Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Errands Again?

It seems like I was just out running errands yesterday. I guess I didn't get them all done because here I go again. I'm sure my friend will have 2 or 3 to do to keep me from getting back here.Sometimes it really gets old going all the time and not getting to relax with the old computer. I hope this is'n one of those days.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Millitary Gear

It makes no difference if you're outfitting a team or a platoon There is only one place to get your gear. You need a place where you can find all your needs under one roof. This Website Galco holsters is the place you're searching for. Holsters, knives, clothes in fact everything you and your men need. T shirts, pants, jackets you name it they have it. The only mistake you can make would be not checking here first to find it.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Months Bills

Every month the one thing you can count on is the monthly bills. The last few months there isn't enough money to pay all of them. There's a problem in the winter months that you have to keep warm. The power company increases your rates for gas when you need heat and then your electricity when you need the cooling. My heat and lights bill almost tripled and that means you pay them someone else doesn't get paid. If you pay the others and let the power company go they shut off your power then charge you even more to turn it back on. Blogging has helped me pay some of the bills but with the power bills being so much that doesn't get them all. Oh I know I'm not the only one out here with this problem but I'm the one griping about it on my blog. One way or the other they got you coming and going.

Cleaning Time

I really have to get it together and get some cleaning done. My cats are shedding so much if you don't vacuum every other day it looks like cat hair carpet. Then there's an hour and a half of steady dusting, a few dishes to wash, kitchen floor to mop and some laundry to do. After all that is done then clean out the car and quit hauling all my tools around taking up room. I bought myself a great case with everything the home handyman could want in it. It's not a whole lot bigger than a laptop computer and almost as much fun to play with. I guess I can't get started any sooner so maybe I best get at it.

Primary Races

These primaries are getting to be a real pain and the thing that's bugging me more than anything is the money. I've never had any money so I don't really understand where it's all coming from. I just hear 20 million for this one and 60 million for that one. That's just the beginning all together the money spent by all the poeple who want to be president could by them their own country. Which I'm beginning to think would be good because we could send them all there and then instead of saving the world we could have a great chance to save America. This country used to be respected by everyone but because some dipwad made a few bad decisions even the ones with their hands out saying feed me hate us. What can we do about that or is it to late to save us. When did the priorities change and we became last in line starting especially with the senior citizens who have paid their dues?

Monday, April 21, 2008

PDA Medical Dictionary

These days with all the prescription drugs and over the counter drugs on the market it makes you wonder. How do the medical professionals keep from giving their patients a drug that isn't compatible with the drugs they are already taking. Well over half a million medical professionals use a software program to cross reference the medications. If you check your doctors lab coat pocket you may just find a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) that's used just for that purpose.Epocrates Inc. gets the credit for making these pocket size devices for the medical profession. This website PDA medical dictionary is the place for you to go to find out everything you want to know about it. The company also launched a free drug reference for blackberry devices and possibly iphones in the near future thanks to working with Apple.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Go Figure

You know it never fails to amaze me that you have lots of lawn work to do and the weather is bad. Finally when it clears up so you can work on it the sun feels so warm and nice you rather go fishing. They had their first waleye ternament yesterday and a few nice ones were caught. I've got to get out there and see if I can get a few myself. I don't do boats and I'm not real good on my feet anymore so I try to use a friends dock. I have several friends that invite me to use theirs every year. I usually don't like to go where there's a crowd because I don't want them laughing when I trip and fall in the lake. I know my friends would get a kick out of it but they would also pull me out. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Mothers day, May day and I don't know what all but there are sales everywhere you look. I'm going to have to go shopping and see if I can get a few things I need at a reasonable price. The only thing wrong with all the sales is they happen when I'm flat broke. Every time I have a few extra bucks there isn't any sales on anything or at least nothing I need. I'm just waiting for the weather to get straightened out and I'll get some fishing in. That will mean a lot of good eating. I'm ready this year for the walleyes and yellow bass or what ever else is biting besides bugs.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Efficient Office furniture

If the productivity is down in your office there could be a very good reason for it. This could be cured by just replacing your old office furniture with the new modern much more productive furniture. The best way to do this is by checking this website OFFICE FURNITURE and check out the office furniture they have that will increase your employee production. With the work stations set up in a more user friendly environment where employees can get at the things they need without running all over. Production will be up and expenses will be down meaning more profits in less time. Efficiency plus beauty and technology can answer a lot of questions that you haven't thought of yet.

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Better Things Ahead

More blog opportunities and warmer weather it doesn't get much better than that. I've gotten several blg opps in the last week or so and it feels good. I really enjoy blogging and I also enjoy warm weather. The temps are staying up in the 60's for this week and that's been a long time coming. There is a little rain predicted but it doesn't sound like to much. I'm sure the farmers will like the ground drying out so they can get in the fields so they can plant. That would be nice so they won't be out there harvesting at Christmas time.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Taco Bell

My friend and I stopped at KFC for lunch and I remembered they also had the Taco Bell franchise too. I love mexican food so I tried the buritto supreme and it was delicious. I will remember to return for another one at first chance. The buritto was not only good but it was huge and I just got it eaten. I was so full I didn't eat anything else all day.I've been out to KFC for their chicken and for the life of me I can't remember Taco Bell boing in there too.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Monday Morning

Well it's starting a new week again and it's going to be warm. I like it when it gets warmer because my legs work better and I feel better. By the time I get a couple errands over with it will be warm enough to start raking leaves. I don't get real excited about yard work because all it gets me is a pain in the lower back. Needless to say I'm not in top physical condition like I was years ago. I can still get things done but it takes 2 or 3 times longer. I enjoy being outside when it's not to cold so it will be fun. I am glad you only have to do it once. My neighbors have got theirs done already or just about done so I'll be last again this year.

U. S. Mint Coins

If you're looking for collectibles wether it's coins or other fine collectibles then you have to check this website US Mint Coins because you can find everything you want. The 2008 Bald Eagle silver dollar and the Beijing Olympic set of 4 or 6 coins and much in demand.. I have a couple of the new presidential cions but if you want the complete set it's available. If your in Scottsdale Arizona you're welcome to stop in for a visit and see how excited people can be with the passion of collecting. While you're there don't forget to check out the specials and other worth while buys that are available for purchase. So stop in if you get to Scottsdale and take the tour you won't be sorry.

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Two Wheeling

Boy when the warm weather gets here everybody think about motorcycles and get them out. I haven't had a bike since I sold my 1100 Yamaha special 12 years ago. My body has changed so much I probably couldn't get my leg over it now. Stopping might be another problem if my foot and leg wouldn't swing down so I didn't fall over. If I ever get enough money I could get a three wheeler and I wouldn't have to worry about falling over just climbing off and on.

Busy Week Coming Up

I'm telling you that the warm weather that's coming is going to be great. The only thing is with the warm weather comes yard work. I not only have to clean up my yard but my friend wants me to help her too. That will mean washing down driveway and sidewalks but raking leaves and hauling everything away. Then when that's done the lawn furniture will have to come back out and be placed in just the right place. I think there will have to be some grilling out this week and that will make it worth it.

Medical Equipment

Alegromedical.com should be on your list of online contacts for all your health supplies. With hundreds of subcatigories, fifty catigories and over 55,000 products they can supply your every need. After expanding their business you can even get exercise and fitness products. Nutritional diet supplements for your health plan. Anything in the medical field can be found from defibrillators to diabetic supplies. Maternity items and things for the baby. To get all the imformation go to this website medical equipment and if you sign up you'll recieve an Alegro ecatalog with limited specials and discounts. This can all be done from the comfort of your home.

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No Snow Here

The snow all melted and the ice is just about of the lake. I'm going to have to take a few hours off in the next couple weeks because the Waleyes will be biting and I want some. I live in a mobile home but it's only 1/2 block from the lake and even I can walk that far. It's better to drive so you can carry all your gear. They seem to think no gear no fish and it sounds logical to me.

Blog Are Popping

It's been pretty dry around here and I don't mean weather. I'v been spending many hours trying to get some opportunities but there just haven't been any.Being handicapped I can't do just any job like the old days. That's why sitting at my computer and being able to make a few dollars every day really helps pay the bills. When you can't catch an opp for 2 or 3 days things get a little tight especially for guys like me. Well I'll keep sitting and waiting and see what happens.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Midwest Auto Recylcling

You say you have a car that you just hate the thought of getting rid of? You don't have to anymore because you can get engines and transmissions to replace the bad one you have and keep your favorite car on the road. Midwest Auto recylcling has everything you need without having to look all over. Just go online to this website midwest auto recycling and you'll find out what they have for you. Every engine is cleaned and checked for oil pressure, compression and leaky cylinders so you can be sure it's not just someone elses junk. After road testing the transmission it's inspected and cleaned too. Not only do they have the best warranty nation wide but engines come as a complete asembly. Even the mileage is verified by carfax.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wet Outside

Just when we think we're getting over it we get a forcast of three days of rain. It started last night and is going to last until Saturday. Well we can't complain because it's Gods way of washing the world off. My car even comes out looking great and saves me a trip to the car wash.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

QRay Youtube

If you're looking for something that will make your friends take notice then you must check this site QRay and you will find it. The QRay Ionized Bracelet is just what you're looking for. They use a selection ofminerals in it's construction than will get anyones attention. Don't worry about losing it because of a two-fold connection feature keeps that from happening. It's really easy to do by going to this site and measuring your wrist to get the right size. Just remember www.youtube.com it's simple as that.

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Blogging Time

I'm a one finger typist and that slows me down a little when it comes to getting opportunities. I'm still in there trying to get them and do every so often. I like to see more of them fo us bloggers that don't have a rank. It really takes a long time to score one of those. We had a long dry spell where there wasn't an opp. show up that was white and I can't take any other ones but now there's more for everyone it seems and that's good. I really like blogging even though I'm fairly new to computing with less than two years behind me. I'm learning so bring on the opps. because I'm out here trying.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Isle Of Wright

You're planning an extended vacation to Europe and don't know where to turn we can help. The site Isle of Wight Hotel is the very first stop you should make. Wether your interests lean toward Dublin, Praque, Rome Italy or all of the above. Making your plans and booking the necessary reservation needed for your hotel stays is easy when you put your trust in IsleofWright.com. They can help you with all your bookings where vever you wish to go. Many listings have discount that will save you money and make your trip a pleasure that you will always remember. Don't forget to take extra batteries for your camera so you can show all your friends the fun you had and remember IsleofWright.com next year before you start planning. Your friends will be greatful too.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

DVD Clubs

I got wild last month and joined a DVD club. There has been a lot of DVD movies come out lately. There's a bunch of them I want for my personal collection. Through a club you can buy them below market price and get the ones you want. Then there's always the special sales that go really cheap and their new not previewed. The video rental stores have them for sale but the ones you want are still regular price. Oh well I have to buy 3 more at club prices and I can quit. I am getting some really good DVD's.

TV Top Ten Sellers

If you have ever watched an infomercial on TV then you know how many there are out there. There's a website that takes all the strain out of finding what is right for you. Just check this site As Seen on TV and you will find a list of the top ten products plus many more. I personally like the Ped Egg for foot care. Caluses that bother you can be easily remover plus the rough spots so your feet don't hurt. tvoverstocks.com is a great way to find things in a hurry try it. You'll find everything from pets to exercise equipment to cooking utensils for your kitchen.

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Spring Colds

I haven't had even a little cold for at least 5 years. I get my flu shot every year and that seems to cover it. This year flu shot or not I got a beauty of a cold that lasted 6 days and may still not be over. I do feel good compaired to a couple days ago. I've got to get rolling soon because the walleye's will be spauning in a week or two and I want to be there. This year I'm going to get it done. I have a lot of trouble getting down to the shoreline because of bad legs but I have friends with docks that said I could use them anytime. I get excited just thinking about a whole bunch of fresh fish for dinner.

What Spring.

I was just getting ready to believe spring was really here until this morning. Wind at 20 MPH and 30 degrees just about did me in when I walked out the door.It's been mid 50's to mid 60's the last few days and this was a real shock to my system. I had already shifted it to spring mode and wasn't ready for this other stuff.You know I keep forgetting what everyone from here says. This is IOWA if you don't like the weather hang around a couple hours and it will change and usually does.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wholesale Flowers

April showers bring May flowers but if you are planning a special event they may not get here in time. In that case the best thing to do is check with Fiftyflowers.com and see the fabulous flower packages they have to offer. If you're planning a wedding there's a great package that supplies all the flowers you need. Everything from boutonnieres and corsages to the bridesmaids and brides bouquets. Table settings and church arangements are all included. When you go to this website wholesale flowers you will find out they iliminate the middleman. By doing this they can save you up to 75% on your flower needs. They cut package and ship right from their gardens to your door.Using many international shippers including Fed Ex they can have them to you in 2 or 3 days after cutting. The flowers don't have to be rehydrated like those from retail shops.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What About Me?

Well I'm not getting rich by any means unless I won the Powerball drawing tonight. I must say though the weather is getting warmer and my breathing is getting better. I'll really be glad when this water drys up around here and the damp air turns dry and warm. I have COPD and cold damp or warm damp air affects how I breathe. Sometimes that isn't very good Like a bad cold with heavy congestion plugging up your breathe thing. You bend over tie your shoes and stand up again and it several minutes to catch your breath. That's why I'm waiting for warmer weather to get here.

2008 Birthday Cards

There's another birthday coming up in a few weeks and you need cards. Instead of running all over town looking for just the right card for your needs try it online. This site birthday cards could be the most important contact in your life. Buying cards from home in your own living room is what's happening now. You can personalize the cards any way you want them depending who you need it for. Your children, or boss, business partner or relatives are all covered. I prefer the plain card with ribbons and balloons like card C818 saying Happy Birthday. I'm just a simple living guy and not too dramatic so I would probably say, To a Loving Child or My Very Best and Trusted Friend. You can personalize them however you want. www.cardsdirect.com supply cards to over 100 fortune five hundred businesses. Just thinking about the rising cost of gas should save you a lot by buying online from your home. Cards direct has many hundreds of birthday cards for you to choose from. This includes printing and custom verses that you may choose or write yourself as a more personal touch. While your shopping for birthday cards don't forget to check out all the other cards for every occasions from sympathy to greeting to congratulation cards. The selection is endless so check out this website before you drive all over town.

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Snows Gone Now

Guess what it's April and we started early with the April showers. Today we got just over an inch with more tonight maybe mixed with a little snow. I've about had enough of all the nasty weather we've been having.Why can't it just say TA-DA and have it warm up and dry out. I know I'm for it and I'm sure there are many thousands of Iowan's that feel the same. I know there are some that like all that cold and wet but when you get to a certain age that cold damp weather takes a big toll on you. I'm at that age and I would like some warm for a time.