Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hot Or Cold

I've tried them both for a whole lot of years and the more I think about it the more I like cold more. Then again maybe hot is better. Whichever you choose when it gets really bad you stay inside. Outside you either put on more clothes or take more off. If you take to much off then you should be in the house, I hope you have Air conditioning. If it's cold then you better have the heat turned on. OH, I don't know , Which one is your favorite?

Lots Of People

With the band festival and amusement rides there are so many people in town. Our town is nine miles away but we are a lake town and you can barely see the water from all the boats. I live 1/2 block from the lake in a mobile home park and theres a park at the entrance. Boat parking all around the pary and believe me if they have a boat they think they have the right of way. I pulled up to the corner and a pickup with a boat like to have run me off the road. I was ready to pull into the corner when he came up and right on through without slowing down. I just love holidays ( NOT ).

Florida Beauty School

When you're sitting in a salon chair getting your hair done do you ever wonder where the woman or man got their training? If you live in the midwest it could very well be in Minneapolis at the Regency Beauty School. Starting in Minneapolis and expanding into nine different states they have trained hundreds of qualified beauticians. From two campuses they've grown to over thirty. Check it out at this website Florida Beauty School and you can find out if there's one near you. My friend is a hair stylist so I know what good training can mean in this profession. Wether it's Florida or Minneaplois you can be sure of getting the best training possible so go for it because it's a great profession.

Band Festival

Meredeth Wilwin who wrote the Music Man came from Mason City just 9 miles east of here. Every year they have a band festival to honor him. Thousands of people show up from all over Iowa each year to add to the already daily confusion. I went to several of them years ago until I realized I don't like big crowds that will push you around if you're in their path. It's been 20 years plus since I decided not to go to another one. I watch the parade on TV and don't miss the crowds a bit.

Summer Time

I live in a mobile home park year round. We have a swimming pool that the others don't have. As you probable know the biggest part of the people who live here are snow birds. They leave when it gets cold and come back when the sun shines every day. Every year some trailors are sold and we have new people to look at as they walk by. Some are quite good looking and others you don't want to meet in the dark.

Investing In Gold

Even though there are many people selling all their gold to help pay bills it's still a great investment. If you have been investing in other comodities you should really think about gold. Gold never loses it's value and is always in demand. Every invester should have a little gold in their portfolio if no more than 5% to 10% you won't be sorry. Just look at the market reports and you'll see while everything else is going up and down gold stays steady. If you have some already you can always get more. This site investing in gold and also this one buy gold coins are good places to start building your future. If you haven't thought about gold then it's time to start looking into it and see it's the real way to go.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Post Review

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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