Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Auto Body Shops

What a world we live in because today you can get auto repair estimates, car rentals and the parts you need by just going online. Just turn on your computer and go to this website long beach collision repair shop and you'll find everything you need for your car repair. If you don't live in this area don't worry because they have links you can just click on and find shops in your area. Even maps and rating charts to tell you how good they are to eliminate guessing. Not only estimates but appointments for repairs can be made by computer. It just doesn't get better than this.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where's The White

Today I spent most of the day checking for some opportunities to work on. My post opps went from 93 to 177 over the days time. There were 1 or 2 grey opps but the rest were red and even though I've been blogging 2 years I didn't qualify for them. At 11:20 last night there were 2 white Opps posted but when I clicked on them my computer slowed way down and by the time I got a result the opp was taken. Same thing happened on both of them and they were the only white opps I've seen all day. All of the rest were red and you need a PR rank to get them. I'm starting to think a PR rank is about impossible to get especially for an older guy whose fingers don't work like they used to.Not only me but a lot of my friends that blog would love a higher rank so there would be more chance to make some money. There must be a way to improve chances for everyone out here.

Yesterday Was Good

I was sitting here at the old computer when My very good friend called me. He and another friend were going to the Casino 20 miles north for an hour or so and wanted me to go with. So since I love Casino's I said sure I'll go but I can't lose much because I don't have much but it will be fun with the three of us. I lost about $8 is all and one friend lost around $40 but the last one won about $70 after he subtracted his investment. We had a lot of fun and are planning another trip one of these days. But it won't be until I have at least a little more money.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Police Gear

Every law enforcement officer will tell you that no matter how good your gear is it will need to be replaced oneday. When that day comes the best and fastest way to get what you want is check this site 5.11 Tactical Pants for it. Belts, holsters, jackets, gloves, hats or sweatshirts can all be found at this site. Having been in business of suppling gear for many years they know quality is the only way to go. So whatever you're looking for save time and stop here first.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Super Lunch

I was blessed with a free trip to The Other Place for lunch today. They serve my favorite sandwich called a Grinder. Prepared hamburger with BBQ sauce ,jalapeno pepper, slices onions and a pickle wedge. You can also get slaw and fries with that. Now this sandwich is made on a sub sandwich bun so it's big and more than you want to eat in one sitting. I usually eat half there and take half home and eat it later that night or noon the next day. The hot peppers make the sandwich combined with the other things they put in it. All I'll say is if you're in Clear Lake, Iowa stop into the Other Place and have lunch plus it's a sports bar so you can wash it all down with a Bud Light.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scares Me

There's talk on the news about raising the legal age for drivers license to 18. Between you and me I'm all for it especially when you meet a car with 5 boys in it and 4 are talking on cell phones. I've seen the same thing with the girls and both times they were speeding or weaving across the center line. From what I understand from the news paper more young people are involved in wrecks than older people.As technology get better the more trouble drivers of all ages are having doing a good job behind the wheel. Some of the rules have to be changed and not by the people we have it local, state or federal government.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Not Again

My anti-virus protector is telling my that Internet Explorer has a small virus. I ran around here lost for several months the last time someone sent me a virus. I have virus protection but it doesn't seem to do everything it says it will so how do you find one that does. This computer occupies the better part of my day and I'll be lost without it. I'll talk to friends and see what the general oppinion is.

Fresh Veggies

I have a new recipe for an eggplant bake dish that sounds fabulous. I'm going to make up some tomorrow to see if it's as good as it sounds. Eggplant, onions, peppers, sliced mushrooms and some other ingredients that will bring it all together and be delicious to the hungry people that will be invited. I think if this is good then I'll make a large size pot of spinach soup that we've had before and it's always to die for especially with some nice Vienna bread. I don't know what will be next but I do know it will be good.

Miami Heat Tickets

If you want tickets for the game then go no farther. Have you ever tried to get tickets for any sport or even the theater or concert tickets? You might get lucky and score some tickets and when you get to the game guess where the seats are. You're right top row at the end of the field. Take a minute and check out this website Miami Heat tickets and you'll find out they always have tickets and at reasonable prices. Hey did I forget to say that they're good seats too. Wether it's a major sporting event or a Las Vegas show you want to see they can make it happen. Premiumseats.com will soon be your best friend but you have to try it first.

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Oil Change

I took my car in for an oil change and filters and really got a shock. When it came time to pay The cost had gone up $10 so what was $30 became $40 and I just stood there and paid it. We have a mechanic just about 5 blocks from here and he gaurantees his work and doesn't charge an arm and leg for his work. There's a lot of people who go to him because he does great work for less. He's been in business a long time like his father before him. So I say when everybody is raising prices and making bigger profits there's one who just trys to make a living.

You Want Fries With That?

Sitting here for the last 6 hours I just remembered if I don't have something to snack on my stomach starts talking to me. I keep hearing where's that double cheeseburger? Then this staticy voice comes into my head and says, Do you want fries with that? Guess what that only makes me think more about food. I think a small cheesburger would be enough at this time of night. I'll be goingto bed in a little while probably by 2:00 at least. That's only an hour away now but it doesn't do anything for that hungry feeling.

VoIP Phone Systems

Xpander has the solution to your business phone system needs. Nimbus VoIP phone Systems give the business complete control over their phones. By eliminating the purchase and maintainence of the traditional PBX phone systems you already save a lot of up front costs which is to your benefit. With web and control panels operating your system you get many extras to begin with. By going to this website VoIP phone systems you will see that everything about your VoIP phone is user friendly. Checking email, rerouting your extention or dialing users with a click. You have unlimited calling in the US to another Nimbus VoIp phone and free dialing anywhere in the world. Wether your business is large or a small family operation you will appreciate the benefits of VoIP phone systems.

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Late Night TV

I watch a lot of late night TV when I'm blogging or answering email. I think Craig Furguson is the best Late Night host. I remember him from the Drew Carry show and didn't think he was that funny. Since he gotten into talk show hosting he is revolutionizing the talk show again. I for one like the fire he puts into his efforts. Nothing seems to be to far out like the funny men of the old days. Late Night was rapidly becoming a repetition of each other. Furguson takes it a step farther and brings comedy worth staying up to watch. To him I say Keep Up The Good Work.

Online University

If you have wanted to go back to school for that degree you always wanted but never had the time for it,this is for you. Capella University based in Minneapolis, Minn. can get you the degree you want. Capella is a member of the North Central Association of colleges and fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. This website online university will explain how you can become one of the 23,400 students from 45 countries and all 50 states using their facilities for degrees of higher learning. Capella is the only online university offering stae approved reading and literacy specialization in their master degree program. Founded in 1993 they are the best online higher education facility. Just click in and get started toward that degree.

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School In Session

You can tell when school is back in session because there isn't any kids running around during the day. In the afternoon everything breaks loose. Today a car pulled up beside me with 5 girls in it and 4 were talking on cell phones. I was so relieved that they weren't texting. The driver was swerving around but she was just talking and not texting. It really makes me want to just turn in my drivers license and just have friends haul me around.

Grand Opening

The interstate bridge that colapsed last year has been rebuilt and is reopening tomorrow. There's a lot of different viewpoints on the new bridge. Some don't think it's fancy enough and some think it's great. I personally am just happy it's been rebuilt and will open to trafic again. The trucking industry will probably be the happiest of all and then the comuters. Then of course you have to remember the high echilon muckety muck political figures that will be falling all over everyone trying to get the very undeserved credit that the little guys who actually did the work.

Blister Prevention

Everyone at some time in their life has had a blister usually caused by new shoes. Now there's a new product coming out to help you feel so much better about buying new shoes. The new blister prevention patch works so well you'll think seriously about buying 2 pairs at once. Be free from all that breaking in pain of blisters. This website blister prevention can give you all the information needed to ease your blister pain. With a thousand blister prevention patch packs supplied to the National Health & Wellness Club they recieved the seal of approval from both NHWC publications. Tamarack Habilitation Technologies Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota are proud to bring this product to the attention of every one. Buy those new shoes but check out the patch.

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What Will I Do ?

My neighbor has kids in Florida and want him to close up his house and winter down there.It's a real tempting offer because they are saying this winter is going to be as bad as last year. Last year we has one of the hardest winters that we've had for about 8 years. Last year it was below zero over half the winter and for at least 4 years it didn't even get down to zero. He's over 80 and the warm would be good for him but he doesn't really want to go. Here he knows where everything is and down there he would have to rely on his kids taking him around and he's not happy with that idea. It would be quiet around here since he's a member of our little beer club and with him gone there would only be 2 left.

Preparing For Winter

My storm door is a total wreck and the funds to replace it are slim to none. My friend just replaced her inside door with a new one. The old storm wouldn't work to her likes so she replaced that one too. I told her if she was going to junk the old one to do it at my house, so she did. My friend Jeff is coming over to help me replace my old one with this other one. He is really a great friend because I'm partially disabled and can't do a lot of things anymore. He helps me with a lot of heavy moving that I can't do. The point is I can look forward to winter withpout big drafts coming in around the storm door and it will only cost a few beers. I'll have to have a couple extras because my neighbor will be over telling us how to do it and he's 84 and likes a beer too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rare Coins

If you collect precious metals then you are familiar with the Monex Family, a leader in the world of precious metals for 40 years. If you aren't a collector but have extra funds to invest and want to learn more about the rare coin market as an investmentjust do this. Turn on your computer and visit this wellknown website rare coin where you will be taught the value of precious metal investments by the best in the collecting world. The Monex family can help you find not only coins but bullion and usually ata savings to you. You know the more you save the more you have to invest. The way the world is going today precious metals and coins are the best investment for your money. Manaco Rare Coins a branch of the Monex family has the resourses to offer over $10,000,000 in collector grade coins to build a rare coin portfolio like no other. With their personalizes service they are ahead of all the competition.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Time Has Arrived

What time you ask me and I say time to hang up and go to bed. I some times lose all track of time when I'm on the old computer. I wish I knew more about it so I could do many more interesting things. Everyday I seem to learn something I didn't know before but it's the stuff 1st graders already know. I've just been learning for a couple years and haven't scratched the computer surface yet.I really wish I had started when they first came out. My friend said he would teach me how to run it but I didn't have time until I retired. Now I'm finally learning but still behind the kids.

New Neighbors

I'v got several new neighbors this year because the lot rent went up again this year. Several residences went up for sale and were sold. The people down the street 3 houses have a bpown and white terrior. The couple next door are related to then and have what must be a litter mate to the other dog. Down the street the new people who moved in have a third terrior that makes triplets. That's all will and good but then some new people moved in across the park on the other drive and guess what. That's right they have a small brown and white terrior. Thank God the dogs know who they belong to because nobody else does.

What Happened

That's what I said What happened? Tonight it got down right cold outside at least to where the firepit felt good to me. After a while The damp air got cold enough we has to call it quits as far as outside was concerned. It seems like it should be about a month later to be this cold at night. Today was nice and toasty warm and everyone enjoyed being outside. Why should it get to 50 degrees in September?

Disaster Recovery Software

What type of protection do you use to store and prptect your database? There is a surefire way to do this with the software from syncsort. This high tech software company has customers in the top Fortune 100 and we're talking 90% of those companies. This site disaster recovery software is where for more detailed information. With a reputation of 40 years in the field of high perfomance data management and protection. With their products being used in over 50 countries. They have ranked as one of the top data warehouse 100 venders for the last seven years. just log into www.syncsort.com and your relationship with syncsort will begin.

Thank God For Cable

I am so tired watching the same people on TV telling the same lies. It would be so great if the good fairy would wave her want and make it so they couldn't lies about anything. I believe any man or woman that changes what someone says to sound the opposite of what they really said. People like this in my opinion shouldn'tbe allowed to run for a top government position. That's why I say Thank God for Cable. I can watch other programs that I know are just so much play acting, that's intertainment.

Live GPS Tracking Is Portable

The old story about men not wanting to stop for directions was put to rest when the GPS came out. Well as with everything in this modern world it has been upgraded. You could find any place you had to just program in the details and it will tell you where to turn and when. Now with the upgrades they can not only find places but also people your looking for. The next time your on the net check out this website GPS Tracking and see for yourself what the new PT-X5's capibilities realy are and how easy they work.

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The Funeral

The funeral was today and everyone pretty much felt like I did. I felt it was more a celebration of her life than mourning her passing. She was a wonderful woman and human being. Always willing to help some one with their problems. Her door was always open and she turned many people to Christ as their savior in her life time. I know she was a great and powerful force in my life. She was much loved and will be much missed by all who had the previledge to know her.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happiness Is Pets

If you ever think there's something missing in your life I have a suggestion for you. The suggestion is get a pet to fulfill your life. Polls have been taken that show pets give you happiness to fill that empty space in your heart. This website Happiness is Pets can fill you in on all the details. You may have a great job with a huge paycheck or a beautiful wife or girlfriend but nothing fills that gap better than a pet. You just have to feed and house a pet for them to return pure love and devotion. Think about it when you come home to an empty house. Wouldn't it be nice to have a friend there waiting just for you?

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Trying Times

Tomorrow we will attend the funeral of my aunt. She was the baby sister of my dad and two other brothers. My dad was the first to die followed by the next younger brother and followed again by the other brother. My was left to carry on the family traditions until Friday when God had another place for her and a lot of old friends including my uncle Clair who was waiting for her to arrive. She was such a great person and just a pleasure to everyone who knew her. So tomorrow we'll have a chance to say, Thank You aunt Alice Mae for being such a part of our lives growing up. By the way say hello to Betty and Dad for me and say one day we'll all be together again. I just say go with our love and enjoy eternity until we get there. Love You, Neal

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting Older

One of the better parts of getting older is the kids today. We have at least 2 old car shows every year and the young people run around drooling onver this one or that one. The best part is when I get out to see one I relive the past when I had one just like this one or that one. The good days are just a wonderful bunch of memories that keep your brain working without skipping a beat. Most of the things from the old days are just that memories like drive-in movies and just the drive-in soda shops where we all hung out every spare minute eating cheeseburgers and pepsi or cokes and don't forget the fries with that.

Welcome Home

Gee it's nice to be blogging again even if it's only one or two. It's a good start now we will hope it not only last but even get better. With everyone upgrading there should soon be enough improvements to supply all bloggers with post opportunities to make them happy. I know if I could get an opportunity every day or every other day it would help me out greatly. So everybody pray it keeps up so we don't have to just sit around and do nothing.

Essential Hypertension

There are so many new diseases today that probably existed 30 years ago but they weren't named. Not only that but treatment varried form mild drug use to extreme doses. When a patient had a reaction it was thought the dosage was to much or not enough. Today there is a way that can put an end to wondering about it. This site Essential Hypertension has the answers from drug compatibility to treatments and reactions. This software database for diseases is not only for the medical profession but you can check out your own ailments and drugs being used. With over 500,000 health care professionals researching more than 3,300 drugs for interactions and dosing. Statistics based on evidence gives everyone, doctors and ordinary people alike a better idea of what their up against.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank You GOD

It's been very dry post opportunity wise around here and I was beginning to wonder who had died to cause the shutdown. I figured he or she was really important because it was so quiet for such a long time. I said a little prayer for the survivers and hoped everything would be all right. It felt like I lost an old friend and nobody had taken time to tell me about it. My prayers must have had an impact because the OPPS are starting to move again.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sportsviews Social Network

Everyone it seems has a favorite sport that they follow with a passion. Some even have 2, 3, or 8 and they know everything there is to know about each one. There are some sport fans that don't know that much but wish they did. Man have I got news for you and it's Sportsview.com where you can find all sports you're looking for. This website Sportsviews is where youcan get aquainted with all sports that there are. If you can't find it there it isn't a real sport yet or at least not popular yet but will be so hang in there you'll see. Sportsview.com has everything you're looking for in the sports field. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccor what ever your sport you can find everything from ticket information to game schedules and starting times. Don't take the risk of being left out when your friends are ready to go. Fantasy teams are another link you could check out and get your friends together for some real fun.There's nothing better than sharing things with your friends and having fun doing it so check in and get going. Now that football season is upon us you can't waste any time or you'll lose out while your friends laugh and tease you for not being on the ball. Get the jump on every body and get started before you get left out. Remenber Sportsviews.com for everything you need.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

BRRRR It's Cold

Well fall is getting closer when you have to put on long pants and a sweater to go outside. I woke up this morning feeling like I was totally beat up last night Every muscle and joint hurt because the house was cold. The way energy prices are I won't turn the furnace on until I really need it. This year I think it will be lower thermostats and more clothes to supply the needed warmth. It does make it harder to get around but with the light and gas bills I got last year I just about went down the tube myself. If this winter is as bad as last year there will be a lot of people in trouble financially. Gasolene has come down a little bit maybe natural gas will too.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tough Life

Everybody says wait until I get old enough to retire I'll jump at the chance to do nothing all day. What people don't realize is when you retire if you have any payments you can't survive on Social security. Oh you can survive on it if you have a pension or big 401K savings plan you can draw on monthly. The thing most people don't realize is they will have to keep working just to meet the bills. Like energy bills that increased by almost 300% last year and put a lot of people down the tube. The biggest thing is you have to all but beg for assistance with your bills from the state just to get by. Some people don't feel right having worked all their lives to wind up begging for handouts. Americans are very proud people and deserve lots better than this. DON"T YOU THINK SO?

Fall's Coming

If fall isn't coming pretty soon then there's going to be a lot of suprised people out there. The weather is getting colder everyday it seems. I'm watching for the corn to start drying down because then I'll know harvest time is getting closer. When that happens every thing gets healed up for the rest of the year. I'll be back in a semi hauling corn to market and the wages will prepare me for cold weather. I'm still hoping my legs will get stronger and I'll be able to back to a light duty job so funds will keep coming in.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Flip Mattress

I bought a no flip mattress last spring and like all mattresses it has to be turned every so often or it pockets out. with the no flip you can only turn it around head to toe. When you do this the other where you sleep pockets out. I got to thinking how great my back felt when I first got it. So now after washing my bedding I made the bed backwards and turned it around in the room. This way I'll be putting the body weight where the foot of the bed is. I really think I'll have a good nights sleep but won't know until tomorrow.