Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moving Snow

I live by a lake and we get more snow than those in town.  I think we got about 7 inches. My sister says they got 6".  I move snow for my friend, so once it quit snowing we got out there and got all the drives cleared.  It is nice and sunny and melting snow in places.  February is a short month but it can sometimes seem like the longest due to snow and cold.  Well there is only one more week and it will be March and then everything will melt faster and we are on our way to Spring and Summer.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

Look what my niece got for Valentines Day.  Her husband brought them to her at her job.  That was sure thoughtful.  I don't pay that much attention to Valentines Day.  It is nice for those who do.  I like to go out to eat with my friend or just have ice cream or something like that.  The weather was great for it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Buddy Holly Days

Every year our town of Clear Lake, Iowa has a winterfest to celebrate Buddy Holly days. Buddy was killed in a plane crash just north of town after playing at the Surf ballroom. My sister- in- law was there that night but hasn't been to any of the Festivals that have been held every February. Like her I grew up with his music even if I was9 years older, the 50's was my time. I was an old timer at 21 and married when all my friends were single. Anyhow they held the winter party again this year as usual and people from all the United States plus a few from other countries showed up to party at the famous Surf Ballroom. To me it was 4 days of people driving down the streets looking everywhere but where they were going. I had several close calls so just stayed home unless I really needed something. Lots of times I went to Mason City, 10 miles away to get what I needed just to avoid the idiots. So, the town is quiet again and the only idiots running around are the ones who live here. What a relief it is.