Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catheters has expanded their product line to benefit you better. Catheters, Maternity supplies, diabetic supplies, blood pressure and heart monitoring devices to mention just a few. Being a large independently owned supplier of medical supplies since 1998. They now have exercise equipment supplements and outside gear and even things needed for the baby. When you're online go to this website catheters to get a lot better idea of the span of merchandise they cover. If you sign up with them you recieve a limited time specials in the form of an Alegra eCatalog offering them to members. Checking the hundreds of subcategories and over 50 main categories you'll find over 50,000 products to choose from to fill your needs.

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Yard Sales

Holy Mackeral, I think it's time to quit going to yard sales and just have one of my own. I've been thinking about changing my lifestyle and I have gathered so many things I'll never use. The best thing to do is sell them to someone who needs them as much as I thought I did. I plan to move into smaller quarters than I have now and there won't be room for everything I have now. Some things will sell and some will be given away. The rest will be thrown away or just set out front for whoever thinks they can use it that drives by.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Domestic Seafood recipe

There are so many recipes out there for seafood with rubs sauces and marinades. I still like my late wifes recipe and since we live by a lake in north central Iowa it serves my purpose. Starting with a cup and a half of corn meal you blend in 3/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper a teaspoon of greek seasoning. Take about six to eight waleye fillets and rince good then roll them in the corn meal mixture. I use a stainless steel 12 inch frypan that I put six tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and three tablespoons of butter in. When the pan gets hot I put the fillets in and fry to a golden brown. When they come out of the pan I serve them with golden hashbrown potatoes and a small dish of shrimp sauce. I prefer horseradish and ketchup mixture.It's simple but worthy of The Great American Seafood Cook Off. This website Cook off can give you all the details on that. Maybe you have a favorite recipe you think should be entered in the cook off. There are many recipes out there by professional chefs and other great cooks but I still prefer the old family tried andtrue recipes I grew up with. Here at Clear Lake, Iowa when the water is still cool the waleyes and yellow bass are in force and easy to cath to fill your frying pan. If I can't get out my friends bring me some of theirs. I don't know if my recipe is up to standards for The great American Seafood Cook Off but it works well for my table.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Yesterday's Party

I'm really glad we had our party on Saturday because it really rained Sunday. The weather Saturday was perfect and you couldn't ask for a better party. Everyone that was invited showed up for the treats and goodies. The food was terrific and compliments were flying all over. I was informed that we'll have to have another one before it gets cold. I keep the grill at the ready year round because I like grill steaks and chops all year. They just taste better off the grill anytime of the year. I think it will happen again if we can get it planned again.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

" Sixty Six " The Movie

Bernie had been planning the day he would become a man and the great party he would have. His Bar Mitzvah was taking place on the same day England played for the world cup. Everyone watched the big game and poor Bernie Bar Mitzvah was put on hold. Being so disappointed wasn't bad enough to top it off England lost the big game. This Website Official Film Website can fill you in with more information.

Press Release:
About the Film "Sixty Six"

England, the summer of ’66 and the country is about to be consumed by World Cup Fever. For 12-year-old Bernie (GREGG SULKIN), the biggest day of his life is looming, the day he becomes a man - his Bar Mitzvah. However Bernie’s North London family seems a little distracted. His father Manny (EDDIE MARSAN) is concerned about the giant supermarket opening opposite his grocery shop, a business he shares with his more charismatic younger brother, Jimmy (PETER SERAFINOWICZ) -- and it’s making Manny’s bizarre obsessive compulsive disorder even worse than usual. Between worrying about Manny and Bernie’s older brother Alvie (BEN NEWTON), mother Esther (HELENA BONHAM CARTER) barely has time to notice her better behaved younger son, and the only attention Bernie ever gets from Alvie is a punch for stepping onto the wrong side of their shared bedroom. Bernie believes his Bar Mitzvah is about to change all this. He’ll no longer be the kid everyone ignores, and he envisions and begins to plan the perfect ceremony and reception, where everyone assembled will acknowledge his new status as a man. Unfortunately for Bernie, things don’t quite go according to plan.

First, Manny’s business fails, and suddenly the lavish hotel party that Bernie had been promised is replaced with a tiny affair in his parent’s front room. Worse than that though, the World Cup Final is scheduled for the same day as his Bar Mitzvah. Despite Bernie’s pleas, Manny and Esther won’t hear of moving the date, as “England will never get through to the final.” Bernie senses it’s not wise to push the issue with his increasingly neurotic parents, but he is panic-stricken. His only solace comes from his relationships with asthma specialist, Dr. Barrie (STEPHEN REA), and his blind Hebrew instructor, Rabbi Linov (RICHARD KATZ), who give Bernie life lessons reminding him what it really means to become a man.

Over the next few weeks, Bernie spends his spare time watching the World Cup like a hawk as England wins through the qualifying rounds, and ultimately earns a spot in the final against West Germany. Bernie’s worst nightmare has come true. Back at home things reach crisis point when the house catches fire and Manny’s life savings go up in smoke. Manny is so depressed he is prepared to walk out on his family. It’s only when Jimmy falls off a ladder and injures himself and impresses upon Manny his familial responsibilities that he finally pulls himself together.

The big day finally arrives and an excited hum spreads across the country - not so for Bernie. As he predicted, only a handful of relatives turn up to his Bar Mitzvah, and even they can’t hide their desperation to get back home to watch the match. Amidst the chaos and disappointment, Bernie decides enough is enough. He runs to the sanctuary of Dr. Barrie’s house only to discover that Dr. Barrie’s life isn’t so perfect either. Meanwhile, Manny and Esther discover their son’s meticulously laid plans for the biggest Bar Mitzvah ever, and realize how much this day meant to him. Manny decides to make it up to his son the only way he can - by taking him to the biggest celebration in England that day - the World Cup final. As father and son unite, they make a mad dash for Wembley and arrive just in time to see the final goal making Bernie’s Bar Mitzvah day one to remember.

Based on the real life experience of director Paul Weiland, SIXTY SIX is a coming-of-age comedy starring Eddie Marsan (Mission Impossible III, Vera Drake), Helena Bonham Carter (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Big Fish), Stephen Rea (V for Vendetta, Breakfast on Pluto), Catherine Tate, Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun Of The Dead), Geraldine Somerville, Richard Katz, Ben Newton and Gregg Sulkin.

SIXTY SIX is a First Independent Pictures and Working Title Films presentation of a WT2 production, a true...ish story directed by Paul Weiland from a screenplay by Peter Straughan & Bridget O’Connor. The film is produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Elizabeth Karlsen with Richard Curtis and Natascha Wharton serving as executive producers. The creative team includes director of photography Daniel Landin, editor Paul Tothill (Pride & Prejudice), production designer Michael Howells (Nanny McPhee), and costume designer Rebecca Hale. The music is by Joby Talbot. SIXTY SIX was filmed on location in London and at Pinewood Studios.

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Buy A Bike

I bought a bicycle and planned on getting some exercise. So far I haven't ridden it but I am going to. This fall I'll have a chance to drive a semi and haul corn again. I've done it for 3 years now and if I do it this year I think it will be the last one. My legs are giving me more pain and less mobility than last year. Last year was less than the year before. I think if I would just keep riding that bike the legs will get better and I'll be fine hauling corn. I guess we'll find out in a couple months or so.

BBQ Time

Every summer they have a BBQ competition in east park in Mason City. Competitors come from all over with their secret recipes and enter the cookoff. There are plenty of treats you can buy and sample. I like BBQ meats of all kinds but most people give up pure flavor for super hot. Good BBQ has a flavor you can enjoy without drinking a gallon of water with it. Whatever you like is there but I don't attend because I don't like super hot BBQ and big crowds of people.

Rare Gold Coins

Today when you have extra money to invest in your future, precious metals is becoming the best investment you can make. Rare gold coins and silver coins are always going up in price and retain their value. The Monex family can assist you with your investments so you can start off with the best.Monaco Rare Coin is a part of Monex family who have helped thousands of investors purchase more than 25 billion dollars worth of precious metals. You can obtain information just by going to their website rare gold coins and looking at the offers there. With over 40 years experience they can get you the best deals in the precious metals market. When you go to Monaco Rare coins you will find more than 10,000,000 dollars worth of investment grade coins. Check in now and watch your investment build.

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Where To Live

I've been thinking about several things when it comes to where I want to live. I enjoy the north central part of the country where I live now. The winters were getting milder and milder every year until last year. Last year we had one of the hardest winters that we've had in years. Temperatures were below zero a lot of the time. In the last 7 years I don't think there were more than 3 days that even got to zero. My main thought would be a motorhome where you could just drive your house to a warmer part of the country. There are a lot of senior citizens doing just that. Going north in the summer and south in the winter. I guess if your engine blows up you have to live where ever it happened.

Television Politics

I respect the men and women of the armed forces and pray for their safety and good health. I'm getting so tired hearing about John Mcains war record like he was the only one there. I don't think anyone should try to base a presidential campaign on something like that. It's great that he survived but I think more about those that didn't like some of my friends. One thing I'm really happy about is this is July and it's about over so Voting day is just around the corner and then this will be over. America used to be the country where a boy raised in poverty could possibly become president but now it takes hundreds of millions of dollars just to run. The people in this beatiful country get to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Medical PDA Software

One of the biggest fears people have with prescription drugs is that they are compatible with the other drugs they're taking. With technology we have today that's not a problem anymore. Over 50% of doctors have the software in their hands when your there. Companies like Epocrates Inc. give doctors pocket size technology right in the examination room. They just started a program for blackberry devices. This website medical PDA software can fill you in with answers to any questions you may have. Pocket technology is the greatest time saver and puts a stop to mixing the wrong drug prescriptions and creating even bigger problems. Most senior citizens like me with health problems take 3 to 7 pills a day and this makes them feel safer.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting Closer

I planned a cookout for this weekend and invited2 of my sisters and a few good friends. It's been raining off and on the last few days. The weather man says rain Friday and Sunday but Saturday is coming in warm and no rain. I'm starting to think my luck is changing. If it doesn't rain Saturday then I'll be happy because I'll know things are getting better. Let's hope for a great cookout and a good time was had by all.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Healthy Living

I ordered a couple bottles of a suppliment that cleanses your body and gets everything working normally again. I started on it a couple months ago and used it for a month. My whole body started performing in a new manner. I had more energy and just felt better all over. Heart, Lungs, Liver, Muscles and joints all work better. Then I couldn't afford to renew the pills so went about 2 months without. I could really tell the difference without taking them. Now I've purchased a refill and got more so I'll have more time to see how good it really works. If it's like last time I'll be moving around a whole lot better and feeling lots better.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Celebration Time Come On

The 4th of July celebration just got over and things are getting back to normal. That's great but the big problem now is the north Iowa fair is starting Tuesday until Sunday. Now I'm getting older and can only take so much partying without falling down. I do like to go over at least one day and see what's going on and if there's anything new. For me it's like the 4th of July doings and that's a whole lot of walking. I wish I had one of those little ride around things so I didn't hurt so bad at the end of the day. If I can fine a place to sit here and there it will be fun.

What? Again?

Severe thunder storms and just plain rotten weather coming our way. I can't say I totatlly don't like it because it washes my car and makes it look good. That $8 at the car wash gets a little hard to come bt some times so it helps out that way too. The sky is darkening up now so it won't be long and the rain will be here. The major part is supposed to hit north of us but the corn fields are all ready for a good drink. I think we'll have a good crop this year regardless of what they say on TV. The flooding wasn't that bad around here but south it was worse.

Friday, July 11, 2008

YoNatural Vending For Schools

Everyday you see the news media talking about overweight children. As a parent you try to feed them healthy foods at home. When they get to school it's a different story with so many high calorie snacks and sodas to choose from. YoNatural has the solution with healthy snack vending machines for schools. Any parent that has dieted knows health snackbars taste great but kids see healthy and good for you and shy away. Just set up a demonstration and give out samples so they can see how great organic low sugar snacks can be. For more information on healthy snacking check this site YoNaturals - Healthy Student Vending and see everything they have to offer. Let your school be the first and when others see the changes in the kids they will follow.

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Another Cookout

Guess what> My sisters and I got our heads together and decided to have a cookout. We haven't done this for several years so it'll be like a reunion for us. One sister in Illinois can't be there but the other three of us will make it. Burgers, Beans, Brats and buns. Potato salad pie and whatever else shows up. It will be a great day as soon as we decide when.Probably next week or the next one for sure.

Zenni Optical on FOX

If you need to replace your glasses or need new glasses, then check this for the real deal. You may have seen them on FOX because they give people the opportunity to purchase glasses starting at $8 and you can't beat that for quality stylish glasses Zenni on Fox Quality glasses, frames and lenses of every kind and style you could want. They cost this low because they make their glasses themselves and cut out the middle man.

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A Good Laugh

I enjoy watching Comedy Central on TV because they always have a variety of comedians. I like laughing and this channel has programing that serves that purpose. There's always several shows on during the day that are fun to watch. The world these days needs lots more laughter to help people relax. I'm sorry to say we've lost some of the greatest comics lately that will hurt but there are a few good ones left to fill in. I'll miss George Carlon, who I thought was the greatest performing comic of the day.

Zenni Optical Online

Zenni optical can give you everything you need and more. The latest styles and lenses to start with. Bifocals, progressive or single vision lenses with fabulous frames that your friends will want. Tinted or clear the choice is yours so prescription sunglasses are no problem. The other thing they can do for you is save you money. Because they build the glasses themselves they eliminate the middleman and cut down the overhead costs that they pass on to you.Ckeck out this website for more information.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yesterday I had to go to Mason City for medications I needed. While we were there we decided to shop around. There was a pickup truck parked on a busy corner selling sweet corn. Naturally being from Iowa we had to stop and buy some and try it. The corn came from Georgia and didn't have the Iowa corn quality. We shared the corn with the neighbors and they loved it even if we weren't to happy with it. Well it wil only be a couple more weeks until Iowa sweet corn hits the markets and then we'll all be happy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life Is Good

I took a friend to the airport in Des Moines today and he bought the gas and gave me $50 dollars besides. I love to drive and I was glad to help him out. Of course the money didn't hurt either. I hadn't been to Des Moines for a while and boy has it changed. The airport is still there but there's an easier way to get to it. I was very surprised how fast I got there and back home. I drove about 230 miles stopped for 5 minutes while he unloaded his luggage and I was back home in 4 hours. I'd do it every day for that kind of money but that won't happen.

Take Control Stem Cell Inovation For Women

The world today is sickness and diseases that affect women every where. Sience research has tried to come up with the cures needed to stop these diseases in their tracks. I lost my wife 10 years ago to cervicle cancer and many female friends from various cancers. Stem cell resaerch was delayed by the pro-life people who thought a fertelized cell in a dish was a living thing and shouldn't be killed for research. They didn't think about how many women have died already because that research was halted. This Site CNNMoney is a place where you can go to get all the facts. Todays women needs to not only take care of home and family but she has to have a career plus church and club activities. Imagine the hardships that would befall the household if she became seriously ill. With the harvesting of her menstrual fluids for stem cells could be the cure not only for her but for her children and and siblings. Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Heart disease and Stroke could all be things in the past and nothing to worry about. That's what stem cell research is all about and harvesting it from her monthly menstrual fluids isn't killing anything. With the stem cell research thousands even hundreds of thousands of lifes could be saved to watch their families grow and not miss anything. The best part of it all when you really think about it is everybody wins because the stem cells are harvested from fluids that are discarded everyday somewhere and could be saving a life. Think about it if it only saved one life and that life was yours would it be worth it?

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Tuesday Again

It seems like we just had a Tuesday Aa couple days ago nut I guess I was wrong. If I remember right it rained all day the last Tuesday we had but then again that might have been Wednesday. When you reach a certain ago you need someone to write things down for you so you don't forget. My biggest problem is I'm not that old yet so what's next that I should worry about. I think that's my biggest problem is I just don't worry about anything because life is short and you need to use all your time doing things you really want to do. Yes spreading Cheer, Love, Happiness and Joy every where you go making people smile and for one brief monent forget their worries. That's what real life is all about not grumbling and walking around with a scowl on your face.

New Stylish Eye Glass Frames

It seems like I am holding the paper farther and farther away everyday. I think I need glasses. I have a pair of reading glasses but they are pretty old fashioned. I was checking out the Internet and I ran across this website that has the sharpest looking eye glass frames that I have seen. I need some single lenses and they have those. But I suppose I will soon be needing bifocals too and I can get them from them also. They really are reasonable in cost because I found out the make their own frames and cut out the middle man. That's what I need. I need to save as much cash as I can living on a limited income.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Celebration Time Come On

That's what everybody for 50 miles around here heard and came to celebrate. The 4th of July party here lasts 5 days at least and it's a mess. Traffic is terrible and you can't park within 5 blocke from the carnival. The money it brings into the town helps the city fathers find more money to spend on other things the rich people in town want. The town makes a lot of improvements the only thing is most are not needed and the things that are they overlook. Anyway tomorrow is the last day for the party and then people will go home and it will be quiet. The locals will be able to get where they're going without the traffic. That's what I'm waiting for.

Dogs Verses Cats

I am a cat lover and one big reason is the company they give me. They don't have to be taken for walks and pretty much take care of themselves. I in turn pit up with a lot of cat hair during shedding seasons. My friend has dogs and they to are great company but she has to let them out 10 times a day and then clean up after them. The dogs she has don't shed so they have to be groomed every 5 to 6 weeks or their hair gets to long. The groomer she goes to does not have a good conection with the little one and he tries to bite her. Today he nipped her finger and she hit her head on the stand that holds the grooming shears. She was all upset but she has been grooming him for years and knows how he is. Maybe she should try a different profession.

Police Gear

If you're in law enforcement or security and if you have been doing it for a while you gear needs to be checked. Some of the worn gear may need replacing and there's just one place to go for it. Hats, holsters, belts, jackets and vests are all to be found at this site Luminox along with many other needful items. Shoes and watches just for your personal tastes that meet all the specifications. With years of experience in police gear they provide top quality products at a reasonable cost to you. When you're ready to upgrade or just buy some new gear then think and get the best for less.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Digital Camera's

I have several 35mm cameras that work great and take the most beautiful pictures. Now they came out with a digital camera that you take the picture and look at it right away. If it isn't good then delete it and take another one. You don't have to advance the film or look through that little viewer. You just point and look at the back of the camera. There's a picture looking at you and if you move when you take it you know it. I bought one that is just a cheaper one I guess. It was $120 and on sale for $80 so I got it. I've been really amazed by it so far. I can't believe how many pictures that little card will hold. I can hook it up to my computer and print the pictures out, Wow.

What About TV Now?

The electronics world is developing to ingulf the television world. Soon if you don't have a certain type TV set you won't be able to watch television. What are we to do if we don't have or can't afford one of these TV's? I'm old enough to remember when there wasn't any TV at all/ We would sit around the living room and listen to the radio. Then came black and white, then color and now digital what's next? I'm just learing to use a computer and it's changing so fast I can't keep up. Cell phones are another story I can't believe or keep up with the technology.

Djembe Drums

These African drums are becoming more and more popular. Made of government released and certified mahogany and carved by hand. Using 5mm braided rore to attach the premium goatskin heads over the drums. You can also get a drum with mechanical tunning clamps that attach the skins. If you're a beginner you don't really want the cheaoest drum because they have a different quality sound. For more information this website djembe drums can answer all of your questions. You hold the drum between your knees to play them. Being 15 to 16 inches wide and 16 to 26 inches high you have a large variety to choose from. Drums being imported now are beautiful professionally crafted to meet the desires and needs of everyone from novice to professionals. Stop by the site to see the hand made beautiful drums.

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Night Trafic

Hey folks it's after 8:15 and in the last 20 minutes every car in this trailor park has driven by. What's up is there something I don't know about? There's going to be a picnic Saturday but it's to early to be gathering for that. The carnival started downtown this afternoon so I suppose that could be it. I realy must say niether of them thrill me a whole lot. I have trouble walking and avoid crowds so I don't look silly getting up off the ground. Man I hate doing that and especially if there's an audiance.

Daily News Paper

I'm getting more and more to where I read the front page, Obituaries, some sports, horoscopes and funnies. That way I start the day with a smile on my face. When I wake upmI start with a smile and thank God for another day then head for something to eat and the paper for fuel for that smile. I don't really read the political crap and world problems could be solved if they had someone who knew anything besides spending more money. The thing that makes me the most angry is politicials using Social Security money and then say there won't be enough to last. I worked 60 years and paid in all that time so where does that leave me and orthers like me.

Presidential Coins

When was the last time you tuned into CSN on your TV or clicked on the CSN internet website/ If it's been a while then you reallyb should go in and check it out again. The Cable Shopping network is not only a place where you can purchase great items but also where you can get an education on what to buy. There are lots of shopping programs that want to sell you something that you think you want. CSN presents quality merchandise for you at a good value. For that rare treat check this site presidential coins and be thrilled at what you find. Presydential coins are in demand right now but don't stop there shop around.

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Fun And Games

Have you ever thought about running away and joining a circus or carnival? I thought about it when I was young but never did and really don't know why except I would probably miss my friends. I know many people whom joined up and worked the fairs for several years including my own son. He loved the life moving from town to town or state to state. He worked at it for a good many years before he died before his time. I guess I.m really glad I didn't do it.

Rich Or Poor

I'm so tired of picking up the paper and reading about a top singer's little sister having a baby and being only 16 or 17. Boy is that hot news and what about the other million or so that have babies at even younger ages but aren't rich so you don't hear about them. The rich and famous don't have to do anything more than run a red light and the paper gives them a quarter page You know like a man loses one of his 5 houses and it's news but a homeless man colapses on the street from hunger and it gets pushed way down in the corner of the page. I think to many people think the rich people are so much better they forget they're just people too. I've tried poor but I think I'd like to try rich just for a little while.

Cheap Airsoft Supplies

If you're into paintball games then you must know about as a place where you can get nothing but the finest equipment to fit your needs. You can find the biggest names in paintball supplies. Like Kingman, Empire, JTUSA, Tippmann and pure energy to mention a few. Having started in 2003 they started carrying Airsoft equipment and had to expand in 2005. Now whatever your needs are from hoodies, field gear. hats and goggles you can find it all rightbhere at your finger tips. This site cheap airsoft supplies is the first stop you should make in your search. Our goal is for a painfree internet buying experience but even if your computer is down you can reach us by phone at 877-814-4297 and one of our staff will be glad to help you.

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Think About Moving

I know motorhomes use a lot of gas to drive then down the road but I've been thinking. I live in a mobile home now but what if I sell out and buy a motor home. I have a place I can park it for free. I can hook up to their electricity and water and not have to pay lot rent to park it there. I would of course help pay the utilities but it would be nice to get out of here. Our landlord just raised the rent another $10 a month.


They build a new casino 20 miles north of here and I've gone up a few times. Now every month I get a flyer in the mail telling me all about the great deals they have. They usually have atleast 2 $5 coupons for casino bucks for you to use to get started. When you spend your money on the slot machines they give you points and when you get enough you can trade them on one of the best buffets in the area. My friend and I have eaten there a couple times now and it's great.