Friday, May 30, 2008

Here At Last

It really looks like summer is finally here. The air is warm enough to wear shorty pants and not freeze. Everybody's cooking out on the grill and that means me. Boy I do love those grilled bratwurst. My friend and I have cooked out on the grill around 20 times already. We just don't seem to get tired of grilled food. I think the part about summer I like best is rurning off the furnace and being outside more.

Rain Stopped

I can't believe the rain has finally quit. They say we got 3 inches and I believe that because it's standind everywhere you look. There's small lakes in driveways and yards all over. Everytime we get rain like that the states below us get major flooding. This time won't be different from what the weather men say it's flooding around here already. It's been raining for three days and I'm talking heavy rain not sprinkles. It would be nice to have dry weather for the next week or two now.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Police Gear

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sitting and Waiting

Today is going to be a long boring day around here. There isn't much going on with the computer so I'll have to work on other chores I guess. There are plenty of those around to keep me busy for at least a while. I guess I was hoping my neighbor would come over and lend a hand but since that hasn't happened yet I guess it probably won't. I may as well make up my mind I'll have to do it all alone.

Monday, May 26, 2008

George Divel Bio

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekends Over

Having lost my wife to cancer almost 10 years ago memorial day weekend is a herd time to get through. My wife died Christmas morning 1998 and my son June 2, 1980 so today brings back a lot of memories. God makes sure that everyone has nothing but good memories about the years gone by.Oh there are some bad ones too but we overlook then because we want warm thoughts to fill our minds and hearts this weekend. It's a lonrly time even if you spend it with friends because it's just not the same. Memoriesc are what it's all about.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tomorrow's A New Day

Now that all my obligations have been met I can have some time to do things I want to do. I have some shelves to build in my office area and then I want to fish some before they quit biting. The Yellow Bass and waleyes are still biting really good. I just like a quiet place without all the people hanging around. I just might until after Memorial Day when every one has gone back home or to work. Since I'm retired I can go whenever I want to.

Great Day Great Wedding

Today was the big day for my friend's wedding in Cedar Falls and I attended. It was a very fine service and I got to visit with all my friends that were there. I couldn't believe how many beautiful young girls were there. Of cource it's the girl that got married's mother that I knew. There were a lot of extremely pretty older women there too. The one that went with me was really about the prettiest of all but there were some very close competition. Everyone had a great time visiting and the food was teriffic too. The trip down there was the really bad part with 20 to 30 mile wind all the way down and back. I'm glad it's over.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Midwest Auto Recycling

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What's That Sound

What's that sound I know I've heard it before and I think I remember where. I walked down a short time ago and remember hearing it then. So I got to thinking what could it be when it hit me like a truck. It's the sound of my bed wondering where I am and if I'm going to stay up all night. I'm starting to feel like that could happen but not tonight. I'm really getting tired so I think I'll hang it up after this one. I have to get up early and I've got aLong drive before the day is over so I will get out of here and answer the bed calling.

There Goes The Hood

Holy mackeral I can't believe how many new people there are here this year. I've already seen 10 people walking and riding golf carts that weren't here last year. The nivcest part of living in this trailor park is the location. It's half a block from the lake so when somone wants to sell their mobile home they don't have any problems doing it. People start driving through the parking lot looking for the for sale signs. There have been at least 10 go up for sale and so far 8 have been sold. I'm thinking about selling mine but I don't know where I'll move cause I kind of like it here.

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Tomorrow's Funtime

With good weather predicted the wedding I'm going to tomorrow will be a lot of fun. because the wedding is outside and the reception is right there too it should be a good time. I know a lot of the people who will attend so I must say there will be lots of beautiful women there so my eyes will be tired when it's over. I will attend with one of those pretty women myself so I can't complain. I just wish it would have been at noon instead of 4:00 so I could get home for powerball.

Whaaaaat's Uuuupppp

I don't know what happened but I published a post and something went wrong and I don't know what. The message on the monitor screen says we will check it in a minute but it's been 10 and no word yet. I guess I'll just have to wait until everybody's ready. I hate it when that happens. It always seems to happen to me though. Why not someone else for a change it would be OK with me.

Triple R Diesel

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Passing Time

Who said passing time was fun I have no idea. You know just sitting around with nothing to do besides just sitting around. They always say when I retire I'm just going to sleep till noon and then if I want to Keep on sleeping till suppertime. That's a joke folks because if there's one person who knows you that's awake they won't let you sleep. I've been retired for almost 10 years and I haven't got to sleep untill noon even once. They say you'll have plenty of time to sleep when you're dead but if you could get a little more sleep once in a while you might live longer.

Why Is It

Why is it that when you have something important to do everybody wants you to help them? I finally got some blogs to do and several people I know have called and ifthey don't want help they just want to talk. I've been on the phone for an hour and 15 minutes in the last 5 hours. Then I had to leave the house and help a friend for 45 minutes finally getting back to blogging.Now with a little luck I'll be done by 1:30 I hope. I only use one finger to type so it takes a while. I really enjoy it and it gives me something worthwhile to do besides just sitting.

NOD32 Renewals

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Band Festival Time

Yes folks right here in river city the annual band festival is underway. Big crowds of people pushing and shoving to get where they want to be. I went to the celebration one year and it was all right but I thought nothing to write home about. Now a days they have changed the parade route and location of the carnival rides. It's just like the city big shots want it and nothing at all like the old days. This year they posted a no dogs allowed anywhere near festival grounds or you will be ticketed by the police. The way government is going it won't be long we will have to ask permission to leave the room.

Job Opportunities

When you're retired and disabled you can't just do any job that comes along because of your limitations. That why I like blogging since I can sit and type even if it's only with one finger. People keep sending me job suggestions about this and that and I must say some are really good stories. If some of them are even half of what they say they are I could find the money somewhere to join. The way my luck runs it would just be another manhole and my money would just float down the drain. It seems every time I here about a sure thing I'm flat broke and creditors are knocking at the door. I was just told about an opportunity that is paying off for several people I know and trust. Like before I sit here without a dollar to my name. Years ago my dad had a chance to invest in an oil well and didn't and they hit oil. The friends came to him again a couple months later and again he didn't buy in. Another oil well was hit with a gusher so when they asked the next time he said sure I'll go along and they hit a dry well and he lost his money. That's the way things go with me most of the time . When I have a few bucks there's nothing going on but when I'm broke flat everyone has a plan.

Baby Shops

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Summer Time

Guess what it's summer again and the way I know is the little kids are going by in daddy's golf carts because this is private property. I live in a mobile home park and most of the people who live here are snow birds. We are located right next to a really great waleye lake and the fishing is good. People who live 100 miles away come here looking for a trailor to buy because of the location. We're just 1 block from the water and a large boat ramp with lots of parking. If you live here you justput your boat in the lake and bring yourtrailor home so it's out of the way. There's about 15 of us that live here year round. That leaves about 25 empty trailors sitting all winter and a few camping trailors that get pulled out.

Refund Incentives

The politicians think this refund incentive will cure all of the country's problems. The real cure would be if they would quit spending so much on worthless ideas. We all can use some extra money but when you get just enough to keep the utility company from shuting off your power you don't feel like you gained personally. I have so many friends that will pay past due bills and in a few months will be behind again. It would be great if taxes were levied for how much you earn and include the big corporations. There are so many loopholes that the big companies pay les than you and I but take home millions for themselves. I wish I knew who was getting paid under the table on these gas prices. When you hear oil prices are out of this world but we just keep buying instead of using our own sources. Somebody somewhere is making money they don't deserve and I think we elected them. I always thought that they should only get one term wether it's 4 years or 6 then their out and new people with new ideas come in and see if they can straighten out the mess. When their term is up new people take over and they truy. Sooner or later they will start working together for the betterment of mankind instead of themselves.

Ofertas De Hoteles

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Short Time

I never thought it would get here but short time is just around the corner for political candidates. Boy will I be glad it's over and I hope the results are good for everyone not just some. I always thought that if the two parties spend as much time trying to help the American people as they do fighting each other the world would be fine. I just always thought they were to stupid saying I'm right to try to understand the others viewpoints. Who's to say they wouldn't really like them or at least some of them and that woulb be a start. Not only for America but for all Americans alike. So before you shake that fist and say I'm right just think about it for everybody's sake.

Celebration Time

Well we woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof. This is par for the course because every year at Band Festival time it rains. The city fathers can't figure out why their plans always fall during the rain season. I have to say DUH, what' up doc? Just a week one way or the other and beautiful weather. I think God is trying to tell them something and no one is listening as usual. They say live and learn but some people just don't have a clue.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home Medical

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Six More Months

Just six more months to go and the presidential race will be over. I don't know who will win but I hope who ever it is that they work for the people and not the politicians that have everything they need even if they do want more. People who live from month to month will either keep going without or things will get worse.The men and women who represent us in the government will see to it that we won't get anything that we don't deserve. The thing is they're the ones who decide what we deserve. It's about like hitting your head against a brick wall over and over just because it feels good when you quit.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Longer Days

With spring comes daylight savings time and the days get longer and longer. The earth turns and we get more sunlight and by the time it gets dark I'm ready for a nap. Because of the fact that I am getting slower in my old age the more daylight we get the better. It takes me twice as long to do the little things that used to take 1/2 hour. I thought when I retired I would have plenty of time for everything. Nobody bothered to tell me it takes twice as long to do everything and because of that there still isn't enough time.

Unix Security Software

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Friday, May 16, 2008


I will be so glad when the weekend is over because of the waleye contest that took place over the weekend. With all the extra fishermen and boat trailors parked on the city streets it made it harder to get around town. Once the visitors leave town the locals can have the lake back for some fishing. I'm still trying to get around to going but my mobility isn't the greatest and I have to find a fairly level spot to fish from. Getting into a boat from a dock is totally out of the question. If I tried I would wind up in the lake so I don't even try anymore. I sure would love a good mess of fillets wether it's yellow bass or waleye makes no difference.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Looking For Money

I keep getting emails to join ebay to earn more money. They all have a good speel but which one is the one that can really get you started when you don't have anything to start with. I just finished reading one that's free except for shipping of $1.95 and that sounds good. Then you read a little more and participation is required but you can't get into that page without signing up. There are way to many scams out there but I think ebay would be a good thing. I had a friend who didn't get rich but made some extra money on ebay. Before he could relay the particulars of the business he passed away. I don't know anyone who can explain how it operates to me in terms I can understand. I really would like to get into it so I'm looking. Maybe I'll try the one I just got and check into it further to see if there's a hook connected.

Summertime At Last

Weatherman says that the tempurtures will be in the 70's for the next week. I'll get the rest of the yard work done finally. My neighbors have all been mowing their grass and I still have leaves all over. I have to go out and do a couple errands and that would be a good time to get at it. Time to get going and see what happens.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13 JL Generic Keywds

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Wedding Bells

Just when I think the wedding era is over another one pops up. The Saturday after this there will be another wedding for me to attend. I attended her mother's wedding a few years ago now the daughter is getting married and I'm invited again. I don't really mind the wedding and reception that we have to attend but it's so much better when it's a few miles down the road instead of 100 miles. When you have to travel so far one always has to drink water or pop instead of the wine and beer that's being served. That's life so I'm the one that makes sure that it goes on.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Me Or 911

Every time my friend has an emergency she calls me to take care of it. I have to stop whatever I'm doing and go to her house and remedy the situation. Right at the present time we are under attack by some really strong winds. She has a picnic table with a canopy that folds up and hangs down flat. I put a couple ropes around each end to keep the sides down. The wind blew the table across the deck for a foot and a half and I guess she thought it was going to fly away so I was called on my emergency line.(Home or cell phone) I went over took the canopy off the table and set it down behind it and the problem was solved. That's great but I still had to get back home and finish the work I had in progress.

Chopard Watches

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Mother Earth

Mothers Day was yesterday but what's going on with mother nature? Last winter we saw more below zero temperatures than we've had in the last several years combined. Now we're into a very long cold wet spring so farmers can't plant. Summer is coming up and I personally am looking for some very hot humid weather to finish us off. I don't even want to think about what next winter will bring and I'm not looking forward to finding out. So everybody be kind to Mother Nature and maybe she'll be kind to us.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Media Expo

There are 3,000 people who attend an expo every year for new ideas. Wether it's podcasts, videos or finding out how to write a better blog it's all covered. Corporate creators and marketers attend for new ideas to help their businesses. Smaller groups that let you go hands on and learn while you do are the programs for the day. This website 4th Annual New Media Expo 2008 is the easiest way to get all the information on how to better your future. No boring seminars or long speaches to try to stay awake through will be found here. August 14th --16th are the dates and registrations have already come in from 22 countries and 35 states. Make sure you book now for an exciting time.

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Good Weather

Well I have a great day again so I suppose I had better get my lawn chairs cleaned up for guests to sit and have a beer in. I have a couple buddies that are going to stop today for a cold one so I better get it done. I think while I'm out there I will blow some leaves around and rake up some more for the brush dump. If I get those two things done then I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer. I may even get some fishing in.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Engobi Chips

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It Has To Quit

Whoa it's 82 degrees outside right now but weather man says possibility of severe thunder storms tonight and tomorrow. Everyone is outside doing yardwork while it's still dry. Thae wind has kicked up about 10 MPH more than it was a half hour ago. I guess that will give me an excuse for staying home and playing with my computer. Now if I could figure out how to get everybody to leave me alone so I can get it done that would be great. I don't want to hurt any feelings or make anyone really mad just to have time for myself so I guess we'll see what happens.

Freshness Again

Every year you seal your house up against the cold old winter air and in the spring you open windows and air it out. The temperature here has been so great the last few days we can have the fresh air blowing through the house. I guess the only bad part of that is that it doesn't last that long. Winter will be coming in again and here comes that old stuffy air again.

Monday, May 5, 2008


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What? Tomorrow?

That just shows you how time goes when you're having fun. I've been sitting here blogging for many hours already. I was ready to go to bed a couple hours ago and now 2 hours have gone by since then. I suppose I really should just go to bed and finish these in the morning instead of sleeping all day. I think I'll do at least one more then I'm out of here. I'll have time to get things done that need doing when I get up. My eyes are starting to burn a little so maybe I'll call it quits for the night.

Citywide Pickup

Well it's finally here the citywide pickup. That's where everything you wanted to throw away but the garbage truck wouldn't take it you can place at the curb and they will collect it. It's really a fun time because people drive all over town checking out everyone elses junk. There's usually a bunch of it hauled away before the trucks get to it. I put a pile of things out and within an hour half of it was gone. It will be a great day for it tomorrow because 75 degrees and maybe light rain.

Mexico Vacation

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10 Teddy Bear Time

Like we used to say out on the road when our driving hour were used up it's 10 teddy bear time and we would head for the bunk. Then after 8 hours off duty we were ready to do another 10 unless we can get where we were going sooner. Then unload, reload and head somewhere else. When you get your week in you covered 3500 miles and may get a day or day and a half at home. Then you leave Sunday night to do it all over again with hope you won't have to run through the weekend. Sometimes you do and spend 2 or 3 weeks straight on the road. The single guys have it made because it keeps them busy but the married drivers miss a lot of their kids childhoods. You really have to like it like most of us do or did since I'm retired now.

President Who?

What do you think the world end up doing? I'm talking the presidential race that's going on. I'm getting so tired listening to all the crap and the closer it get to vote day the worse things will get. There will be so much stuff thrown around out there even the streets will be slick and you'll have to watch where you step. It's my opinion that the real people capable of running this country aren't even running. I have to wonder what all those millions and millions od dollars they have been spending if it were used for the needy and older folks.


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Summer Vacation

I really find it hard to believe that in a few short weeks school will be getting out for the summer. I'm still working on a couple months ago myself. It's really hard to think that it's the 5th month already and summer is upon us. The older you get the faster time goes is what I always heard but didn't believe it. Before you laugh let me tell you that it's for real. Maybe it's because I take so much longer to do the easiest things anymore. There's a lot of things I need help with that I used to easily by myself. I guess that's what life is all about.


Someday I hope I'll know something about how computers work. I just wrote a blog and the computer ate it and wouldn't publish it. I just got this computer a year ago and it got a virus and had to be revamped. It had eaten one of my posts before and I didn't figure that one out either. Now it's been all revamped by experts in the field or at least that's what I was told. Now tonight I write a Post and it gets eaten again. This one will have to do for now.

Paintball Masks

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Friday, May 2, 2008

What's To Do.

Here I am ready to do some blogging and there isn't any opportunities to blog about. If it doesn't get better I'll have to break down and finish cleaning up my yard. I got it started yesterday and it was just starting to look like a yard when it got to dark to finish it. I'm about the last one in the park to get rid of leaves and fallen branches. I don't move like I did 20 years ago so it's taking a little longer. I think spring is finally here with high 60's yesterday and 70's predicted for next couple days.