Saturday, November 26, 2011

Celebration Time

Thanksgiving time is a great time to celebrate and give thanks for just being alive. I was invited to my daughter's house and had a fabulous meal and left later still stuffed to the chin. Food always tastes better when you have a get together with family and friends. My daughter is a great cook and I know how much love goes into every dish she makes. There were others that helped like peel potatoes and cut up veggies but she was the boss and did all the pan handling herself. She lives on an acreage south of town a few miles so we had the fun of checking out her horses, goat and chickens. The good part of that is I don't go without eggs anymore and you sure can't beat the price and freshness. She bought the farm 12 years ago and fulfilled a lifelong dream of hers. She's a trucker like I used to be and has been doing it for 25 years and is good at it. That's one of the problems with getting old is you miss the things you used to do but that's what life's all about.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have a brand new nephew. He decided to make his appearance about 10 days early. I guess he wanted his own special birthday. He is a cute little guy as you can see. His little brother and sister are really excited to get him home from the hospital. I hear that might be tomorrow afternoon. They got to go to the hospital with their grandpa and grammy to see their new brother and they were really excited.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Coming

It got up to 40 degrees today and now at 4:30 it's down to 32. The weather people say 51 for Saturday but rain with snow mix at the same time. That means it will melt as soon as it touches the ground and we won't worry about it. What the big deal is if it can rain with snow mixed into it then it can just snow without the rain. So that means get the shovels and snow blowers ready because it's coming. There isn't anything we can do about it except wait and watch and just plain be ready for everything. I can take about everything they throw at us except freezing rain, then I want to stay home and inside. Get ready, winter isn't here by the calendar but it's close enough to blow ice cold air down your neck.

Plus Size Maternity Clothes

A pregnant woman carrying a child is one of the most beautiful sights there is. You know there is a wonderful little human being forming inside her. However, sometimes she does not feel beautiful. She feels big and cumbersome and awkward and not exactly happy with the way her clothes look on her. The best way to overcome that feeling is to get maternity clothing that is attractive and stylish and fits in a very becoming way. It is especially hard for larger women to find such plus size maternity clothes so when my wife found out she was pregnant, she began shopping for maternity clothes. She is a large woman and she was not happy with some of the styles she saw on some of the smaller women. They were wearing tight fitting t shirt type tops with slim slacks and she wanted something to make her look beautiful and stylish, not something that made her look like she just came from exercising at the gym. Which of course, she could not do anyway. However, I helped her find some exciting tops and jeans that really made her look good and made her feel good about herself. There was a great savings on the prices too and that made me feel good too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plus Size Dress

My wife was a big woman and she loved to get new clothes. The problem was that no matter where she went it seemed like all the clothes were made for small women. She would often shop for slacks and blouses and they would always be too small. If we had a special event to go to, she would like to get a new dress to wear but do you think there would be any her size? No, there were plenty of dresses for the size 5 to size 16 women but never could she find a plus size dress that would fit her. Can you just imagine how happy she was when I was checking out the Internet and found this website that had all kinds of plus size clothing that would fit her. She could get new slacks and new blouses with sweaters to go along with the outfit. But she was overjoyed to find so many stylish, pretty dresses that would fit her and look good on her. She could choose many fabrics, colors and styles that were just made for her. We could out to special events now and she would be elegantly dressed for the event. She was happier to go out to parties too, knowing she could get a plus size dress that would fit her and she would look just as good as the rest of the women there. Not only that but she could save quite a bit of money on their low prices.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Day No Snow

It's the 13th of November and no snow yet. We've had some very cold air that made it hard to breathe. I'll tell you that getting snow isn't one of my happier moments. I already have breathing problems and the cold doesn't help. I guess I better get ready since winter is a few days or so away. When you're young you can't wait to build snowmen and go sledding down the hills. But when you hit that 75 mark you rather sit inside and look out the window at the others playing. Things really change when you get older.

Big and Tall

Have you ever considered the problems that big and tall men have in getting clothes to fit them properly? When you are of average size, you can walk into any men store and find all sorts of clothes that will fit you. Once in a while they might be out of your waist size in jeans or length but normally they have a huge selection to choose from. However, if you are over 6' or 6'5" for instance, this makes for a whole new problem when it comes to finding clothes that fit you. If you are large and muscular or perhaps a little overweight besides being tall, it multiplies the problems of getting the right fit. In searching the Internet, I found a great website where I could purchase all kinds of great clothes and for a guy even larger than me, they have sizes clear up to 8XL. In addition, you do not have to worry about "high water" pants and slacks, as they say. You can get the right length for any of the pants and slacks you choose. What I was happy to see also was that they had great sports clothes. I had been looking for some great NFL t-shirts, a hoodie and a jacket and they have them all and then some.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lawsuit Cash Advances

A good friend of mine was in an automobile accident last year. Someone hit her from behind at a stop light and she was badly injured. She ran up all kinds of hospital and doctor bills and the insurance company stalled and stalled in sending her the settlement. The bill collectors were beginning to haunt her for the money to pay her bills and she just did not know what to do. She did not have the money to pay the bills and the accident was not her fault in the first place. If she had only known about lawsuit cash advances she would not have had to suffer the indignities of having bill collectors at her door and phoning her at all hours pressing her for payment of the doctor and hospital bills. In checking the Internet, I found that this kind of funding was available in our State and it would be a real life saver to get the money ahead of time. It really helps because you can get a much more fair settlement because you are not being pushed into settling. Your attorney would have a great deal more time to work on your case which is definitely in your favor as far as settling the lawsuit. It would take a great deal of stress off your mind to have a lawsuit cash advance before the lawsuit is settled.

Scrubs for Women

When it comes to buying new scrubs for women, they should get on the Internet and check out for the best selection and best buys. It is so nice to have a choice now of several colors. They have a huge inventory of nursing scrubs, hospital scrubs, medical scrubs of all kinds, and even custom made scrubs. It used to be that everyone wore the same ones, it was almost like everyone wearing uniforms. However, now there is a huge choice of scrubs depending on what your job is. It pays to shop the Internet to find exactly what you want and the color too.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What A Day.

Yesterday I got a year older and it was a great day. With birthday wishes from friends and family it was fun. My friend Lola took me to lunch the day before because she had to work yesterday. Then my sister took me to lunch yesterday and today my daughter is treating me to lunch this noon. So besides getting a year older I'm getting fed really well and probably gaining weight besides which I don't really need.I guess I better get going or I'll miss my lunch date and that would be bad.

San Antonio Invisalign

Everyone notices a beautiful smile and everyone definitely notices a smile that has crooked teeth or protruding teeth. Your teeth can certainly affect your good looks. People often stare at people with uneven or protruding teeth. That is why it is so important to get braces early when you are young. However, perhaps at that time, your parents couldn't afford to pay for braces and you have been left with bad looking teeth that make you self conscious. Fortunately, now there are braces that are invisible and San Antonio Invisalign has just the right ones for you. They have been very successful in providing the best clear braces that can realign your teeth and give you that beautiful smile you have always wanted. No more trying not to smile because your teeth look awful. You can have the best looking teeth and you can do it invisibly with these great clear braces. I think what is really good about them is that you can take them out when you eat. You know how food gets caught in the metal braces and you even have to be careful not to eat certain foods. Now you can take these out, brush your teeth and put them back in easily. They are even able to straighten your teeth faster with the Invisalign braces

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Company

For a great many years, smoking was one of my favorite past times. I drove semi and spent a great deal of time on the road and smoking brought me much pleasure. When I got home, I would stop for a beer and have a smoke with my friends and then go home and relax with my favorite cigarettes at home. However, people started complaining all the time about second hand smoke and the next thing I knew they had banned smoking almost everywhere I was except at home. Now thanks to an electronic cigarette company I am once again able to completely enjoy the full flavor of my electronic cigarette at any time, anywhere, because the vapor coming from it contains absolutely no harmful elements. I have my choice of as many as 14 great flavors. Not only that but there is no ash to mess with and no second hand smoke to cause people to jump all over me because I am smoking. Without any smell, just vapor, I get the full enjoyment of my smoke once again when I have a beer with the guys too. The World Health Organization supports this safe cigarette so you know it is good. It is a lot better for me too and if everyone would use them, it would help stop deaths related to smoking tobacco.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Zip Up Hoodies

This is the time of the year when you have to start bundling up before you go outside. The temperatures are dropping fast and I get really cold so I am happy to have zip up hoodies to keep me warm and toasty. Everyone wears them now and they are really in fashion. My buddies come to visit me and they are always wearing their hoodies too. I live alone and am on a limited income, so I have to really shop around to get the best buys on my hoodies. I need some new ones too, because mine have all seen better days and several winters. I am so glad I have a computer because I can sit in the comfort of my warm home and shop the Internet to save money and get the best bargains at the same time. There are some great sales going on right now and if I order at least $100 worth, I get free shipping too. It sure saves me driving to the next big town to fight the crowds and shop to get bargains on my clothes. And it saves wear and tear on my van and saves a lot of gas too. I don't get around as good as I used to, so I love ordering online and having them ship my order right to my door and I don't have to go out in the cold to shop.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goodbye Leaves

One sure sign that winter isn't far away is the leaves are about gone. It's hard to figure some trees are totally bare and then some have all their leaves yet. I know the lot managers are going all the time cleaning them up so the park looks good.I live 1/2 block from the lake and the wind comes around the building behind my mobile home and blows all my leaves across the road. I haven't had to rake any for 10 years since I moved in here.I think I'll go out and see what the rest of the town looks like.