Friday, February 27, 2009

Faked Me Out

I looked out the window this morning to a beautiful sunny day. I grabbed a sweatshirt and went out just to find out it was really cold out there. What little wind we had just cut right through you and caused a chill that stayed with you inside the house. I really got faked out because the ice was melting and puddles were forming everywhere. I saw bright sunlight, melting ice and very little wind boy was I wrong. Like they say I may have been born at night just not last night. I really should have known better.

Silver Coin

I have been saving silver coins for over 40 years and didn't know how to use them but I figured it out.The price of silver is going up so I sold all mine and I'm taking a vacation. I think cancun will be where I'm going. I read about the Karisma hotel with their luxury accomodations like gourmet food and beautiful beaches. I've never had a vacation since 1975 when my family was all together. Now I'm alone I think I really need one and maybe even find someone to share it with. I understand the romantic hotels and beaches are wonder place to meet people. I'm a widower now so it wouldn't hurt to have some company to share life with and I think that's what Karisma stands for. This website silver coin can give you an idea of whatI mean. In fact we may even see each other there.

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Video Games

I think tomorrow instead of blogging I'll play some video games. My reflexes are slowing down and I need to work on them. I just have an old NES64 but it's still a lot of fun and paid for. I've thought about upgrading but that takes big bucks these days and that's a thing of the past around here. Maybe someday the ones they have now will be outdated and I'll buy one at a yard sale. Until then I have a dozen games for my NES64 that keep me in shape.


I live alone with two cats for company. They're 17 and 7 years old now and just like kids. The young one keeps trying to walk across my keyboard when I'm in here answering email. She just needs to be petted all the time and then she's happy. I try to do things that could earn me a dollar or two and she helps as much as she can. I can't get it explained to her that she isn't really helping.Sooo I just sit here picking away and moving the cat and that keeps me busy. Oh the other one naps on a furniture pad at the end of the desk and doesn't pay a lot of attention to anything.

Cancun All Inclusive

If you want a vacation you'll never forget and can't wait to go again then I've got news for you. This website Cancun All Inclusive is where you will find what you want. Karisma is the magic word for the most fantastic vacation you ever dreamed of. If you want a quiet romantic getaway or taking the whole family you will find what you need here. White sand beaches and gourmet cooking wines and cocktails to temp your tastebuds. Quiet hotels for adults only and even nudist beaches can be found there. Once you have experienced the ultimate cancun vacation you will start planning your next one. It's a luxury trip that you'll never forget and will tell all your friends about.

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Cancun All Inclusive

Home Show

This weekend is the big home show at the fair grounds so I'll probably wind up going. I don't walk very well these days but I still get around with a cane instead of a cart. My biggest thing is all the people that attend these things because a lot of them don't watch where they walk. They bump into me and sometimes knock me off balance and even fall. I hate it when that happens. It can get very tough getting back up again. But my friend wants to go so I'll have to take her.

Blogging Again

Blogging has been down to a crawl and I have been worried that it would stop. I enjoy blogging to pass some of the spare time I have. I really should say that most of my time is spare time. It's nice to have something to do to feel useful again and maybe make a few dollars while you do it. I know it really helps me out along with a lot of my friends. Well better go check for some opportunities now.


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Another Check Please

There are thousands of people out there that think they're going to get another check this year from the government. I'm afraid they're going to be very disappointed when they don't get one. The only thing they are getting is tax relief and the people that really need the cash help won't get it or even a tax cut. The reason they won't get a tax cut is because they don't have a paycheck. Like seniors who get checks to live on that don't bring in enough to have to pay taxes. I'm waiting to see what happens and I know it's going to take a long time to get right.

Slide It Over Here

Wow yesterday it started out with a light rain. Then at11:00 it turned into a downpour followed be 1/2 inch of sleet. Needless to say it became quite slipery out on the roads and walks but I made it home alright. It was good to be home except I didn't stop and pick up some de-icer. This morning with temps in the single digits everything was like smooth glass and so slick. I'm so glad winter is almost over and spring is so close.

Diabetic Shoes

In the world of medicine, is a very well known supplier in the online medical supply systems. What you may not know is they also supply diabetic shoes. If you're diabetic then you know how important good shoes can be. I'm diabetic and my feet expreience pain most of the time if I don't wear proper shoes. With a record that goes back to 1996 Alegro medical has a record of serving over a million customers. They should be the first place you should check online for the things you need. Wether it's baby products, maternity clothes, exercise equipment or blood pressure supplies Alegro medical has it with one stop shopping. This website diabetic shoes is where you'll find everything you will need.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arizona Weather

It is terrible weather here in Iowa. It is 30 degrees and dropping fast. On top of that it is raining and rain is bad news when it is below freezing. I can hear it changing over to sleet now on the windows. I see little bits of ice sliding down the window glass and it sounds like hail hitting the house. Next we are going to see snow and they promised us 1 to 2 inches of new snow on top of the ice. That makes for very slippery driving and a good chance of lots of accidents and people sliding in ditches. Oh to get out of here and get to Arizona where the temperature is 80 degrees or more. I think that Scottsdale Arizona weather is just about the best around. No wonder a great many people from here go there every winter. I wish I had the money to go. I would love to go to check out the New Home Developments and see what I can find and sell my place and move where it is warm.

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Plastic Surgery - Breast Augmentation

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There are other women, on the other hand, that are wishing their breasts were larger and would like to do something about this. Many women are very self conscious about their breasts and feel inadequate if their breasts are too small. Often they are wishing to enhance their breasts and/or uplift their breasts to improve their appearance. Of course, there is no guarantee that the surgery will do all they desire, but Charlotte Plastic Surgery will do everything possible to accomplish their wishes.

In addition, some women have breasts are that are so large that they cause health problems such as back aches. By reducing the size of their breasts, this very often helps their back aches and can take it away completely. Check into this website to see just what they do and how the surgeries are accomplished. Please be aware that this is a mature website and there are pictures of the actual surgeries on some of the deeper pages of the site.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WHR - $15

My sister bought a new website and it cost her a lot more than if she had gone to web hosting and looked into their website. They list the top 10 web hosting sites and rate them too. My blog doesn't get much action, and this looks like a good website for me to check into.

I was checking into Just Host and I don't think you can beat the cost and benefits of this. There are several others that are very interesting, as well, and if you are thinking of starting your own website or adding a new one, this is a good place to check out.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Proxy Vpn

I do not like to do much serious business on the Internet because all you hear these days is about the hackers that are getting into everything and stealing your identity. I sure would be afraid to do my banking on the Internet for sure because I just do not know if I can trust it or not. If I had vpn then I wouldn't have to worry anymore. They make you secure so that you are like invisible to hackers when you are on the computer. All they see is their address instead of yours. It sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Why don't you check it out too. They cover a lot of countries.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Why Is It ?

Why is it that when it's really cold with the windblowing super hard you get tired so easy? It seems like I just start to do something and I'm ready for a break.I guess it's because you have to wear so much heavier clothes when you're outside. That makes it harder to just move around let alone do anything that takes any effort. I just don't like the cold weather and can't figure out why I moved back to it years ago when I was living in California. I guess we all make mistakes sometime in our lives maybe that was mine.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Again

Boy you know it's hard to believe that it's snowing again. we have had a couple weeks of pretty nice weather and now it's snowing again. There's about an inch on the ground now and supposed to keep coming until tomorrow about noon. They're talking 1 to 4 inches and high winds to make it even better for us poor folks that have to live here. There's only a month to go before we get nothing but great weather like the tropical Islands. If you believe that there's a lot of swamp land for sale all over and all you need to reach it is a bridge and that's not for sale. I guess I'll go watch a little TV and conserve my strength for tomorrow's snow removal job. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Money, Money, Money

I wish the government would explain the economy in a clearer manner. Millions of people are expecting big checks from the government to bail them out. Oh if only that were true because like everyone else I could use a large check to stabilize my life and get through this winter. They're trying to save businesses and jobs not indivuals. If anyone puts big bucks in their pockets I believe it will be the politicians. For years when the senior citizens got 1.7% to 3.5% cost of living the senate andhouse got 10% to 12% which was more because of their yearly wage than most retirees got in a year. This year they finally did something right and gave us more even though it wasn't 10% it was more than we had ever gotten. I'm still wondering when they will take it back and say they made a mistake. I believe that Obama is right when he says it's time to stop playing politics and start saving this great country. Republican or Democrat who cares we're all Americans.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Everything New 2009

This is the year for everything to change. Some I'm sure will change for the better and of course some for the worse. The government has changed the president and we will find out if it will be for the best. I think whatever happens will be better than it was before. The country really was ready for a change.Another thing that is cganging is the world of blogging as some know it. I can't say it's for the better or not yet but I know there's a lot of very unhappy people out here. I'm sure some have quit and some are ready to but there's still some waiting to see what happens. For me, I can really use the extra money I made blogging and with these low offers it's not much better than before I started blogging. If I have to do that then it all isn't worth all the worry. I'm not one of those with a PR Rank that don't have to worry about a 50 cent blog Opp because theirs don't pay like that. I've just been around a couple years and getting a PR RANK is so far out there I can't compete. So what's next I'm waiting.