Friday, September 28, 2007

NOD32 Security Systems

In the computerized world we live in today is your computer safe. Is your security software the best and does it cover all the bases? For instance Firewalls, Exploits, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus are you protected. If you're in doubt then the only thing you can do is check into it. The way to do this is simply by going to this website NOD32 here you will learn what is needed today for total protection. This company has put together a software program that gathers all the security programs needed to make your computer files safe into one program. We have all had problems with one company or another not covering all the things we needed. Now there's one we can depend on so check it out for yourself.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This Week

This week has been a long one because of the hauling corn that I do in the fall.We started Thursday last week and with time out for rain still got in 54 hours hauling time. Being retired and not used to physical labor anymore these 10 to 11 hour days are starting to get old. I guess I can't complain though since it catches up my bills before winter sets in. Winters are a whole lot harder when you're behind to start with. I just say GO Harvest.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Been going 4 days now and got rained out today. It's nice to have a day off after pulling a 11 1/2 hour day when you're not used to it. We hauled quite a bit of corn but that was because the rest are still hauling beans. When beans are done then the corn line will get very long. That's when you take a book or a nap which ever you need. The last few years ther hasn't been more than an hour wait to get unloaded. I guess we wait and see.

Car Brakes

I took my car in for new front brakes and the garage put them on. When I paid the bill and left I drove around doing my errands and when I put the brakes on a little harder the brake lights came on. The big brake light and the ABS light both came on. Then I took it back to the garage and complained about it. The mechanic hooked up the computer and said we found the problem but can't fix it today and it will probably be Monday before we get it done. I told him it never bothered before until you fixed the brakes and if that's the case I'm not paying for further work. I'll just drive it like it is until it falls apart. He unhooked the computer and I left. I drove 12 miles making numerous stops and the lights never came on. Even with many shutting off the engine several times and restarting it still nothing. I just don't know what to think.

Driving Buddy

I see in the obituarys that another old trucking friend died. I hate it when that happens especially when they're younger than me. It wasn't an accident but just a heart attack that took him. I remember another friend I saw one day a couple years ago and he was complaining about his neck bothering him. I said why don't you just reach up and rub it? he answered he couldnt get his arms up high enough to reach his neck. About 6 months later I saw his name in the paper and wonder when mine will be there. I pray not for alot of years yet.

Orlando Florida Vacation Rental

You say your planning a Florida vacation then there is only one place to start and that's this site orlando florida vacation rental where you will be able to get information for the area. You'll fine luxury hotels with your own swimming pools to start. They can set you up with condos and all kinds of vacation rentals to fit your budget. Everything is in near reach of Universal studios and Disnet World. Don't forget Sea World and there are many many must see attractions and other theme parks everywhere. To make your vacation a great success with a guide offering advice on nightlife, intertainment, dining plus car rentals and flights to the greater orklando area it's a must. So when it comes to vacation arrangements and travel packages is the leader to turn to. Save your precious time and try the best first.

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Drying corn

The temps are at 82 and good wind blowing so that should help the corn dry down so we can go back out.It's hard to have all that expensive equipment just sitting waiting to get started. When you stop and think how many acres are picked. How many bushels are hauled and how short of a time it took to do it I tell you it baffles your mind. Me big thing about it is that it pays my bills up before winter.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gustafson Orthopaedics

Know someone whose had a knee or hip replacement or are you like me and have one yourself? I have a steel knee from 2000 and let me tell you the surgeon that does the job makes the difference. If you feel you need it then go to this website knee replacement here you will get everything you need to know. Doctor Gustafson will examine and recomend the proper treatment for your needs. If aurgery is needed they will explain in detail what must be done and how it will be done. Don't a great recovery program to get you going faster with few problems. Hip and knee replacement are his specialties along with accurate diagnosis. I know my knee replacement is better than the old real knee.

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Packing lunch

It's back to packing lunches and fighting with my spoiled cat's for the fixings. Everytime I get the lunch meat and cheese out the cats start walking around my feet meowing and begging for treats. They have 2 dishes of dry cat chow sitting 24 hours a day and I feed them some wet canned food twice a day so they're not starving. The biggest problem is they think they are.

I Got The Call

I mean I got the call from the boss and he said report to work in the morning. The harvest of the corn has begun. In the next 5-6 weeks we'll transport several million bushels of corn from field to elevators in the area. The boss used to grow corn and soybeans but since alcohol is fast becomming the alternate fuel more farmers are growing more corn. It makes it easier for us truck drivers because the lines to unload aren't that long so you don't spend endless hours in lines.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weight Loss Camp

Maybe you a family member or good friend is overweight and not happy with their lives.If this is a fact you face everyday then Camp La Jolla is the place you need to check out. To start with you can go online and check out this website weight loss camp and the best part is when you do you've taken the first step to a better life.Being a nationally acclaimed weight, health and fitness camp La Jolla can help you become a new person. With their help you will learn how and what to eat to be healthy and lose and keep off weight. Their fitness program trains you to begin a fitness program that will become as routine as getting up in the morning. That's how you lose weight and get fit to keep the weight off. There are camp classes for 8 year olds to adults and they not only help you lose weight but restore self esteem for a new life.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Beer And Wine Making

My girlfriends brother-in-law makes his own wine and I have other friends that brew beer. Most of my friends are beer and wine drinkers and only a few drink the hard stuff. The ones I know that drink beer and wine are pretty mellow people and the hard booze drinkers usually start looking for trouble before the nights over. We generally spend the time at one house or another instead of going down to the clubs. Most of us can't afford to party downtown that's why we get together at someones house.It's really the way to go.

Beer Makers

If you're a beer drinker like me and my friends are then you must think seriously about making your own brew. Decide who the brew miester will be then you go to this site Home Brew Kits this is where you'll find everything to start your own brewery at home. The equipment and ingredients are there for you to order from. Brewing beer at home is getting to be the going thing these days. You already know the cost of a night out partying so why not make your own and have friends over to your house.

Tomorrow Is Tuesday.

1K Tuesday at PayPerPost is a real treat for all bloggers. I'm no kid anymore and with arthritis in my hands I just settle for any kind of post. I'm usually up past midnight our time so watch for any opps. I take $5 or $15 and feel great for the day. This way I don't have to sit and watch to see someone faster with better equipment then mine get the big bucks. I don't really care because it's fun to watch.


The local high school football team swept their enemy last Friday night. It was like 28 to 0 so it was a little onesided. I really don't enjoy games that are so onesided because I like the challenge. When it's all going one way I find myself rooting for the other team. My friends don't understand why I would do such a thing and think I'm crazy. I tell them I've been the underdog all my life until I got much older and that I know just how they feel. You can't win them all but at least you could score once in a while

Whirlpool Ovens

Summer weather puts a strain on major appliances like refridgerators and Air Conditioners. Fact 75% of buyers search the net for information and 90% buy offline at the local stores. That's why Krillion has put the best search engine in all fields. This website Whirlpool Ovens will give you a great idea of what they can do for you. For relevant search results Krillion has formulated over 275 million pages in over 40,000 cities in the nation. Delivering big retailers with brand name national products is their goal for you so you will have the very best. Flat panel TV's to dishwashers to refridgerators are all covered not to memtion lawn mowers. This is the only site you need to find the best of what you want.

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I guess you don't realize how much a wedding can put you through but when it's over it takes a while to catch up on all the sleep you missed. I realy didn't give it any thought but I ran all over and went without sleep to get the job done. It was greatly appreciated but you don't get the sleep you missed back. When I get up in the morning I eat a little breakfast and I'm ready for a short nap. If I don't take it then the feeling follows me all day. I'm sitting here now saying I should be sleeping. Go Figure.

Keep On Trucking

One more week of drying time and we'll be picking corn. I can hardly wait because I earn enough in a month to square my bills to start the winter. Property taxes, car license and insurance all come due at once and if it weren't for hauling corn it would be a tough winter. No worries mate one phone call and we're gone.

Cellular Phone Systems

If you own a TV and watch it at all you've seen a comercial for Verizon whose company is fast becomming the largest authoeized dealers in America. To expand their business they are ready to start a new policy for their customers. This website cellular sales can fill you in with more detail. What they do for the new customer is deliver your phone personally, transfer your data and show you how to use the new phone. Most of the companies I've dealt with have given me a manual and said this will show you all you need to know. Nobody ever inserted a personal touch so I was sure of what I was doing. Not only can you get in store delivery and pickup but you get a 30 day test drive. If you decide to go somewhere else they pay the bill. That's going that extra mile for you.

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Funny Weather

Boy you just don't know what to expect with this weather.Last week and over the weekend it was in the 60's. Today it hit 90 and they say that's the story for the rest of the week. I just realized how really warm it is in here and kicked the AC back on. The thermostat said just over 80 and that's to warm. With the air on 75 is cool and comfortable in this mobile home. in a couple more months we'll be praying for 60's but that's Iowa for you.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trusted Places

Every time you travel you have to first find out where you want to visit for food and goodies. The very first thing you should is ti visit this site London restaurants because they can point you in the right direction. Even though they are based in the U.K. they have access to the whole world. Although I've dined at many fine restuarants I believe my favorite is Delmonicos in New Orleans,La. in the United states being partial to the fire and spice of the Cajun world. Everywhere that you go in the world you'll find places to drink, eat or just hang out. Since has undergone changes it's easier than ever to find a place in London to fulfill your needs.


What's wrong in the computer world when you go to publish a blog and everything slows down to a crawl. I hate it when that happens but can't do anything about it.It is very agrivating to sit and wait for something that usually takes 2 seconds. Sometimes it works great and others it really bugs me. My friends say the same thing gets to them to so I believe it's the net. I've got a new pute and wouldn't think it would foul up already even with me running it. My sister has my old puter and has the same problem so it might be me . You know both computers have a me bug in them. It could happen I guess.

Dialaflight to New York

The U.K. has an independent travel company that is a leader in planning your ultimate holiday. Wether you want a Spa break or beach holiday or maybe just a weekend break this is the starting place you want. Begin by going to this site flights to New York and from here you will find car rentals, hotel and motel accommodations. They can arrange flights to JFK flights, Newark flights, or La Gaurdia flights are their specialty. For a holiday flight to New York then Dialaflight has the flights to New York you're looking for. should be your starting place for holiday offers and cheaper rate flights and other accommodations that you haven't even thought. They can help with suggestions to round out your travel plans and help make your trip a memorable one. The one thing you have to remember is you can get the information you need but you can't book on line but have to call the company. When you talk personally to one of their agents you can be assured that your specifications for your trip will be followed to the letter. This is their gaurentee to you when you speak to an agent they know everything you want and you are assured of getting everything you want and maybe more. Dialaflight is the key to a fabulous New York vacation but your not limited to New York because they are a worldwide organization for all your travel needs.

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I suppose I'll have to go out in the kitchen and wash dishes. My friend is comming over for coffee and eggs with toast. I have my blogging done for today at least until midnight so I can spend the day intertaining my friend and running errands. The air today is very crisp and cool but will warm into the 70's by Monday and last through the week. I'll like that because I move better in warm air.

Anytime Anywhere

When you shut off your computer is your data protected? If you answered that you weren't sure then you should go to this website Anytime@Anywhere online backup and find out about their technology to protect your information. For your home video, emails, pictures to mention a few and at the office presentations, sales records. This is all valuble and some can never be replaced. Anytime Anywhere has a encrypted backup service online with over 500,000 deployments worldwide for your valuable data and your peace of mind. When it's worth saving it's worth doing it right.

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Corn Picking

I was told yesterday they don't call it picking anumore it's called combineing just like beans. The equipment they have is so big they can harvest an enormous number of acres in a day. It used to take all day to do 100 acres or maybe 2 days. Now it's done in hours. I drive semi during harvest and my boss has a great ammount of land. We can harvest the whole works in under 40 days and keep 4 semi running steady with one combine. It's just plain ammazing.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Audio Video Presentations

Just about all of my life I have been one to read something and then try to figure it out. For instance instructions for assembling power tools or how to use them. That's where the Audio Visual presentations come into the picture so to speak. At this site Audio Visual Equipment & Installations you can learn a whole lot more about this. I personally enjoy audio ideo presentations because they get right down to the basics. When you can actually see someone else operating the product you are thinking about buying you get a better idea of how it will work for you. Being able to watch the assembly instructions will help you install or assemble whatever it is you purchased. A Video display with someone guiding you through the process step by step can be the greatest thing you experience for the day. The pride of doing it without help from your friends isn't a bad feeling either. Especially when they ask if you installed it by yourself or had help. Audio Video Presentations go a long ways in showing you the finer points of a product and how it's use can help you at home or work. They don't pressure you to buy anything but they can show you how it could be used by you in your home or business. I really think they have a very important purpose in our lifestyles.

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Big sister

I have a big sister but I should really say older. She's shorter than me. She's lighter than me. She's just older than me so I shouldn't call her my bigger sister. There was a time she was bigger than me but that was before 1951 after that no way. But it's nice to have a sibling older then you to look up to and get advice from even if you don't follow it all the time. I think everybody needs one of those.

Friday Night

Here it is Friday night and I'm wide awake and have to get up at 6:30 in the morning. That 60 mile drive isn't what I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It's the one comming back but it will be nice to see how all of the cousins have changed over the years. It's been over 40 years since I've seen some of them and close to 20 for others. There are a few that I've see in the last 2 years like at my brother in laws funeral. Had a chance to talk to most that I wanted to. Sometimes I'm just antisocial I guess. Yes I'll be there tomorrow.

Morgan Silver Dollar

If you have ever checked into rare coin or metal investments then you are familiar with the Monex family of companies. Monaco Rare Coins is one of the members of the family. With multiple grades of coins and metals to suit every collectors need regardless of your budget. You should really take some time to visit this site morgan silver dollar wether it's international,collectible or the wholesale karket you'll find Monaco Rare Coins active in all. They are your #1 contact in the selling andbuying or tradeing precious metal business. If you can't find your wildest desire then ask and it will be found for you. With a rare combination of financial muscle,expertise and experience spanning 40 years they are leaders in the metals field matched by few. A worldwide network of resources and opportunities smaller dealers don't even know about, is how they prove their leadership.

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Old Cars And Buddies

Remembering the 50's and the car chases and drag races in town. Some from stopsign to stop sign. Some just out of town on the blacktop. Once in a while there would be a beer but not that often and no drugs. I guess there might have been one or two with whacky tobacky but not very many. Back then it grew wild in the fields because they grew it to make rope out of. I guess that's why they used to say oh go smoke a rope. There's still some growing wild if you can find it.

Posting Things

You know it's really a pain to get old and have to retire so you can do nothing. That's the dream to have all your time to fish and hunt and just laze around. It just don' work like that when it gets here. First when you want to do something for you don't tell anybody about it. If you do they all want to help because you're old and can't do that alone anymore. If you just want to be by yourself then there's something wrong with you for wanting peace and quiet for a day or two. Go figure.

Options Screening

You say you fancy yourself as a stock market wizzard but you're not rich yet. It'sounds like there's something missing and I just happen to know what it is. Check out this site option screener and you will see what I'm talking about. Yes a pattented technology you won't find anywhere else. In the trading of stock options and making money you need to find. compare, analyze and the best way for that is SmartsearchXL. To find which stock suits your needs best there are 2,900 optionable stocks and 190,000 online stocks to analyze, sort and filter for your folio. With Poweroptions gaurentee, easy user guide and 14 day free trial you'll have the edge on the competition and you're on your way to fame and fortune.

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Friends Again

My friend said she will go to the funeral with me even though she won't know anyone there except my sisters. I really hate to drag her down there for it but she wants to go so I guess we will. I really don't plan to spend the whole day there so I hope nobody has plans like that. Just go visit then funeral and say see you when they want to eat or right after. I have to come home and work on my computer.

Funeral Visit

Time for another family reunion at my uncles funeral. It seems like we don't see each other until someone dies and then everybody shows up. I don't really know if it's out of love or for the free food.I honestly think it's some of both. There are always people who read the paper and see funeral today and think free meal. I've gone to alot of funerals and not known more that half the people there. I think if it weren't for being related to the corpse I may have been in the wrong place. The thing is I don't do that like some people.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Florida Vacation Villas

When people go through a travel agent to book a villa or other rental vacation property they sometimes get surprised. The doesn't begin to live up to the discription given them. Well there's a new kid in town so to speak. Rather an angency that not only books your rental but online shows you actual pictures of the rental. This site Florida Holiday Villa is the first stop you should make. They not only show you one unit but everything they have to offer in the Disney area. There's 15 to 20 pictures of each so what you see that you want is what you really get. There isn't any surprises plus car rentals. Many vacationers come from the U.K. where Lowerys main office is located but there's also an office in Kissimee, Florida. They have handled vacation travel in the Florida area since 1947 so they are well informed when it comes to the area.Disney awaits your family's visit so why not check this site before you go.

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Getting Bit

Well if I don't want to get bit I had better get an errand run for my friend and now. I was supposed to do it half hour ago and had some blogging to do so here I am. I just have to run out to Wendy's and get a couple cheeseburgers for her dogs. I don't mind doing that because I usually get one for me too. I really think I'll have a half pound double this time and a rootbeer float. Hey I'll be back before to long so don't miss me to much.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Holiday Shoppers Get Ready

Every year it's the same old same old but this year there are some great changes. Now there's a Black Friday website where you can shop online for your Christmas presents. I know it's hard to believe no more standing in line waiting to check out. This Website black friday you don't even have to push and shove to get the last one. Just think about it, Best Buy, Circuit City and many more major discount centers are at your fingertips no travel required. I have to say the electronics field gets my attention faster than most things these days. I don't get around as easy as I did years ago so I enjoy the i-pods, computers and HD-TV's You may be different from me but I doubt it all that much. I don't like huge crowds pushing and bumping me around because I don't walk very well anymore and get knocked down alot. One reason Best is about my favorite website to find what I want. Sitting here leaning on my desktop looking at the old computer is the way to do shopping for Christmas or any other holiday you name. More and more of my friends are getting into on line shopping. Everything you can buy downtown you can find online at the consumer friendly website that will even send you email allerts of when they're posting the new black friday ads so you don't miss out on a thing and save even more.

A Time To Rest

My very good friends just knocked at the door and came for a visit. I guess I'll have to shut down for a couple hours and rest now. I'll be back with a big grim on my face from laughing so much because we always have such a great time. I guess I had better get going cause they just came in here and said let's go we haven't got all night. So see you another day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cheat To Lose

If you're playing cards then you don't want to cheat or at least not get caught doing it. Now if you're on a diet the best way to lose is to cheat. This website Cheat to Lose Diet is the very thing you need to cheat. Your body's fat burners get lazy and you have to get the jumper cables out and jump start them. In this case you eat the things that are your favorites and do it in a new way that your metabolism doesn't realize what's happening and starts burning fat. Cheat to lose can show you how to cheat with recipes and exercises that will help melt the pounds off.You'll also gethelp planning proper meals to turn your body into a fat burning machine. The best part is when you diet online you have hundreds and thousands of others right there with you experiencing the same thing. You're never alone there will always be support. Plus when you diet online you lose more according to online statistics.

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With a penthouse suite the honeymooning couple are celebrateing their wedding vows. They have a wonderful and prosperous future in front of them to look forward to. The mother of the groom is just starting to unwind today. Everything has been returned and cleaned up so you can't even tell there was a party there at all. I for one am so very glad it's over and we don't have to undergo the stress that it brought to everything.

Tracking Your Time

There's a new book on the market about how to keep track of time. We all have a tendency to use our time inefficiently not only in business but our personal lives. There's alot of valuable time wasted because we don't keep proper track of it. This website book about time tracking is where you should go to get all the information on how to use your time more efficiently so you will have better control of your life. This is a book that should be read by business managers not to mention the owners too. The smallest things can sometimes have the biggest impact on what you're doing. Maintail control of your business easier just by reading this book.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

One More Day

Today was the next to the lasr day of the wedding . Tomorrow The wedding will be over and life can return to normal. what ever that may be. I came home but the rest of the younger die hards are still partying. The keg was blown dry over an hour ago and a beer run was made. I came home and checked the old computer for Opps. I did get one blog opportunity to do. But now it's go to bed time after I check my email. I just can't party like the old days anymore and I'll be the first to admit it. Now I have a few beers and I'm ready to quit. There are always others that want to go all night. I say good for them I'm not one of them, Goodnight.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Math Tutoring

You would really be suprised at how many people there who can't firure math problems out. It used to be we did the calculations in our heads and never used paper and pencil. There's a large portion of students today that have to have a pencil and paper because they were brought up on calculators. Score Learning Centers at this site Math Tutors care about you and your child getting the best math education possible. My wife and I wanted our children to be able to make change without the cash register telling them how much it is. If your childs grades in math aren'taverage or above then you owe it to them to get them help so they can figure the problems out without a calculator.

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My wife passed away almost 9 years ago after 32 years together. It's hard to get used to doing everything alone. Being an over the road trucker I was to being alone a week or 2 at a time but I always had a home and family to come home to. With my wife gone I've gotten used to being by myself with my 2 cats. Tonight my friend is comming over to spend the night and it will be only the second time anyone stayed over night with me in about 6 years. the last one was my sister when her late husband was in the hospital for surgery. Let me tell you it's strange having someone else in the house. Let's see what happens in the morning.

Reading Tutors

There are some things you can live without but knowing how to read is a disaster in someones live. If your childs reading skills aren't what they should be then do something about it. The first thing you should do is contact Score learning Center at this website Reading Tutors so you can find the best program for your child. My wife and are proud we took the time to insure our childrens education. In the world we live in today a poor education is a severe handicap for everyone. Make sure your child is getting everything they need to do more than just survive in this world.

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Possibility of t-storms comming in tonight but not as severe as first thought. Now it looks like the worst will miss us and the day will clear up for wedding rehearsal tomorrow. It will be overcast but not rainy so that will help the cookout later. Then Saturday the wedding will be on the beach and sunshine is promised by the weatherman. You have no idea how I hope he's right and this will all be over finally. Good Luck and happiness to all.

Inovative Tutoring

When you read the statistics in the papers of how many graduates from high school are illiterate it makes you think. What is wrong with the school systems today or is it the lack of caring on the parents part. There's no reason any student shouldn't get a great education. This site Innovative Tutor can give you the information on how to get the best inovative tutoring for your child. Score learning centers have the qualified staff to bring your childs grades up to where they should be. If you care about your child as my wife and I did about ours you'll give them the best learning possible. It's really a head start in their life.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blogging Again

Guess what ,I just finished my second blog for today and since you can only have 2 now for a while I can take the day off. I really much preferred being able to take 3 a day because it really helped out and gave me something to do. I would sit and watch for opps until I fall asleep watching. Then I would go to bed and couldn't sleep so I'd get up and watch some more.

Electronic Disclosure

In the mortgage circles the best way to save thousands of dollars for everyone involved. Not only the borrowers but investers and lenders too. By using electronic processing you can eliminate the paperwork. Just by stopping at this website electronic disclosures you can obtain the information needed to backup what I just is a major leader in the electronics field of mortgages. Converting documents and disclosures to an electronic format known as smartdocs is a majorprocessing break through. The best part of which is it's done on a computer instead of in the office with a large stack of paperwork in front of you. The leaders in the mortgage industry including the lenders know what this can do for everyone involved.

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What's Next?

Lawn is mowed and the leaves and grass are all cleaned up or blown off the sidewalk and driveway. My friends place looks fantastic for the upcomming party she going to have Friday night. I will have to string some lights and get the fixings for the fabulous BBQ beans you ever tasted. The beans along with New York strip steaks and potato salad and a potato baked dish will be the menu. The professional chef that oversees the food preperation for the company her son is sales manager for will do the cooking. Good times will be the order of the day.

Weight Loss Surgery

Many years ago people were having their stomachs stapled to lose weight. Now journeylite has upgraded this to perfection. Using arthoscopic surgery they make small incisions for entry then slip a band around a portion of your stomach reducing your compacity for food. To understand this better you should go to this site weight loss surgery where you will get a more detailed explaination. The surgical process they use cuts down on time for the surgery not to mention healing time. There are nutrition tips and recipes plus support groups to help you get used to the new and much smaller person you have become.

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Progress What

I used to spend more time reading and sleeping in front of the TV but not anymore. My friend introduced me to the computer and now I read email and sleep on the keyboard or desktop next to the pute. I really have to say I enjoy the computer a bunch since that first meeting when I used to freeze up my friends computer. She didn't get to mad because she was learning too and it was the blind leading the blind. She is still working and says she'll retire 2 days before she dies. I retired 8 years ago and so I can spend alot more time on the old pute than she does. I still don't know all I wish I did but I'm learning more every time I sign in. So I guess all that's left is login and learn.

Six O'clock

Would you believe it's 6:00 and just starting to cool down. In about a half hour I'll be mowing grass for the last time for at least a week. Because of my inability to walk well mowing grass is quite a feat. The next day my legs throb in pain and charlie horses that won't end. It takes alot of muscle rubbing and some potent pain pills to get over it. The only reason I still do it is it's for a good friend and I have to keep moving or else I'll freeze up and not be able to walk at all. I couldn't handle having to have someone do everything for me instead on doing it myself. Sooo I keep on mowing but I think this will be the last year. I'll leave it to the young in body.

Cash Back Credit Cards

I get alot of credit card applications in the mail every week like clockwork. You probably do to but did you know you can check out all of the credit cards on one website. This site Compare Cash Back Credit Cards and you can check them all. The really good ones that pay you back in points or cash just for using their card for your purchases. There's 0% introductory iffers and low interest rates after that. There are even companies that will help you get a card if your credit isn't up to par. The main thing you must remember is this is where you can check them all out and do it from home on the old desktop. You don't have to hurry because you're the one in charge of how you charge. Try it out for yourself.

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Stringing Lights

Oh boy I was just told we have to string lights all around the deck and down the fence. I really hadn't planned on that but I guess that's what I get for thinking on my own. You know no matter what you do or how good it looks it could look better. That's when you really get mad and do it all over again, only right this time. I wonder when it will be my turn to be the boss. Probably never and I'm not even married.

Working In The Yard

I guess if I'm going to mow the grass one more time before the wedding I'd better get at it. The forcast is for rain tomorrow afternoon and with this heat it will grow so much I'll have to do it again before Friday night. I really wish there was something that you could put on it to stunt it so mow once in the spring and spray then don't mow again till next year. Of course it would have to stay pretty green so everyone will be happy.

Venstar Business

Think about all of the places you've been and had to wait and needed a candy bar or chips to tide you over until you were done. Now think about all of the vending machines you've seen in these places. It's a great business to get into and the profits can get up to 80% which is even better. Go online and go to this website vendstar because this is where you'll find out about the vending machine business. Venstar manufactures the best vending machines in the business and can help you get started in your own business. You will be working for yourself and the harder you work the bigger your company will get and the more money you'll make.Now think about every lunchroom you have ever been in and the candy and chip machines that were in there. Would it be nice if those machines were your's. They can be you just have to apply at the site above to find out how.

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Taxi Service

The taxi is running again because I have to take a friend to Mason City and pick up some medications at her doctor's office.Thankfully she is buying the gas because I see it's going up again. It went up 15 cents since Saturday and that's quite a jump. I haven't been able to afford a full tank for some time now. It only takes $75 to fill it up since it has a 26 gallon tank on it. I have other places where $75 does me more good but I don't want to walk either.

What Errands?

Well it's off and running again for the afternoon. I have to pick up some disposible camera's for the reception dinner. Then don't forget raw nuts for the ones who demand organic products. I've said it before and I'll say it again I'll be so glad when this wedding is over and things quiet down again. I'll be able to put my suit away for awhile again. i hate getting slicked up because it just isn't me and I don't like putting on the dog.

Sales Leads

If you have a business and want to expand but don't know where or to whom you should send your offers. There is only one place that can give you everything you need to get the ball rolling. This Site Sales Leads has it all. With 14 million businesses and 290 million consumers at their fingertips they offer fax, telemarketing and just mailing lists to everywhere. Martin Worldwide has just upgraded their database making them the leader in the marketing industry. Their multi-dementional database and decade of experience and knowledge assures their clients of success marketing their product to small businesses or fortune 1000 companies. It doesn't get easier or more cost saving than that. Key up Martin World on your computer and see for yourself what they can offer you.

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Hot Hot Hot

I just can't believe it's this hot at this time of the year.High 80's to low 90's this week and the bugs are thick. The misquitos are out in the thousands and that's just in my yard.The rest of the neoghbors have that many and more. I suppose we had a good long wet spell and they just thrived in the ponds. The city says they will be spraying the next three days and hopefully will get rid of most of them. We haven't had a problem until this last week and boy are they bad now. I think they just carried the neighbors dog off.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Electronic Vault

Everybody's hearing about emortgage, esign. Electronic disclosure and Smartdoc. There's a new and better way to keep all of thesefiles and mortgage papers safer. This site electronic vault is where you can get the information on evault. When your mortgage documents are finished they are transfered to evault for secure keeping. You will always have easy access to them for checking or transfer to a third party. The best part is you can do it from your home computer or at work at the office. When you use evault with the other electronic systems mentioned at the beginning you will not only save precious time and money but you'll be secure in knowing your documents are totally safe.

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Blogging Tonight

Everytime I catch an opportunity to do a blog, one of the $50 ones shows up and is gone when I get back. It's no wonder I don't take much money with me when I go to the Casino. With my kind of luck I'd be totally broke in 15 minutes and have to drive back home. It's been fun tonight trying to get some where close to the big ones. I get to see what they were about anyhow and that helps. As fast as I am I'd be clicking on take the opp and someone else would be finishing typing the last code word. That's life, That's what they say, You're riding high in April and shot down in May.


The mortgage process just got easier yet. Now when your loan papers are ready for you to sign you can do it online. There's the signature pad like retail stores have or maybe using a digital pen you just sign the screen or just click on a n agreement.This site esign is where you will get all the details on how it works. If you don't conect the Enc3 solution directly to your computer you can access it on the web. Why should you be able to do all the paperwork for the mortgage without going to the office and then have to go in to sign it. Check out for the esign connection.

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Comming Together Better

Praise The Lord, the wedding date is almost here and the panic will subside into pure relief. I know I will be relieved if nobody else is. I do an awful lot of running of errands for a lot of people but this last couple weeks has been rediculous to say the least. I don't ever seem to have enough money to fill my van with gas but I'm sure I've burned at least 3 tanksfull. I know I'm ready for an oil change again and it wasn't that long ago we did it. SOON.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Electronic Closing

When you're purchasing property the loan the deeding process in fact everything involved in the purchase creates paper work. I'm talking file after file of paper records. Now with SmartDocs you can convert all the paper into an electronic format. First check this site eclosing and you'll have a head start on a process that will not only save you time but also money. No records to duplicate and all you need is a computer to complete the transaction. Electronic mortgage processing is the future right here in the present so what are you waiting for. There's no time like the present to obtain a future.

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Yard Work

Most of the yard is done for the reception after rehearsal. Just have to mow it Wednesday and should be complete. I guess a couple bug lamps and a few other lights may be nice too. The city started spraying for bugs early spring and now have cut back and they are getting thick out there after 8:00 at night. I guess I'll have to call the city and find out what they spent the money on.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Digital Cameras

The camera I have right now is a Canon A430. I'm thinking about upgrading to a better one but not quite sure which one yet. There are so many on the market how do you know which on is the best. I usually go with what I can afford. This website Nikon D300 can help you get a better idea of what you need. The main feature I like about them is you don't have to carry a bag full of extra film and keep changing it. The good part is their compact with telephoto lens and zoom, built in flash and go everywhere you go. It's getting where digital is the only way to go so if you haven't tried one yet you should. You won't be sorry you did.

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Just A Week away

This comming Saturday is the big day for my friend. Her son is getting married and the stress on her is huge. I'll be so happy when all is said and done and we can just relax and not worry about what's going to happen next. There are a few more things that have to be done but iin comparison they are really nothing. I'm so glad things have worked out so well thus far. We're depending on God to keep the rain on hold till Sunday since it's an outside affair. I guess We just say a prayer and then Get-R-Done.

Business Solutions

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