Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Worried ? Me ?

Today people worry about every little thing you can think of. Politics and Finances are the two bigger things. I'm at the age it doesn't bother me anymore so why worry. No matter what you think if you aren't rich and powerful in your own right, you can't get anyone to listen to you anyway. There isn't much chance of you changing anything. If you are in the poverty group and don't have some kind of gimick you can't get help. I'm old, handicaped with lots of bills and about $150 a month of my Social Security to live on after bills. To get food stamps you have to meet a spend down which I can't. I don't have little kids ( mine are almost 50 ) so I can't qualify there so they give me $16 a month food stamps. A half gallon of milk, a pound of hamburger, loaf of bread, toilet paper, and a couple cans of soup and it's gone. The only thing is the rest of the month is still there. If the government wants to do something good for the people who gave their all to keep the country going. They should give back the trillions of dollars to Social Security they borrowed and then check out the people on welfare. Some really need the help and others are buying booze and smokes ( not just tobaco ) and going to the casino. So that's why I say Worry? Me? I can't change it and I'll be long dead before anyone esle does because once you get elected to a government office you have it made so why worry about the little guys. If you ever meet a politian watch closely because they always are looking around. I think it for someone important that could help their carreer so if you want to suggest something to them you better be rich.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fog and Ice

It's not good here.  Sunday we got a good coating of freezing rain and sleet.  It is really bad for me as I use a cane and don't think they are much help on ice.  I park close to my porch but there is still ice between me and my van.  My mail comes in at the Post Office so I like to go up there every day and get it.  It means walking up two short flights of steps and a ramp to get inside.  The fog is so thick today too.  City streets are always more slick than the well traveled roads.  Having been a semi driver for years, I am more experienced in this kind of weather than most but it is still tricky.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Extreme Cold

We have been going thru a spell of extreme cold.  It has been wind chill warnings for days.  If you go out for 10 or 15 minutes you can get frostbite.  My lungs are not good, so it is twice as hard on me.  I have to go out every day and get my mail at the Post Office.  It is a real effort to do that in this extreme cold weather.  I use a cane and need a knee replacement, maybe two so I am not so fast either.  It is supposed to finally warm up to 30 this weekend.  I can hardly wait.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Go Figure

Well it's January in Iowa and a couple days ago it rained. Some froze as it came down and the rest waited until it was on the ground to freeze. Which ever it did it made is pretty misserable for us handicapped folks to get around. My house and yard is set up so I don't have to go far for something to grab to keep my balance. I use a cane most of the time but also have a walker that I can sit down on if it's needed. I'm 76 years old and a retired trucker with 3 1/2 million miles over the road in all kinds of weather. I am still amazed at the drivers that go from year to year and seem to forget that ice is slick. Even at my age I have enough sense to slow down and watch the other guy because he might be the one who drives with his head in the clouds or somewhere. The biggest thing that gets me is how many people are on the phone and think they have in control. I guess that's probably good because they can call the cops, a wrecker, or ambulance or coroner whichever is required. All we have to do then is hope their battery isn't dead from talking while driving. I'm sure I'll make it through the winter without a problem but there are quite a few that haven't made it all ready. I pray it isn't any of you. Be careful out there.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Taco Johns

Tomorrow is Tuesday.  My sister is supposed to come over and we will go to Taco Johns for lunch.  They have the best Mexican food.  It is always good and hot and fast too.  We need to make a Christmas gift return for another size so will be going to a different Taco Johns in the next town.  I know the food is just as good and the same and look forward to it.  My sister likes to try all kinds  of new stuff and she seems to like it all.  I used to eat tacos all the time but have been trying their deluxe burrito and it is really good.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cold Air

We are having a long spell of very cold air and very cold weather.  It is hard to breathe when the air gets this cold.  I enjoy staying in the house as much as I can when it gets this bad outside.  Your van doesn't get a chance to really warm up until you are back home again.  They say it is going to warm up the next few days up to freezing.  Doesn't sound quite right does it?  But that would be a whole lot warmer than it is today.  Right now I see it is 15 degrees and that is about 15 degrees warmer than it was yesterday.  I am looking forward to Spring.

Magnetic Drills

A great deal of construction is going on every day.  Each day magnetic drills are used in constructing bridges, highway jobs and a great many other construction projects.  It is important to use these drills with the right structural bolts and fastener components.  Ever now and then you see on the news where a building has collapsed or some serious happening such as that and you wonder why.  Perhaps they didn't use the right magnetic drills, bolts, etc. during the construction.  Things may look good at first and last some years but if not done correctly, they will eventually give way and come down often causing loss of life or the loss of a living place for people, work place for an office or manufacturing plant.