and we have a few beers and shoot the bull. It's nice to have friends to shoot the bull with over a beer. We try to get together once every week just to let off steam to someone who knows you and is still your friend. Tomorrow is the day so I'll be blogging late again.

Standup Comedy

I love comedy central because they have some really great funny comedians just to intertain you. They give their name when they come out and then never again. So you don't know their names but you do recognise them the next time you see them. The big thing is by the time you see them again you forgot them. I watch it anyway because the world needs more laughter. I was so broken up when George Carlon died because he was one of the greats and Rodney Dangerfield was another one. Thank god there is a few really funny men and women coming up to take over.

Beauty Schools In Missouri

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Brett Farve

All right what'sgoing on here? Is Farrve playing for Green Bay or what? Once they said he was bavck in the league you start hearing runors about being traded. I'd really like to see him play one more season with the pack and then retire and make it for real this time. Some big atheletes think they are better than anyone and maybe they are but they're still just men. It's still just a game but don't try telling the bigg fans that. I personaly don't care who wins what.

Exercising The Legs

Looking at the calender I see harvest time is not that far away. I drive a grain semi jhauling corn every year for about 6 weeks. I earn enough to make my life easier through the winter. With a limited income all the rest of the year and the utilities company raising the rate by 3 times you need extra money to keep them from shutting off your lights and heat. If it's like last year with about 25 days below zero I'll need all the help I can get. I have bad legs and don't get around like the young guys so exercise for me.

Cancun Hotels

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Lottery Tickets

Well I'll be able to save several dollars every week from now on. I've always bought a powerball lottery ticket twice a week. Fot the last few months I've only matched 4 numbers. So I figured for $2 a week I'll just save it for a while and when I get a big enough stake I'll go to the casino and play the slots. That way I can have a beer or eat their amazing buffet while I have fun playing losing my money.

City Streets

You know we need the city streets to get around town. The old roads have worked for many years without much problems. Now the city fathers think 6 blocks of a very busy connecting street should be one-way at the cost of several millions of dollars. The residents that own the houses on the street are very upset. The one-way will be going away from town and be one lane with one side parking and a bike path. This is a tourist town and everything is done to bring in more tourists. Oh, the street in question is along the lake and it will make a lot of people mad.

Presidential Dollars

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Getting Ready To Go

Well it happened again. My friend said her sister's husband has been transferred back to the United States and are in Minnesota. That means we will have to drive her up to her sisters about 300 miles away for an overnight visit. It's a lot of fun so I really enjoy it even though I do all the driving. After they spend some rest time in Minnesota they are heading for San Antonio,Texas and that means a trip to Texas before the year ends.

Really Good Lunch

The Fareway store here has Wonder Roast chickens so I bought one. when I got home I let it cool enough so I could handle it. when it was cool enough I deboned the whole chicken. That was 2 days ago and My 2 cats and I have been eating chicken. I get mine in a sandwich with mayonese and the cats get theirs in their dishes. It really makes a good sandwich and the cats are very happy too.

Wedding Gifts

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Security Dogs

My neighbor is a 76 year old woman whose husband died last year. Their dog died this year. Now she got a Dachund puppy for a companion and is talking about a boxer for security. She is 76 years old like I said and 5 feet tall and just under 100 pounds. I told her if you get a boxer it had better be very well trained. I can just see the dog taking her for a walk every day. She does have another woman in the park help her so maybe she thinks that will solve the dog walking problems.

Late Night Chores

Why is it that I can't find anything to do until late at night. I sit here getting so tired that I'm trying not to doze off. I suppose I should really go to bed now and finish this stuff tomorrow. I've only got a little left to do and want to get it done so I'll be here a while longer. Things are starting to look up a little bit for me health wise. I'm taking a over the counter pill that cleanses the intire body inside and helps all organs. I've noticed a difference since I started about 3 weeks ago. I'll know more in another month or so. The time limit for the best results is a year so we'll see.


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Cellphone renewal time.

Is there such a thing as a cell phone that you can just make calls on? I'm ready to renew the contract but my phone is making wjerd sounds when I use it. I guess I would like one with the camera ability. I don't text so that isn't needed at least not for me. I just would like to have a phone that I can use anywhere I happen to be because now I can't get a signal in certain places and it really ticks me off. So I'm going out and check all the providers for a great camera phone and that's all I need.

Personal Thoughts

I think the media spends way to much time on celebrities having babies and adopting them. The other thing they overwork is political candidates and what their party's are doing to get votes. With all the flooding going on in the country and the people being forced to leave their homes I think more could be done. I keep reading about huge ammounts on taxpayer money being spent for this and that and the small ammounts spent on the people. Every year the government needs more and more money and the people get less and less.

Unique Wedding Favors

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August All Ready

Holy Mackeral is it August all ready? I'm having trouble keeping up to date. It seems like the year just started and 2/3's of it is gone. They have always said when you get older the time goes by so fast you can't keep up and that's for sure. I guess the big thing is we only get so much time here so we should enjoy it and live for today because there may not be a tomorrow. That's life, love it while you can tomorrow might be to late.

Fair? What Fair?

This year north Iowans were in for a suprise because the company that furnished the rides canceled. They still had the car races and food stands along with the livestock judging but no Ferris Wheel or any other rides. I've heard several reasons for them not showing up but I'm not sure what the truth is. All I know is it wasn't much of a fair this year and if it happens again next year there may never be a good fair again.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Las Vegas Vacations

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Casino Lunch

While I was doing a post about the buffet lunch that the casino serves I forgot the important stuff. You had to use your casino card to get the 500 points so I did. After lunch I had to go back and play a little more. I really like the penny slots and even more today. When I got done I was $50 ahead of where I was when I got there. That of course made me very happy since I usually lose when I go. I have to take a run back up there in a few weeks for more play and a free 500 points again.

Really Good Food

My friend and I took a break and went to the Casino just 20 miles north of here. They send you a mailing giving you points and other things. I had some points built up from other visits and with the 500 points they gave me today it was enough to treak us to their buffet. They have buffets at lunch time and dinnertime too. The food is an amazing assortment of different things. from Italian pasts to pizza or ham and chicken. If somehow you managed not to find anything you liked then you weren't looking. After lunch we pushed it all down with ice cream and pie. It was a very good time shared by two great friends.