Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There's Still Hope

The paper says the IRS has been wasting money just because they can. I'm a retired senior citizen living on a Social Security check every month that barely pays my bills. We raised our kids and paid our taxes including Social security all our lives. My big problem is 4 years before retirement my wife got cancer and the co-pay for treatment used all our savings. She died at 63 years old and I was left by myself to pay the bills. I was retired and partially disabled so couldn't do my regular job of driving semi tractor trailer. The bills kept coming and I kept paying copaysbecause I didn't have extra money for suplimental insurance. I'm 76 now and just about totally disabled with both knees replaced and bad lungs. The last knee replacement I was given a defective knee and have been in constant pain for 2 1/2 years now. They say if I want to pay the copay they will give me a different knee. The copay is about $3,000 like last time and it just isn't there. Now I see they are finally investigating government spending. This should have happened years ago when they robbed Social Security out of 3 trillion dollars and never paid it back. They say it's hurting for funds and ther isn't any question why. The seniors out here trying to live on very limited Social Security income and still pay back medical bills could sure use more. It looks to me like 40 million here or there doesn't matter as long as the government have fun spending and living it up. Our governor here in Iowa is another loser because if your not a farmer you don't count as anything. Well I'm sorry I may not count as anything and am domed to live in poverty the rest of my life but I'm still a human being that loves GOD and country and I hate to see what the politicians today are doing to it.THAT'S IT " GOD BLESS YOU ALL ," AMEN