Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Happening

The park owners moved in a new14x50 trailer house and finally sold it. Now a tennant in the front row wanted to sell his old trailer and management offered him $5,000 and said that it was just junk. He tore a beatiful inclosed porch off of it and pulled it out of the lot. Now the landlord is moving a 45 foot double wide in on that lot. There's only going to be about 5 feet on either side of it. I think it's too cramped up in that space but what do I know. He's the landlord and I'm just a peon in the kingdom.

Mowing grass

My neighbor borrows my lawnmower and she mows my lawn for me since I have trouble walking. It's very nice of her to do that for me. We live in a mobile home park so the lawns aren't very big but management still wants it mowed every week. Since my neighbor is a much younger person and in good health but without a mower it works out good. She's happy the landlord's happy and I'm happy so you can't complain about that.

Actos Lawsuit

Ever heard of Pioglitazone which is a diabetes medications chemical name? You might have heard of Actos, Actoplusmet, Competact or duetact which are other names for Pioglitazone. Tests have come out with a report that serious side effects can come from taking this medication. Some of which are: increased risk of bladder cancer and very serious heart problems including heart attacks. If you have taken this medication you should check this site Actos lawsuit for information about possible lawsuits from these side effects. You need a good experienced law firm to see if you have a case. It's better to check it out and be wrong than not check and be dead.

Because They Can

Why is it the senior citizens can't get a cost of living raise and all the politicians can. Social security runs between $500 and $1,200 a month and about 15,000 a year. Government people get around $150,000 a year and they need a raise so they can afford gas to get to work. What do they do at work? Take away our cost of living raise so they can give themselves more. I really think the wrong people are running the country because they aren't for the people anymore but for themselves.

Where Is It ?

Predictions of rain have been on the news every night but we haven't seen any of it. Early in the morning we get a few sprinkles to get the driveway wet then stops and dries up again. Towns a hundred miles east of here got 9 inches the other night and we didn't see a drop. I have a couple lawns I mow for people and without rain it just doesn't grow. It was supposed to rain last night and not a drop but I did hear some thunder so someone got it. I guess we just wait our turn.

Chantix Lawsuit

If you are a smoker and have tried everything to quit then beware. One of the most popular methods is by using Chantix. You need to know the FDA has issued a black box warning about side effects from using Chantix. This is the strongest warning they use and it's because of suicidal thoughts and even attempts. Depression is another bad side effect of Chantix. This site Chantix lawsuit can fill you in further about the trouble Chantix has caused. If you have experienced any of these side effects then you should contact then right away. Being safe is a whole lot better than being sorry.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Sister's Dog

Yesterday, my sister and her husband had to put their little pet dog, Holly, to sleep. It was hard taking her to the Vet knowing she wasn't coming home again. But she didn't feel well and had liver problems and didn't eat like she should. She slept a lot and wasn't the playful little dog she always was. My sister says she was the best dog they ever had and they won't get another one. She was a little Boston Terrier and would play and never bite anyone. You could even take away her food under her nose and she wouldn't do a thing about it. Most dogs would take your hand off. They will miss her greatly.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Whew It's Hot

Just when you think you're getting a break it comes back again. We had a week of middle to high 90's and then cooled to middle 80's and felt good but now the heat and extreme humidity is back. My friend and boss says he won't let me mow in the heat for fear of heat stroke. I have a few health problems, one of which is short of breath because of lung capacity. People worry about me a lot more than I do, as long as I feel good I'll do whatever I have to. Most of the time they don't think I can handle it when I really can.One of these days the heat wave will be over and we'll be back to pushing snow wishing it would warm up. Well like they say about Iowa weather, If you don't like it hang around because it'll change.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is my sister, her husband and one of their twin daughters. They had been out to eat at a unique little restaurant. Afterwards, their daughter wanted a picture with them. Her husband took the pictures. My brother-in-law used to raise hogs so thought this was quite an appropriate background. The cameras today really take the best pictures don't they. It is fun to see new pictures.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

This is the time of year I can live without. The town I live in goes all out for the 4th of July. Being a town on a lake they celebrate with carnival and the whole 9 yards. The population of town is about 10,000 and when the party starts it increases to right at 40,000 every year. The tourists act like they live here and expect someone else to clean up after them. It really gets to be a pain in the behind. Running stop signs is bad enough but if they're coming at you, then you have to move over and give them room. There is one really good part of the whole thing and that's when they all go back home and the town gets back to normal.