Friday, July 31, 2009

Real Estate Postings

I would like to find some good honest Realtors so I could choose one to get my home sold. In our area, I am not sure where to look so I was glad to find this website. Here you can just fill in your State where you live and it will give you a whole list of local realtors in your area. Not only that but it gives you all kinds of other information such as what realtors charge for commissions. This is a big thing for me as my home is not worth a whole lot and I want to get to keep as much money from the sale as possible. I also want to know who is going to represent me and who represents the buyer. There are so many questions that I have in regard to selling my home and I am glad to find a place where I can get some real answers.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chief Supply

Most safety officials such as Police Officers, EMTs, Firemen and others in the public eye want their people to look their best. That is why this company has furnished catalogs to many since l977. If you are looking for tactical gear this is the place to order. They have great customer service and have made it as easy as possible for you to order by fax, internet or toll-free phone. They will give you quality outfitting and have a 90 day return policy if you aren't satisfied. They also have a 30 day charge plan to make it convenient for you. You will find competitive pricing here also and we all need that these days. Check out their inventory and I feel you will find just what you have been looking for.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Missed Again

The weatherman said about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow we will have a light rain and it will last all day off and on. Guess what the rain got here early and it's pouring outside not just a light rain. Oh well you can't win them all I guess. They have been having a pretty good record until this happened. Anyhow everything is totally wet outside now so that will limit any outside work that needs doing. Good because that really means sleep in tomorrow.

My World

I just watched a Clint Eastwood movie that was made in the late 50's. I should say the movie was based in the 50's with the cars and senery. They had a bunch of late 50's cars including a 57 Ford which I have loved since they made the first one. When I look at cars today I can't tell one from another but back then every car was a classic and had it's own look. I've been a Ford person since day one which makes for some good arguements because A lot of family members like Chevy's. Their loss I guess they come from the side we don't talk about.


In 1996 Alegro Medical .com launched a new company in the online medical supplies field. This site electrodes can give you a more complete listing of the products they carry. Home health depends on online suppliers for their care products. Besides the medical, they include fitness and exercise equipment. Dietary suppliments is another product they have to make your life better. Listed under 50 categories and hundreds of subcategories you'll find over 50,000 different products for your every need. Whenever you're in need of medical supplies just check out the website above because I know you will find everything you need. Every household should have a good first aid kit and a blood pressure monitor is also a good idea. In addition, if you are a diabetic, such as I am, you can get you diabetic supplies delivered right to your door if you wish.

Crossword Puzzles

I'm sitting here and just remembered I still have to do the weekly puzzle from the paper. They start at $250 and add $50 to it every week nobody solves the puzzle. They just had a winner a few weeks ago for $7850.00 and I wished I had been the one to solve it. It's up to $450 this week so that would pay a few bills for me. That's what life is all about it seems is to work hard and pay your bills even if you don't have any left for you. That's the government's idea of getting a head in this old world.

What A Day

I knew I should have slept in this morning but I had someone that was supposed to come over. I got up and about 3 hours after I thought they would be here they showed up. I could have slept at least 2 of that for sure. I sure could use it now because I still have an hours work to do and have to stay awake. Oh well I can sleep in tomorrow at least until 9:00 and that will be good. I'll have to see if my friend wants to go to the fair. It doesn't make any difference to me but she likes it. I just need more sleep then we'll see what happens after that.

Degree Online

The one thing you need today to get through this life is a good education. There's a lot of people that can't afford to go to college because of the cost. You need to find a college, then a place to live while you get your degree plus books. Capella University solves those problems for you. With top of the line of acredited teachers with 109 graduate and under graduate programs plus 15 certificate programs. This site degree online is where you go to learn more about their degrees. Almost 24,000 students from 45 countries and all 50 states are getting their degrees now. That degree is the one thing you need in this life for a good job and the best life possible in this world today. So quit sitting there and go to the site I told you and watch your life begin to get better.

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One More Year

I have a 2001 Ford winstar and it's a great car. It's fun to drive and the best ride I have ever had from any car. It has to last me at least one more year before it's paid for and then I can trade cars for what I think will be the last time. I plan on living a long time yet but I want a new car to live with. I know the winstar will last me for a good number of years.

Television Movies

I thought I had seen every movie Clint Eastwood ever made. I turned the TV to movie plex and would you believe there was a Clint Eastwood movie I hadn't seen. So needless to say I'm watching it now. I still can't believe there was one I hadn't seen. He made a lot of them for sure. I think I like the old westerns and Dirty Harry ones the best.

Costume Jewelery Rings

When you're looking for costume jewelery that is so beautiful you can't tell it from real diamonds then stop looking. Holsted is the best manufacturer of costume jewelery. Since 1971 Holsted craftsmen have fashioned jewelery for every occasion. Wether it's a gift for your girlfriens, your mother or just a present for someone special they have it. If they don't have what you want they can make it for you. The first thing that you have to do is just go online to this site costume jewelry rings where you will find everything you could ever want in fashionable jewelery. Nothing but the best materials and craftsmanship goes into every piece.

Baking Again

I had a woman find out that I make real good pies and she wants me to make a chocolarte one for her. Pluss she wants about 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies too. I don't want word to get out that I'm baking again or all the ones I made them for before will want me to come out of retirement. I'm going to bake a pie for my friend and I and also some cookies because we like them too. I like to make us a pie once in a while just because we like pie.

Feeling Good

My lower back has been a pain in the butt literally for many years especially the lower part. I saw a exercise contraption that was really funny to me that anyone would buy it to exercise with. I bought it with a totally different idea in mind instead of exercise. I thought I could adapt it into a dealy that would put my back back in place and make it quit hurting all the time. It took several months for me to feel up to working on it but I finally got it done. I tried it and my back poped and rattled and everything went into place like it should have been all these years. Many trips to the chiropractor never made me feel so great after one treatment. My device did everything I had imagined it wood and more. No more back pain for me and now I get up in the morning and take 2 minutes to use it and feel great all day. If I'm doing something that requires me to work half bent over so my back starts killing me I just use My contraption and the pain is gone.

Family Vacation

Everyone wants a vacation that will make the rest of their lives seem more worth while.This site family vacation is the first step on your way to heaven. White sand beaches are the trademark of the Karisma hotels of the Mexican reviera Maya. Luxury living at it's best from the white sand beaches to gourmet food and beverages. For some a true vacation is like a second honeymoon without the kids. Surprise there are exclusive hotels that are adults only such as the Hidden Beach Resort that caters to the nudist clientel and is the only one in the Mexican Reviera Maya resorts. With the gourmet food, beverages, suites and secluded beaches where you can totally relax i can only say if they don't have everything you want then it doesn't exist anywhere. The Vacation to end all Vacations.


The weatherman just said tomorrow for sure we will get the rain we didn't get today. I think they could have just canceled it. The farmers would have screamed because they need it now instead of this fall when they need to get in the fields. Oh well I guess a little rain won't hurt but they're talking all day tomorrow starting early in the morning. The temps are staying cooler so that has been helping those of us with breathing problems. I'm looking toward the weekend to see what that will bring.

County Fair Time

Well it finally came around to our turn. The North Iowa Fair has started and will run through the weekend. I personally have gotten so sick of the same old thing year after year that last year I stayed home. Everything you enjoy doing is twice as much money as a couple years ago. I suppose it's old age getting to me but when you only have so much money every month you have to make it last. If you do anything that's not on your list the extra money has to come from somewhere. Usually it comes from your food allowance because you can always get by on eating a little less. Your prescriptions need to be purchased to keep you alive and pain free. It's simple math if you want to eat and stay healthy then you don't go to the fair.


To many collectors of precious metals there is only one company to check with for the real bargains for your investments. For over 30 years the Monex Company had been the leader in precious metals sales and collectibles. For some it's gold and others love the looks of silver. Silver comes in coins or ingots and you can have them shipped to your home or stored in a secure vault in a independent bank. Either way this site silver can help you on your way to your own investment collection of gold and silver. Coins, ingots and bullion is all available for whatever your needs are. I don't have any bullion but do have some gold and silver coins in my collection and they are among my prize possessions. Go to the website I mentioned and check out how you can get started investing for your future.

What Happened?

It was supposed to rain today and this morning I would have sworn it was ready any minute. It never came about and now the sun is shining and about 80 degrees outside. There is no doubt this is the weirdest July we've had for many years. I've seen a lot of them even one with snow on the 4th and that was really strange. The people that are in the know are saying it's about the coldest July for a very long time. I say if it's so cold then what is this winter going to be like. Last year we had more days below zero than we've had in the last 5 years put together so go figure.

Owch That Hurts

I have a very high pain threshold conpared to most people. I can play or work with a lot of pain because I know it will get better. I put off going to a doctor because they just say take 2 aspirin and put heat or ice on it. Well I have an attack of gout and let me tell you it brought me to my knees. It was in my foot and kept me awake all night in just plain pain that even I couldn't stand. I called and went to the doctor, who gave me some pills to take every hour for 6 pills then repeat the same the next day. Within an hour or maybe even less the pain was gone and I thought the doctor was the greatest guy I had ever met. What I'm trying to say if someone tells you they had a gout attack just have plenty of sympathy for them and be glad it wasn't you.

Options Express

If you're trying to figure out how to invest your extra cash so it will be there years from now there's only one way. First you have to turn the old computer and then check this site options express for the best deals in stock options. They have an exclusive way of checking the market for you called SmartSearchXL. They can conpare and analize the market options and give you the best stock investments to secure your furture. Power options has the best customer support plus a suite of essential materials that give you all the data you need to invest through Power Options and make money trading stock. The main point is Power Options can give you answers in minutes instead of days or weeks searching on your own. So I would say try it because it comes with a 14 day trial period for a test drive.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gift Card Printers

One of the easiest gifts to give today is a plastic gift card. You see them in many big stores and it is so easy to buy them and not have to worry about buying a gift the person will like and wrapping it up and then getting it to them. Sometimes, you have to mail the gift which makes even more work. I love giving Gift Cards as it makes things so much easier. That is why many businesses are starting to have their own gift cards available and they have found their business grows because of them. It draws people into their businesses and they will do other shopping as well. This website is a great place for any business to contact and get set up with gift cards. They help you get the logo you want and guide you through the processes. Check them out and see about them now.

Collision Repair Experts

If you live in the Irvine, California area or anywhere in the vicinity, it is easy to find a collision repair shop at this website. All you have to do is check into auto body repair irvine and they furnish you with a great map showing all their skilled shops. I know it is tough when you get into a collision and your vehicle needs repair. You also want it to get back to its regular good looking condition so you want repairmen that know what they are doing. You can find out here from others who have used them to repair their vehicles. It is easy to find out how satisfied customers have used their shops. It sure takes a lot of worry out of getting your vehicle repaired.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Offeretti Review

Being on a limited income, I am always looking for ways to save my money and make it go farther. I was checking the internet and found Offeretti - Offers, Deals, Coupons, Savings, Specials. It is a great website for everything you could want. I am a member of Facebook and you should be a member to look up all the specials. I checked out restaurants and found great deals on Applebees. I can take my friend to dinner at half the cost. Check it out and see for yourself. You can even share these offers with your family.