Thursday, May 31, 2007

Smoked Fish

I've got a really good friend of maybe 25 years. I've lost alot of mobility in my legs and have to choose my locations where I can fish. I had friends tell me to use their dock to get out away from shore for a better chance of bigger fish. Even if I don't get to fish alot my friends make sure they keep me supplied with yellow bass fillets. They deliver freezer bags of anywhere from 10 to 30 in a bag and that makes for a pan full of goooood eating. The friend I started to talk about stopped the other day with 2 smoked trout and let me tell you they were the best eating I've had in years. Jeff has been smoking fish for many years and does it to perfection. We get together once a week for a brewski and gab so I hope on one of these times when he stops he'll have smoked fish with him.

Let's Make A Bid

Ever been to an auction where you try to out bid the other guys? Well let me tell you about something new. You don't win by bidding the most but by bidding the least. This Site lowest bid will explain it to you in more detail but the prizes are great. Like my favorite The PlayStation 3 because I like video games but don't have the new equipment to play with the big guys. Right now I'm using a Nes 64 so you can tell I really need a new system that I just can't afford right now. By going to this link and check out the PS3 you can get the job done By bidding on them and haveing the lowest unique bid then it's mine. This new way of bidding on the things you really want can win you fabulous prizes. Go to

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Todays chores

Well grass is finally mowed and I'm resting from heat stroke. When my rest time is up I have to weed eat the perimeter of the yard. You can't make the boss lady mad can you. Everything in her yard must be perfect. You know the saying If momma isn't happy ain't nobody happy. Even though she isn't my momma or even wife, she does hire me to take care of the lawn. If I don't get these legs fixed this may be the last year and then someone else will get the job.

Breathe Easier

At a young age I was severely burned and when I got older I developed Emphezema. When it comes to dry skin and sore throats in the summer I do know nothing beats a good humidifier. The air in your house gets stuffy and dry so you can't breathe and your skin feel like it's going to crack. Well before you give up all hope go to this site whole house humidifier and you'll see what a humidifier can do for you. With more moisture in the air you can cut back on the moisturizers you use for dry skin and besides the cooler moistened air at night helps you sleep more lots restfully. You won't be waking up every so often gasping for breath. Believe me you just can't beat it, so try checking it out.

It's Me Again Margaret

I was chomping at the bit to get out and mow yard again.Beautiful outside so I came in and changed shoes to get rid of sandles.,walked back outside the ski's opened up and just dumped on us again. That's the third time now so grass gets longer every time. If I don't get it done soon I'll have to bail it for my daughters horses. I may have to anyway the way it's going around here. AAAAAH, it has to stop sometime because I haven't heard of anyone building an ARK. I guess I just sit back and wait to see what happens.

Save Time And Fuel

One of the major problems with bigger cities is air polution. This comes mostly from engines of the cars the tourists drive all over looking for the famous sites.If you're one of those people who won't ask directions then do it at home on your computer.The MBTA ( Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority ) has come up with a system of maps and directions of every place you could ever want to see in the Boston area. You just go online here at this website Boston itinerary and you can plan your entire tour of the city from one website. Even if you don't use the public transit system you will know how to find restaurants, churches, historic monuments not to mention other things to numerous to mention. One thing they help with is your hotel rooms and don't forget before you leave that room check and be sure of where you're going.

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Maintenance Program

I keyed into PPP and got a maintenance window so I did a few things and came back. Still nothing until a few minutes ago when I could finally login. My biggest thing is who got the big TV? I'm sure I didn't because I was locked out but who did? It's no big deal because there's another Tuesday comming up and that may even be bigger. It's a fun addition to blogging and adds a thrill of the chase. I'm sure everyone involved will agree with me on that. I realize that all my friends don't need help with antything untill Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday Morning, after that I don't seem to hear from them at all. Or is it just me?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Looking For Good Plastic?

If you're looking for a new credit card then look no farther. Mint has a new improved credit card with an introductory interest rate you'll have to look at twice to even believe how low it is. When the introductory offer is over then the typical APR is way lower than before too. When you're out surfing the web then take a few minutes to check this site credit card offer I'm sure you'll find a card that meets your every requirement. Just to find a company that can supply you with an acceptable credit card that can go everywhere is like heaven. Then to also have lower interest rates and a superb introductory offer you have to say it doesn't get any better than this.Need more proof then hit the webs and check for yourselves.

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Stray cats

I live in a trailor park in a 14x60 2 bedroom mobile home by myself. There are some stray cats running around the park but there are no mice. We're located in north central Iowa and the owner operator of the park lives in Texas. He still makes all the rules from his throne in Texas. He doesn't like cats and a couple tennants don't either so he says get rid of them. The yard man he has trapped 13 and hauled them out in the country and dumped them here and there. There is one producing female and 5 babies plus about 4 stray toms that want her to have more as soon as possible. I put some foodout the winter I moved in and now feed them everyday. Well that makes it my fault their here. The guy across the street feeds them too but nobody see's him. Now the neighbor to my north wants to start killing off cats but doesn't want to hurt my feelings. I told him kill them all if that's what you want I don't have a say in the matter. I just do what I feel I have to. I have 2 inside cats of my own so I don't have mice but we live right next door to abig big corn field and there will be some everywhere else. LOL,LOL.

International Calling Systems

If you have friends or relatives overseas and spend a small fortune in calls to them then you have to become aware of Rebtel a calling service where you use your own phone and their connections to make your long distance overseas calls for free or for such low rates you can't believe it. their connections now are reaching 1.3 Billion people in over 36 countries. The best part is you can do it from your mobile phone just check this site rebppp and they will fill you in to the plans. There's no signup fee and Rebtel members get 10 free international calls a month. You can't beat that with a club. Go ahead and sign up and start making those free calls to friends to say I wish I was there or you were here. Just to hear their voices and let them know how you feel with them gone, OK?

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Grass mowing

I don't care what people may think. I think that grass mowing is for young men. Wether in their teens or what who cares but not over 60. Sixty year old men that are mowing lawns are pretending they still have it but they really don't. Why should they do heavy yard work just to take a hot shower to relieve acheing muscles and have their poor wife rub ointment into them. Why not admit you can't do everything you used to do. Save the ointment and rubdowns till you really hurt and then don't go out and look for it. The hot shower won't hurt anything besides there are some people running around that could use a good hot one.

Your Problems solved.

In the world today you can't seem to get by without plastic or small personal loans. This was my biggest problem when my wife died 8 years ago. Iwas retired and we had everything worked out to the dollar. That was nice but with her gone and her income gone too it caused a serious problem financially. I used credit cards and made small loans just to get by. The finance companies that held the paper just wanted more interest when you were late or heaven forbid you couldn't make a payment. Some offered solutions at a ridiculous interest rate so you were worse off in the long run. But in todays world there's one place in town you can depend on. Try going to this website debt consolidation loans and you'll find a financial world that can solve all your problems. Find out what it's like to walk down the street enjoying the sunset instead of keeping an eye out for creditors. Just ask them and see what happens.

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Tuesday Again

Well it's Tuesday again but what happened to the weekend? Seems like it just started and it's over already.Hey not only that but it took part of the week with it. When you start getting a little older you can't afford to lose any days. The years go by so fast as it is I can't keep up with them. I still want to get out and do some fishing one of these days. Now the weatherman claims rain in the forcaste for the next 5 days, boy I hope not everything around here is still wet from the last one.

Be Wellknown For Your Films

Let me tell you that there's a growing new video site out there. You can download any and all video's you want. That's not all you can also make your own videos and upload them to be submitted for everyone else to watch. The word is if you want to break into the film industry and have really good ideas then this is for you. Just check out this site Bollywood and here you'll find all the info you need to start on a possible career in films. If not a career then at least your films will have a chance to be enjoyed by everyone. This is an indian site with a youtube style with standard free upload and downloads. There's a large collection to choose from with everything from Bollywood to music to videos of places of interest. So check in and check it out.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Deck Umbrellas

You want to get an umbrella for your deck but aren't sure what to look for. My friend bought one that's 11 feet square and cranks up from a side mounted curved post. The poat has 4 feet about 10 inches long. You out square patio blocks on them to keep it from falling over. In the store it looks great and just what you wanted. Out on your deck in the wind it's not what it's cracked up to be. That 11 foot square shade provider is also a 11 foot square wind catcher. You not only have to block it but also screw it to the deck. Tomorrow we look at gazebo's.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lifes Advantages

One of the greatest advantages that life has to offer is a good education. My wife and I tutored our kids with their homework every day because we know a good education is everything when you graduate. Your education will mean the difference between a job and a great job. Try going to this website summer program and see what Score Training Centers summer camp has to offer you. To many schools and teachers today are passing students without really teaching them all they can. The kids are getting out in the real world jumping from job to job because of poor education. I know kids would hang at the mall or pool and take summer easy but that won't support them when they're older and on their own making a living. Summer learning sessions may make the difference between steak and hamburger. Summer is about to begin so they can't start any younger.

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Please no rain tomorrow.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow because I have to build a lawn chair. I'll be outside of course and just as soon stay dry while I'm doing it. My friend keeps after me to get it built so she can put it on her deck. the one she had has three broken boards in the seat and wobbles all over the place. I wouldn't even try to sit on it because I don't think it would hold a child let alone a 200 pound guy like me.No thanks I have enough trouble getting around now without pressing my luck. Well anywat we build tomorrow.

What's On Your Windows?

When your looking out your windows take a look at the curtains and blinds. Do they need to be replaced? If you think they should or you're just thinking about changing then go to this website Roller Blinds because you'll find everything to make your room complete. Fabrics from Faux silk and suede to polly cottons not to mention all of the hardware needed to install them. Curtains with natural fabric linings and interlinings. We don't stop there because there are cushons and throws, rugs and bedding to accent the intire room. When you do the windows why not beautify and turn the room into a showroom paradise that you'll want all of your friends to see. We're here for you so come to our site and visit us.

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Good Friends And Cold Beer

The guys stopped over after work today and tipped a couple cold ones with me. We had a great time reliving the weekend. One friend went turkey hunting and got a big tom turkey to roast later. Then after that he stopped at the old fishing stream and got a fabulous trout 18 inches long The trout is going in the smoker with several others he's been wanting to fix.He's invited all of us over for the feed of smoked fish and salad and beer. Believe me I won't miss this one.

Know What's Good For You.

You jog and workout several times a week so you think you're healthy. You think you're in good shape but are you really. Working out at the gym is fine but if you aren't eating properly then there's alot you need to know. Our body's need nutritional supplements to maintain really good health. Check out this website men's skincare and grooming and you'll find that they have, Antioxidents, Advanced CLA and Omega-3 supplements for good health. These three supplements will do amazing things like help prevent coronary heart disease. They will also cleanse your body internally and help you control your weight. My ladyfriend is into health supplements and she says that these three things will help get you on your way to a good healthy body. The big muscles can come later but first be healthy.

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I Could Have Gone Fishing.

Today I really wanted to go fishing but it rained like there was no tomorrow. Severe thunder storms went through here and didn't even ask if they could. If they would have I could have told them I wanted to fish today but noooo nobody asked me what I wanted. Well since I couldn't go fishing I went to the Casino instead. It's only 20 miles away and i was there in 20 minutes. I played a dozen slot machines before I found one that paid me back what I had lost and then I left. I figured I would leave the casino ahead or at least even one time in my life. Hey It wasn't going to happen any sooner so I left and came home only $3 shorter rhan when I walked in. Now it's time for some blogging.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's Best For You.

There's something new out there. It's PPP direct and it's built just for you bloggers. Where as the competition charges you up to 50% of you blog money for reviews and other little things they do for you. PPP only charges you 10% and half of that goes to financing your paypay transactions. Which do you feel is more fair? PPP direct is a way for you to deal with the advertisers on a one on one basis. You figure out what you think your blogging is worth and post it. When an advertiser see's your charges they read your blogs and decide if your worth it for what they want. If they think so then they contact you and negociate a deal directly with you. This cuts out the middleman and you recieve more of the payment for yourself. Still confused then I suggest you should check out this website word of mouth marketing because this is where you'll find all the information you need to understand what it's all about. Let me tell you the main thing it's about is the bloggers and what they can do to earn more. I'm not sure it's for everyone because there are a few out there like me that will have to have it explained several times before we get it straight in our heads. Hey once that happens then look out and let the good times roll for everyone in the blogging world. Like the comercial says " It don't get no better than this " so all that's left to do is check it out and then check in, Happy Blogging.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I guess I'll have to get out the air gut and de-dust the keyboard so it will quit hanging up. I have two cats that share the house with me and their hair is everywhere. I try my best to cover the keyboard every time I shut it off but don't always remember to do it. When I come back in here I have to blow a few hairs off the desk. They have to check out what I've been doing. They know it works better if I'm not around to shoo them away. You know since my kids are grown and gone and my wife passed away it's nice that these two cats except me as a friend to share their lives with. They're a whole lot of company when you're alone.

Gifts For Thought.

Guess what, Father's day is just around the corner and you have to figure out a gift. I can help by sending you to this website Fathers Day Gifts where you'll find an endless list of great gifts for every dad out there. Acouple ideas may be the beer, wine or cigar of the month. You say he doesn't drink of smoke. Then how about brownies and cookies, chocolates or cheesecake. We have gift baskets of BBQ sauce, salsa, and hot sauce not to forget gourmet baskets. If you go with the sauces then there's seafood and fine meats to go with that idea. It's his day and the one day a year that us fathers get treated like kings instead of just dad's so go for it and make it a great day for him to remember.

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Done Working For Today

Well I just accepted my last post for the day so I can head for the lake. They told me yesterday the yellow bass and walleyes are biteing big time. The more I think about a nice grill full of walleye fillets the more ready I am to get going. My gear is in the car and all I have to do is stop and get a little bait. I'm set so see you tomorrow on the old blogging front.

Plate Customizer

Everywhere you go these you see customized plates on the cars that you look at.Have you ever thought boy I wish I had plates like that guy has? Well now you know how to get them and that's by going to this website Number Plates & Fancy Plates and checking them out. Make a statement that gets the attention of the other drivers on the streets. Be plain or get fancy it doesn't matter we do it all. Get your personalized plates and show the world how you feel. It's only a click away now that you know where to go. Check it out.

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In the news

The things that are in the news nowadays is sometimes really stupid. I guess it's all news and alot of people love to real about other peoples troubles. Like Paris Hilton I think they waste to much time on something so simple. I think when people have alot of money they do dumb things now and then. I don't have money but I sure do the dumb things. The news media doesn't make a big deal out of things I do like they would if I had megabucks. Then it's like a bulldog with a bone, don't try to take it from him. If you do you're on your own nobody can help you. Oh well that's the way life is a lot of people out there want to know everything that happens regardless how stupid it is.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Pulling For Paris

There's a new movement in the country now. It's a movement to free Paris Hilton from her jail sentence. If you think she should be pardoned and set free then there are a few things you can do. First login to this website "Free Paris" Jail Bracelet and you can get all the information and express your opinions. There's a petition that you can sign and a beautiful bracelet you can order. The wristband bracelet says FREE PARIS on it and has open handcuffs on either side. Not only that but it's in Paris's favorite color" PINK " and something every girl should have in her jewelery box. If you're a guy then think how happy you could make your girl by giving her one of these beautiful wristband bracelets. You and I both know that there a super large number of people running out there that should really be in prison. Their violations of the law are a whole lot more severe than those of Paris. Paris is not a hardened criminal because if she was she would have been in prison a long time ago and for a long time not just a few days. I believe her only crimes are being beautiful and being heir to the Hilton fortunes. That's not a crime or everyone I know would like to be that kind of criminal. Personally I'm happy with my looks but I could use a small fortune to get me by. I believe they should just pardon her and let her fly free from the cage and give it to someone much more diserving. What do you think?

Cats Play

While i'm sitting here blogging I look out my window. I love cats and have 2 that live with me. There's an adult female and her 2 year old male kittens the live wild outside. I feed them everyday year round so I know they won't starve. I have a storage shed behind my mobile home for lawn tools. I've cut an entrance door in the front door so they have a place to be sheltered from the cold. Old pillows and blankets make up the bedding. When the female comes in heat there are sometimes 5 fullgrown males running around out there. Maybe if I can make enough blogging I could have her spayed and end the extra cats problem. I guess we'll just have to see.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lifes Must Have

There is a great number of people who don't have a credit card in their pocket or purse. I personally believe they are an esential of life. I much prefer Visa or Mastercard for all stores and products. When you apply I sugest you keep the limit low it's easier to control that way. Credit cards are a good way to get things you want but really can't afford. You have to be very careful or you will pay a long time for those goodies that you just had to have. So be sure before you buy. A good site to visit is best credit cards where you'll get a better idea about credit cards. Some people out there may check these sites too. or you'll be ablr to obtain very usefull information here. Just about all major stores have credit cards now and I think they are easy to get and easier to use and soon you're in debt up to your eyebrows. I say think before you apply then use wisely.

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My Life Blogging

I started blogging many many months ago when a friend said I could blog for someone and make a few dollars too. I thought good idea and submitted my blog for approval and in a short time I was Approved. Since then I haven't gotten rich but I have managed to pay my bills when due and still have a few dollars. Sometimes you wait for 6 to 10 days for approval on a blog submission and then again it can be approved 10 seconds after you submit it. Regardless which it is it's still a great time and I love it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Everything and more.

If you're a new mom or been there before you have needs for your children.Everything you could possibly want is right here at your fingertips. Go online at this site baby products and see what there is for you. I personally think the crib is the most importantthing in a baby's life next to mom. The Migi splash crib bedding gives you the complete bedding package. The fitted sheet, bumper and crib valance are all there. Then to top it off how about a 200 thread count comforter to complete the package. Plus a diaper stacker and you can choose you pattern prefference. There's Polka dot,Argyles Stripes and even a Green and Blue fish pattern to brighten up your nursery. This website is Now just because I'm into crib bedding doesn't mean that's all there is to offer you. Eddie Brauer diaper bags are a favorite with some and room decor is what others want.Don't worry we have it all and not just for infants but for your older kids too. Would you believe we even have things for the mothers. This is one stop shopping at it's finest and you can take your first trip by checking out the website I told you about. Like I said it's all right there at your fingertips. When you get there you'll find out I barely scratched the surface when it comes to the things they have to offer and you don't even need to start the car. You do have to turn on your computer though.

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On Again Off Again

I've been looking forward to the trip to Tulsa and tonight I find out it may be called off. You know, I don't get many pleasures out of life anymore but driving to Tulsa is one of them. Being a retired 18 wheeler I love to get out and see the country side. Since my wife passed away 8 years ago that hasn't been the fun it once was. My friend of 7 years helps pass the lonely days with conversation and movie going or shopping. Since my legs are getting worse the walking is really an effort but I can still handle a big rig. Sometimes it's just my winstar van and in the fall I haul corn for a local farmer with a semi rig. That's what it's all about is the road even if it's only 20 miles round trip 8 or 10 times a day for 39 days. But the trip to Tulsa is real road miles and I love every minute of it. The traffic in Des Moines, Kansas City, Joplin and Tulsa is all worth it. My friend says I'm to agressive and I should remember I'm not driveing a big rig now. I hope it doesn't get canceled because of some stupid idea somebody had.We'll see what happens.

Calling Cards

Like the credit card commercial says, What's in your wallet? We have the best calling card service worldwide with the lowest rates, no hidden fee's and no suprises. Sounds like a dream then go to this website telecom coupon code and see for yourself. Not only are there country wide calling but also international cards. My friend really likes this because her sister is living in Hong Kong until September. If you have an idea what the charges are to call overseas then you can appreciate our plans. For orders of $20 you can recieve a $25 gift card you can use at 9 online stores not to mention $5 of free calling if you say you read it here. Fathers day is comming up and our cards let you call dad and let him know how much he means to you. Plus you do it at a cheaper cost to you. With phone service the way it is today calling cards are the best way to go especially internationally.

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After midnight

Well it's after midnight so I suppose I better start thinking about hanging it up until morning. Sometimes I just want to go on and on emailing and blogging but my body tells me when time is up or I'll be sleeping on the keyboard. I guess if you don't count the small square depressions in your face it wouldn't be all that bad. I haven't gotten that bad yet but I have come close to falling in my soup. Being very hot that is another thing that wouldn't be fun. SOOO I guess I'd better finish up and get going towards the bedroom for the old ZZZZZ's. I'll check in tomorrow to see if things have changed.

Have You Checked Lately?

In case you haven't noticed the cost of everything is going up and up. If you don't have insurance these days you have a major problem. I would hate to try to count all the types of insurances that are out there today for businesses and indivuals. My recomendation would be for you to get quotes on what types you need. This website Travel insurance can help you with every kind of insurance in the book. Life, Dental, Renters or travel insurance are all there for you to check on. They will get you quotes on the best coverage and best prices from all over the country.If you want additional information you could check here and they will fill you in on the other feilds you may want. This is something you can't be without these days so check.

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Tulsa Oklahoma

I have a plan in the works for a 4 day trip to Tulsa. My friend has a son there and she hasn't seen him or family for 2 years now so she wants to go. I guess next month the second weekend we're off and running. What would really be great is if gas would come down to where it's almost affordable again. It's pushing $3.20 here now I have a winstar van with a 26 gallon tank on it. It gets 24 MPH and that's not to bad so maybe it'll work out. I sure hope so her son is in flight school getting his comercial license. His wife is a terrific woman that puts up with a lot and 2 daughters still at home. Just a great little family that I enjoy visiting.

What We Can Do For You.

When you take a trip do you just go see what you can and return home missing out on alot of the really good things. Well next time first checkout this website TripWiser - social trip planner for the USA and Canada and let us help you plan a terrific trip for you and your family. What are your needs, Relaxation, Culture, Nature, or how about an adventure of your life. We can handle the hotels, restaurants and the activity planning for you and give you wonderful places to choose from. Now I would want the budget plan but you may want the luxury trip with all the trimmings.We also have a new drop and drag rescheduling program for your social trip to set up your itinerary.There will soon additional rescources to make our programs more complete.

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Great Day Again

It's chilly but the sun is shining and supposed to warm up. I got a few things done yesterday but while I was out doing that I missed a lot of opps. I really would have liked to stay home and blog since that is rapidly becomming my first love. I guess it's because I don't have to be in perfect physical condition and can sit down for it. I'm going to try to be outside more again today and breathe the fresh cool air. That's what I really call living and enjoying life.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Weight Loss Made Easy

Think of all the times you have tried to lose weight. You're doing pretty well at it and your friends want to eat at Mc Donalds what can you eat and stay on your diet. I'll tell you what you need and that would be somekind of calculator that could tell you the nutritional value of the food.Try going to this website calorie counter because they have just the thing for you. It's hand held and calculates calories, fats and carbs from just about any food you want know about. I mean from Wendy's to Mc donalds and all the fast food places. Not only will it do that but it even works on home cooking wether you're at home or eating at friends. When you know what you're eating you can do much better at controlling your weight.

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It's Cold Here.

The sun is going down and the temps are dropping really fast. I really can't get over how nice it is one minute and so cold a couple hours later. Now I'm talking 20 to 25 degree drops and my old body is wondering what's going on. It keeps saying Is IT Not Spring? Then where's the heat and I don't mean in the furnace. All winter temps were above normal and now that Spring has sprung it's supposed to be lots warmer and it isn't. Well like they say around here, If you don't like it stay a day it'll change. The thing is it's not always for the best.

Don't Leave Home Without It.

Last year I took my family on an extended vacation because it had been some time since we spent some quality time together. We made all of the plans about which highways we were taking to get there that we would enjoy the sights the most. Well we didn't have a camper or any other outdoor equipment with us. I guess everybody was traveling that week because there wasn't a motel room anywhere we went. When We got where we were going there was a huge convention in town and all motels and hotels for twenty miles were full. I tell you this so you won't make the same mistake. Turn on your computer and go to this website Hotels and find out what they can do for you. If you haven't figured it out the key word is reservations. Please don't leave home without them because the world out there is tough and you have to be ready. Now we're not just talking business trips or vacations. I'm talking cruises, Vacation rentals, condo's and even resorts for those little get aways without the kids. How about car rentals, airfare and a multitude of other things we can do for you and your family. You're saying oh sure but what is it going to cost me probably an arm and a leg. Not to worry because that's the other guys. We have the most competitive rates as anyone. Besides that we have great discounts on world wide travel plans wether it just for you or the whole family. Just stop by the website and check it out for yourself. I know i will never leave town to go anywhere without a reservation and you shouldn't either. It's really the best way to start any kind of trip to anywhere. I know I'm recomending the website to all my personal friends and since I only know intelligent people I'm sure they will take advantage of everything they have to offer and so will I.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shopping Online For Kids.

If you're expecting a new addition to your family I have a suggestion for you.You are going to have to get the nursery ready for the new baby. You can save a great deal of time and money by shopping on line. Try this site baby products and you will get some fabulous ideas. Brand name products await you for your browsing. How about room decor for instance, it has to be something bright for the newborn not the same thing the older brother or sister had. Diaper bags too don't last from child to child but Eddie Bauer has one that just might last forever. Not only do we have them but we also have my favorite the Migi splash crib bedding. I'm talking everything for the crib from matress to a splash mobile to hang on the crib for baby to enjoy watching.You can check this out by going to and get all the information you need about the Migi splash crib bedding. I just about forgot to say that the comforter andcrib skirt plus valance are all washable by machine. Just use cold water and the delicate cycle. one other thing is the variety of patterns you can get like stripes, argyles, polka dots or even little green and blue fish who can ask for more than that. So for all your needs for the baby check us out first and save time by haveing it shipped right to your door.

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Outside Today

Going to have to get outside today and get the work done or I'll be in trouble. I have to put a lawnswing together and mow the grass again. Does it never quit growing? I just mowed 4 days ago but I guess the humid weather keeps it growing fast.I only have 2 to mow not like winter when I shovel the snow for 5 places. I was just thinking which is bad so I'd better get going cause it isn't getting cooler out.

Lifestyle Changing Software.

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Asset Tracking Software

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Ecards and More For You.

Everybody sends ecards to loved ones at special times of the year.Go to this site free ecards and printable greeting cardsand check out what they have to offer. If you can think of it they have it from ecards to trademark characters like the Muppets, Elvis ,Harley Davidson just to give you a few. They have a free site viewing going on until the 17th of May so hurry and don't miss out. American has a new navigational guide for the home page to help you find a particular type of printables. There's even asystem for users to comment on indivual cards or customization tools on ecards or printables. Click on over and check it out. If you like it you can stay because memberships are available. Remember the looking is free until the 17th of May.

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Lucky Tuesday

Well it's Tuesday and good things are about to happen for us. I should say a few of us. I for one will be trying to win at every chance I can. If it's in the cards maybe I'll walk away with a Nintendo WII or the HDTV . Either one would make my day for at least a year. I'd be so happy because the only way I'll ever get either one of those would to be lucky enough to win it. This retirement limited income crap is for the birds. Thank you God for blogging.

It's Tuesday Get Ready

OK bloggers get ready for the challenge of the Tuesday's fastest finger. In the past you have seen Payperpost give away to the fastest finger $1000, or how about an Apple TV set, now don't forget the playstation 3's. Who in his right mind could ask for more. Maybe Me for one I'm getting older and my reflexes aren't that fast anymore. I still keep on trying though. Iwould say first check out the site make money to see what's going down tomorrow. I think some clues would be Nintendo Wii, Slingbox, maybe aYamaha surround sound system.or a Longtech Remote control. These all really sound good to me and I'll be trying to win one of them. I'm hoping you will be too. But let me tell you this if you don't win any of these prizes then don't break your computer yet. The last prize of the day will be a HDTV that will deffinately be awarded to the fastest finger . Will it be you or one of your friends? Well far be it for me to try to predict who it will be that wins any one of these prizes. You all know that would be impossible but I can tell you this in strictest confidence. OK, I had a really great dream last night and in the dream I came out the big winner on lucky Tuesday. Now as soon as it's delivered I will be enjoying the very best in TV intertainment. Hey don't cry you all had your chance. But this time my finger was the fastest. Let me tell you that I really enjoy these big prize opportunities on Tuesday and if you do too then tell them so. Try this site and when you get there tell them how much you love them sponsering Lucky Tuesday's.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Better Blogging Opportunities

I am so happy because I've gotten a blog almost everyday for the last week. The only way I would be happier would be to get 2 blogs a day or 3 even. I really enjoy blogging but it's mainly because of some physical malfunctions it's one of the things I can do these days. So I just say keep the opportunities comming and I'll keep clicking on them till I get one. I know I'm not the only one out here but I hoped everyone would go to mothers today and leave the blogging for me. Be like and just hang in there guy and gals they're comming soon.

Our Signs Stick Up For You.

If you have something you mustbring to the publics attention we can help.First go to our site Real Estate Signs and when you get there you will see all of the fabulous signs we can make for you. For instance how about a vote for me sign that sticks to your car or van door magnetically. We have road signs, Real estate signs even the do not signs like do not smoke. You name it and we can do it for you and size doesn't matter either. You want a 18" x 24" or was that 3' x 8', no matter you order we do it in recoed time. You say what happens if you don't like the one we made for you. Hey just tell us and we'll make it right because our signs must meet with your approval or we fix it. You can tell the world what you want to by driving around with our magnetic sign on your car door.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pinic Time

What a great day for a cookout. Good friends and good food make for a great pinic. I cranked up the old grill and threw on some Jalapeno Brats. OK I put some original ones on too for the mild mannered folks. I have to tell you I have some sweet relish that is made with jalapeno peppers and is nothing but gooooood. BBQ beans, potato salad, and cold slaw. I mean nobody can ask for more than that. Unless it would be the ice cold beer that we washed it down with. Makes you lean back in your lawn chair and say,It don't get no better than this. Let me tell you it doesn't.

Your Classifieds Pay You Back Twice

Yesterday I was cleaning out my garage and basement.I could not even believe how much there was stored there. While I was cleaning I was sorting like everybody does. You know one pile for junk and another one for the really good keepable things. You know I found a lot of things worth some money and got to thinking if I could sell these things I could buy other things I want and need. My neighbor was in his yard and said I should go on line and list them for sale. I said where do I look? He said to try this site and I would find all the information I needed. He said not only could I sell it but probably could run a classified for things I need. I told my neighbor that I owed him one and he said oh before I forget They will pay you to place an add with them, it's free. I told him that's unbelievable but I'll try it and you should too because it's for real.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Really Tired

Yesterday I had a lawn to mow again. Seem like everytime you mow it a week later you have to do it again. Well anyway I had to mow and the temps were around 85 but it was getting later so the wind kicked up a bit. I got the grass mowed and sweat was pouring off of me but the breeze was making me feel cool. I didn't feel bad when I was done. But, this morning I felt like I was dragged through a knothole backwards. My legs hurt like crazy and knees didn't want to function at all. My energy level was way down to nothing so guess what I did. Since there wasn't anything important needing to be done I took the day off and did nothing. Man I'm telling you it felt so good I think I'll try it again one of these days.

It's Me Again Margaret

Yesterday was a really nice day. I was able to get my friends lawn mowed. When I got home my neighbor had mowed mine. That doesn't mention raking up some leaves and sticks and hauling them away. My other neighbor came over when I got home with a cold beer that was more than refreshing to say the least. If we can have these things happen every week then I may even make it through the year or at least the summer. Now I have to work on snow removal this winter.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Using Your Time Wisely

Have you ever said there just isn't enough time in a day to get everything done. Well I certainly have but let me tell you what I found. Go to this site time management software like I did and find out what they can do for you. This is a new software program to show you how to get the most out of every day. Ther's Standard version for $49 For us regular folks and a Pro version for the more business types. Which catigory do you belong to? Roger Constandse wrote a book called Master Your Time and it is available at this site.You can keep going day to day running out of hours before you're ready. Going home and crashing in bed just to get up to face another day of same old, same old. Check out the website I know you'll be glad you did.

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Air Conditioning

You are not going to believe this. I have central air but it's old and the exhaust vent is a 12 x 18 inch deal in the floor and a 16 inch hose that goes outside to the exhaust fan unit. Well today I was sitting here at my Pute and I said to my self. I said self, I said what? I said why don't you clean out the passage way to the air exhaust unit since it's 86 degrees in here. Then I said good ideee and got up off my round "little" behind and went into the living room and believe it or not I cleaned it out and turned the air on. The only thing I could have done was do it sooner because it was high 80's yesterday too. It's to early in the year to be this hot. I wonder what's comming in July and August. I'm telling you I don't even want to think about it. Why go from super hot summers to super cold winters, it could just stay about 75 degrees year round.

Air Conditioning

You are not going to believe this. I have central air but it's old and the exhaust vent is a 12 x 18 inch deal in the floor and a 16 inch hose that goes outside to the exhaust fan unit. Well today I was sitting here at my Pute and I said to my self. I said self, I said what? I said why don't you clean out the passage way to the air exhaust unit since it's 86 degrees in here. Then I said good ideee and got up off my round "little" behind and went into the living room and believe it or not I cleaned it out and turned the air on. The only thing I could have done was do it sooner because it was high 80's yesterday too. It's to early in the year to be this hot. I wonder what's comming in July and August. I'm telling you I don't even want to think about it. Why go from super hot summers to super cold winters, it could just stay about 75 degrees year round.

Why Do I Love Thee

In my case You're there to give me a purpose in life. My creditors have hounded me ever since my retirement. I'm partically didabled and can't do heavy work anymore.One of the things I can do is sit at my computer and give my viewpoints on products or people or just things in general. Check it for yourself at this site viral marketing PayPerPost reviews and approves my blogs and when they say the payment will be there, you can count on it. I can't until I get a ranking so I can have more opportunities to blog for. Blogging is so much fun And earning a little extra income helps alot too. PayPerPost is a great road to travel to get where you want to go. There aren't any potholes and what you see is what you get. PayPerPost is the best.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What happened

The grass that used to take at least a week to get long enough to mow is now ready in 4 days.I had enough trouble mowing it last time because it was longer and still damp in late afternoon. We've had so much rain lately that the ground is more like a pond and it just has grass painted on it. It's to the point where the only thing good about it is the cold beer when you're done. I'm thinking about going for the beer and mow grass tomorrow. What do you think do you want a cold one?

Toss The Coin Let's Get Started

Have you ever played fantasy football? You build your team from the players you choose and compete against the other guys teams. The competition can get pretty fierce butwhy not with all the prizes you can win. Go to this site fantasy football and you'll see what I mean. The AFFL is the elete of fantasy football venues. Best thing to do is get online and pick your team and get ready for the game. Get your buddies and get started it's a win, win deal nobody really loses and that's the good part. Plus the prizes.

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A Good Day For Blogging

If you're a person that sunburns easily then you may want to stay inside and blog. The temperatures are supposed to be in the high 80's which is hot for this time of year. It's supposed to stay up there for next few days and then rain on Friday. There are alot of people out there that don't think about what the sun is doing to them until they suffer heat stroke or severe burns that land them in bed to recover. I would like you to cover your head from the suns heat. I know it sounds dumb but it can save you alot of pain later.

Bid It Win IT.

What do you really want to be happy. Big screen HDTV, A million dollars or maybe a new BMW to drive around in to impress your friends. What ever it is ckeck out this site lowest bid to see what they have. You bid on the prizes you see and you could win it. There's a catch though and that's the lowest bid wins it. You bid a penny and if someone else bids a penny then the price goes to 2 cents. When someone else bids 2 cents then it goes to 3 cents and so on. It could sell for 1 cent or $100 or $500 whatever it is if you win it you get it and don't have to pay a thing. Not even the shipping and handling. Prizes will be given away everyday so logon and make a bid on your farorite item. This could be the luckiest day of your life. My favorite is the BMW 3 Series, I guess mainly because this is probably the only way I could afford to get one. Just take your cell phone and text BMWto81000 and see for yourself.

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Playstation 3

I have an Nintendo 64 but I would love to have a Playstation 3. I have a couple friends that have them and they're awesome. I don't know if my reflexes are sharp enough for the games they have but it would be fun to have one. One big reason is I could do something on the side that's fun while waiting for a blog opp. It would keep a fellow from dozing off and hitting his head on the keyboard. If I don't get one then I'll just have to get some sleep.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What Bugs You.

Hey movie buff what kind of film really gets you going. Personally I enjoy all kinds of movies but the ones that really get my interest are action or horror films. The special effects in the action films are awesome. The horror films are the very best with the shock scenes comming when least expected and scareing the yell out of you. If this is where you're comming from then there is a must in your future.Actually two musts, one being to see the thriller movie Bug and you say what is the other? Well of course visit this site bug movie but not necessarily in that order. If you want an advanced idea of how much scare you can take then check this site for the trailor but be ready for anything. We think that this physicological thrillers will one of the years biggest and best. You'll be kept on the edge of your seat while you experience the same things the beautiful Ashley Judd experiencesSome of you will love it and somewill hate it and then there will be some that are scared to death.I sincerly hope not literally but you never know how strong your heart is till you put it to the test. So all I can say is please check out the sites I've given to ypou and if you like what you see then go see the picture. When it's over then tell all of your friiends how good it was and they should see it.

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A Short Trip

I just made a short trip today of 60 miles and it got me thinking about how many idiots are out on the road. They don't stop for stop signs or yield to on comming traffic. They just pull out right in front of you and hope you can stop for them.At a railroad crossing today the lights were flashing but the train hadn't gone by yet. People started going inbetween the signal arms and on their way. One of them was a gas transport. It was in a small town so if the transport had gotten hit they probably would only lost half the town. Then there's forceing you off the road by comming down the road on your side of the middle line.After driving professionally for over 40 years I'm glad I only make pleasure trips now. YUP I really think drivers education is slipping.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Things You Should Know.

Of all the things you should know in this life, Math is the most important.Have you been in a store lately and watch a young person try to figure out your change when it's not in front of them.I tutored all six of my kids through school with their mathematic skills. Today if they have to make change or figure what they should get back they do it without thinking.If you want your kids to have a better chance in life the thing you have to do is. Go to this site reading tutors to find out how to give them a better chance. What would happen if there was a power outage and the adding machines quit or your calculator batteries were dead, would you still be able to figure it out without taking off your shoes? I say give them a chance.

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Sorry Charlie.

My cousin was to marry a woman from another country in two weeks. Haveing never seen snow or lived on the road in a semi she decided it wasn't her cup of tea. I wondered about it when I heard she had never been in a big rig before. It really takes a special kind of man or woman to do the job. I did it for 40 odd years and lost out on alot of other things in life I would have loved ti have done. Well their still in love so maybe something can be worked out between them. God willing I hope so because the guy needs some good things in his life.

Coupon Codes A Great Deal

Everybody clips coupons or at least knows someone that does. It's the best way to save extra on the things you want. How about online coupon codes that do the same thing. Check out this site coupons if you would like more information. Personally my faves are Target and Best Buy. Target has clothes andhouseware products I need and Best Buy has the electronics I want. I just got this computer from there and my next purchase will be a digital camera.I'll be the last kid on the block to get one but then a new computer was a dream too.Take my advice before you shop go to the site and check out the coupons/the deals and codes that will save you many, many dollars on everything you want. Living on a limited income coupon codes are very important to me. How about you?

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Leg

I was told I need a new leg or I should say new knee. I drove semi tractor trailors for over 40 years. When you're young you jump out of the truck or off of the trailors without thinking about the future. Well down the road age catches up to you and your legs give out starting with the knees. I had one replaced 7 years ago and they should have done both of them. Now they tell me my other one is full of arthritis and needs to be replaced. He even went so far as to say that both should have been done at the same time. I think it's a little late for that thinking now. Anyway one of these days they will replace it and the pain will be gone and I'll be walking lots better. I plan on asking the doctor if I'll be able to dance the fast ones and if he says yes then I'll say GOOD because I've never been able to dance before.

Bookeeping Needs Fulfilled.

If you or someone you know has ever started a small business then you know bookeeping is one big problem. Unless youwere really good at it in school and kept up with it after graduation then you'll need to hire someone to do it. Before you go crazy wondering where to look or how to find that perfect person you need. You must first click on this site bookkeeping fees for information. We had the same problem years ago of finding a bookeeper who didn't cost an arm or leg and also knew what they were doing. The last thing you need is someone messing up your books.You could even try this website if you have payroll needs We're here to help small businesses find what they need. Give us a try, we're just a click away.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Thank God It's Friday.

Boy at my age I've heard that saying so many times but todat is Friday and I'm thankful to be here enjoying it. They say the alternitive isn't that great but I've never talked to anyone who tried it so I can't say for sure. I just know I'm not ready for it. It's raining out and the temps have dropped 20 degrees. That is not good from my viewpoint. The chill in the air goes right through you.When it gets to the point of saturation you can only get in the shower and stand in the hot water till the shakes stop.I love standing in a hot shower because it also makes the sore muscles stop hurting. Sitting here looking out the window I see the rain just stopped so I think I'll grab a jacket and go breathe some of that really fresh air. You should to because it makes your breather say boy this is good stuff.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where Are You Going?

That's a very good question for everyone that travels. Wether it's business or pleasure or for really any reason you may have. Ask yourself what do I do first? The answer is simple you check for reservations at the location that you're going to. What would it be like to get there and find a convention in town and no Hotel or Motel rooms available. The first thing you do is get on the internet. Then check this site Hotel Reservations for all the things you could possibly need foe your trip. I mean to say if it's a vacation you will find vacation rentals. For a fishing trip there are resorts where you can find guides to point out the best fishing areas in the lake. How about a Bed and Breakfast for that second honeymoon you've been talking about. When you're making these plans you have to keep certain things in mind. Where are you going is the first priority. You must remember is your destination right here in the beautiful United States or do you want to travel around tha world. Paris, London, Rome,Australia nothing is out of reach if you make your plans in advance. There isn't anything you can't do or anyplace you can't go when you visit this site for your reservations. While we are speaking about those reservations let's talk about something else. When you are making your reservations don't forget to ask about the discount rates. You know with the economy the way it is today every discount you can get puts money back in your pocket for other things. This is why I'm saying to you when you're traveling on a plane or a cruise it's all good. Wether you're jumping around from country to country or traveling around these United States. Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Condo's it doesn't make any difference what you do as long as you made the reservations to meet your every need. Without haveing to worry about when where how or who you can relax and spend all of your time enjoying the finer things in life at your liesure. What are you waiting for as the guy says, Get-er-done ,now go enjoy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Smorty blog as you are.

You think you have a lot of free time on your hands and wish you had something to do. Have you ever thought about keeping a journal or diary of any kind?If you have then maybe you have heard the term blogging or blogger. There are hundreds and thousands of people just like you who blog to pass the time.blogs are the biggest thing in advertising these days. Companies that want to bring their product to the attention of the public get bloggers to write about their products. Now there are websites where they can go to find bloggers to write about their products for a small fee. These sites will share the wealth with the bloggers. Smorty's is one of these websites where you can go to learn about it. They will explain the rules and what has to be done to get you started. Retired people like me with more spare time than they need think blogging is a blessing. I enjoy writing informational blogs about things you use in everyday life. It can be anything from cars to dishwashers . from computers to bicycles, or clothes. Hey you're the lifeline to the world and blogging is the blood of life. Blogging brings advertisers and bloggers together for a mutually benificial purpose. There are some restrictions but as long as you keep it clean and above board you'll pass inspection and so will your blogs. Like right now you're sitting there and nothing on the tube worth watching turn on the computer and go to this site advertise on blogs and see what they can do for you. You won't be sorry and may even have a blast doing it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Funny what you think about.

I was just sitting here thinking about going to the store for the ingredients for my fabulous BBQ beans. Two slices of whole wheat toast buttered and warm beans in between them and more piled on top. I have to tell all of the bean eaters out there if you tried my BBQ beans you would never be happy with any other. Their like Lays potato chips, you can't eat just one. These beans if you have a spoon full you want the whole pan full. If you just eat all you can hold for the time being then an hour or so later you say are there any beans left in the dish? If that doesn't make you happy then a well prepared well seasoned dish of hamburger gravy over the same kind of toasted wheat bread deffinately will. Sorry folks I have to go to the store now. BYE!!!

We Supply Your Demands.

If your business is in the New England area and you need help filling a position then we have news for you. We have an organization that supplies Qualified employees for quality positions. Visit our site sales management recruiter for more detailed information. Your new employee is guaranteed to be what you're looking for because of our interview process. Our multiple phase process insures you that the employee we find for you is not only a fully qualified person but also a quality employee. We do everything in our power to get you the very best. We guarantee it. So next time the need arises just give us a chance to provide you with the person you really need.

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Weather Or Not.

After two days of record breaking hot temperutures we finally have mid seventies for the next few days. With temps in the middle nineties for two days it was like working in an oven. Energy levels were down to nothing and it took all your effort to do the smallest job. I had the hard part because all my duties were outside at a house with no shade trees. You know lawn work, painting and staining and washing windows, things like that. Granted I had to do alot of sitting down but it beat falling down. But I guess that isn't bad either really except for when you hit the ground.

College Graduates Listen Up

If you graduated with a Ba or Bsc in any major you can qualify for a teaching visa.The South Korea people want their children to learn english because the global economy is based in english. This site Teaching in Korea will give you further details of the teaching position. Your wages will be above average and taxes lower than here. They furnish an appartment that's furnished and pay for your flight over. Another point would be a yearly bonus equivalent to a months wages. Think of the how great you will feel seeing another country at no cost to you not to mention the feeling you will have teaching english to young people. What a way to help world progress. Why wait do it now.

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