Monday, June 30, 2008

Midwest Auto Recycling

When you need to replace your cars engine or transmission where do you look first? The local scrap yard and if you find one and buy it then you take a big chance. It could blow up or leak all over your driveway. Listen up if you need a transmission or engine then first turn on your computer. Now go to this website midwest auto recycling and here's why. At Midwest Auto Recylcling they start every engine. Running tests on it for oil pressure, compression and cylinder leakage. All transmissions are inspected cleaned and test driven. Then they carry the best nation wide warranties so you can be sure you got a good one that will last because all miles are varified by carfax It's all right there just clicks away you can't ask for more than that.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Future Maybe

I live in a mobile home and enjoy it except for one thing. That's paying someone for the grass to sit my home on and then have them tell me when to moy the grass. I've given some thought to selling out and buy an older Motor home. I could travel from here to there and live where I want to. If the weather gets really bad I just drive to a new place. If it's to cold I'll go down south and to hot I'll go up north. Maybe head into the mountains or out to the coast. Living on Social Security I wouldn't be able to be on the go all the time but for a while every month I could live free where I want. I would have to invest in a wireless laptop so I could take some friends with me.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bridge Worries

I drove an 18 wheeler for over 40 years and drove across a lot of bridges that weren't marked but looked like they wouldn't hold a bug. When the big Minneapolis bridge colapsed everybody started to worry about all the bridges everywhere. The thing I want to know is what were the bridge inspectors that were getting paid big money to check these bridges was doing. It's obvious it wasn't inspecting the bridges. It's government so you know that they aren't doing what they get paid for. So who is doing it?---NOBODY.

Norberto Diaz

Norberto Diaz has left his mark on New Jersey as a Latin musician and music teacher. Teaching music for 14 years he also worked as the administrator as a hobby. He rewrote both english and spanish words to Gauntanamera in honor of his father who was so proud to have all of his children born in this country. His music helped him to teach the childrem in the school and hold their interest for better learning. Every teacher is dedicated to teaching the children of the world but Norberto had a special way with his teachings that made it easier for students to learn. This website Norberto Diaz is where you can find out the details of this great dedicated teacher. Loved by all of his students Norberto ( Bert ) knew how to get the job done. I've been there and it's worth the trip and you don't even have to leave your home.

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Celebration Time Come On

It's soon going to be celebration time for the 4th of July. Clear Lake goes all out with carnival rides and food stands. Fireworks display that is one of the largest around. People come from all over to have fun here. Probably 20 mile radius of this town maybe more. I've lived here so long now I don't get overly excited when it comes around. The parade they have lasts an hour less than it takes you to get home again but we always go. My mobility isn't that good anymore so I don't do rides or large pushing crowds so I enjoy what I like and leave the rest.

Bathroom Cabinets

Tired of those old bathroom cabinets and fixtures then I've got good news for you. This website BATHROOM CABINETS can brighten up you bathroom just the way you want it. With vanity cabinets to open shelf vanities. Pedistal sinks,shower inclosures and faucets of all kinds from wall mounted to sink basins can all be found to match your every desire. The bestway to upgrade and beautify your bathroom is to check here first.

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Time For R & R

Almost time to rest and relax from this old computer. I won't be gone for long though because something might happen I need to know about. I'wouldn't want to miss something to do to keep me busy for a while. I really enjoy sitting here bloging and keeping in touch with friends and relations. I don't travel a llot anymore so don't get to visit everyone I would like to. With this little computer I can keep up with everything I want to. One day when I get better at it I'll set up the camera and be able to see who I'm talking to. That's progress.

Online Colleges

Today many more people are seeking more education degrees and certificates. One of the top online colleges is Copella University in Minneapolis, Minn. They serve well over 23,000 students from around the world. Currently Copella has students from 45 countries and all 50 states working for degrees. With 104 graduate and undergraduate courses to chose from plus 15 certificates. With the price of gas today it adds a great cost to getting an education. Online acredited colleges are the best way to obtain your goals. Just recently Copella opened up theirv writing courses to the public to help students explain things on paper more effectively. This website online colleges is the first place you should look and you will be amazed at all you will find,"try it".

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Dinner Time

Look how fast time can go when you're having fun. It seems like I just started computing this afternoon and it's dinner time all ready. I usually don't eat at regular times because when I was Trucking I didn't always have time to stop and still get the load unloaded on time. I would eat then and it worked for me. Now being retired I can eat anytime I want to. Being single I eat what I want even if it isn't the best for me without being told that's a no no. I guess I should go eat something maybe frozen buritos and hot sauce.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

All the wet weather we've had seems to have invited all the bugs in the world to move inside where it's dry. I sure don't remember doing it. I'm going to have to get some insecticide and spray around my house foundation and all the mopboards inside. waterbugs and ants are the worse followed by spiders. I usually have a certain number of bugs every spring ut this year they have tripled and then some. Oh well I hope next year will be dryer and the bugs will be less to cope with.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding Gifts

I'm running out of close friends who plan to get married but there are thousands out there that are still in the planning stage. Everyone knows how happy these times are but few realize how stressful they are for the bride and groom. Try this website Wedding Gifts and you will find relief from all that planning stress. They have everything to make your wedding totally perfect. Announcments, vender and caterers guides. Photographers and even an online registry system to help make things easier for you. Just by going to Wedding all of these planning tools are just clicks away and the best part is they are free. So if you are planning a wedding just go to so you can relax without the headaches.

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Another Sad Day

Today I heard that a very good friend was taken by the cancer she's been fighting for several years. She was only 51 years old and not only enjoyed life but helped make everyone around her feel great just being in her presence.I lost my own wife 10 years ago to cancer so I know just what her husband is going through right now. It's a terrific loss for her family and all of the friends that loved her. God knows how she used her abilities to help wherever she could and was there regardless of the situation. Dependable great friend and mother she will be dearly missed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pizza, Pizza , Pizza

My cousin from Colorado came to visit and took us all to the Pizza Ranch wher we just pigged out. They have a buffet and you can't stop eating even if you want to. Pizza and chicken with salads and desert plus fountain drinks. After 4 pices of pizza and 2 chicken legs with pudding and apple sauce I was fairly well content. They serve some of the best tasting pizza anywhere. We have a Pizza Ranch 12 miles east or 12 miles west but none in this town. We have several Pizza shops that serve great pizza and a few that aren't worth writing home about. So we do get pizza now and then.

Hair School

One leader in cosmetology started over 50 years ago and hasn't quit growing. Expanding from 2 schools to over 30 campuses since 2002 Regency Beauty Schools are leaders in their field. They started in Minneapolis but now can be found in 9 states and plans for more next year. With placement services in salons or even cruise ships the choice is yours to get started with your career. Students preform their services to the public for doscounted prices. If cosmetology is your choice then this website hair school can get the ball rolling so to speak and provide you with a great future. Everywhere you look you see beautiful women, wouldn't you like to be the one that helps them look that way?

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What A Pain

The movie stars today think they can do anything they want to because they have money. It doesn't make a difference if they drive drunk, steal from a store, have an accident or get in a fight they get their wrist slapped and turned loose. Any poor person that did the same things would be in jail before you could blink. It's to bad everyone doesn't get the same treatment as the stars and government people. I wonder how many officials would need to be replaced before everyone got the same brakes.

Growing Family

I have a growing family again this spring. The mother cat that lives outside gave birth to 5 kittens. I feed several stray cats but only 2 are female and one of them isn't breeding yet anyhow. They accept this as a home base and when they grow up head out on their own. As the years go by they come back to visit now and then and get a free meal. Several have been adopted by people going past and seeing them. There just aren't enough that want to adopt a baby kitten. Oh they all want to pet and love on them but not take them home for their own.

Buy Baby Gifts

Everybody I know is either having a baby or has a best friend who is pregnant. That means baby gifts are going to be in demand and you will have to have one or two yourself. This website buy baby gifts is the perfect place to start looking for your gift. Maybe you want to have a baby shower for your best friend you still go to the same site. They can set you up with invitations, decorations, games or favors everything you need. Besides the blankets and other needed gifts for the new baby there's gifts for the new mom and other siblings. You not only can find regular but also personalized gifts at unbelievable low prices so why wait get over to The Nest Baby shop for your gift needs.

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Old Movies

In this modern world of special effects when was the ;last time you watched an old Jimmy Steward movie? They had one on tonight and I watched it. It was a real enjoyable time even in black and white. It was different without color and high tech special effects but it was a great movie and I enjoyed it. Next time you switch the chanel and there's an old movie on you should watch it that's really what movies are all about.

A Sad Day

The paper says that we lost another intertainer whose life was spent making people laugh so for a short time they forgot their problems. George Carlon was one of my favorite comedians. I loved the way his mind worked and he shared his way of thinking with everyone. He will be missed and his humor will live on forever. A few years ago Rodney Dangerfield passed and he will also be missed. I just hope there are enough funny men left to keep the world laughing because we really need it.

Civic Radiator

I'm sure you have noticed that Honda is the worlds biggest producer of engines. leads the field in online automotive radiators. They have a parts inventory of more than 80,000 pieces. With a full line of Acura and Honda radiators of original quality. Not only do they have radiators and other parts but they are a full service faclilty and their parts carry lifetime full warranty that are hassle free. This website Civic Radiator is the first place you should look for what you need. The main thing to think about is the lower prices because you don't need a middleman for the deal. That and the warranty are enough to send you to this site.

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A New World

I can't believe it but it hasn't rained for almost 3 days noy. Things are starting to dry out and the fields are looking pretty good again. Now we have really hot weather coming in to worry us that have breathing problems. I stay inside with AC on full since cool air is easier too breathe. I guess that's not a real worry though because is will be cold again in a few months and we can complain about the wind and cold.That's Life.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just got back from a wonderful vacation 2 days ago. I was sitting here thinking about vacations and realized I haven't been on a real one forabout 30 years. Oh I've gone for a weekend but didn't really see anything except the highways we were traveling. When you take a weekend to visit friends it seems like that's all that gets done. This time more time was spend on just taking in the sights which included Graceland in Memphis Tennessee. I was a little disappointed how comercial it was and not as large as I had pictured it in my mind. It was really a fun and worthwhile experience and I would probably do it again but not right away. I may get a weekend vacation in a couple months to visit my friends other son in Tulsa.

Stock Options Trading

If you're a regular in the stock market trading or just a novice investor at some time you need help with your trades. has the answers you need to obtain the right stocks for you to make money. With their patented service SmartSearchXL Technology you learn how to compare, analyze and find the right stock options to make you money. Power Options technology isn't available anywhere else. Just check this site stock options trading and take advantage of their experience to gain the knowledge you need for your own trading. With years of experience, customer support and educational materials to help you how can you go wrong checking us out.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flooding Down South

Coming back from Tennessee we traveled up one highway that was over a mile from the Mississippi river. The strange part of that is the water was right up to the road we were on. I think can safely say the river was out of it's banks. You see pictures of barns in a field with water up to the roof but it really looks different when you're looking right at it. That was the closest we got to flood water going or coming back. It was a great trip.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Advantages of Stacking Chairs and Tables

When a business is going to have a big meeting with their District Managers, for instance, they need many tables and chairs to accomodate all the people. But they don't always have a great deal of room to store these extra tables and chairs. So what do they do? The first thing to do if you are in the UK is to contact this company Stacking tables and chairs at this website as they have the best lightweight stackable aluminum tables and chairs and they are the leading supplier of such chairs for conferences in the UK. They are good looking and by being able to stack them up, you can put a great many chairs and tables in a smaller area until you are ready to spread them out for your meeting. They have a great many good looking styles too. You don't have to get out a bunch of those ugly, steel folding chairs that get mighty hard to sit on for a long time. You can get various colors too so that when stacking them in your company, church, or other business, they will fit in with your decor and sort of blend in with the area so they aren't as noticeable either. If you are in need of a number of chairs and tables, this is the company to contact. They have all the stackable furniture for hire that you need.

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More Flooding

While watching the news, I see the flooding is now in Clarksville, Missouri. They are showing many houses in Iowa and how bad the sludge is inside the houses. It almost dangerous they said to walk through the flooded waters because there is so much sewage and fertilizer and stuff off the farms as well as the water itself. Anywhere the water rose in a house, everything is completely ruined including the foundations of many of the homes. So many are homeless. You cannot begin to know how bad they feel.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kava Kava

Kava Kava is a safe herbal supplement. It is grown in Hawaii where rich soil and climate conditions make for the best ever coffee. If you go there, that is all you will have is Kona Coffee. But it also has other uses. Get on the Internet and take a look at this website kava kava and get a lot more information on it. The natives have used it for years. It will relieve stress and increase your overall sense of well-being. You have to be careful not to overdo it though as you could find yourself stumbling about as it is very strong. But now you can get it in a variety of products and mix it with water, fruit juices or even vegetable juices. It comes in a number of forms and you can get same day shipping and you will receive 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not sure about it, you can call them or Live Chat on their toll-free number first. Check it out.

My Van

My van sure is a good running van. And with my artificial knee, it is easier to get into than a car. It really rides good and with a good CD in it and good music or jokes, riding somewhere is a pleasure. My friend and I take alot of trips to the next town for stuff to fix up her house and it is very handy to put the stuff in the back and take it out with little effort. It got all full of bird dodo sitting under the trees but all the rain lately has given it a good car wash :0)

PSA Tests

My brother-in-law is going in again on Wednesday to have his PSA checked. I think it is a good idea for any man over 40 to have his checked. It seems like younger and younger men are getting prostate cancer and it has no symptoms. If it gets too far along and into the bones, it is pretty much hopeless. He has had 42 radiations treatments back in 2000 and now his PSA is rising again. They don't do anything till it gets to 10 or 12 and then hewould have to have radioactive pellets put into his stomach area. It's not fun. So if any of you think you should be checked - do it.


If you have some money you want to invest but are not sure what to do, then look into this online website silver for one of the best investments you can make. Silver is going up all the time and this company has been in business for a long time. They deal in all kinds of precious metals and that is the way to preserve your wealth. People have been doing that for centuries because they knew that silver would always be a good investment and valuable. They will help you with all kinds of ways to pay for your investments and also will help you get a good safe place to keep it so you don't have to worry about it. I would like to have a great deal of silver bought up right now to ensure my future. Why don't you check out their website for lots more information and protect your wealth as soon as possible.


While I am on vacation my neighbor kindly offered to come over and feed the cats. They are wild but have found a home by me. I put food out for them every day and they know me. They have new kittens and bring them to eat too. They are a lot of fun to watch at play and they are alot of company. I enjoy cats. We have always had cats and dogs too when we were on the farm. I really enjoy seeing the new kittens grow.

My cats

While I am on vacation my neighbor kindly offered to come over and feed the cats. They are wild but have found a home by me. I put food out for them every day and they know me. They have new kittens and bring them to eat too. They are a lot of fun to watch at play and they are alot of company. I enjoy cats. We have always had cats and dogs too when we were on the farm. I really enjoy seeing the new kittens grow.

Omega Watches

It is about time I got a new watch and I have been looking around for a good one. I found this website omega watches that has the best in fine watches. I don't know that I can afford one but perhaps if I hint enough, someone will give me one for my Birthday. I sure would enjoy having a Speedmaster 5-counter. That would be just my style. It has a 5-counter chronograph layout and is a fantastic watch. Did you know that the word Omega means accomplishment, completion and accomplishment. The 24th letter of the Greek alphabet is the same as the name and symbol Omega and that sure described their watches. They are the finest timepieces I have found. You can see in the watch the design of the Olympics. That is really cool. These represent chronographed minutes, elapsed days up to 7 of them, seconds, chronographed hours, and the days of the week. What more could you ask for? Well color, for instance. You can get this watch in stainless steel, or 18k yellow gold or even 18k red gold. And can you imagine - it has a sapphire crystal! They produced this watch to commemorate their long standing as the official timekeeper for the Olympic games. That is quite a record, isn't it?

Mexican Cooking

My sister called and said they are going out for Mexican. I like the more authentic Mexican style cooking. She likes the American style Mexican but we both love it anyway we can get it. She used to make the best enchiladas and bring me some but then she couldn't get our favorite sauce from Texas anymore. I guess now we are older, it is easier to go to a restaurant. They make some pretty good stuff there too.

Bad Weather

Boy, we sure have had a bad streak of rough weather. I have heard more sirens blowing in the last few days than in a whole year before. I live in a trailer park in a trailer and don't have a basement to hide in. So I always hope and pray that no tornadoes tear through our park. All the rain is bad enough, making everything muddy and the grass is sure growing. Will have to make hay if I don't get it mowed soon.

Free Medical Applications for iPhone

Wouldn't it be handy if all drug information was right at hand for physicians? I mean such as drug interactions, dosing and the listing of what drugs health insurance approve. Well now they can go to this website free medical applications for iphone and get just that. They can get information on over 3300 drugs and it can all be done with a pocket size device made by this company. and if they have a patient, like me, that is on Coumadine, for example, they can check for drug interactions before prescribing something new for me. That could be very serious in my case. I think all doctors should have one of these. They can check into this website and see all the free information and software they can get too.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flooding Everywhere

Like the old saying water water evertwhere but not a drop to drink. The people who live in my area of the country are finding out what that really means. The water plants are flooding out and the water is contaminated so you not only can't drink it but you can't shower or use your bathrooms either. It's been 4 days since the water was contaminated and called unusable. The water should be back on in the next day if not by tonight. Good luck everyone I'm heading out to Tennessee for a few days if the roads are open.

Monday, June 9, 2008

June CUL Locations KWDS

Today it's against the law to drive without insurance. When you talk to people they I just can't afford the premiums to get the coverage I need. If you live in California you have great hopes going for you. Just go online to this website cheap car insurance oakland and when you do you'll find the insurance coverage you at affordable prices. They started in northern California in 1980 and have spread south to 10 locations including my old home of Torrance. So for cheap insurance try and save money because you can't be without it.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mother Nature

Mother Nature has been disappointed with the way the world has been getting dirtier every day. Guess What, she decided it needed a bath and we've been getting rinsed off for many days now. Around here I guess was most of the dirt because she is really flushing down this area. Flooding is everywhere after close to 10 inches of rain in the last week or so. We've been getting up to an inch everyday and yesterday over 6 inches really set off the flooding bringing local rivers up 2 to 3 feet in just hours. Time now to go out and wade around and try to stay dry.

Opportunity Calls

I keep hearing opportunity knocks but calls is something else again. I've been checking the web for something to do but it seems to be dry out there.But since there aren't any blog opps. I'll have to go back to my email and get it done. The rain has passed for now so maybe I can do something outside.