Thursday, December 30, 2010

Accutane Lawsuit

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Eve

It sounds like there is going to be another New Years storm this year. It is supposed to start with rain. Then the rain will turn to a mix. Then I guess the weatherman says it will turn to snow. It sounds like we could have a slippery mess. It will sure make for hard driving if you are planning to go out for New Year's Eve to a party. My sister says they got some chips and dips and will eat that and go to bed early. Sounds good to me.

My New Blanket

My sister brought me over a new blanket. It is very warm. I do not need to use heavy blankets on the bed when I use this blanket. Since my knee surgery, my knee is still sore and it hurts to have a heavy blanket over it. This blanket keeps me toasty warm. It is very light and it is surprising how warm it is. I sure like it.

Regency Beauty Institute

Regency Beauty Institute has expanded from 2 schools to 80 located in 19 different states. The students recieve the best training available. Part of this superior training is done by offering discount services to the general plubic. This is a great way for students to get the feel of working in a salon on real people. This website Regency Beauty Institute is where you get all the needed information. No matter where you train or live you will always find a need for good styists in this industry. Get started now and see for yourself.

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Heavy Fog

It really thawed today. The sun came out for awhile and then the fog set in. My sister said it was really thick down where she lives. She took a friend on an errand to a nearby town and was glad it was daylight. It was only about 1/4 miles visibility.
It is getting quite foggy here now and I am sure glad I don't have to go anywhere tonight.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Great Life Insurance

I am widowed now so I no longer need family insurance, however, I could use more life insurance. I am not sure just where to go to find the Best Rates Life Insurance, but I know that I need to find some good life insurance for the future. I do not want my relatives to be burdened with my last bills and costs. I thought I would check out term life insurance and the best way to do that is to get some good Insurance Quotes from reputable companies. It was easy to find once I started looking and now I am all set for the future and I got payments for my life insurance that I could handle. Since I am on a limited income that is very important.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time

The roads are snow and ice covered and i'm having enough trouble getting around. My leg surgery is taking it's sweet time healing. I hurt off and on all night so don't get much sleep. I have to be so careful walking so I don't fall and can't get up. I can walk with a walker but still lose my balance once in a while. I'm trying to avoid places I think I might have trouble getting around. It's working so far but some people are getting upset because they don't know the reason is because of my inabilities.

Buy Gold Bullion

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Casino Time

My friends thought I should go to the casino with them so I did. They filled my car with gas and gave me $24 to spend playing the slot machines. I came out $4 ahead when we quit to come home. It was a fun time since I hadn't been there for at least a year.

OH, No More Snow

It seems like we just got plowed out from under the last snowstorm. Then today I woke up to heavy snowfall again. We waited for it to get done and the rain for tonight then we'll start plowing. It'll take the better part of 3 hours and maybe more. Bedtime will be early tonight since it'll be an early get up time too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

Gold is the hottest investment item on the market right now. If you're buying some for your future investment it's a great time to make a purchase. Precious metals of all kinds are a worthwhile investment and should be looked into. Check out this website buy gold coins because here is where you'll find out everything you need to know. Personally I prefer coins because you can look at the beautiful ingravings on the coins. That's me and you may prefer bullion but coins are still in demand and gives you the option of your personal tastes. Remember the price is still going up so any investment should be made sooner the better.

It's Me Again Margaret

I'm back and watching the weather channel for the information on the next snow storm. It took a little longer this year to get started but since it arrived it won't quit. Don't get me wrong about snow I don't hate it but when you're recooperating from surgery and a bad cold snow is not what you're looking for. Rest and relaxation is more what you want not more snow when you can't even shovel it. I guess we'll have to wait for it and see what we can do.

It Wasn't Planned

Knee surgery has me layed up healing slowly. The temps have dipped down below zero for a week now and I caught a cold. So that means inside out of the cold wind and staying warm. The thing I didn't plan on is the gas I saved by being sick. The car will run a few more days now on what's in the tank. The price of gas right now any that you can save is a bonus.

Buy Gold Bullion

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Snow Removal

I have a job helping my friend push snow at his storage lots. He clears the north lot and I do the south one. It takes a couple of hours and helps him out. He has 2 pickups with snow blades on them. I really enjoy doing it but we just got 5-7 inches of snow and I'm healing slowly from knee surgery so couldn't help him. We are supposed to get more snow in the next 2 days so I'm going to try to do it.

Life Goes On

We're having below zero weather right now but it is winter. I don't need the temperature to get below zero. I enjoy the weather between winters real cold and summers real hot. I guess as long as the earth keeps turning around in it's orbit we have to live with it as is.

Buy Gold

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blizzard Warnings

Well here we go again. They are saying that sometime in the middle of the night we will probably get freezing rain changing to snow. Predictions are from 2 to 5 inches of snow. But that is only the half of it. The winds are going to blow from 30 to 40 miles per hour with 50 miles per hour wind gusts. That will make for zero visibility in most of the area and driving will be almost impossible. So Saturday is going to be a complete wipeout. As if that isn't bad enough, temperatures are going to be zero if they get that high on Sunday, and -15 Sunday night and extremely cold for the next several days. I am not looking forward to it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Knee Surgery

Finally got my knee replaced and now I'm still healing. Along with the new knee they gave me an infection. The infection took another month and a half to heal. It's been 3 months now and I still need a walker to get around. I wish it would get better before the cold and snow really start coming. I guess we have to just wait and see.

Buy Gold Coins

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cheap Life Insurance Quotes

My dad was always one who was big on buying plenty of life insurance to protect his family in the future. Just in case something came up that he could not work he wanted to be sure he had made adequate life insurance plans to ensure he would have income in the future.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Custom Labels and Nameplates

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Travel & RV Recreation

There is nothing quite like getting out in a good camping site with your family. Sitting around the campfire, telling stories, roasting marshmallows and just plain having a good time is something we look forward to every year. When you travel, if you can get a good RV and plenty of great camping gear you are all set for a good time. In checking out the Internet, I found some wonderful sales on everything you could possibly want or need for your travel and recreational trips in your RV. It is a good time to save money now on those things you have been wanting to buy for a long time, but thought you could not afford them. Now with sales going on, you can get so much more gear and great accessories that are going to make your trips more comfortable, handy and affordable. Save money now for those trips this Spring, Summer and Fall. You and your family will be able to have so much better travel when you have all the gear you need on your trips. There are some great RV sales going on too right now so perhaps you may want to trade in your old RV for an updated model. They have made so many terrific improvements in RV's over the past few years that they are like taking a piece of your home with you. You can still rough it but also leisurely relax in your RV too whenever you want to.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am home and doing better every day. Trying now to walk with 2 canes as well as my walker. It works better here at home as don't always have enough room to get around with the walker. Every day my new knee is getting better and I am getting stronger. Right now we are having some bad weather and it is very slippery outside so I am staying in where it is warm and safe.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Cats

I love my cats. They are so much company for me. They have antics that make me laugh and laughter is good for you. I was in the hospital and then in physical therapy for at least 6 weeks and I wasn't sure if my cats would remember me. It took about 25 minutes to get re-acquainted with them. My old cat knew me right away but the younger one took awhile. I have a lot of fun with them and the younger one likes to get right on my computer keyboard making it kind of hard to type sometimes.

Buy Gold Bullion

I sure do not have a lot of money to invest and because if that I have to look and look to find a good safe place to invest the money that I do have. I have been checking the Internet to see what I could find and I have been listening to television. They have been saying on television that now is the time to buy gold. I found that if you buy gold bullion you have just about the safest investment you can make. Gold has been around for centuries and people knew back then that gold was the best way they could preserve their wealth for the future. Gold keeps its value and generally gains in value, making it a very safe investment. I found out you can contact the U. S. Gold Bureau directly and they will help you with your purchase and also help you decide on a safe depository in which to keep your gold. I don't think I can go wrong with gold.

Pain, Pain and More Pain

I had a lot of pain before I had my knee replaced. However, I am still having a lot of pain. My sister says every day it will get better and better, but so far it hasn't. I had physical therapy at home today so it feels even more sore. But I hope that will help take out the pain and it will soon feel a lot better. I think I slept wrong on my leg night before last and that sure didn't help any. Right now it feels like it is taking forever to get well but I sure am glad to be home again.

Logo Mojo

When you are in business advertising is a very large part of your budget. You want to get your business out in front of everyone so they will know you are there. You need a logo that stands out from all the rest and you want something that will express the type of business you are in. I know that it is important to have a letterhead logo and if you have delivery trucks or trucks that service people and homes, you need to have a logo on them that catches everyone's eye. It needs to be something they will remember when they need your service. Today with everyone on the phone, a great way to expand your business is by way of Mobile Wallpapers. Every time they go to call someone, your logo will pop up in front of them. You can get several kinds of logos for the iPhone and Blackberry and it is good to have a company that will work with you until you get your logo just exactly the way you want it. You can choose your colors and make it unique to your business. In checking the Internet, I found a company with 45,000 satisfied customers. They have to be doing something right in order to make that many people happy. For a reasonable price, you can update your logo and bring in new business.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Are You Looking for Good Tire Chains?

When you get out in your vehicle in some of the snowy States in the winter time, you better be sure you have a good set of tire chains. In checking the Internet, I found the best site for buying tire chains that are easy to put on. That is what you want when you are stalled or about to be stalled in deep snow. I watched some YouTube videos to be sure I could put them on the right way. There is a EasyToGo tire chain that is like it says - it is easy to put on and get going. The top tire chain though is the Grip. It is a very reasonable price and you can put them on in 2 minutes. That's what I need out there on the road.

Home Again

Here I am home again and it sure feels good to be home. I got home on Saturday and it took quite awhile to get re-acquainted with my cats. I had been gone for 6 weeks for physical therapy for a new knee replacement. My friends did many things here in my home to make it easier for me to get around. My sisters put up new curtains for me too. That old saying that "there's no place like home" is sure true. There's nothing like it.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Buy Life Insurance

Everyone should have some good life insurance to protect their family in case something happens to you. Whether you are single or married, someone is going to have to pay the funeral bill when you die and it is never too soon to Buy Life Insurance. I was checking around the Internet the other night to see if there was any place I could get some life insurance without taking a medical examination. I hate that when they require you to go and have a complete physical before they will sell you insurance. I found a place where they sell term life insurance without a physical exam and I said that's the place for me to look into. They had a real easy form on their website to fill out and you could get free quotes. Not only that but there was a lot of good information on there about life insurance and companies and I could sign up for a newsletter and keep up with the latest information on life insurance. That is just what I needed. So I got busy and filled out the form to get the free quotes and it was very quick and easy and I also signed up for the free newsletter because I want to keep up on life insurance as I may want to buy some more to supplement what I already have.

Wall Clocks

What kind of wall clocks do you like? Now that most clocks are battery operated, I like having one in every room of the house. I do not always have my watch on so I sometimes am not sure just what time it is and I want a clock in the room so I can tell the time quickly. I have several of my clocks that are really old so I started searching the Internet and found a howard miller wall clock that I really like. I would love to have one in the living room that chimes out the hour and/or half hour. I have always enjoyed hearing such clocks in other people's homes and I would like to get one for myself. I did not know that they made outdoor clocks but I think I would really like one of those too because when I am working outside, I lose track of time. If I had the clock right outside on my house, I would always know what time it is and would never be late for my next job. With the atomic wall clock, the numbers are nice and big and I can see them without my glasses. That would be very handy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Exterior Shutters

Have you ever notice what a difference exterior shutters can make on a house? Well I have looked at many homes and see all different colors and also some are wood and others look like vinyl. I think I would like the vinyl better because they would probably stand up better to the harsh weather we have here. A good friend of mine just came over and painted my home for me. He did it in white with green trim. It looks really great but something seems to be missing. It dawned on me that it was probably because I did not have any shutters on my house whereas everyone around me do have shutters on their homes. I asked my friend and he said to check out the Internet and see what I could find and he would put them on for me. So I did just that and I found this company that would ship them directly to me and if I spent over $199 shipping was free. Some of the shutters even came with free shipping all the time. I found a huge array of colors and I could get some dark green ones that would look great on my home. I can hardly wait to get them as I know my home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Best Web Hosting

I have to admit when I first started blogging, I sure did not know one thing about web hosting. I soon found out that the best way to get the information I needed was to get on my computer and check out the internet for webhosting reviews. I needed to find out what the best web hosting providers were and one of the best ways I know is to find out what other people think. A company who has done all this work for me was just great. They had lists of the 10 best that would work for me. Not only that but my friend has a small business and they also had the 10 best web hosting providers for small businesses. They also have dedicated servers for enterprises, as well. I figured if they had gone through all the work to find the best ones, then this was the place for me to turn to in order to start a new website. I liked their guarantees also. It just doesn't pay to work with anyone that won't give you a guarantee. Several members of my family are looking at starting up their own websites too and I will be able to direct them to a good company for advice on which is best for them. I am sure glad I found them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Van

I finally got the van I have always wanted. I got a really good deal on it too. My friend is driving it while I am in physical therapy. She took it home and did a good cleaning on the inside. I know it really needed it. With my knee being so sore, I didn't feel much like doing anything. I had enough trouble just walking without falling down. It will be great to drive around in a nice clean van again.

Buy Silver Bullion

Now is the time to buy silver bullion. There has never been a better time because production is not keeping up with the demand. There is only just so much silver that can be mined and that which has already been mined is almost depleted. The United States used to have quite a supply but they dumped it on the market. Now they are buying it too making it a great investment for everyone. You can contact the U. S. Gold Bureau to make your purchases of silver and they have a great staff there to help you. They will assist you in choosing a safe depository for your silver also.

Week 5 of Physical Therapy

I never thought for a minute when I decided to have my knee replaced that I would be in physical therapy this long. I want to go home so bad but they say it will be all next week too yet. I have one set of physical therapists from the hospital come 3 times a week and the care center therapists give me therapy 6 days a week. My leg is finally just about straight at last. I got to take off my brace except at night. That is a big relief. I can get around better and do many exercises in my room by myself. That should help me get out of here quicker.


Here it is the first of the month again and it is time to pay bills. You can count on them rolling in. That seems to be most of the mail that I get at this time of the month. The rest of the month, it is a lot of advertising and junk mail. You really have to get right on the ball and get your bills paid so they do not charge you late charges on top of everything else. That really hurts when you are on a limited income.

DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

If you have had an unusual amount of pain and swelling since you got your hip replacement, then you may have one of the parts that have been recalled. Johnson & Johnson have recalled over 93,000 of them and that is almost unbelievable. I know if I was suffering like that since my hip replacement, I would look into a DePuy Hip Replacement lawsuit. I would get hold of a good law firm that is experienced and could help me find out if I have a lawsuit or not. I sure hope I would not have to go through another surgery and have this replacement taken out and another put in.

Doctor Appointment

I had my doctor appointment on Monday. He said I could have my leg brace off during the day now because my leg is almost straight, but I should wear it at night to be sure and keep it straight. Now I will have physical therapy for another 2 weeks to get the knee bending and the muscle behind the knee strengthened enough to hold my weight. I will sure be glad when this is all over with. I know I needed to have it done, but I didn't think it would take this long to get over this knee replacement.

Rustic Bedroom Furniture

I live alone and my home is definitely a man's home. Since I am a widower, I probably do things differently than when my wife was alive and took care of everything. Now I kind of rough it, so to speak. I was sitting at my computer and looking around the Internet when I ran into rustic bedroom furniture. I thought it was the greatest furniture I had ever seen for a man such as me. It is good and sturdy and I really like the rustic look. It would just fit into my bedroom perfectly. There are plenty of styles to choose from and I need a new chest of drawers really bad. Not only that but a good night stand to hold my lamp is just what I need as I don't have one right now. The red oak hickory barnwood dresser with 4 drawers is what I would need. And a new Armoire would do nicely in place of the old one I have. This is great furniture and would turn my bedroom into a real man's bedroom. I know it may not be to a woman's liking as much as to a man but I'm not too sure about that either. I think everyone would like this well built rustic style of bedroom furniture. I would like it all through my house.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Cats

I miss my cats. I have been in a care center taking physical therapy for a month now. My good friend has been taking care of my cats for me. They are a lot of company to me and I really miss them. I miss being at home. I can hardly wait to get out of here and get home again and back out into the world. It is a bummer being stuck in here with nothing much to look forward to but meals, maybe some mail and physical therapy which is quite painful. I sure will be glad when I can walk on both legs again and get going.

Gold Coin

Have you ever held a gold coin? It gives you a feeling of richness and security. It would be wonderful to have many gold coins in my possession. I found out that I can purchase gold directly from the U. S. Gold Bureau and have it sent right to my home. They also would be happy to help advise me of a safe place to store them and that seems like the best idea. Gold is a wonderful investment because it keeps it value and often grows in value. When you invest in gold you feel your wealth is safe for the future. They have a great staff there to help you with your purchases too.

My Birthday

My birthday is coming up November 10 and I was very disappointed to learn that I would have to spend it in the physical therapy ward of the care center. I have been here since October 1 and I am more than ready to go home. However, my knee surgery isn't ready yet so it kind of looks like I could have to stay here at least another month. That's because the doctor said he would see me in a month. I hope I can work on my leg so that I get out of here sooner than that. Guess we will see.

Doctor Appointment

I had my doctor appointment this morning. There was some good that came out of it. I do not have to wear my leg brace all the time now. I do have to wear it at night when I sleep to make sure my leg stays straight. I can live with that. However, the muscle behind my knee is still weak so I have to work at it until I can kick my leg up. I will have to be trying to do that day and night and having more physical therapy for weeks yet.


I know that I need to save for retirement. I have had a great deal of advice from many of my friends as to what to invest in to save up for the future. When you are retired you want to have fun. You do not want to be so short of money you can't go anywhere or do anything you want to. In listening to all the advice, I have decided that the best investment of all is bullion. Why is that, you may ask? Well, I have discovered that it is a commodity that keeps its value. That is what you want when you are saving for retirement. By buying gold bullion, you can rest assured you have a safe investment for the future.

Friday, October 29, 2010


It is good to have sisters. My younger sister came today and went to my house and cleaned. She said my friend has been taking good care of my 2 cats. He had made a warm blanket bed for them since the furnace hasn't been turned on yet. We have had some freezing cold nights for the last week or more. My older sister said her hanging flower baskets really froze so she dumped them out today. Her yellow Mums are really blooming. They are sure hardy. It will probably snow on them yet and they will still be blooming. I hope I am out of physical therapy and home by then.

My fantasy life for a few months

Guest post written by James Smalls

My girlfriend teases me about how much time I waste on doing my fantasy hockey league a couple of months a year, but I obviously don't think that it's a waste of my time. Besides, I actually normally end up winning some money over the results of it because we start a small pool over the fantasy hockey results. But I think what annoys her the most is that when she's around me and my friends all we talk about is fantasy hockey and different techniques that we're applying to it.

I was online with my Clear Wireless Internet Service the other day scouting players for my league when she came in teh livign room and asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. So I told her yes.

Well, she got mad at me because I was looking up stuff for my league, like deciding whether or not I wanted to switch out this one hockey player from my league that is normally really good but hasnÕt been doing so great lately.

More Physical Therapy

I didn't know if I was going to get to go home next week or not. Then the head physical therapist came in last night and really worked me over. It was very painful. He said I was not ready to go home and he extended my physical therapy another two weeks. I think by then I should be able to walk much better on my leg with my new knee. It will sure be good to be out walking again instead of inside all the time. I know my cats must really miss me but my good friend watches out for them every day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Buy Gold Bars

Since I do not have a whole lot of money to invest, I want to be sure I can invest the money I have in a safe investment that will last over the years. I have been listening to the ads on television and they are all telling me what a safe investment gold is. That is when I decided I should buy gold bars for an investment in the future that would keep its value. I also learned that gold most often increases in value and that is certainly the kind of investment I need. I found out I could buy gold directly from the U. S. Gold Bureau and have it shipped right to me. But I do not think that is such a good idea and then they told me they could help me find a safe depository for the gold bars I buy. That sounds good to me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Got to run my wheel chair out to the front room of the care center. Used the computer and sent out an email to my sisters. It is nice to have more freedom. I can get around in my room now all I want with no assistance. My friend, Todd, brought me a delicious lunch yesterday. That was a great change from the usual menu. He's a good buddy and sure is a big help to me.

County fair with the family

Guest post written by Bill Rogerson

My kids get so excited as soon as they see all the trucks for the county fair start to come into town. One of the main roads in town looks down over teh fair grounds and so every time we go by the kids always ask me when we're going to the fair, even when it's not even near the time of the year for the fair to come.

But it actually is that time for the fair, so I was using my clear internet bundle to look up ticketing prices to get in and then also the tickets for all of the rides.

Last year when we went, we made the mistake of eating a whole bunch of fried county fair food before we went on teh rides and I felt really bad for our 8 year old Jacob because after we rode the tilt a whirl he didn't feel so well and ended up getting sick. Then we ended up having to go home early. I think that we learned our lesson last year

Monday, October 18, 2010

More Freedom

They told me today I could get more freedom within my room. They are going to let me go to the bathroom without assistance. I also can sit in the wheel chair by myself and put my leg out straight during the day. Also, I can walk around the room with the walker. I will sure be glad to get this brace off one of these days and walk down the hall alone. I had physical therapy today and it was very very painful.

Family Guy

Thanks for the guest post by Stanton Johnston

Season 9 of the "Family Guy" starts off with a 'bang' with the episode "And Then There Were Fewer." I watched the one hour episode on satellite TV from this past Sunday (September 26th) and thought it was their best premier in years.

The episode follows the citizens of Quahog, Rhode Island, after they are all invited to a remote mansion by an anonymous letter stating that there is a banquet to be held in their honor. It turns out to be a ploy by actor James Woods to get everyone to come to what will be a chance for him to apologize to everyone he has wronged on the show. Instead, a string of murders occur causing the residents of Quahog to investigate who is committing these heinous acts while awaiting help repairing the bridge leading up to the mansion the following day.

Some of my favorite parts involved the character Quagmire and his plump girlfriend Stephanie who he had not divulged he was dating to the other residents on Spooner Street because she was both annoying and obese. I actually had some feeling of suspense as each character disappeared and new suspects emerged. It was also fantastic to see Stewie Griffin regain one of the bold characterizations which made him so funny in earlier seasons of the show. I can't wait to see whether this will shift story lines with so many familiar characters gone.

Knee Replacement

Well folks, here I am again. I am still in the physical therapy care facility and it is getting old. I sure would like to get home. But I found out they do 2 kinds of operations on knee replacements now and one is to spread the cartilage and replace the knee and the other is to cut the cartilage, replace the knee and sew the cartilage back together. That is what happened to me. I have a large brace on my leg and it is slow going healing that cartilage back together. Wish I had known that and had a choice but suppose I wouldn't have gotten a choice anyway.


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Physical Therapy

I am still in the physical therapy unit. I get physical therapy twice a day. Now I have a big brace on my leg where I had the knee replaced. They think they may have cut cartilage and sewn it back together at the time they replaced the knee and that is why it is taking so long to get over it. I am walking more though but I would sure like to be able to walk out of here and get home and soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get a Mortgage if You Have Good Credit

I know many people have been looking for just the right home to buy. I know I would like to change homes too but I have not found just the right one yet. I would like to get one that is easier for me to get around. People with big families are looking for larger home. Some of these people want swimming pools. I would like to have larger rooms with more closet and storage space. A nice big double garage and workshop are some of the things I want in my next home. I love working with wood and do many jobs around my own home. The thing is that when you find the home you want, can you get a mortgage to pay for it. I checked into the Internet and found that is no problem. Since I have good credit, all I had to do was fill out a simple form and I could find out where I could get a good mortgage. I would like to get a fixed rate mortgage this time rather than the variable rate one that can change all the time. I like knowing what my monthly payment is going to be all the time.

Leg Brace

They put a long leg brace on my leg to keep my leg straight. The muscle behind the knee was getting soft and they have to strengthen it. They only take the brace off when they do physical therapy. It is not much fun wearing this thing but if it helps me get out of here faster, it is worth it. I will be very glad when my new knee holds my weight and I can walk again and get home.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paradise Valley Homes for Sale

Oh how I would love to live in Arizona. It is so cold here and the snow piles up and you spend most of your winter moving snow for yourself and your neighbors. It would be so nice to live permanently in Arizona, rather than just spend a few months there in the warm sunshine. I was on my computer and checking out homes for sale in Arizona when I ran across Paradise Valley Homes for Sale. I was excited to find a nice smaller community with so much to offer. I love the mountains and there are so many exciting resorts there. I am going to look into this further and see if I can find the home of my dreams here. With all they have to offer, I am sure I will find it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Physical Therapy for Knee Replacement

Well it was a week ago Tuesday that they replaced my left knee. It was about 5 years overdue but I am sure glad it is done now. The come and put me through the paces every morning about 9. They say I am bending it real good. I walk a little farther each day. I still have to stay on antibiotics for the full 10 days though and I think I will be here in this physical therapy care center for awhile. My sister is coming to see me this morning with her laptop so maybe I can catch up on some things.

Volunteering at Your Child's School

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

It's vital for every parent to get involved in their child's life. However, when they spend the majority of the day at school and you at work, it's difficult for you to have the energy and time to get actively involved in your child's life. One of the best ways to do so is to volunteer at your child's school during special events. One such event is career day.

I volunteered my services and visited my child's school to explain my job as a customer service representative. Since many high school dropouts end up in the service industry, I felt it was my duty to scare the kids straight about getting their education. So I related to them many soul crushing stories of waking up in the morning and be forced to listen to the whiny complaints of customers for nine hours a day. I told them how I failed to study in high school and how struggle to keep afloat our family and the college dreams of my child. While I'm sure this was a highly embarrassing speech for my kid, it was very fun and I encourage everyone to volunteer their services on career day. The fear in the eyes of the children was priceless, as I'm sure they all did their homework that night.

Before I leave to volunteer, I always make sure to turn on my Total Alarm Systems alarm. The last thing I need is to be robbed of my possessions as I rob my son of his popularity.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 4 of Knee Replacement

They decided I needed to move to a physical therapy facility this day. So they loaded me up and moved me to my home town. That was sure more convenient. My knee is terrible sore and I can't stand on it yet. I will be glad when it is healed up and I can walk around again. It was very painful before the surgery, but it is also very painful now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 3 of Knee Replacement

This has been a very tough day. The girls came in for physical therapy and they could not do much with me. I have had the worst pain ever today!! They say I am not getting back my strength like I should. That isn't good. I haven't had any appetite so I haven't eaten much of anything. That probably doesn't help either. But it is hard to eat when you don't feel like it and you are in pain all the time.

Buy Good Tire Chains

I was a semi driver for years and I know how important it is to get a good pair of easy to put on good tire chains. When the snow starts coming down and you have a great many of miles to travel and hills and valleys, you better be able to depend on your chains to get you through the tough places. It pays to spend a little more money and get the best and this company has tire chains made of Nickel Manganese Alloy that will hold up under the worst conditions. A broken chain can do a lot of damage and you just can't afford that. If you are looking for car tire chains, truck or semi truck tire chains, tractor chains or tire chains for heavy equipment, check out the Internet for a quality Pewag tire chair. Don't settle for a cheaper made set because you will regret it in the end.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Two of Total Knee Replacement

Day one with surgery and getting up beside the bed was a very hard day. It hurt bad to stand up by the bed. Then day two I got to take a few steps and they got out a knee bending machine to use on my leg. I wonder if it is because I waited so long to have it done that I had so much pain. I know I should have had it replaced sooner but without enough insurance I just couldn't afford to do it. But it got so bad I couldn't step on it. I used my cane all the time to keep from falling. I hope today is better.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Total Knee Replacement

I had my left knee totally replaced yesterday. I will be in the hospital for three days. I will be glad to get home and feeling better. I have a lot of things to get done before winter. I haven't been able to do them because I had so much pain from my knee being worn out. The pain from the surgery is nothing compared to the pain I had before I had the surgery. I could barely step on that leg at all.

Undercovers: A New Kind of Show

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

The movies have covered the storyline of a couple working together as superspies. I can't wait to see how it is going to turn out as a new Fall show. In Undercovers, the main characters are a married couple and both were spies before the got together. Now, they are caterers that go back to being spies. They don't know everything about each other before they were married and in the midst of all of their adventures, they end up learning about each other.

I can't wait to watch this one on satellite TV. From the previews, it looks like a good mix of action and drama, but with some comedy thrown in so it isn't too serious. I haven't seen the main actor or actress in anything befor this, but sometimes, that ends up as a plus. It means that I won't look at them as some of the characters they have played in the past.

For me, any type of spy type action movie is interesting. The fact that they are husband and wife is just going to be icing on the cake. My mom said that she would come over to check out the first episode with me, so it should be a pretty good time.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sun and Clouds

I am finally seeing some blue sky peeking out between a lot of huge white clouds. It has been a lot of gray days which finally get kind of depressing. When you see the sun out it just makes you feel a lot better. The wind is really blowing though and I wish that would let up as it will almost blow me over. I am not too steady as it is and I don't need hard winds to push me around.

Hiking the Joshua Tree

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

Living in Southern California, there are literally dozens of places to go hiking. In this case, I decided to head on out to Joshua Tree National Park. This is going to be a day trip; got to make sure things are secure. That means setting the alarm on my home security system, more info.
A drive out the 10, two hours or so, and I'm there. National parks have entrance fees, so I came prepared with some extra cash. Park the car, lather on the sunscreen, grab my pack and the map and find a trail worth hiking. At Joshua Tree, this is a challenge. There are quite a few good trails here and I chose the one that got me lost. Figures, right? Maybe that's why it's called the Lost Oasis. Getting lost in Joshua Tree is a very, very bad idea, so I highly recommend a GPS. Anyway, the scenery was great and I got there early enough to finish the hike out while it was still cool. Spent the afternoon swatting flies while I sat in the shade, and headed back as the day got cooler.
Best part about hiking Joshua Tree is that you can spend most of the day on the trail and still not see another person. Love it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nobody Listens

More elections coming up and the country is in another mess as far as I'm concerned. There's a race going for Iowa Governor that to me is another farce. The one in office hasn't shown me anything he's done for the general public unless you have big bucks. The guy running against him is a former governor who was totally farmer oriented and the general public was left on the sidelines paying the bills. The worst part of the situation is that's the choice we have to vote for. I think just once before any dies they should have a choice besides the lesser of two evils.

What? More Rain?

Every year at harvest time we get a whole bunch of rain to keep the farmers out of the fields. There's going to be another bumper crop this year I think. The money people are slowly putting themselves out of the market. They started converting corn to alcohol and building plants all over. Now they have to many plants and now enough demand for the product. Farmers enjoyed the big money for their corn and now everybody's going broke buying it. The consumer is the one who will pay the most at the grocery store. All because the need for more money.

Gold Bullion

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Changes in Weather

Yesterday morning it was so cold I got into my sweatpants and sweatshirt and tried to warm up. During the morning, within a couple hours, the temperatures jumped 20 degrees and the sun came out and I would have liked to have died of the heat. I had to get back into my shorts to survive. It rained last night and is cooler today but still warm. I have lots of errands to do so will get going on them.

Free Link Building Tools

Being more of a beginner blogger, I am not really familiar with how to build links to my website. I know I would like to get more people reading my blog but I don't really know how to go about it so I really need a lot of help. I have had readers talk about exchanging links but I do not know how to get free link exchange. So I know that m best bet is to get on the Internet and find out and study up on it and see how free links work.I did find out that it was quite easy. All I had to do was fill out a simple form and register to set up an account. Then they could help me learn how to build up my website. It is really pretty simple and that is just what I need.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cold Weather

I don't know about this summer weather. It is so darned cold I have to keep my sweatshirt and sweatpants on to try and stay warm. And every day it seems like it rains. If the sun would just come out for a couple days and warm things up, it sure be appreciated. You have to pull the blankets up to your chin at night to stay warm and that just isn't right for September. It feels more like late October or November.

Modern Bedroom Furniture

Well, I have had my place now for quite a few years and I think it is about time I made some major changes. You might call my furniture Early American and I do mean early. I have had it so long, I do not even remember where I bought it. That can only mean one thing and that is that I need some new Contemporary Furniture to spruce up my house. I figure the best place to start is in the bedroom. I have been checking out the Internet and doing some shopping with my computer to see what the latest trends and styles are. I found quite a few modern platform beds. I found one called the Metropolis - 5 modern bedroom with all the pieces and that would suit me fine but then I spotted one called the Catalina Contemporary Platform Bedroom Suite and now I can't make up my mind which one I like best. I think the best thing to do is get both and put one in my Master Bedroom and the other in my Guest bedroom. I like the Metropolis in wood color best and the Catalina in chocolate color. Then after I get rid of all this old furniture, and get my new bedroom sets settled in, I can start looking at furniture for my living room. I am sure I will be able to find beautiful modern furniture for that room also.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Riding Lawn Mower

I guess we got just enough rain to make the grass grow again. I am glad because then I get a chance to get out and make some money. I have a good John Deere riding mower to do the job with and that sure makes it easier than walking. It is much cooler now and I like that too. The hot heavy air makes for too hard breathing and the cooler air is much better. It just takes me a couple hours and I make enough to buy some groceries and every bit helps out when you are retired.

Accepting Credit Cards

Setting up a merchant account is one of the first things you do when you go into business. Today everyone uses various credit cards much more often than cash. However, having worked in a smaller business that accepted credit cards I found out it cost them quite a bit to process each card. It was important to have cheaper transition rates in order to afford to let the customer's use their credit cards. When the owner found out that one particular card cost more to process than it was worth it to him, he began to look for the best credit card processing to save money. He was able to do that, making more of his customers happy because they could use their credit cards and it was good for business. Whether you have a large or small business, you can always check out the Internet and find a better way to process the transactions of your customer's credit cards at lower rates.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Weekend is Over

Time really flies. The older you get the faster it goes. One day it was Friday and now we are staring at Monday again tomorrow. It sure got hot today. My sister said she turned on the A/C about 5:30 when the house hit 82. That was hot enough for her and her dogs tongue was hanging out. It just isn't worth it. It is supposed to get cooler this week though. I will be glad to see that.

Meet Local Gals Tonight

I have been sitting home alone for a long time. Since I lost my wife, I have not had the feeling to get out in public again. I do not want to go by myself. You get spoiled having a wonderful mate go with you everywhere and you just do not feel like going alone. People invite you to come to their parties, weddings and other celebrations, or just out to the local restaurant and bar, but it is not any fun by yourself. However, I spend a lot of time on the computer and in checking through the Internet I found meet local girls for fun and that sounded quite exciting. I sure would like to meet someone to go places with me and spend time with me. I might even decide to get married again and I could possibly meet someone online that has the same idea. Wouldn't that be great? I found that there is a simple form I could fill out and join for free. That is a price I could afford. I also found out that you can just look through all the profiles and pictures of others who are looking for companionship and pick some out and sent them a flirt. If things work out, I could set up dates with several and see how things go and I would be so happy to meet someone with the same ideals that I have. It is exciting to be able to have so many to choose from too. If you are lonely, perhaps you would want to look into dating online too.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

Now that the rain is over, it is a beautiful Fall day here. I guess the football team played last night in the rain. My brother-in-law says they won and the other team didn't score a point. Their local team also won last night for the 3rd time so both teams have a good winning streak. It is a perfect day to get out and run my errands. It is a little windy though so better watch my step and don't get blown over.

Affordable Health Insurance and Medical Benefits

I have health insurance but I am not sure but what I could get some that has lower health premiums. My friend suggested that I check out the Internet to see if I could find discount medical insurance policies. He was right, of course. I got on my computer and found out that I could find the best health insurance quotes available and they had much lower health premiums than mine have right now. I could sure use the savings in money for every day living expenses. Health insurance is so expensive and I heard on television that the insurance companies may be raising their premiums next year. I want to get the lowest premiums and best medical benefits I can right now as I am having surgery soon.

Friday, September 10, 2010


The local football teams gathered to play football just before the rain started. It held off long enough for the game to start and then poured. I haven't heard whether the game was called or not. If it wasn't there's going to be a lot of muddy uniforms tomorrow. I used to be a part time janitor for the schools and we were the ones that ran the laundry.

The Rain

Well the rain they forcasted finally got here but I didn't think it would be so much. When it finally did arrive it came in like crazy and just poured. Then after a half hour of hard steady rain it quit only to start again a half hour later. I think the grass will have to be mowed as soon as it drys out. That's good because I mow the grass on a rider lawnmower and get paid to do it. It's not much but buys milk and bread.

Accutane Lawsuit

There are millions of people in the world with a complexion problem. The biggest of these is acne plus it's the one that nobody wants. Treatments are creams and other over the counter drugs but for nodular acne accutane has been being used. The biggest problem there is side effects like diarrhea, cramping and pain. Colon and other digestive track problems have been traced to the use of accutane for acne treatments. Lawsuits have followed and it has been taken off the market in 2009. This site Accutane Lawsuit can give you all the information to see if you have a case against the manufacturers of this product.

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Friday Again

I think it's Friday again but anymore time goes so fast it could be next week as far as I'm concerned. When things start getting all planned out for you I seem to lose a day here and there. This is one of those weeks because of a friends funeral the things I would have done, didn't get done. It seems like it happens a lot lately. Getting old is really so much fun I can hardly wait.

Look For It

Early this morning the weatherman said it's going to rain. I've been lookingfor it and don't want to get envolved in outdoor projects if it rains. So I just keep looking and nothing is happening. I guess I think they should be able to pinpoint the time closer than just saying today we'll see rain. I want to know when today.

Regency Beauty Schools

You say you want to be a beautician but don't know where to start so I have good news for you. This site Regency Beauty Institute is that place. Started more than 50 years ago Regency Schools are becoming the best in the beauty business. They have expanded into 19 states with their school campuses. You won't have to travel far for the education you need to be a great hair stylist. Trained beauticians are in demand every where you look. If you want to train for this profession then it should be by the best and there's no better time than right now.

This post was based on information provided by blogitive.

Spoiled Kids

When my kids were young I guess we spoiled them but now that they're grown my cats are the kids. One especially is spoiled and follows me every where. Now she is walking back and forth across my keyboard. I keep pushing her away but I think she's on a rubber band because she keeps bouncing back.

Gone Shopping

Well I went shopping and I'm back all ready. It's funny how shopping has so much to do with having money. Since my funds are limited it doesn't take me long to get it done. My friends think I'm a real fast shopper but thay don't think about the money part.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ran into an old neighbor yesterday. It was funny because my sister parked right in front of us. We were so surprised to see each other too. My old neighbor said she didn't know I had a sister and asked where she lives. I told my sister this gal used to live by us before we moved our mobilehome. My sister is living in that mobilehome now. She really likes it.

Midnight ride with Paul Revere

Guest post written by Luke Kitson

My kids and I are huge history buffs, so we love to go on vacations where we can go and see lots of historic sites and see the places where we've studied about in school.
This year we picked to go to Boston and take a trolley tour around to see all of the historical sites. One one of these tours we had to get back on the trolley before 5 or we couldn't get on another one for the rest of the night because they stopped running after that, except I didn't realize that and didn't hear that. So when we were off seeing the original Cheers bar my kids were reminding me that it was almost 5 and I couldn't understand what they meant the significance of that was. Then when we left after 5 I realized it. After we had to take a taxi back to our car in rush hour traffic, my wife looked up hearing aids in Boston on her smart phone and showed me what she foudn. We talked through it and decided to go to miracle ear when we got home later that week.
We tried not to let that incident spoil our trip and we forgot about it pretty soon because we went on a really fun ghost tour that night.

Good Day Today

Had a good day today. My friend Todd came over. We couldn't get the computer to work. Now I am having trouble with the laptop too. I wish I could get them both running good. I have some work to do on the computer and it is frustrating when it doesn't boot up. Will try again later or tomorrow. Almost time for bed.

Gold Bullion

I just wish I had enough money right now to invest in lots of gold bullion. My sister told me today she heard that the price of gold has gone way up. It is a very safe investment and a great way to save up for the future. By buying gold, you know it is going to keep its value and it is usually going to go up too. I see I can buy direct from the U. S. Gold Bureau and they will send it directly to me. They have a very good staff there that will help me find a good safe place to keep it. I guess that might be my bank right here in town. I will have to look into that. I know gold has been something people for centuries have owned because they knew it would keep its value and not fail them.


Computers are wonderful when they work. Mine is down again and hoping to get it back up again tonight with the help of a friend. I have some posts to write and need to get busy at it. Has been a busy day and going to be a busy night. I am tired too and that doesn't help. But I'll get it all done one way or the other.


Why is it everytime you really need to use the computer for something important it stops working? I've been bothered with my share of problems the last few weeks. My computer is only 3 years old so the bugs should be gone by now. I guess I'll just have to get the bug spray out again.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Restaurant Business Cards

If you are in business, you know how much advertising means to grow your business. It takes a great deal of your budget to advertise to reach new customers that will come to your business and buy your products. If you search out the Internet, you will find that business cards are a great way to spread the knowledge of your business and bring in new customers. For instance, you can order massage therapy business cards for your therapy business. People have a tendency to show others the cards they have to let them know about new or existing businesses. The restaurant business has a great deal of competition and you need all the help you can get. By passing out business cards to everyone who comes into your establishment, you spread the word quickly and easily by way of those customers. A satisfied customer is worth a great deal and will quickly tell their friends and relatives and often pass your business cards on to them. In that way, your business grows exponentially and achieves the goal you have in mind. If you have not considered business cards before, then perhaps now is the time to do just that. You can have them designed to suit your particular business, making them attractive and people will remember them.


BRRRRR It is downright cold this morning after all the heat. I better get my sweatshirt on this morning. The wind is really blowing and it is supposed to get up to 35 mph before the day is over. It might even blow higher gusts. It is nice and sunny though and a beautiful day. Will run my errands and enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

United States Gold Bureau

Remember when investing in your future meant buying stocks and bonds and hoping the bottom didn't fall out of the market? Today the United States Gold Bureau can help you acquire gold and silver to invest in for your future. The only thing different is you don't have to worry about the market holding it's value. Silver is selling so fast they can't keep enough on hand in stockpiles anymore. This assures you that the gold and silver will maintain it's value. Wether silver or gold in coin or bullion form it's still the best investment for the future. For more information check this site United States Gold Bureau and talk to the people in the know you won't be sorry.

Groceries Again

I just went to the store the other day and looked in the fridge and looks like I have to go again. I like home made McMuffens for breakfast and I've got no muffens. So while I'm there I'll get some Half and half for my coffee since there was just enough for 1 cup this morning. I suppose a half gallon of milk wouldn't hurt either. See there it goes again I have to make a major trip to the grocery store before I can even have breakfast.

Right As Rain

The weatherman said early this morning that we should have some rain by tonight. I thought that would be nice since the lawns are getting brown and things are dry. So sitting here thinking I have all day to get outside things done imagine how supprised I was when it strated raining at 7:30. Well at least i can relax today since the outside things are about all I had to do.

Buy Gold Bars

If you have a good investment portfolio then your future should be secure. The last time you checked was it giving you a good return on your money? If not then you should be considering buying gold bars. Right now gold leads the investment market for returns on your investments. The price of gold and other precious metals has steadily climbed for several decades.If you want to check into investing in some then this site buy gold bars is the place you want to start. You know that you can't do it any sooner so why not get started now before it's all gone. Regardless of where you are in the world the one commodity that holds it's value is gold that's why it's in such demand.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's For Dinner?

My nind keeps wondering back to last nights chili dogs. It's getting close to supper time and they would be fast to cook. We don't have the special weiners from that little butcher shop but do have some natural case weiners. Hy-Vee sells the Wolf chili so that will be the same so now all I have to do is ask my friend if she is ready for more.

Party Last Night

A few friends got together and had a few beers and cooked chili dogs. The natural casing weiners were out of this world. They were produced by a small town butcher shop and they were great. The chili they used was a new brand to me called Wolf with no beans. Those were the three ingredients needed for fabulous chili dogs. We ordered muy friend to bring back some of the weiners when he goes up there next Friday. They will be a nice addition to the freezer for later.

Gold Bar

The above ground supply of gold and silver is getting very low. If you were wise enough to invest in either of them years ago then you probably have multiplied your investment many times over. The prices of silver and gold just keeps going up as supplies rapidly decrease. There's still time to get some of your funds invested in gold bars or silver ingots. Decide if you want bars, ingots or coins and go to this site gold bar and tell them how much you have to invest. They will show you the way to get the best deal for your money. The one thing you don't want to do is wait until supplies are gone to invest. Precious metals and coins are the best investments you can get into to secure your future.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I think at one time or another everyone has wished they knew more about computers. Have you ever thought how the world would survive if they didn't exist? I'm old enough to remember when there weren't any computers and the world got along just fine. We used to go to the movie theater to see a movie and now kids watch them on their phones. Which by the way didn't exist either. What would happen if cell phones disappeared? Kids walking down the street wouldn't be talking to someone across town. People wouldn't be texting while driving and that's something you should be paying attention to. Hey, I meant driving not texting. Things are just to fast today for us old people who like the finer things in life like birds singing and kids playing. I guess like they say I was just born to soon.

Long day

Boy it's been a long day today with the errands I had to do. I had to help a good friend with a project he had going. It was only supposed to take about 1 1/2 hours and wound up taking 4 so other things had to be put on hold.I'm not complaining because he's a really good friend and he's helped me many times in the past. When you have a good friend that needs help you just do it.


Thinking about investing your savings in the market but don't know where? People are buying gold to be sure they will have a good investment for their future. Something a lot of people don't knoe is silver is becoming the precious metal people are buying now. The supply of silver is becoming very low and the market is going up. this site bullion can show you how the United States gold Bureau can help you invest your funds to your best advantage. Right now gold, silver and other precious metals are in demand and that makes them the best investment for you and me. The biggest reason is simply because it doesn't lose it's value. Check out the market for the last 25 years and you'll see the prices of precious metals not only held their own but went up in value. Other comodities have gone up and down from day to day and that makes people worry about their money that's set aside for the future. What's to think about? Go gold or silver and never worry about your future.

Another One

Today a friend had some outpatient surgery and I got to drive him to the doctor and home again. Tonight a bunch of us are planning a cookout and bonfire but just a small one. It will be fun eating hotdogs and having a beer or two with good friends. I'm really looking forward to it myself since the last one was so much fun. Same friends as last time so should be lots of fun.


It's been so hot you had trouble just breathing when you were outside. I have respiratory problems to start with so it really gets bad. The last few days it did a complete turnaround and never got above 80. Grass got mowed and a few things outside followed. Finally ran out of energy and it relax time again. Today it got up to 83 and talk is hotter the next few days so I'm glad we got a little relief at least.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Online Military Degrees

One of the best things about being in the military service of these United States is you can get a college education. The longer you serve the more you have for your education. Today you can even go online and get your degree if you're on active duty. What better way to spend your off duty time than providing for tem with the training you need for those better jobs. To get you started on your educational upgrade check this site online military degrees where you can get all the imformation you need to get educated for your future. In todays world education is everything and if you don't have it you lose. The biggest thing I'm saying is while you're away from your loved ones you should better your chances of providing for them when you're home again.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Provide A Quick Link To Our Site

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School Uniform Shopping Time

Thanks for the post, Jennifer Mcconnell

So the new school is asking that the kids adhere to this strict dress code. No shirts with graphics or slogans, no glitter, rhinestones, fringes or other sparkly stuff will be allowed either. My kids don't normally go to school dressed like strippers but most of their shirts do have stuff on them so now I have to buy a whole new wardrobe for each of them.
I think that I am going to go with a bunch of school uniform style clothing. Simple white or blue shirts for the boys with khaki shorts for the summer and long khaki pants for the winter. For my two girls I have found some simple one piece dresses at that look great and are made out of decent material. Sure, they will be wearing the same outfits 5 or 6 times a month, but it means I won't be getting any nasty notes sent home from school! Glad I got that hughes net new yorkconnection last month, doing all this shopping on the hughes net internet over dial-up was taking forever.
Kaylie (my youngest at only 7 years old) is pretty excited though. She loves to shop at, they have lots of bright colored clothing for decent prices. I personally prefer cause their clothes are more of what I like to see my daughters in.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back Again

Heavy rain and wind again last night and guess what, the temps back in the high 80's and low 90's and that makes for hard to breathe. I have to go out and run a few errands for household needs so I have to face the heat. I try to hurry as much as my poor old legs will let me and get back home where it's cool. This might be the day the guys will stop by and sip a cold one, We'll See.

Midwest or Desert

If it wasn't for grass and trees I would wonder where I was. The extreme heat has been more that a lot of people can take. The grass and trees produce the humidity that puts some people over the wall. Staying in the house with centeral A.C. is the best way to fight it. The power company loves it because they raise the electric rates and your bill goes sky high. My bill went from $85 to $135 this month that's an extra $50 for electric service. With severe COPD I need the cooler air just to survive but Social Security didn't give us seniors a cost of living raise to help us. BUT, the government employees all got 2.5% increase, GO FIGURE. Who needs it the most? The people trying to live on little of nothing or the congressional people with the $150'000 yearly income. Well you can't do anything about it so may as well gripe.

Buy Gold Bullion

People these days are always looking for ways to invest their savings. They are looking for a better future down the line and that's what we all want. Many of these people are passing up the biggest investment of all and not buying gold or silver. It doesn't matter if it's coins, bullion or ingots it's the best investment you can have. This site buy gold bullion is the place where you can get all the information. The United States Gold Bureau is the place to do your shopping for whatever you're looking for like coins or bullion. The best part is that gold has increased in value as well as other precious metals. You can always get your value back no matter what unlike the stock markets.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teaching Litigation to New Generations

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

Summer afternoons at my Grandfather's were a time for education. It was sitting in front of the TV after lunch that I learned me first lessons about our legal system from the Honorable Judge Joseph Wapner.
This summer afternoon my children are learning those same lessons. “People's Court” has been a daytime staple for 29 years and has taught several generations of Americans about what to expect from small claims court, while entertaining us. Judges' Wapner, Ed Koch, Jerry Sheindlin and Marilyn Millian have meted out justice by binding arbitration that mimics our small claims courts and has kept pace with the changes in maximum claims. Rising from 1500 dollars in 1981 to 7500 dollars in 2009. The rising stakes have led to more eccentric and amusing litigants with increasingly bizarre cases. The first reality court show has stood the test of time and technology. I had to make constant adjustments to the rabbit ears under the gaze of my grandfather to obtain the best picture, since we have Illinois direct star tv all my kids need to do is hit a button and revel in full HD. The fun, the object lessons and the civics education remain the same after three decades. My children and I get to share the same summer afternoons that I did with my Grandfather watching “People's Court”.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Need Fresh Sales Leads?

Whether you are starting in business or have been in business for years, you are constantly looking for new leads. It is very time consuming and is not always the easiest job in the world to do this. What you need to do is get on the Internet and look for fresh leads. A company that will guarantee that you are happy with your leads is just what you need. It doesn't matter whether you are in the mortgage business, insurance business or all sorts of loans, it is great to be able to obtain a great many new leads to increase your business, especially when things slow down all over.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost August

What a nice spring and summer we're having this year. We've had temps in the 90's and very high humidity that gags you and had cooler nights so you can sleep. The power company is happy since my electric bill is more that my whole light and gas bill last month. You have to live and the A/C helps but you pay for it at the end of the month. Lawns are still a beautiful green instead of all brown and dried out so you can enjoy just looking around. With rain off and on every week the grass looks great and flowers are still blooming to help out. With 4th of July and RAGBRAI over, the town is back to normal with the boat owners trying to find a place to park. It's a nice little town of 9,000 and the next one east of here is 30,000 so shopping is good too. I think if I ever move again in my old age, it won't be to a town on a lake because I like the quiet. I suppose I had better go out and enjoy the day myself and get errands done so I can put my feet up and relax. Everyone have a great day where ever you are.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Friends Dog

My friend called the other night all in tears and said her dog had a stroke. She just had her other dog die 6 months ago and isn't ready for this. Both dogs are and were about 12 years old within a year. The one that died was the older of the two. Baby asprin pulled her through the stroke but unstable in the hind legs yet. I think she'll pull through but it is a question how much longer she has left. So I guess it's one day at a time.

Great Day

It's really been hot around here the last couple weeks. We had a nice rain last night that cooled it off some but will be back up there temp wise by this afternoon. If it doesn't rain today or tonight then I'll have to get on my mower and cut grass. It takes about 2 hours to mow what I have to mow. I do have a nice John Deere riding mower to use for it. I hope it's cooler tomorrow again so the grass will dry and cut good.

Transunion Settlement

Have you ever applied for a loan and been turned down? It makes you wonder who controls the credit reporting information to these loan companies. Transunion is one of the credit reporting companies that control your borrowing power. Your credit is confidential information for you or your loan you want to borrow from. The big thing is Transunion sold this confidential information to target marketing companies and broke all the rules now to mention federal law. Millions of people were affected by this action and are part of a 75 million dollar settlement fund for damages. This website Transunion Settlement can help you find out if you qualify for part of it. You may qualify if you applied for a loan between 1987 and 2000 so fill out the proper paperwork to see if you have money coming to you.

Surgery Go Ahead

Heart doctor said go ahead with knee surgery because my heart will be fine. My lungs may be a problem but they use a spinal injection to deaden you from the waist down and your lungs aren't bothered. Like they say, If I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of my body when I was younger. Funny how the older you get the more signs of wear you see.

Back To Normal

Ragbrai is a bicycle ride that covers almost 500 miles across Iowa. Yesterday the riders came into Clear Lake to the tune of almost 20,000 bike riders. Clear Lake is only less than 10,000 people so we really had a crowd in town for the day and night. I think it would be fun to ride with them but having bad legs and lungs I would be left far behind. That doesn't keep me from dreaming.

Buy Gold Eagle Coins

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Favorite TV Snack

Posted by Roland Hyde

My favorite snack to eat while watching my tv service, i got through directv deals near Dallas, is Lay's Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips. I found these chips while I was going to college this past semester. I was in the dining hall and they had shelves of potato chips and when I saw this kind, I decided to try them. Now that I know how tasty they are, I could eat an entire bag in one seating. When I went to the supermarket around where I live, I found that they sell them there as well for even cheaper than my university does. These chips have such a perfect blend of sour cream and cheddar cheese that no other chip or snack could ever compare. What's great is that you can buy a small bag really quick on your way to class or buy a big bag for a long night in front of the television! I love chips that have more than one size bag so that I can just grab and go if I want instead of buying the full size bag. It would look really weird if I was sitting in class with a huge bag of potato chips. But as soon as I get in front of the tv and relax to a nice movie or tv show, the big bag is just what I need.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weather problems

With the rain off and on about every day the humidity just hangs around. The heat and humidity is what causes me to have the bad breathing problems. If it would just stay cooler then I would be very happy. I'm not talking winter but just cooler would be fine.I think right now going to the kitchen and fixing something to eat would really help too.

Surgery OK

The heart doctor gave me the thumbs up for knee replacement surgery. I was sure the heart would hold up for them to do it but they wanted assurance from a professional. The only thing that could be a problem is my lungs that are really bad. If they use the spinal and deaden me from the waist down the lungs will still function and should be fine. They don't want to get at a place where they have to use the breathing machine since there is a chance I could never get off of it again. Just the risk I have to take to get rid of some pain.

Buy Gold Bullion

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How About a New Bedroom Set?

I am now a widdower, living in an old bachelor's pad and I do mean old. I have lived here for a long time with the same old furniture for many a year. I looked around the place the other day and said to myself that it was about time that I got some new furniture all through the house. But where would I start? I have been working on my office for the past year off and on and have not gotten a whole lot done. Then I got to thinking the other day that the place I spend a lot of time is in the bedroom. So I decided to get on the Internet and start looking at bedroom sets. I was surprised at how much furniture has changed since I got mine. I found some great rustic style bedroom furniture that would just suit me fine. I have always leaned toward westerns and western styles so this would be right up my alley. Now to choose the right pieces to fit my bedroom. I know it would really give it a great new look and they say when you make changes like this, it is also good for your moral and that sure can't hurt. I am excited to find just the right bed and nightstands to fit in here. And I found some great dressers and a fabulous western mirror that would be just right.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cabin by the Lake

Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

My family and I are heading up to our beautiful cabin in Minocqua Wisconsin in just a few short weeks. We have gone every year since I was eleven years old so it's kind of a family tradition. At first it was just me, my Mom, my Nana, and my two sisters. As time went on we started to allow boys up to the cabin as my sisters and I got boyfriends and my Nana and Mom missed their husbands for the week.
With the boys coming up now we are not afraid of the dark. We do however make them set the home securitysystem back home before they leave so we don't have to be afraid to come home. They usually stay for a couple extra day to fish and do the wonderful bodning tasks that men do.
This year all my cousins on my mothers side of the family will be coming up to the cabin. There are only three bedrooms with four beds. There will be nine adults including myself now that I'm 21, and five children. It's going to be fun trying to find room for us all. As you get older though you see how important family is. The cabin was a beautiful place to just get away and relax when it was just us few girls, but it was so great we decided we loved our family enough to share

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Treating Myself to a Real Vacation Was a Great Decision

Thanks to Wm Rowe

This year my family decided to go on a summer vacation. Normally our trips are day trips to local sights and events, however; we decided to venture further this year. After careful deliberation by all members of the family, we decided that we would visit South Carolina. We chose this because we wanted someplace unique and relaxing, and felt that the history of South Carolina and the ocean beaches would be perfect.

To plan our trip, I did a lot of research on satellite internet that we got recently from getting a TV and CLEAR 4q bundle. This gave me the opportunity to view many websites to get ideas for hotels, restaurants, and the best beaches. Like most people, I wanted to get a good value for my money, so I comparisoned shopped for our lodging, airfare, and automobile rental.

Our trip to South Carolina turned out great. We had great weather, great food, and great accommodations. We got a chance to do things we do not normally do in Minnesota. We dined on fresh seafood, played in the sand at Myrtle Beach, and toured the historic areas of Charleston. This summer vacation was a trip we will remember fondly for many years.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Online Marketing Services

If your business is selling online, you need a good online marketing service. You want to make sure your business is being seen by many prospective customers. A good service will provide that for you. If you are like me, you do not want to get into a great deal of expensive hardware and software. And the last thing I want is to have to upgrade the system all the time. I want the simplest way to get my ads out as quickly as possible at the least cost and I am sure you feel the same way. I have been checking into SEO services and I could find a great deal of the needed information I needed right here on the Internet.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I just came back inside from doing an errand. Boy that 90 degrees weather just makes you think of lemonade and surprise I have some in the fridge. Which is why I'm going to cut this short and go get some and cool off. If it's hot where you are then you should get some lemonade and sit and sip.

Changing Weather

Yesterday it was so hot all day you could barely breathe. Then last night it rained over an inch of hard rain with a tornado here and there. It was very comfortable ai 8:00 this morning and now it's back in the 90's. It's been in the middle 80's and low 90's all week and looks like it will keep up for a while yet. With breathing problems I stay in as much as I can.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

Ever since the gold rush days years ago gold has been big demand. The other precious metal is silver. Both of these Have been in such demand the supply can't keep up. If You check this site buy gold coins and fine out how you can start your future investments in gold or silver. The government can get you as much as you want to start. The biggest part of investing in gold or silver is if you need to sell some to meet bills the value doesn't change. It's kind of a win, win situation because gold and silver right now is going up in value because of demand. Wether you're a serious investor or just putting something away for your kids future it's a great way to go.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The day has finally come!

Thanks to guest blogger Alex Costlen for the post.

So I've decided to pack my things and head all the way south to Miami. I just kid, the move was not that sudden. I have been planning this for a few months and I've gotten everything to work out. I finally got the new job settled here through an inter-company transfer and I'm pretty stoked for how everything will turn out. I had to deal with all the preparations upon arrival of setting up new internet, cable, and learning about ADT alarm system benefits. I think these have all been handled fairly well and I'm eager to explore my new surroundings
! I have to get used to how many different cities are referred to as Miami. There is Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, and South Miami that I have learned about so far. I'm working on getting the new tags on the car, but I've been driving around and it's much different than the city. It's still a large city like New York, but things seem to move slower here, maybe it's because I'm not experiencing any pedestrian hustling and bustling. This is strange too! I have to use my car to get everywhere when before I hardly had a reason to drag it out of the garage more than once a week. Anyway, I'm really excited for this and I'll keep you posted!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Smart Phone

Guest post written by Tim Andrews

After months of contemplation I finally bought a smart phone. I’m retired so it’s not like I really need to keep up with my e-mail for any purposes besides personal ones. But I thought it was time to catch up with the times and tired of hearing about all these useful phone apps that would work on my regular old phone.
For all the phone’s perks, I noticed I was having trouble hearing the person on the other end of the line during phone calls so I used the phone’s Internet capability to look up hearing aids and miracle ear cost.
I found the info I needed, scheduled a hearing test and got fitted with a hearing aid that you can’t see unless you look really hard for it. It’s obvious that I’m advanced in age when you look at me, but that doesn’t mean that I want to wear a bulky, ugly, old-fashioned looking hearing aid.
Now I can use my brand new toy – my smart phone, not my hearing aid – in public without being embarrassed.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The 4th Of July

I live in a small town on a lake and every year they have a big 4th celebration. You know parade and carnival rides and all the trimmings. Every year the little town of 9,000 people swells to 50-60,000 people. I used to enjoy it with everyone else but not anymore. The visitors are a bunch of crazy idiots and nobody is safe on the streets. Well thank God it's over for another year and I'm making plans to just stay home.

Knee Surgery

I had a knee replaced a little over 10 years ago. Needless the other knee wore out and needs replacing and soon. I thought wow lets get it done but was I wrong. First pre-surgery physical must be performed by heart specialists so you don't die while they give you a new knee. That's all well and good but it means another month of 24/7 pain before they do it. With no other choice I guess I'll wait for the tests.

Jacksonville Cosmotology School

Beauty Salons are all over the country these days. The hair stylists and beauticians had to be trained for this profession. Regency Schools started training students in Minneapolis 50 years ago with only 2 schools. Since then they have expanded into many other states with over 30 campuses. If you're thinking about a career in the field of beauty and you are wondering where you can train then just check this site Jacksonville Cosmetology School for a Regency school near you. It's the fastest way to get started on a new life of making people beautiful. It's one career where you can see your finished product before they leave the salon.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Enlist Help of Family and Friends

Guest blog post from Jessica Mosberg

When leaving to go on vacation, we tend to ask our friends and family for help in watching our house and property. We do notify the police that we are leaving and give them our contacts numbers just in case. We also stop the mail and the newspaper. It looks kind of suspicious when a house has a bunch of newspaper thrown all over the yard or the mail is piling up!
My parents have a key to the house and they come over on a daily basis to check the house out and to feed the dog and let him outside for a while. We like to do this because it looks like there is activity going on around the house and will hopefully keep lurkers away. Maybe once during the week my father will mow the grass for us and do yard work. If it is winter, we usually hire someone to plow the driveway and shovel snow if my father doesn’t feel up to it.
My parents are also given numbers for contacting us, the authorities, our dog’s vet, and any other pertinent numbers we feel they may need. We also have wired alarm systems that we set before we leave and my parents have the contact numbers for them also.