Friday, September 25, 2009

Rain Again

Well the last week we have had rain just about everyday. Maybe not a lot but enough to measure and if it keeps up harvest will be slow going. I really missed not hauling grain last year but I'm getting so crippled up I probably would take longer just getting in the truck than driving to th elevater. It's really tough getting older regardless what anyone says. If you have a disability it's even worse. I have to admit it does beat the alternative when you think about it.

Cell Phones

My friend and I always get new phones when our contract expires. It's a good thing because I manage to drop mine enough that sometimes it really doesn't want to work. I have no idea how but when I do drop it I drop it on cement and it falls apart and has to be reassenbled. It's always a accident but it still happens. Thankfully the phone company always has a free phone when you sign up again. At least I'll have a new one to try not to drop.

Disney Tickets

School is in session again and the old summer blues are slowly creaping in on you. But speaking of creaping in on you how about Halloween as a good time to sneak away to lose the blues. can set you up with a weekend getaway and a great time. Howl-o-screams is back from Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay to give you the thrill scare of your life. Orlando is ready with Jigsaw, Chucky and wolfman plus a collection of vampires to make you one of them. Just take a few minutes and check this website Disney Tickets and you'll be on your way to fun and excitement instead of the school classroom. Disney World and many other attractions await your visit and now is the time to take a break.

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My New Van

I traded my 2001 Winstar van for a 2007 Freestar van two months ago. I really just love this freestar and wouldn't part with it for the world. It gets about 2 miles less per gallon than my winstar did but there are other compensations that make up for that. I guess you have to drive a Ford van to know the difference between them and the rest of the vans in the world.

Flu Time Again

People are running to get their flu shots for this swine flu going around. I get a flu shot every year vbecause I have some bad resperatory problems and don't want a cold of anykind. The dumb thing is I caught a cold and it keeps hanging on and just doesn't want to leave. My friend has one of her own and won't take mine so I have to deal with it. Doctors appointment on Monday so if it's not better I'll get a big vitamin shot or something.

Tippmann Paintball Guns

Hey you guys did you know the sport of paintballing is alive and well?One company has all the gear you could even dream of to get your own team started. Everything from starter packages to the top paintball equipment from guns to goggles. By taking a few minutes and checking out this site Tippmann Paintball Guns it will take your breath away. You won't know where to start looking for your favorite gear. Even better than having the best gear they also have free shipping so why wait. You can go on line and find out where the other teams are and set up a challenge. It's always a great way to spend the afternoon with friends.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Watermark Graphics

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Conroe Lapband

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Motorcycle Parts And Accessories

When you look at your ride and compare it to other guys bikes? Well there's a website that has everything you need to dress up your bike. Just go to this website saddlebags and look around. Withbrand name products for 60% of what others charge and more than 30,000 parts in stock it can't be beat. I wish there would have been a place like this when I was decking out my scoot years ago.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Attractive Appearance

I know that the first time people see you, they take a look at your clothes. Are they neat and pressed, or do they look like you just climbed out of bed? And what about your hair? Do you have a neat hairdo or haircut? Does it look like it has been washed in the past month? You want to be sure you have an Attractive Appearance especially if you are looking for a new job. Or perhaps you are going to a party and hope to meet that someone special. How will he or she size you up? Will you attract them or repel them with your appearance. It is important to match the colors of your clothing too and don't mix stripes with flowers for example. Are your shoes polished or run down? There is a lot of things people can do to improve their appearance and make a good first impression.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rugged Nerds

Hey you gamers out there have I got good news for you. there's a new game website in town at gaming forum where you can find a great way to spend your day. With competitions and new games to play. You can just chat about anything with other players and get pointers from then to make your game better. This new game site will be busy so get in on the action as soon as you can and check it out. I believe it will be one of the hottest places for gamers to go with demos and replays of everyboby's favorite games. on't miss out and check it out.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bedtime Again

I laid down earlier and slept 2 hours to make up for the sleep I lost last night. My foot cramped with huge pain all night and about the time I got back to sleep it would come again. So anyhow I've been up a while now and starting tomiss the keys I need to do this. That kind of makes me think it's time for bed again. I'm a one finger typist so hitting 2 keys at once is easy.

Cable TV

I got a converter box last month and shut off my cable. I really can't believe I don't miss it at all.I'm usually in here playing with the old computer and don't think about it. My friend came over and put up an antenna for me so I can at least watch local channels. I actually get 14 channels and they are very clear. I have 4 TV's and tomorrow my frind will put in a splitter so I can watch which ever one I want.

Coin dealer

Thinking of investing some of your savings but don't know which stock to buy? Well let me tell you that if you want to invest in something that won't lose it's value then buy precious metals. Gold and silver coins and bullion are investments that will be there when you want it. If you want do it the right way go to this website coin dealer and check out what you need. The Monex Company has been a leader in the precious metals industry for many year and know the gold and silver market. With a large dedicated staff Monex precious metals is committed to serving your every need.

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Knee Surgery

I have old steel knee replacement and they want to replace the other one too. My sister just has a replacement redone and is on the way to good health again. I think about mine and think I can live with the pain it gives me a little longer. After falling on my knees several times real hard since I got the one replaced it seems to hurt more than the real one. So I guess I'll just wait a while longer.

Labor Day Weekend

The final camping out weekend before cold weather starts heading this way. There is hundreds of events going on all the area that I had to miss. I'm not only not in the labor force anymore but I couldn't do a lot of physical labor if I had to. I have enough trouble walking without having to go to work. I guess it's like that old saying, If I knew I would live this long I would have taken better care of my body when I was young.

Blood Glucose Monitors

There are millions of people with diabetes of some kind. Those who have it know you need good equipment to monitor your blood sugar so it doesn't get to high. This Website blood glucose monitors is the first place you should be looking for your monitoring meters. Alegra Medical .com has been in business since 1996 and serves over a million clients. Exercise and fitness as well as all medical equipment needs are their business. Nutritional supplements for your daily diet needs are available. With 50 categories of over 55,000 products you can be assured to find what your looking for. Just go online and click on the website above.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day weekend

I live in a trailor park and 2/3's of the people use it as a resort park since we're only 1/2 block from the lake. After Labor day fewer of them keep coming back on weekends until spring. The park quiets down and the golf carts are put away so you don't have to dodge the kids driving them. We have some kids as young as 6 driving the carts and that's a real road hazard. They have to slip over the edge of the seat to reach the pedals. Oh Well, Winter's coming.

Trading Cars

The local Ford dealer had a2007 Freestar van on his lot so I stopped and looked at it. It was everything my 2001 winstar was and more so I checked with the bank. The loan officer said go ahead and trade and I'll give you a check to close the deal. So in a period of 2 days I started driving my new Freestar van and it's great. I don't know if it will be my last car but if it is I chose a beauty.

Family Vacation

Wether planning a family vacation or a romantic second honeymoon remember the name Karisma. The two major things you need for a vacation to alwats remember is this website family vacation and the name Karisma. Karisma is the name of a group of luxury hotels on the Mexican riviera where the view overlooks the Mexican Caribean sea with beautiful white sand beaches. I mentioned a second honeymoon because they even have one hotel where it's adults only and skinny dipping is allowed. With a menu of gourmet foods and beverages you will know you're in paradise and won't want to leave. Room service is 24 hours a day and so is your butler service. This vacation pamper yourself with the Riviera and stay at the Karisma paradise of your choice.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Secure FTP Server

Many files are exchanged within companies and it is important that it is done quickly and efficiently. With ftp replacement you can be sure of safe, secure transfers. Often there may be problems between transferring files between a Mac and PC's but with this company's service, you will find it quick and easy. It will save you employees a great deal of time, increasing their production. Check into this website for the latest in file transfers. It will save your customers a great deal of money on their file transfers, as well. They also have compression and encryption of files to insure best security.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Online Car Search

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Mac To Windows Compatibility

I think everyone knows that if you don't run Mac on your computer then you have windows. Sometimes trying to get the two of them to unite is really a job all by itself. Get ready for a big shock for all computer owners. Just go to this website filename problems and you'll discover a new software program that will help make the two of them operate like one. This is a great breakthroygh for computer owners and will make life easier and faster with fewer headaches. Extreme Z-ip is the only software that activly supports Mac os versions from OS 9 to OS x 10 to make computing fun again. Check into the website and see what you think.