Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ice Fishing

I don't like ice because everytime my friend and I walked on it the ice would crack and creak. When I was a kid this really scared me so I never got very far from the bank. My friends go ice fishing and are catching yellow bass by the bunches. Everyone I know is getting a freezer full and they asked if I wanted some. I just said all you don't have room for I do. I love yellow bass and walleye's like they're catching. It will be so grand to have a freezer full of fresh fish again. I'm partially disabled and can't get around like the young guys. I do have my lifetime fishing license though and people who live on the lake that will let me fish from their docks. Thank you GOD for all my fishing friends.

Whoa Back Up

Just a couple months ago the year was just getting started and now all of a sudden it's about over. What happened to all of those days? I'v always heard when you get older time goes faster but I didn't think it could reach these speeds. My friend told me to get used to it because when you reach 75 you only get one day for every two. That means the year will be half as long as it is now and let me tell you this one was really fast. Looking at it from the other side of the coin that means winters are only half as long too. I guess I can live with that but it doesn't really seem fair. So many things to do so little time.

Baby Shops

Years ago when you needed something for your baby you had to ask your parents or friends where they got this or that. That has really changed with an online search engine that can answer every question you may have. not only can tell you where to find what you need but can tell you of a store within a mile of your home that has it. If this sounds impossible to you then check out this website baby shops and get all the information you need. What's your need? Maternity clothes,doctors, classes, stores, baby products or how about kid friendly places to eat with your family. has 120,000 reviews for all of these things to save you time and trouble searching for yourself. You know how much time that can take and we know how much time you need to be a new mom so check us out when you're on the internet.

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Oil Change Time

You know it seems like I just changed the oil in my car and it's time to do it again. I don't mind it though because it keeps your car running much longer. Todays cars are getting a lot more miles than they used to. Years ago 80 or 90 thousand miles were quite a lot. Today that's just getting broken in. My last car had 135,000 when I traded it off and a guy I know had one exactly like it with 170,000 and still running like a dream. You have to take good care of them and they take good care of you.

Taking A Drive

The weather was pretty nice so my friend and I decided to just go for a drive. I like running the interstate and so we headed north. It's about 40 miles to Albert Lea, Minnesota so that's where we headed on our short trip. You know how sometimes you just want to get out of town without someone telling you to. The country side was white with new fallen snow and was really pretty. The winds will kick up later and turn it all dirty and grey so it's nice to see it so clean looking. We just drove up there and around town a short time then back home. Who knows next week the snow may be higher than our cars and we can't get out of town so do it while you can.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wedding Planning

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The Snowman

The snowman stood in the front yard and scared a lot of small chijdren as they passed by. He was well over 7 feet tall and did look scarry with those big black eyes staring at you. The carrot he had for a nose was the only thing that didn't look out of place. It was very cold and the snowman was so very happy because he could live just fine in this weather where everyone was complaining about it. I liked the big snowman and used to talk to him for hours about all sorts of things. Mostly things about my friends and family since it seemed none of them had time to sit down and just talk about what ever you thought about. They were always in to big of a hurry to listen. That's the way it is getting to be more and more as the young people grow up and new babies are born. Everybody has to work because if you don't have enough money you lose out on everything. The self sufficient the nation becomes the worse things are for the small families with smaller incomes. You know if you don't have it you can't buy it. Millions and billions of dollars are going into every country in the world but very little of it goes to the people that really need it mostly it goes to government fatcats that appear on TV in nice suits and large well fed stomachs. Their on TV begging for food to feed the starving people but I wonder about our starving people who can't afford groceries or gasoline or even heat and lights in the winter time that just doubled this month. So politicians I say, What about us here at home going without so you can run all over the country spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get a job that won't let you as an indivual do anything for us little people who don't have money. If you are confused and not sure who you should turn to about your problems then find a nice snowman to talk to. You won't get a lot of answers from him directly but he can help you ponder the situation and devine the answers on your own because they don't interupt either.

One More Time

Once again a major snow srorm passed us by. The major snowfall was south and north of us and we got a dusting. Traveling 75 miles north or south you'll run into 6 to 8 inches of new snow. We got the 3/4 inch of ice the last time that we still have in the driveways around here. The only way to remove it is to chip with a bar and shovel it out. When you get a patch 2 feet by 6 feet done (and you're as old as most of us around here) you don't want anymore for a while. When you're 50 it isn't bad but in your 70's and 80's it feels a lot like work.

Integra Radiators

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There He Goes Again.

There goes that neighbor with the little dog that craps in everyones yard. He doesn't clean up the doggie doodoo so you could walk in it in your own yard. He complains about stray cats around making messes but they at least bury it if the ground isn't frozen whereas his dog just goes and then runs. Many neighbors have complained to the non-hearing ears of management. The city we live in has a leash law but his dog has never been on one. I think it's a shame when one person thinks he's so good he doesn't have to comply to the restrictions of the rest of us.

There he goes again.

Should have been twins

When the holidays come around sometimes I wish I could have been twins. I always seem to have more places to go and things to do for one person to handle. If I were twins then one of me could go each way and get everything done and I wouldn't be nearly as tired. I suppose a clone would really be better because then they would both be me. Twins are two different personalities and may object to different things where a clone would like or dislike the same things.

Super Bowl Tickets

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Christmas Dinner

My friends son just bought a new house in the high market range. He decided his mother and I plus his new wifes parents should drive down and have Christmas Dinner with them in their new home. We went and the house was totally grand and so was the Prime rib dinner with all the trimmings. Everyone had a good time and I must say the day got a little long before we got back home. Right now he is where I wish I would have been when I was his age. Beautiful wife and home and a fabulous job that just keeps getting better.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Search Engines

Everyone has heard of Google, Yahoo and MSN in the world of search engines but did you know about a new kid in town. is a new search engine with the qualities of the major online connections. When you're on the net check out this site search engine and get an idea of what they can do for you. I know you won't be disappointed with their services I certainly wasn't. It's always a great feeling to know there's another way to go when you really need it. Quality is the answer and Earthfrisk has all you can want.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Read The Signs

Winter is here all you have to do is read the signs. Like the sign I read was my light & gas bill from Alliant Energy. My bill jumped from $93 last month to $186 this month and will probably be over $200 next month. What do you do turn down the heat so you shiver all day long or what? I run my furnace at 68 degrees and wear a long sleve shirt or sweatshirt in the house so I won't be shivering all the time. My bill is still almost $200 for one month. I think it's a shame the rates go up when demand goes up. They have windchargers all over but the electricity goes way down south not here. We still pay big bills so they can build more towers to send more energy some place else. You say why all the wind chargers in Iowa I guess because the campaigning starts in Iowa so there's a lot more wind here.

Hello Today

I started this blogging yesterday and it's today already. Boy how time flys when you're having fun doing something you really enjoy. I mean like have you ever gone on a vacation and had 2 or 3 days to rest up when yu get back home. Right you know there wasn't enough time to do the things you wanted to do let alone rest when you got home. This isn't the exact same but I enjoy blogging but sometimes I get carried away and stay up way late then in the morning I pay because I didn't get enough sleep. Every time I sit down I want to doze off and nap for 1/2 hour or so. Then I don't get everything done I wanted to and people get after me for not getting it done. Oh well I guess that's life.

Cancun Vacation

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It Would Be Nice

It would be nice if your computer did what you wanted it to do instead of having a mind of it's own. Every once in a while I write a post and it disappears and I can't retrieve it. It's just gone and I don't know where to look. See that's a good example of what I mean. I was typing and bumped some key and now my print is larger and very easy to read. I don't know what I did but I really like it this way. I hope the pute doesn't get a wild hair and change it back.

Online Businesses

Every day I get at least 8 online business offers to help me get rich. At this particular time in my life I don't really need to be rich (even if it would help) I would like to just have something left over at the end of the month. I figure if I sign up for the get rich program they will wait till I have money then send people over to sell me stuff I don't really need. My online job is blogging and I make enough to make the payments on this new computer. I really enjoy blogging but my pute was old and kept hanging up so I got this one. I'm not so sure if that was a good deal because it keeps adding programs and upgrading by itself. I'm slowly learning how it works so it will be fine.

Home Fitness

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I can't believe it but I haven't gotten a political call all day long. You don't suppose everybody quit and went home and forgot about the race do you? I think they should ban campaigning until a month before election. If they would we wouldn't have to listen to all those lies and promises not to mention the mudslinging. When it comes to that someone said it quite well years ago with Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Can you see it now nobody running around looking for a stone? Then again maybe everybody would be looking because they wouldn't admit they weren' as pure as the driven snow.

Time To Eat

I guess I'll have to take a break and fix a sandwich or something because I'm getting hungry. My cats will love to see me open the refridgerator door because they think I only open it to feed them. I've got a really nice piece of pork loin in there that will make a terrific sandwich and even the cats love it but they eat theirs then want mine. They usually only eat two or three bites so there will be plenty for me too.

Lapband Surgery

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Eleven More Months

Why is it you have to be a republican or democrat? Why can't you just be neutral until you see what there is to choose from but they keep calling this way or that. I told one caller i hadn't made up my mind and he told me I had better get with the program. I really think that's what it is ,that they have all been programed and don't really know what they want thenselves because someone is thinking for them. I don't know which I really am but again this election it will be the lesser of two evils.

The Horses

My daughter has horses on her acreage and loves them like kids, which they are. My daughter is 5 feet 2 inches and has a black huge draft horse and a miniture plus a goat and chickens. Oh I almost forgot the cats and dogs. Her little miniture is sick and she is really worried about him. She had a registered Quarter horse come down with collick and had to be put down. She raised her from a 6month old and she was 12 years when it happened. My heart went out to her because I know how it feels to lose someone you really love. My son and my wife are both gone and there isn't any real way to fill that empty spot. My daughters whole has been her horses and I can relate to her feelings now. I just know God will make it right.

Executive Search Firm

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Again The Weather

Boy I'm getting tired of this stuff called freezing rain and sleet. We're supposed to get a bunch more this weekend plus snow on top of it again. I still have most of the ice from the last time in my driveway. I walk with a cane but if this keeps up I'm getting the walker out and use it. There is no explaining how much I hate falling down especially when there isn't anything to hang on to when you try to get up.

Great News

My friend works for an office furniture company that sells and delivers furniture for offices. I've been wanting a high back desk chair because I have a habit of dozong off sitting here playing with the computer. This chair I have is so comfortable I can nap easily in it but I get a kink in my neck. The back isn't high enough to rest your neck on. Yesterday my friend said somebody ordered a new chair because the one they had wobbled a little and it bothered them. When the trade was over the boss asked the guys if anyone wanted the old chair and my friend said I do. Another guy in a different department said he should have it because he never gets anything so the boss gave it to him. He then told my friend he would find a really nice one for him to give to me.

Cash Advance

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Family Dinner

My very good friend has a young son that recently got married to a beautiful girl and live about 100 miles from here. They have invited my friend and I down to have Christmas dinner at their house. There will be 6 for dinner, her mom and dad and his mom and me. It will be a great celebration not only for the birth of Christ but for the first Christmas as Husband and Wife in their new home. I feel very honored to be asked to be a part of all this. I know what it was like the first time my wife and I had family over to dinner and that was an experience to write about.

Hey, Five More days

It's really hard to believe that Christmas is only 5 days away but it really is. I hope everyone is ready for it to get here. The big thing isn't the gifts but they're nice to open Christmas morning. The big thing is that it's Jesus Christs birthday and without that happening we would all be doomed in hell. I enjoy the love and sharing with the people I'm the closes to with the Christmas dinner and fellowship of family and friends. So remember when you're thanking your host for a wonderful day don't forget to thank God for making it all possible.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Z Pool Construction

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Excitement

Boy I've got two dinners and an anniversary to go to in the next week and a half. I guess I must be part scrooge because I would rather stop things after candle light services and not eat all that food and feel bloated for days. You know what I mean The stuff that everybody says you just have to try this it's sooo good. There are a couple things I just have to eat some of even if I am diabetic and one is the pineapple whipped cream salad I just can't leave alone. If I die eating it at least I'll be happy.

Weather Rules

The first storm that we got this year was a combination of ice and snow. The slightly warmer weather we've been having the last couple days is starting to melt some of the ice. Now the weatherman says snow sleet and ice for Wednesday night and Thursday so right back to square one again. That's what they call a rock and a hard place I guess. It's not even the hard part of the winter months yet so look out next month.

Masters Degree

Capella University is not only the only online school accredited by CACREP but now they have released podcasts focusing on education. Interviews with the dean and also students for a first person perspective on this online university. Capella has two Master Degree specializations that you can go for. Just go online to this site Masters Degree to get the complete information needed to enroll in your future. The latest podcast release is a conversation with Capella Universitys School of Human services Dean DR.Chris Cassirer regarding the colleges acreditation. The podcasts are highly informative and can be viewed at and are about 15 minutes in length.

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Lifes Thrills

Life deals us some strange things sometimes but some people in this beautiful country need help just to live. I'm retired and living on a very fixed income. I live in a small mobile home with my two cats. I manage to get enough change together to feed 5 stray cats outside too. If anyone comes close to them they run but when I go outside they come running and rub against my legs and want petting. This is one of lifes greatest thrills being needed in your old age. You should try it you may just like it.

Guess What.

Just a week from today it will be Christmas Day. I've been out shopping in the stores and running into friends and thank God only one said Happy Holidays. To me it's like a slap in the face not hearing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All the politicians can talk about is insurance for everyone which is good but I think we would be better served if they would get Christ back into Christmas and God back into government and schools. Who had all the money to change it anyhow. Years ago I hear someone say it's the golden rule. It goes( HE Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules )and it was never that way when I was young. Why is it that way now?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Capelle University

If you want to continue your education and don't need the added expense of travel and dormitorys then check online. Capella University is based in Minneapolis Minnesota and is fully accredited on line with 104 graduate and undergraduate courses. Plus 15 certificate programs since October of 2007. Check this website capella university this is where you'll learn how to get rolling on your future.There are 50 states and 56 countries that have provided nearly 20,000 students who are committed to getting the best education from the one online university that's committed to providing it for them. Why look any farther than your fingertips and the computer in front of you for any educational field you wish to follow. Graduate degrees online for Business, Physcology, Education or Social Services can all be had so check it out.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007


My friend got me a sliding shelf to mount under my desktop for my keyboard which will be so much better. My cat jumps upon the desk and walks around the keyboard while I'm trying to get things done. With it under the desktop she won't know where it went but rest assured she will find it because she is so snoopy. Nothing gets by her and if it does she will find it before the day gets any older.

What A Noise

My neighbor just came home from partying which is about every night. He makes it sound like he drove right through his house. With all the door slamming you would think there was at least 6 people out there but if you look out it's just him and once in a while his girlfriend is with him. You know howit goes when you party you think your buddy can't hear you so you talk loud enough for everybody for a block can hear. Anyway with the door slamming and yelling at each other I'm glad I'm doing this instead of trying to sleep.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Truck Lights

If you have a truck you know how much better it looks all decked out.I'm a retired !8 wheeler and the more lights you can have the better it looks on or off the road. This site truck lights is the online place to outfit your truck with the lighting you want to show off your truck. Front bumper fog lights and tailgate lights get noticed but what you really need is the cab lights on top to really get attention from your buddies. When you and your pals are off road 4 wheeling they know where you are. has light to fit most Chevy, ford and Dodge trucks and their prices are really low. Your cap would look awesome with the Pacer LED light kit. Nows the time to check it out and get the lights you need.

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Pay Raise

The members of congress got a raise in pay for their cost of living. Hey I got one also with my social security check. What I can't figure is I got 2.3% increase and that was about $20. The senators make $150,000 a year and usually give themselves 8 to 10 Percent which is around 3 times more than alot of old people that don't have 401K or pensions to go with their S.S. checks for a year. I guess maybe if I wanted to make lots of money for nothing I should have run for office. I would like to see the politicians get a Social Security check of $500 to $1000 for a year and no outside help financially and try to live on it. I bet things would really change. Then again maybe they are as stupid as they act sometimes.

Car Brakes

I don't know who thought of the ABS braking system for cars but I'm thinking of buying an older car that didn't have it. I hate every time I go to stop on ice before I can pump the brake the car is doing it and I'm sliding down the road. I think the young drivers need something to do their thinking for them but us old horses learned how to drive all by ourself and what to do in an emergency. Kind of makes you want to move out in the middle of nowhere and live like a hermit. It couldn't hurt.

VoIp Call Centers Phone systems

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Christmas Greetings

Today i stopped to get my mail on the way home and i actually got some. In fact 2 Christmas cards from John Edwards The presidential candidate wishing me and mine a Merry Christmas. I wish he would have saved his campaign money because I'm not voting for him in the first place. I wish this whole presidential race was over instead of just begining to get up steam. I don't know if we can take another whole year of this stuff. Even the local politicians are becomming jerks and the money people who thought they were better than everyone now strut around like they really are. I just think if you walk to close to these people be sure to clean off your shoes before you walk on the carpet.

Here We Go Again

I will never figure out how people can tell when I'm really busy. Everytime I have a dozen things to do everyone i know wants me to do something for them. Then I have to put my work on hold and help them. When this happens I don't always get back to my stuff until the next day. Like right now I have to go help a friend out for about an hour then I'll be back. This time I'll be back before tomorrow because this has to get done.

Wholesale Flowers

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Desk chairs

I bought a desk chair at a friends garage sale and it's nice and big and comfortable. The only think it has a low back so when I doze off at the computer I wake up with a sore neck. My buddy works for a company that sells office furniture and a customer traded in 2 nice chairs and his boss told him he could have them if he had a use for them. Thinling of me with my low back chair he grabbed them. He's bringing them over in a few minutes so I have to get going.

She's Back

I have a neighbor that is fighting cancer in the throat. She has been to Mayo clinic in Rochester and a big clinic in Houston, Texas for treatment. I would think since she only weighs 90 pounds now she would stay put in one place but she doesn't. She's back and forth between here and Des Moines and here and Rochester both of which are 100 miles from here. She drives a Ford taurus wagon and drives like the little old lady from Pasadena with a very heavy foot. I'm afraid her driving will get her before the cancer.

Disney World Tickets

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Monday, December 10, 2007

What Happened And When

The world is changing faster then we could ever want. They say life goes on but so go some of the respect and responcibility for your actions. The kid at the mall with an asult rifle wanted to be famous but that isn't fame that's regret for stupidity. Famous is being remembered with love and indearment by people who respect you. This poor boy will only be remembered for being stupid and having really poor goals in his life. The old saying "When life gives you lemons make lemonade" not go hurt someone. What a horrible world we would live in if everyone thought the way he did if they did your house wouldn't even be safe let alone going outside or to the store.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blog About Finance

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday Night

It's Saturday and the Powerball drawing is tonight.I buy a ticket twicw a week for $1 each and hope I'll win but maybe this time I actually will. If I took all the $1's I've spent on the lottery tickets I could have had a couple of my bills paid off by now and been living easier. I guess the thrill of maybe winning several millions is more powerful than paying $1 on your bills. There is always way to much month at the end of the S.S. check, that's life I guess.

Human Touch Massage Chair

Human touch a leader in massage technology has developed a massage chair they call the HT7450 Zero Gravity Massage chair. Incorporating their Quad roller system they have come up with the ultimate massage cair for your every need. Kneading, rolling, percussion and compression gentle relieves the stress of your day. The chair conforms to the physique of whoever is sitting in it so the massage goes where it's needed most. This website Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair is where you'll find all the information needed to know how it works. Many physical ailments are helped by massage like circulation, neck and back pain and muscle stress and strain. You will be able to choose the intensity of the massage from gentle to firm which I need.Human Touch being a leader also has many other chairs and also foot massagers just about everything to sooth your tired aching body so check it out at www.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Your Blessings

When it's really icy and slick under foot and you fall and don't get hurt it's a blessing. If you do it over several days don't worry it's still blessings when you don't get hurt. So many people think a blessing needs to be a major event in their life but that's not how it goes. Think about it for a minute when was your last blessing? Sometimes it's when the doctor says your tests came back and everything is just fine. But how about when uour daughter called and told you that you just became a grandpa, that's a blessing too. This is the time of year when people start counting their blessings but alot of the time they miss the really little ones that God has given them. If you don't know where to start then think about just waking up in the morning and go from there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ecards-Toys For tots

You feel like you should be doing something to help the needy children this time of year. You should send an ecard to your loved ones and besides making them so very happy will make a donation to Toys For Tots to help brighten the life of a child.This site Here's where to find Toys for Tots free eCards is the site where you can find out everything you need to know. Sixty years ago the marine corp. reserves started Toys For Tots to see needy children smiles when they recieved presents like the other children. In 2006 over 19.2 million toys were given to children living in poverty. What that did was make 7.6 million kids very happy but the facts are there were over 13million kids living in poverty so some were still missed. With there's no advertising and it's free to send cards to everyone you know. The great part is when you do send a card make s a contribution to Toys For Tots so more children will smile this year.the best thing anyone can do right now is login and download the software free and start sending cards to everyone you know. Why not it's free I'm going to.

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Christmas Sales

Why is it nomatter how bad the weather or the roads are the shoppers march on like there's no tomorrow? I can't believe how many people were in the stores and on the road between towns just Christmas shopping. Today I can understand where they're comming from because the roads are starting to clear up. My drive and yard is still a death trap waiting for a person going by to slip and slide on in. I don't mind snow because you can still get around on foot or in the car. The ice is another story completely mainly because the only ice I really like is in a glass.

Why Us

There's a lot of us that haven't cleaned the ice and snow up from the last storm. Noe the weatherman says freezing rain moving in tonight and tomorrow. I've fallen twice and am not looking forward to more ice. My friend bought 60 pounds of ice melt the other day and another 60 today. It's gatting almost impossible to find around here now.I'm hoping the stores get more in before we get more ice.

Vacaciones Hoteles

If you live in America and Spanish is your natural language then you must have alot of trouble booking reservations when you travel. All of that will cease when you visit this website Vacaciones Hoteles because here you'll find spanish speaking people who understand what your needs are. Wether on the phone or online have a reputation of being the best. The addition of ( ) makes it even easier for them to serve the United States spanish speaking residents. If you don't have a computer don't worry just call ( 1-800-316-4145 )for their service center to handle your needs. Getting the right accomodations for you has never been easier.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Shopping and Falling

Got the car out and my friend and I went 10 miles over to Mason City and got some much needed shopping done. When we got back I got out of the car and took one step and I was on the ground. I should really say "ICE" would be a better word. My legs don't work so good for walking and I'm finding out sliding is worse than that. I've fallen twice now the first was flat on my back hitting my head really hard and the second was just down forward on knees and stomach. I got up without help but the twisting doesn't do you any good. I will probably feel alot more tomorrow when I try to get up.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Webby Planet

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Check Blanks

I need a box or two of check blanks before I run out but the company I got these from wants twice what I paid for these. I think I'll just have to go somewhere else and get them. Every Sunday they have several adds in the paper for blank checks at really reasonable prices. I just can't figure out why they would charge over $40 when your first order was $20 for 4 boxes. I have to have duplicate blanks since I have a habit of not writing down everyone I write then come up with a check and nothing to pay it with. Oh well I'll figure it out.

Ford Dealer

I ran into the new Ford dealer in Clear Lake yesterday and he was impressed I drove a windstar van. My friend told him her abnd I were going to buy a new one next year together. Mine isn't all paid for yet and won't be by then but that's ok because with her sharing the payments it will be alot easier to pay for. Everytime we go somewhere we go together and take my van and I drive. She thinks because I drove truck 50 years I make a great chaufeur so that's the way we do it.

Best Credit Cards

Need a credit card and don't want to send in all those applications in that you get in the mail? If you don't know where to start looking for what you want then this site Best Credit Cards is your best bet. For credit card comparison they are one of the major online websites to check. Here is a credit card search engine thats been around a long time and are the best. Good credit or maybe not so good you can still qualify for some credit cards. Cards from major banks like Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase or Bank Of America have a card for you. Visa, American express, Mastercard or Discover are all there for you to check out for yourself. The great part is you can do it from home and know if you meet the requirements in minutes. Get online and check it out you can't lose.

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People's Pets

My friend has a 10 year old dog that is having problems with her hind legs. So when she lets her out the dog can go down steps fine but can't come back up. When this happens she goes down and picks the dog up and cayyies her up the steps. Today the dog went over by the north fence and couldn't get back. My friend started to go over and slipped and fell. From there she crawled over to the dog and slid her back to the porch then lifted her up the stairs. That made 2 for 2 I fell at my house trying to get to her house and she fell at her house.Fortunately niether of has fallen since.

Reception Party

I was very thankful the wedding reception party was postponed until spring. I went out and cleaned ice off my car to try to get to town and get salt to be sure I didn't fall. Even the streets in town having been sanded and scraped with the snow plow were slick. When I finally made it to the store I was so glad they had a big shipment of snow melt and my friend and I got 6 bags of it. When we got to her house we salted everything where anyone would walk and then I came home and did mine. I spread some on my neighbors walk because he's 83 and doesn't need to fall either.

Defibillator Lead Lawsuits

Medtronic Inc. has issued a recall on several implanted defibrillators after the possible link to 5 deaths. If the leads are bad they can send a shock other than those programed into it. If you or a loved one has an implanted defibrillator go to this site Defibrillator Lead Lawsuit you'll be able to find the information needed. The medtronic defibrillators on the recall list are as follows. Sprint Fidelis model numbers 6930, 6931,.6948, and 6949 they could have faulty leads and are being recalled. By calling Mark & associates P.C. at 1-866 507 4448 you can find out if your defibrillator is in question and if you have legal rights. There is a time limit so don't waste it, get to a phone.

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What next?

Snow and ice isn't all that bad but with 20 mile per hour wind it is a killing situation. Living 1/2 block from the lake the wind has nothing to stop it before it hits me. Comming across the lake it is severly cold besides blowing you across the ice until you fall. When I fall ( which I did ) I take a while to get back up unless I have something to hang on to to pull myself up. Luckily I had the car fender and got back up in pretty good shape except shaken up from landing flat on my back.

What A Storm

We got about 2 inches of snow and then sleet followed by more snow and freezing rain. Ice and snow resulted in the Des Moines airport closing when a plane slid off the runway. No injuries but still not a good thing to happen. Several colisions in bigger town were reported and many interstate wrecks involving semi trailers. I'm glad I could stay home where it was warm and dry. Tomorrow I'll try to dig out a little but think most will get driven on because of the ice thickness.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cheap Wedding Favors

Planning a wedding can be very costly unless you know where to look for things you need. This website cheap wedding favors should be your first stop. Reception gifts, candy and candy holders are on the lift. There are personalized gifts for the bridesmaids and also the groomsmen. They are al at reduced prices to save you money and help make your wedding a big sucess. While you're there check out close outs on labels and tags. There's a 3D butterfly gift that comes in your choice of colors to match your wedding colors. Everything is right there for you to choose from online at wedding favors for your every need. Quality merchandise for less for your big day.

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