Tuesday, August 31, 2010

United States Gold Bureau

Remember when investing in your future meant buying stocks and bonds and hoping the bottom didn't fall out of the market? Today the United States Gold Bureau can help you acquire gold and silver to invest in for your future. The only thing different is you don't have to worry about the market holding it's value. Silver is selling so fast they can't keep enough on hand in stockpiles anymore. This assures you that the gold and silver will maintain it's value. Wether silver or gold in coin or bullion form it's still the best investment for the future. For more information check this site United States Gold Bureau and talk to the people in the know you won't be sorry.

Groceries Again

I just went to the store the other day and looked in the fridge and looks like I have to go again. I like home made McMuffens for breakfast and I've got no muffens. So while I'm there I'll get some Half and half for my coffee since there was just enough for 1 cup this morning. I suppose a half gallon of milk wouldn't hurt either. See there it goes again I have to make a major trip to the grocery store before I can even have breakfast.

Right As Rain

The weatherman said early this morning that we should have some rain by tonight. I thought that would be nice since the lawns are getting brown and things are dry. So sitting here thinking I have all day to get outside things done imagine how supprised I was when it strated raining at 7:30. Well at least i can relax today since the outside things are about all I had to do.

Buy Gold Bars

If you have a good investment portfolio then your future should be secure. The last time you checked was it giving you a good return on your money? If not then you should be considering buying gold bars. Right now gold leads the investment market for returns on your investments. The price of gold and other precious metals has steadily climbed for several decades.If you want to check into investing in some then this site buy gold bars is the place you want to start. You know that you can't do it any sooner so why not get started now before it's all gone. Regardless of where you are in the world the one commodity that holds it's value is gold that's why it's in such demand.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's For Dinner?

My nind keeps wondering back to last nights chili dogs. It's getting close to supper time and they would be fast to cook. We don't have the special weiners from that little butcher shop but do have some natural case weiners. Hy-Vee sells the Wolf chili so that will be the same so now all I have to do is ask my friend if she is ready for more.

Party Last Night

A few friends got together and had a few beers and cooked chili dogs. The natural casing weiners were out of this world. They were produced by a small town butcher shop and they were great. The chili they used was a new brand to me called Wolf with no beans. Those were the three ingredients needed for fabulous chili dogs. We ordered muy friend to bring back some of the weiners when he goes up there next Friday. They will be a nice addition to the freezer for later.

Gold Bar

The above ground supply of gold and silver is getting very low. If you were wise enough to invest in either of them years ago then you probably have multiplied your investment many times over. The prices of silver and gold just keeps going up as supplies rapidly decrease. There's still time to get some of your funds invested in gold bars or silver ingots. Decide if you want bars, ingots or coins and go to this site gold bar and tell them how much you have to invest. They will show you the way to get the best deal for your money. The one thing you don't want to do is wait until supplies are gone to invest. Precious metals and coins are the best investments you can get into to secure your future.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I think at one time or another everyone has wished they knew more about computers. Have you ever thought how the world would survive if they didn't exist? I'm old enough to remember when there weren't any computers and the world got along just fine. We used to go to the movie theater to see a movie and now kids watch them on their phones. Which by the way didn't exist either. What would happen if cell phones disappeared? Kids walking down the street wouldn't be talking to someone across town. People wouldn't be texting while driving and that's something you should be paying attention to. Hey, I meant driving not texting. Things are just to fast today for us old people who like the finer things in life like birds singing and kids playing. I guess like they say I was just born to soon.

Long day

Boy it's been a long day today with the errands I had to do. I had to help a good friend with a project he had going. It was only supposed to take about 1 1/2 hours and wound up taking 4 so other things had to be put on hold.I'm not complaining because he's a really good friend and he's helped me many times in the past. When you have a good friend that needs help you just do it.


Thinking about investing your savings in the market but don't know where? People are buying gold to be sure they will have a good investment for their future. Something a lot of people don't knoe is silver is becoming the precious metal people are buying now. The supply of silver is becoming very low and the market is going up. this site bullion can show you how the United States gold Bureau can help you invest your funds to your best advantage. Right now gold, silver and other precious metals are in demand and that makes them the best investment for you and me. The biggest reason is simply because it doesn't lose it's value. Check out the market for the last 25 years and you'll see the prices of precious metals not only held their own but went up in value. Other comodities have gone up and down from day to day and that makes people worry about their money that's set aside for the future. What's to think about? Go gold or silver and never worry about your future.

Another One

Today a friend had some outpatient surgery and I got to drive him to the doctor and home again. Tonight a bunch of us are planning a cookout and bonfire but just a small one. It will be fun eating hotdogs and having a beer or two with good friends. I'm really looking forward to it myself since the last one was so much fun. Same friends as last time so should be lots of fun.


It's been so hot you had trouble just breathing when you were outside. I have respiratory problems to start with so it really gets bad. The last few days it did a complete turnaround and never got above 80. Grass got mowed and a few things outside followed. Finally ran out of energy and it relax time again. Today it got up to 83 and talk is hotter the next few days so I'm glad we got a little relief at least.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Online Military Degrees

One of the best things about being in the military service of these United States is you can get a college education. The longer you serve the more you have for your education. Today you can even go online and get your degree if you're on active duty. What better way to spend your off duty time than providing for tem with the training you need for those better jobs. To get you started on your educational upgrade check this site online military degrees where you can get all the imformation you need to get educated for your future. In todays world education is everything and if you don't have it you lose. The biggest thing I'm saying is while you're away from your loved ones you should better your chances of providing for them when you're home again.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School Uniform Shopping Time

Thanks for the post, Jennifer Mcconnell

So the new school is asking that the kids adhere to this strict dress code. No shirts with graphics or slogans, no glitter, rhinestones, fringes or other sparkly stuff will be allowed either. My kids don't normally go to school dressed like strippers but most of their shirts do have stuff on them so now I have to buy a whole new wardrobe for each of them.
I think that I am going to go with a bunch of school uniform style clothing. Simple white or blue shirts for the boys with khaki shorts for the summer and long khaki pants for the winter. For my two girls I have found some simple one piece dresses at target.com that look great and are made out of decent material. Sure, they will be wearing the same outfits 5 or 6 times a month, but it means I won't be getting any nasty notes sent home from school! Glad I got that hughes net new yorkconnection last month, doing all this shopping on the hughes net internet over dial-up was taking forever.
Kaylie (my youngest at only 7 years old) is pretty excited though. She loves to shop at childrensplace.com, they have lots of bright colored clothing for decent prices. I personally prefer target.com cause their clothes are more of what I like to see my daughters in.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back Again

Heavy rain and wind again last night and guess what, the temps back in the high 80's and low 90's and that makes for hard to breathe. I have to go out and run a few errands for household needs so I have to face the heat. I try to hurry as much as my poor old legs will let me and get back home where it's cool. This might be the day the guys will stop by and sip a cold one, We'll See.

Midwest or Desert

If it wasn't for grass and trees I would wonder where I was. The extreme heat has been more that a lot of people can take. The grass and trees produce the humidity that puts some people over the wall. Staying in the house with centeral A.C. is the best way to fight it. The power company loves it because they raise the electric rates and your bill goes sky high. My bill went from $85 to $135 this month that's an extra $50 for electric service. With severe COPD I need the cooler air just to survive but Social Security didn't give us seniors a cost of living raise to help us. BUT, the government employees all got 2.5% increase, GO FIGURE. Who needs it the most? The people trying to live on little of nothing or the congressional people with the $150'000 yearly income. Well you can't do anything about it so may as well gripe.

Buy Gold Bullion

People these days are always looking for ways to invest their savings. They are looking for a better future down the line and that's what we all want. Many of these people are passing up the biggest investment of all and not buying gold or silver. It doesn't matter if it's coins, bullion or ingots it's the best investment you can have. This site buy gold bullion is the place where you can get all the information. The United States Gold Bureau is the place to do your shopping for whatever you're looking for like coins or bullion. The best part is that gold has increased in value as well as other precious metals. You can always get your value back no matter what unlike the stock markets.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teaching Litigation to New Generations

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

Summer afternoons at my Grandfather's were a time for education. It was sitting in front of the TV after lunch that I learned me first lessons about our legal system from the Honorable Judge Joseph Wapner.
This summer afternoon my children are learning those same lessons. “People's Court” has been a daytime staple for 29 years and has taught several generations of Americans about what to expect from small claims court, while entertaining us. Judges' Wapner, Ed Koch, Jerry Sheindlin and Marilyn Millian have meted out justice by binding arbitration that mimics our small claims courts and has kept pace with the changes in maximum claims. Rising from 1500 dollars in 1981 to 7500 dollars in 2009. The rising stakes have led to more eccentric and amusing litigants with increasingly bizarre cases. The first reality court show has stood the test of time and technology. I had to make constant adjustments to the rabbit ears under the gaze of my grandfather to obtain the best picture, since we have Illinois direct star tv all my kids need to do is hit a button and revel in full HD. The fun, the object lessons and the civics education remain the same after three decades. My children and I get to share the same summer afternoons that I did with my Grandfather watching “People's Court”.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Need Fresh Sales Leads?

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