Friday, October 29, 2010


It is good to have sisters. My younger sister came today and went to my house and cleaned. She said my friend has been taking good care of my 2 cats. He had made a warm blanket bed for them since the furnace hasn't been turned on yet. We have had some freezing cold nights for the last week or more. My older sister said her hanging flower baskets really froze so she dumped them out today. Her yellow Mums are really blooming. They are sure hardy. It will probably snow on them yet and they will still be blooming. I hope I am out of physical therapy and home by then.

My fantasy life for a few months

Guest post written by James Smalls

My girlfriend teases me about how much time I waste on doing my fantasy hockey league a couple of months a year, but I obviously don't think that it's a waste of my time. Besides, I actually normally end up winning some money over the results of it because we start a small pool over the fantasy hockey results. But I think what annoys her the most is that when she's around me and my friends all we talk about is fantasy hockey and different techniques that we're applying to it.

I was online with my Clear Wireless Internet Service the other day scouting players for my league when she came in teh livign room and asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. So I told her yes.

Well, she got mad at me because I was looking up stuff for my league, like deciding whether or not I wanted to switch out this one hockey player from my league that is normally really good but hasnÕt been doing so great lately.

More Physical Therapy

I didn't know if I was going to get to go home next week or not. Then the head physical therapist came in last night and really worked me over. It was very painful. He said I was not ready to go home and he extended my physical therapy another two weeks. I think by then I should be able to walk much better on my leg with my new knee. It will sure be good to be out walking again instead of inside all the time. I know my cats must really miss me but my good friend watches out for them every day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Buy Gold Bars

Since I do not have a whole lot of money to invest, I want to be sure I can invest the money I have in a safe investment that will last over the years. I have been listening to the ads on television and they are all telling me what a safe investment gold is. That is when I decided I should buy gold bars for an investment in the future that would keep its value. I also learned that gold most often increases in value and that is certainly the kind of investment I need. I found out I could buy gold directly from the U. S. Gold Bureau and have it shipped right to me. But I do not think that is such a good idea and then they told me they could help me find a safe depository for the gold bars I buy. That sounds good to me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Got to run my wheel chair out to the front room of the care center. Used the computer and sent out an email to my sisters. It is nice to have more freedom. I can get around in my room now all I want with no assistance. My friend, Todd, brought me a delicious lunch yesterday. That was a great change from the usual menu. He's a good buddy and sure is a big help to me.

County fair with the family

Guest post written by Bill Rogerson

My kids get so excited as soon as they see all the trucks for the county fair start to come into town. One of the main roads in town looks down over teh fair grounds and so every time we go by the kids always ask me when we're going to the fair, even when it's not even near the time of the year for the fair to come.

But it actually is that time for the fair, so I was using my clear internet bundle to look up ticketing prices to get in and then also the tickets for all of the rides.

Last year when we went, we made the mistake of eating a whole bunch of fried county fair food before we went on teh rides and I felt really bad for our 8 year old Jacob because after we rode the tilt a whirl he didn't feel so well and ended up getting sick. Then we ended up having to go home early. I think that we learned our lesson last year

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Freedom

They told me today I could get more freedom within my room. They are going to let me go to the bathroom without assistance. I also can sit in the wheel chair by myself and put my leg out straight during the day. Also, I can walk around the room with the walker. I will sure be glad to get this brace off one of these days and walk down the hall alone. I had physical therapy today and it was very very painful.

Family Guy

Thanks for the guest post by Stanton Johnston

Season 9 of the "Family Guy" starts off with a 'bang' with the episode "And Then There Were Fewer." I watched the one hour episode on satellite TV from this past Sunday (September 26th) and thought it was their best premier in years.

The episode follows the citizens of Quahog, Rhode Island, after they are all invited to a remote mansion by an anonymous letter stating that there is a banquet to be held in their honor. It turns out to be a ploy by actor James Woods to get everyone to come to what will be a chance for him to apologize to everyone he has wronged on the show. Instead, a string of murders occur causing the residents of Quahog to investigate who is committing these heinous acts while awaiting help repairing the bridge leading up to the mansion the following day.

Some of my favorite parts involved the character Quagmire and his plump girlfriend Stephanie who he had not divulged he was dating to the other residents on Spooner Street because she was both annoying and obese. I actually had some feeling of suspense as each character disappeared and new suspects emerged. It was also fantastic to see Stewie Griffin regain one of the bold characterizations which made him so funny in earlier seasons of the show. I can't wait to see whether this will shift story lines with so many familiar characters gone.

Knee Replacement

Well folks, here I am again. I am still in the physical therapy care facility and it is getting old. I sure would like to get home. But I found out they do 2 kinds of operations on knee replacements now and one is to spread the cartilage and replace the knee and the other is to cut the cartilage, replace the knee and sew the cartilage back together. That is what happened to me. I have a large brace on my leg and it is slow going healing that cartilage back together. Wish I had known that and had a choice but suppose I wouldn't have gotten a choice anyway.


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Physical Therapy

I am still in the physical therapy unit. I get physical therapy twice a day. Now I have a big brace on my leg where I had the knee replaced. They think they may have cut cartilage and sewn it back together at the time they replaced the knee and that is why it is taking so long to get over it. I am walking more though but I would sure like to be able to walk out of here and get home and soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get a Mortgage if You Have Good Credit

I know many people have been looking for just the right home to buy. I know I would like to change homes too but I have not found just the right one yet. I would like to get one that is easier for me to get around. People with big families are looking for larger home. Some of these people want swimming pools. I would like to have larger rooms with more closet and storage space. A nice big double garage and workshop are some of the things I want in my next home. I love working with wood and do many jobs around my own home. The thing is that when you find the home you want, can you get a mortgage to pay for it. I checked into the Internet and found that is no problem. Since I have good credit, all I had to do was fill out a simple form and I could find out where I could get a good mortgage. I would like to get a fixed rate mortgage this time rather than the variable rate one that can change all the time. I like knowing what my monthly payment is going to be all the time.

Leg Brace

They put a long leg brace on my leg to keep my leg straight. The muscle behind the knee was getting soft and they have to strengthen it. They only take the brace off when they do physical therapy. It is not much fun wearing this thing but if it helps me get out of here faster, it is worth it. I will be very glad when my new knee holds my weight and I can walk again and get home.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paradise Valley Homes for Sale

Oh how I would love to live in Arizona. It is so cold here and the snow piles up and you spend most of your winter moving snow for yourself and your neighbors. It would be so nice to live permanently in Arizona, rather than just spend a few months there in the warm sunshine. I was on my computer and checking out homes for sale in Arizona when I ran across Paradise Valley Homes for Sale. I was excited to find a nice smaller community with so much to offer. I love the mountains and there are so many exciting resorts there. I am going to look into this further and see if I can find the home of my dreams here. With all they have to offer, I am sure I will find it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Physical Therapy for Knee Replacement

Well it was a week ago Tuesday that they replaced my left knee. It was about 5 years overdue but I am sure glad it is done now. The come and put me through the paces every morning about 9. They say I am bending it real good. I walk a little farther each day. I still have to stay on antibiotics for the full 10 days though and I think I will be here in this physical therapy care center for awhile. My sister is coming to see me this morning with her laptop so maybe I can catch up on some things.

Volunteering at Your Child's School

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

It's vital for every parent to get involved in their child's life. However, when they spend the majority of the day at school and you at work, it's difficult for you to have the energy and time to get actively involved in your child's life. One of the best ways to do so is to volunteer at your child's school during special events. One such event is career day.

I volunteered my services and visited my child's school to explain my job as a customer service representative. Since many high school dropouts end up in the service industry, I felt it was my duty to scare the kids straight about getting their education. So I related to them many soul crushing stories of waking up in the morning and be forced to listen to the whiny complaints of customers for nine hours a day. I told them how I failed to study in high school and how struggle to keep afloat our family and the college dreams of my child. While I'm sure this was a highly embarrassing speech for my kid, it was very fun and I encourage everyone to volunteer their services on career day. The fear in the eyes of the children was priceless, as I'm sure they all did their homework that night.

Before I leave to volunteer, I always make sure to turn on my Total Alarm Systems alarm. The last thing I need is to be robbed of my possessions as I rob my son of his popularity.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 4 of Knee Replacement

They decided I needed to move to a physical therapy facility this day. So they loaded me up and moved me to my home town. That was sure more convenient. My knee is terrible sore and I can't stand on it yet. I will be glad when it is healed up and I can walk around again. It was very painful before the surgery, but it is also very painful now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 3 of Knee Replacement

This has been a very tough day. The girls came in for physical therapy and they could not do much with me. I have had the worst pain ever today!! They say I am not getting back my strength like I should. That isn't good. I haven't had any appetite so I haven't eaten much of anything. That probably doesn't help either. But it is hard to eat when you don't feel like it and you are in pain all the time.

Buy Good Tire Chains

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