Saturday, June 30, 2012

Busy Week

Yup it's going to be a busy week with the 4th celebration. Clear Lake goes all out with fireworks and big carnival every year. I have medical tests on Thursday that will keep me from celebrating to much. That's all right I'm old enough I don't need a lot of fireworks to make me happy.If TV is good I just as soon avoid the huge crowds and stay home anyway. My friends will come over, being of like mind, and drink a beer or two and have a nice party here and no big crowd. So if you're cooking out or sitting drinking a beer watching fireworks, I say enjoy because it don't get better than this.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rocky Mountain National Park

What a beautiful place to visit. I remember being out there when I was younger. I heard the fires have burned right up around Pikes Peak, too, where I have been. It is shame that all that beauty is being burned up. It will take years to grow back. It is a sad people are losing so many of their homes too. I don't know what I would do or feel like if that happened to me. I guess I will risk the tornadoes here over forest fires in Colorado.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Colorado Forest Fires

Here you see the forest fire that was just starting North of Ft. Collins, Colorado. It was just getting a good start and my niece took a picture. They were out in Estes Park for her son's wedding. He got married just in time as they saw some white smoke just beginning to come up out of the mountains as they went up to the wedding site. They wondered if it could be a fire and it sure was and it is a bad one. They can't seem to get it under control as there is so much wind and the wind blows the sparks. It's a real bad deal for all the folks losing their homes and lifetime investment in their homes for retirement.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wind and Rain

We got a good rain the night before last. It has been very dry here. The farmers were really beginning to worry. Corn leaves were beginning to wilt. That's not a good sign. The corn and beans are way ahead of schedule and I heard this noon there is sweet corn for sale already in Des Moines. That means it shouldn't be long until we get some up here. We always look forward to good sweet corn.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Trip to Rocky Mountains

Here is my sister at Estes Park. They did some shopping there after they went up to one of the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountain National Park. She said it was really windy and I probably couldn't have stood up in that wind. It was also very very cold but the view was outstanding. They went shopping and ate in Estes Park at a unique restaurant. See picture at the top of this post. It had a big sign "Don't touch please." Guess what, Kaelyn just had to keep touching him:0)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Roller Derby Again

We went to the second roller derby of the season around here Saturday night. The local team kicked butt and won 184 to 118. That's better than last time when they lost 185 to 219 or something like that. This week we skipped the party because the people I was with didn't feel like a party. There was 1 other in the group that voted to go party but we were out numbered so that's how the cookie crumbles no party. The next derby here isn't until August so will just have to wait. There's a game in Waterloo in a couple weeks but I'm not up to driving 200 round trip for a 2 hour match so will wait until August. It's getting more fun with every match.

June 11th

It's 2 days away from my friends birthday and I thought I would take her out to lunch. She already has a lunch date and also another one for dinner. I told her that's great that she won't have to be alone on her birthday. I'll just have to celebrate by myself but that's good too. I enjoy the piece and quiet and sometimes her friends get just a little loud. Thank God it's just some of them and the rest are reasonably normal. I really don't have much room to talk since I enjoy loud at times but just not stupid loud. Life must go on wether it's loud or quiet it still has to keep going. You just have to be happy and get by on what you have and hope it lasts forever.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Next

I was talking with friends about life today and when we were young. The difference is simply night and day. When we talked back to our parents we got spanked. Today if you spank your child for being disrespectful they call the police and have you arrested. They didn't learn a thing except the fact they can do whatever they want and not worry about having to be punished for it. You learned that if you try to guide your child along the right path you may as well give up or you'll be in jail for abuse. What's wrong with this picture??? I've met some young people with good family and church beliefs and I feel we may still have a chance. I'm getting to the age where I don't have that many years left but I still worry about the people that will still be here after I'm gone.I guess you just pray the good ones inherit the earth and the bad ones come around and realise what life is really about.