Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where Is It?

Was anyone paying attention when they got up this morning and if so did you notice anything different? So OK where did today go and why. I had alot of things I had to do today and before I could even get started The day was gone. Sooo where did it go really because I wasn't paying attention and don't have a clue. I've had friends say to me, boy did I get alot done today and I know they wouldn't fool around with me. All I want to know is where it went and then I'll be happy again. I hate it when this happens.

Pizza Time

I do like it when it's pizza time because we have several great pizza parlors in our area. the I love the best makes a guinie grinder pizza with beef, pork and Jalopena epper slices stirred into it. Topped with plenty of cheese it is a wonderful treat for everyone that likes spicy food. I like to go there whenever I can because they're the only place that serves this kind of pizza. For a real treat you should try it.

Harlem Tours

I think just about everyone has heard something about Harlem at sometime in their life. What you don't know is the real Harlem. The best way to find out more about black culture is to tour the area and see for yourself the fine art, intertainment,and fine dinning. You just have to check out this site Harlem Tours to visit the real Harlem. The tours that they sponsored by local businesses and organizations consisting of people that live and work in Harlem. This isn't a tours by people who don't know what it's all about. The apollo for great intertainment and don't forget the soul food and jazz that will keep your feet tapping for days.If you're part of a group then we customize a tour just for you. There's a directory that you can comment on with your own oppinions for your next trip.Isn't it time you tasted the real Harlem treats and heritage for yourself?

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Bill Time

The month is over and creditors are standing with their hands out. My retirement check will go in the bank soon and I'll be paying as many as I can. i have certain ones I pay first and hope there is enough left when I get to the last few. When that happens I have to make sure the ones that have to wait a little longer aren't the ones that charge a late fee. Those things can kill you.

Dump City

In the next few days I'll be hauling junk to the dump to clean the place up. Some of it will be from my house and some from my friends house where the rehearsal reception will be held. She has a Ford ranger pickup so we'll have to make at least 2 trips to get it all done. I should be setting things out where their easier to just throw on the truck but I haven't yet. Way to hot and muggy for that kind of activity out there. I'll do it later when it's cooler.

Best Credit Cards

You know that a day doesn't go by without getting 1 credit card offer in the mail. The question is how do you know which card is right for you unless you let them pile up so you can compare them. The very best and only way to check credit cards is go to this site best credit card offers and you will find over 100 cards to choose from. Check out what each one has to offer you so you can make an inteligent decision of which is the best for you. The one big thing about WWW. is they monitor credt cards daily and only bring you the best choices to pick from. If you need a credit card then save all the hassle and check out cardfusion for the only way to shop.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Today is August 30th 2007 and on August 30th 1967 my late wife and I were married. On Christmas morning 1998 cancer won the fight with her and I was left alone. that was 40 years ago when we got married but it was more like last week. She had 3 children by a previous marriage and so did I so we combined them all and carried on. soon it got down to just her and I and we were making plans for retirement. The month after I retired she died from the cancer and all plans for the future stopped. Well anyway it was 40 years ago today that we were so happy and one day we;ll find those happy times again. Happy 40th anniversary Betty Jo. Love You, Neal

Home Office

I slowly but surely have aquired the materials I need to build the shelves I've been wanting in here. I want to put in shelves for notebooks and books I like to read when i have time. I have so many that I haven't read and some I probably never will. Being a Stephen King fan I buy one of his everytime I see one I haven't got and they sit in a huge box until I get the shelves build. I'll put the ones I've read on one wall and to be read on the a v shape to the corner of the room. I think it would really be great to meet Stephen King just once. He's the very best horror story writer I can think of. i've read a couple others but none have his talent for the weird and strange.

Miami Heat Tickets

Remenber the last time you got tickets to watch your favorite team play. They were way up in the rafters and you couldn't tell who was playing. It could have been some other team for all you could see from where you were.Well there's a solution for your problem.For tickets not only for your favorite sports team but the concerts check out this site Miami Heat tickets and find out what fabulous seats they have to offer you. Wether it's Baseball, basketball, Hockey, Football or Las Vegas shows the ticket are there and they're yours. Right up front where you can't miss a thing if you don't have to leave. So don't have to leave and you'll have the time of your life and be talking premium seat tickets for everything.

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Money Needs

You know when you live on a limited income you have to go without some luxuries that you don't really need but still want. If you land some part time work for a while you have more and spend more. Then the job ends and you still want to spend it like you have it. It just doesn't seem to work that way and soon you're looking and praying for another job to balance things out again. Thank you God for blogging even though I still go without some things. I getting used to it so when I win the lottery I won't really need it because I'll be used to living without. NOT!!!


My friend suffered with carpal tunnel for many years living in daily pain. Her thumb is essential to her work as a beautician. Three years ago she flew to Singapore to visit her sister whose husband's job trasfered him there for a year. While she was there she visited adoctor that performed accupuncture on her hand and arm. The pain was totally gone and would you believe it hasn't returned yet. The medical profession is now reconizing accupuncture as a treatment for nerve damage and alot of people are being cured of their pain. I plan on trying it for the pain in my neck that I've had many years.

Seaworld Tickets

When most people say they want to go to Orlando for vacation they don't realize that Disney world and Universal Studios aren't the only things to see. I'm talking Kennedy space Center, Seaworld and all of the other theme parks not mentioning Disneys 4 theme parks. There's many many dinner shows and all with discounted tickets from by just going to and checking out this website SeaWorld Tickets for all the information. Once you find out all of the intertaining places to visit you'll have to plan another trip to Orlando to even start to see it all. You will love everything you visit and will want to return to do it again.

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Campaigning For What

I wouldn't want to run for office in anything. I don't care all that much for politics and alot of the people running. Everybody think their the best one for the job but are they? I think the lastseveral elections we get the opportunity to vote for the lesser of two evils wether we like them or not. I guess somebody has to do it but what ever happened to the bit about you can be born poor and still be president. The only ones I see running are already millionaires to start with. The bad part of it is we still have a year to listen to all this crap.They should take everybody's name who wants to be president and put them in a hat and draw it couldn't be any worse.

Motorcycle Deaths

The news media is making a big thing about motorcycle deaths have gone from 8 to 9 this year. Hello!!! the automobile deaths are up too but they didn't mention that. Motorcycles like everything else will kill you if you don't pay attention to what you're doing. I've has a couple scrapes on a cycle myself but it was because I didn't allow for loose gravel in the corner where I was. If I would have been more mindfull and in less of a hurry it wouldn't have happened.

Baby Gifts

Before that baby leaves the nest you should check out the baby nest at this site buy baby gifts where you'll find gifts for all ages. You can even find something for the moms. They have a wide assortment of gifts for all ages and occasions. Some can even be personalized free of charge. Maybe you're planning a baby shower so where do you look for the things you need? Right here at where they have party favors and decorations of all kinds to suit your needs. There's not only bibs and blankets but all sorts of apparel and even announcements. The place to go when babies come first and then the rest of the family.

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The world is becomming so sports happy they don't let one season even get close to being over before the next one is overlapping it. Hey if you have cable you can watch football all year round. I was severly hurt as a kid and couldn't play football so I can watch or not it doesn't matter to me. I was able to play baseball and i really enjoy it but before the seasons half over football is back. Go figure.

Bridge Down

I know it was a major bridge in Mpls. that colapsed but it triggered a whole new way to look ay bridges. I personally have been over that very bridge several hundred times over many years. The thing I can't figure is when they're told the bridge needs upkeep repairs why would they say we don't have the money so we'll do it next year. I'm a retired truck driver and it really burns me when they pass the buck by saying heavier trucks are to blame. I believe 50 years of all traffic is what's the blame and someone not doing their job of repairing when needed. Several smaller ones have colapsed since then.

Vacation Luxury

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My friend just called and said her future daughter-in-law just showed with a large pizza and I could have a third of it if I wanted. Well I don't know about anyone else but to me it hit the spot. i love pizza and when I'm bloggong it couldn't be better than that. I jumped in the car went over she met me at the door and I'm back home in 8 minutes. Everybody's happy especially me.

Heat Stroke

I've been feeling pretty well used up all day today. I think I spent to much time out in the heat and humidity of the day the last few days.When I'm in the car I feel good with the AC blowing in my face but as with everything else it doesn't last forever. You get where you're going and back out in the heat again. For some reason the AC in the house is cool but since it doesn't blow in your face it isn't the same. I guess I'll have to hook up a fan.

Karate Gi (uniforms)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not Again

Well it happened again about5:30 this afternoon. It started to rain as though we haven't had enough in the last week. I shouldn't say last week because we did have 2 days of sun and drying temps. The week before it rained all week and I mean every day. I guess it's better it rains now and not next month when we start to harvest the corn. You just can't get into wet fields.

Coupon Chief Inc.

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Quiet Times

Since school started again it has been so quiet around here without the cars running back and forth. The really young ones drive golf carts all over the park. Most of them don't know much more than going straight ahead. If you meet one of them on the street they wait until the last minute before they turn off to the side and let you pass. Their parents think that's great because they're doing something on their own. It's the parents that need the spanking.

Doggie in the window

Walking out to get my mail I saw a dog looking out the window of a house down the street. He looked familiar to me and then I remembered where I had seen him. It was in my yard without a leash leaving a message for me in the grass. His owner stood a short ways away and watched him and then left. I thought he could have at least cleaned up the mess. I have two cats that stay inside and don't leave messages in the grass. Everytime I mow my lawn I happen to find notes from all over the neighborhood. Why are some people like that?

Cosmetology Schools

When it comes to schools of cosmetology Regency is a name that stands out from the rest. Having started over 50 years ago they have trained some of the best in the field. In 2002 with 2 schools based in Minnesota they have expanded to almost 30 campuses covering 9 states. They offer a placement service that not only covers salons but cruise ships and runways. For more information on a quality opportunity then check out this site cosmetology schools where you'll learn about the school and an occupation that will last you a lifetime. Anyone who has had a connection in the beauty field knows that beautiful women need quality people to keep them looking that way. Our schools train just that kind of quality personel.

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Time? What Time?

I can't believe I've been sitting here for 4 1/2 hours already this morning. I still have things to get done outside and may have to stop for a while to get it done. These are all things I have to do for my friend and thankfully she understands I'll get it done but I have to blog first. Right now I can tell that I'm going to have to turn my central air down a bit because it's getting warm in here. I'll be back later.

Making Good

One of the local basketball stars went on to theUnivery of Iowa and continued his love of basketball. Being only 5 feet 11 inches tall he worked harder than the really big guys to surpass his own goals. He then moved on to Poland where he led the polish tam to victory for three years. Now he's back in the U.S. and thinking about where he would like to play. I believe he'll go back to Poland and play with the team he knows and loves to play with.

Executive Search Firms

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Tuesday again and the grocery stores change their adds. Plus it's a big day for PPP bloggers with the $1K giveaway. I try to get them but I'm not fast enough to get it done and they're gone before I get there. I keep thinking one of these days one will come up and I'll be the only blogger out here that isn't doing anything and I'll get it. Oh Well I keep trying.

Young Drivers

Oneof the things I hate most is picking up the paper and more teenagers die in auto crash. You see them going by talking on cell phones and turning every which way talking to their friends that are riding in the car. Everybody's laughing and having a great time until that tree appears from nowhere and 2 die and the others are in the hospital for days or months. Parents these days can't wait until their kid can drive herself to school and back. The problem is they dn't monitor how they get to school or how long it takes to get home afterwards.

Medical Equipment

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Break Time

Hey I get a break too today because there are blogs to do and I don't have to go outside and work in the heat again. Well not until later I guess and then it will really be hot outside. At my age I don't move that fast anyway so I don't get overheated. I do get the work done but it just takes longer.

Love Is In The Air

My neighbor across the road was widowed 2 years ago and now it seems she is keeping company with another neighbor. She's 75 and he looks comparitably the same. It's so nice to look out the window and see young love in action. The poor woman likes to be pampered and catered to so I hope this guy is ready for it. Since she moved in she has needed the help of one or more of the three guys that live around her for this or that. Finally we get a break.

Monday, August 27, 2007

NOD32 Security systems

The security protection of your computer is just a matter of finding the right system for you.The biggest share of these security systems cover much of it but not all of it This site NOD32 is the first stop you should make. They have taken security to a new level by overlapping different coverages so what one doesn't cove another will. This layering effect gaurentees that all angles are covered and you are protected from the outside world. With all of the scamming and spyware and other things to worry about in this world it's really good to know that there are companies that are working for your protection and making your life secure.

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New People

There are alot of new people moving into this mobilehome park. One especially thinks she's a hot number parading around the park in short shorts and a tank top. The guys all comment about how she looks but she has the personality on a sponge mop. You know what I mean if someone doesn't control it then it's worthless because it can't think for itself. Things like that just make me say , that's one of the reasons I know God has a sense of humor. It's impossible for someone to be that stupid and not have a clue.

Harley Davidson

I have a questionaire from Harley to fill out. I got it with a purchase of Wild Hogs the movie.I had to sell my 1100 Yamaha Special because of some disabilities that keep my legs from doing what their supposed too. So I get to thinking about all the good times I had over the years with motorcycles. There are a lot of really memorable moments to jog my brain every so often. Little things you don't think about until they happen. Like for instance do you know what a June bug feels like when it hits you right in the middle of the chest at 80 MPH? Thank God it didn't penetrate but it did leave a bruise that lasted 3 weeks the size of a quarter.

All Inclusive Mexican Vacation

Karisma is not only something you'll never forget but it's also the name of a collection of Resorts that you will never forget. They are located on beautiful white sand beaches and offer unforgettable luxury accomidations. Their gourmet chef's prepare meals from fresh market ingredients for mouth watering flavors. Everything from the bread to pasta and sauces are prepared in their own kitchens. This site All Inclusive Mexico Vacation is where you start memories of a lifetime. From the secluded resort for the naturalist to the family friendly ones, or even the adult only for the romantic getaway or second honeymoon. Just remember at the Karisma resorts you are number one.

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Boy I'm soexcited because my brake light came on. I have 73,000 miles on my van and when the one I had before had 73,000 miles it needed new brakes and now like clockwork this one does too. You know when you have a financial problem of sorts and it kind of drains your resources, something major always seem to happen. I guess for me it's getting a brake job for my winstar or not being to stop when I have too. So I guess I will go down to the garage and see just how much it will cost and get it done.

Great Day Again

The wedding preperations are comming together and I'm so glad of it.My friend, the mother of the groom is going nuts trying to get things organized and now there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I guess I don't mind going to weddings but I really don't care about being relied on to help get things ready. I guess they say that's what friends are for.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baby Products

If you recently had a baby there are probably some questions in your mind that you would like answers for. There is a company out there that is made just for you. The internet site baby product is the number one place to find everything you could ever need for your baby. They can not only help you find just the right things you want but will find a store within a few miles of your Baby Gear Review Engine will not only find it but will give you reviews of other parents on the products you're looking for. Having other parents reject or rave about a product can help you make the decision of wether it will be right for you. With 32,000 local parent and baby friendly stores and 120,000 reviews from 5,ooo neighborhood stores all over the country how can you go wrong. It's right there at your fingertips, try it.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The hood

My neighborhood is going to the dogs. Several mobilehomes around me have been sold to people with dogs and kids. The dogs come over and leave messages in your yard that they don't expect answers for and the little kids drive golf carts all over the park. The worst part is that they think they have the right away. and the dogs don't want to mess up their lawn. What can you do but complain and hope they do something.

Getting There

The wedding's just a week away and finally things are comming together. The rehearsal reception is in my friends backyard. The weather is finally cooperating with me to get lawn work completed. There's still alot of things that have to be moved into the yard to complete the show. Besides the lawn work and preperations I also get to help prepare the meal for 50 people at a cookout BBQ. Let the fun begin.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Distant SearchEngines

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That's Trouble

I got my friends lawn mowed and stopped at home for a few minutes. I checked the computer for blog opps and there were some. So I had to do them while I could. It's only 7:00 P.M. so I still have time to finish the trim work if I hurry. I'm just afraid I'm in trouble already. Let's hope not, Later Gators.

Event Websites

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Cut It and Then Bale It

I mowed the lawn 5 days ago and then it started raining. After 5 days of rain the grass is 8 inches high and trying to stall the mower. The neighbor said as a joke do you think we should bale it? I'll tell you what , after mowing the backyard I'm really wondering if he was joking. I have a mulching mower and took the blocker out and let throw the grass. If I hadn't done that I never would have gotten through it. Next time I'll mow it in the rain.

Email Express Direct

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stray Cats

There's a mother cat and 4 half grown kittens running around the trailor park. I put dry cat food out for them and some scraps. They keep the mouse and mole population down and I've never had mice in my house. Two little 12 x 50 trailors came up for sale and were purchased by a guy and his daughter. They have a dog that runs all over the park without a leash and now he's complaining about the cats. In another month he'll be gone because they're snow birds. They don't really live here they just use it for a vacation retreat.

Mint Cards

If you want to get a new credit card then you should go to this internet site now low rate apr credit card for information.Right now Mint is offering a new low-interest credit card. This is an company that has a very competitive introductory offer and other benefits that makes their credit card the better choice you can make. With a financial institution like Mint you can't go wrong.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Long Day

I don't know why I got up so early today there wasn't anything to do because of the rain again. I have many things to do outside but not in the rain and you can't mow wet grass. Only 2 1/2 more weeks till the outside wedding and my friends lawn has to be beautiful for rehearsal guests for a cook out. This weekend it's supposed to be sunny and dry so lets hope for the best and get it done.

Fair Time

The Iowa State fair is over and the Minnesota fair is starting.Everybody says Minnesota is the best around but I've never been there. I went to the Iowa fair 35 years ago and haven't been back since. Now it's way to much walking for my banged up legs.I should get one of those hoverounds to help me cover ground that I can't walk anymore. I really don't want to be that dependent on that then I would have trouble getting around. My legs would probably just give up if I didn't need them.

VoIP Phone Systems

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Every once in a while you get to thinking about your friends and how they affect your life. Some are just people you know are like and some are real friends you can depend on for help when ever you need it. Sometimes it's muscle help moving some heavy things and then there are times $10 is needed until payday to get you by. These are the real friends. Someone that you can count all your real friends on one hand and when you think about it you can. Sometimes on 2 or 3 fingers is all you need. The thing is no matter how manty fingers you use you need the friends to get through life.

Where's The Food?

I thought That I ordered food a while ago but none has showed up yet. I am starting to wonder where the delivery boy is at. Oh,Oh somebody is knocking at the window so their here finally. It's funny how you don't think about something for the longest time but once you do you can't stop thinking about it. I suppose I'll have to stop blogging and go eat something so I don't faint from hunger. Hang in there folks I'll be back as soon as I get done.

Orlando Florida

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Storms Again

It's after &;30 so I guess the rain won't be here till later.I love it after midnight when the thunder wakes you up. Usually way after midnight and then keeps on the rest of the night. We are so rained out now I don't want anymore for several months but then it will be white and I don't care for that either. I hear when you live in Iowa you don't get a choice in what you get. If I did winter wouldn't get under 40 degrees and summer wouldn't get over 75 degrees. Maybe if I can find a place with these specs. I'll move.


I just can't believe I've been having so much fun blogging I forgot to eat. I made the mistake of realizing it and now I'm really getting hungry. What sounds good to me is a couple buritos and a vannila coke. Or a big guinie grinder pizza and a couple beers. I'm not that fussy but it has to taste good or forget it. I guess if it's not a porterhouse, T-bone or fillet then I'll go for Mexican or Chinese I guess I really love it all. It doesn't matter what i have but I think it should be soon.

Simmons, Jannace and Stagg

If you are a resident of the Tri-State area and are in need of legal help then there is only one. This site Thomas Stagg will put you in touch with a legal firm whose legal ethics and experience goes beyond the best you can find. They are well educated in all types of legal situations that you could possibly have. Their clients are some of the biggest corporations in the country like Best Buy, Home Depot, Staples and Coca Cola just to mention a few. The thing is just because they represent major industry doesn't mean they don't have time for smaller businesses or just plain people. Their legal abilities are unsurpassed in all fields of law and they are there to help you.

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The Lake

The people in the know say that all this rain has raised the lake level by 3 inches. I don't find that hard to believe because the lake run off is way out of it's banks. Hey we're supposed to get more rain tonight and the next two days too. Whoa stop we don't need anymore for right now. I guess I don't have anything to say about how much longer it rains or how much we get yet so I live with it.


The sunday paper had the football schedules in it this week. I live in Iowa and we have the minnesota Vikings north of us and the Kansas City Cheifs south of us. I still am a fan of thr green bay packers and pretty much have been most of my life. I was one of those kids that never went out for sports because of severe burns when I was a kid. The two big sports for me were wrestleing and football but when the doctors wouldn't release me to compete until 12th grade I had lost interest in all sports except baseball. I followed the white sox for many years until my favorite player went to Toronto and now I follow them.

Russian Dating

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I can't quit thinking about that bridge in Minneapolis that fell. Being a professional trucker all my life I've been over that bridge hundreds of times. It's really hard to believe it caved in. On a trip years ago to Monterey California the new bridge over the interstate that I was traveling caved in. It had just been conpleted the week before and a pickup truck was going under it at the time. It had happened several hours before my buddy and I got there but the pickup was still under it. We were routed up the get off ramp and down the other side. Not Fun.


You can sure tell school is on again. The cars with the super loud radios and the 10,000 mopeds aren't anywhere around all day. Look out after 3:00 when they get set free again. Most of them are talking on cell phones or texting and not stopping for stop signs or watching where they're going. Drivers education just teaches the the fundementals and then they forget everything they learn exceptgetting there as fast as possible. At least it's quiet during the day.

Wedding Ideas

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What's Up

I wrote a blog and when I published it,it disappeared.I don't know what is going on with this computer but I will find out. This is the second time this has happened and I don't know why. It's a new computer and when I get another one this will not be the brand I get. I'm wondering about the windows program that came in it too. It seem to want control of whatever I do and I want to be in charge. Maybe I should buy a used one and start over with that. I really don't have an idea what is going on.

Bad Neighbors

There have always been stray cats in this trailor park. Someone years ago got their kid a cat for their summer vacation and when they went back south in the winter she was left behind to fend for herself.Naturally mother nature made sure sure she wasn't alone for long and blessed her with kittens. At one time over the years they multiplied to 15 and the handyman for the park trapped them and dumped them out in the country.Now it's down to 5 and 4 are males so they won't add to the population in this park at least. Now a new neighbor who lets his dog run all over the park is complaining about the cats and says he's going to start trapping them. So here we go again.

High Definition Videos

Film and video making is changing for the best these days. The high definition quality of the products of todays cinematographers is in more demand. Advertisers and production companies, television studios are all looking for quality these days. This site video stock footage can fill you in on all the details for buying or selling footage. The days of the royalties are gone. The product is sold flat out to be used as often and wherever it needs to be without further payment. Many cinematographers have an abundance of good usefull footage that can be used in various areas of the business so no further work would be demanded of them. AlwaysHD focus is on the exclusive sale of Hd footage and it's becomming more in demand than the old standard definition footage. Everybody wins in this situation.

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Older Sisters

I really enjoy blogging and I have an older sister that blogs too. If I do a few everyday it's about all the sitting I can take. Sis was a secretary most of her life before retirement so she can sit and type all day long. I love her alot and I wish I had her skills at typing let alone her ability to sit for hours. I can only sit so long and type with one finger.

Another Day

They say today is Wednesday if it doesn't rain and if it does it's just another rainy day. Well it's just another rainy day here. That guy on TV says hang in there because we only have 2 more days of rain to go. He promises that the weekend will be dry and sunny. It rained most of the morning yesterday and then the sun came out. By last night it was raining again. This time it went all night and it's still comming down.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Journeylite Technology

In the old days if you were really overweight the only outlet was to have your stomach stapled. This required major surgery and long recovery times. Today with technology the way it is they make small incisions and do surgery laproscopicly. This Site bariatric surgery is where you can go to find out all the information on it. They use an adjustable belt that slips around a portion of the stomach and reduces your intake capacity. Surgery time is reduced and so is the recovery time. With a smaller intake you automatically lose the unwanted pounds.

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It would really be nice if the blog opps. would be as plentiful as the email is. I seem to attract email from everybody. Some I must confess I just delete and go on but I answer most of it and it really takes time. By the time I get done with this thing I am suffering from shoulder pain and neck cramps. I really need a massage but living alone that doesn't happen. Oh well life goes on and we have to live with it.

Internet Millionaire

If you're a fan of The Apprentice or Survivor or even The Amazing Race then you're a fan of competition. So if you would like to make money and like reality shows then this show's for you. Twelve people will compete for $25,000 and a joint venture with Joel Comm.When it comes to entrepreneurs Joel Comm is a world leader. Check out this site The Next Internet Millionaire for more detailed information. You may even get a chance to be the Next Internet Millionaire so be sure to watch.

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I can't believe it after all the rain we've had the last three days the sun is out. Boy is that a great site to see the sun. It's still hot and muggy and I'm having trouble breathing but it looks nice outside. You even feel like going out since you won't get soaked with rain. When you get up and take a shower, that's as wet all over that I want to be the rest of the day. Especially when there isn't a towel handy to dry off with.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What A Day

It started out raining steadily for around 6 hours this morning. We got close to 3 inches of rain that was much needed. The only thing is that the forcast is for scattered thunder storms from now until Friday and that's alot of rain that I don't think we need that bad. Well at least it finally stopped and iI got my errands for the day done. My budy called to see if I had time for a beer so he came over and brought another friend with him. I was happy to see the other guy because it had been a while. Before we knew it my girlfriend and my neighbor from across the road showed up and we had a party going. We all got filled in on all the gosip for the last couple weeks. Now everyone has gone and it's time for some heavy TV viewing.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Opportunities For Businesses

You say that you have always wanted to start your own business but all the complicated paperwork worries you. I have got some very good news for you This website Arizona incorporations has got the solution to your problems. They can help you with all the paperwork and get you started on your way. This company is based all over the country so no matter where you live there's an outlet near you. Not only Arizona but Texas and Florida too. To make really easy for everyone they all use the same URL as above except instead of Arizona you insert the name of the other states. Recently they opened a new branch in Memphis Tennessee. You'll find them at Tennessee as easy as that. The company is based in Las Vegas and has a large program of executive suites and offices for you to use for meeting clients. Why go to the local restaurant or coffee shop for get togethers when offices with free internet and phones are available. To find out more check in at this online website for more detailed office space information. You will find that a small $45 a month startup fee. Many small business ventures fail because there isn't any professional leadership but with incparadise the free help with the complicated starting up paperwork is a lifesaver. You should at least give it a good looking into brfore you venture out alone in the business world.

Weather Again

What is happening to the weather? Tonight it's almost cold out there compared to what it has been. With the temps in the 70's at night and 80's and 90's during the day 55 degrees is almost cold. I must say it's refreshing after the heat. I'm able to get alot more done outside that has to be done. I guess I shouldn't say to much because in a few more months it'll be 20 below and staying there for a couple more months.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Journey Lite

The best way to get information on the new weight loss procedures is to go to this website lap-band and check it out. They have a new laproscopic surgery that reduces the stomach size so you can only eat a small ammount. By doing this you control your intake and therefore lose weight. They insert an inflatable band around the stomach and reduce it's size. No more big incisions and staples to heal. This procedure is done through tiny incisions that heal quickly and are almost invisable. Nothing to lose but the excess weight.

Grocery Shopping

I don't believe this but when I was out shopping I forgot the salsa. I can't eat buritos without salsa sitting on the table. I like the hot stuff but the majority of my friends like medium hot. I don't want my mouth turned into ashes but a good hot pepper flavor taste really helps out all food. Even on your morning bacon and eggs it doesn't hurt. Most of the time you have to buy the less known salsa to get the hotter stuff. Most stores around here cater to the wimps that wouldn't buy hot salsa if their life depended on it. Doesn't matter to me because my choice is the hot stuff.

Electronic Disclosure

When you're working in the mortgage banking industry you need to know about eDisclosures. This is a fast easy way to get delivery of discloeure documents. When you use this method thousand of dollars can be saved by eliminating the paper work. Check this site eDisclosures and see how not only lenders and borrowers but also investers and agents will benefit over and over again. This process transfers paper documents to electronic formats known as Smartdocs thus eliminating the need for duplicate entries. Major industry leaders and lenders already use this process to upgrade their programs. Why not you?

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Nice Dog Day

It was a beautiful day to run the dog to the vet. She's all healed up and going back into training for the fall hunting season. The eye surgery she had was a success and she can see again. My friend that owns her is ready to get out and hunt those pheasants this year. Ginger the dog is ready and full of energy and ready for training to continue. She's a German Shorthair Pointer and will be a terrific hunter. I have to marvel at her speed out in the fields. I wish them good hunting.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Planet Aid

They say charity begins at home but we can't do a whole lot by ourselves unless we unite. Planet aid is just the place to begin to help others less fortunate than ourselves. You can help by taking a few minutes the next time your online and check out this website PlanetAid and find out how to do it. We all have good clothes we don't use anymore that someone else would love to have. Monetary donations are welcomed too and can be used to purchase many things that are needed badly. Let your heart be your guide when it comes to giving. You can not only help someone in need but the feeling of helping gives you a tingle inside that you can't replace. Get online and check it out.

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It was a long 24 hours and ended the same way as always. Everybody else got the bucks but that's all right I'm not that fast with my disabilities and slow typeing. I just enjoy being in there trying anyway. It's lots cooler out there today so think I'll go out to the grocery store and get something grillable for later. Been having brats alot so something else would be nice like a T-BONE or PORTERHOUSE would please my tastebuds. Well if I'm going to do it I had better get it done.


If your into the stock market than you must learn more about Wizetrade. There's a fast and easy way to do that and it is to fire up your computer and go to this website Wizetrade . Here you'll refresh what you know and you'll learn everything you didn't know about the market and securities. They are a software program research tool that analizes and charts the signals used to get in and make money. Their product has all the security market information that you're looking for. They also have videos and pictures to further explain what's happening in the world security and stocks. With this professional package you can be sure of where the markets going before you jump in and get wet. Let their software tell you when the time is right to exit or enter the market.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hot And Muggy

Well we didn't get the rain they predicted last night. So guess what the temps will stay up there in the 90's and the humidity will skyrocket. That guy on TV that everyone is starting to dislike says hot and muggy. This is exactly the kind of weather that discomboobilates me and leaves me puffing and gasping for breath. I hate it when tying your shoes is an effort that leaves you exhausted. "Whatever".

Sunday, August 12, 2007


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Odd Jobs

My friend's son is getting married Sept.8th and there are a dozen things that have to be done before it can happen. Mostly concisting of yard duties, but also a couple major projects like putting up a 12X20 gazebo structure with bug screening for a yard party after rehearsal the night before. The weather has been so hot you can't work outside for a very long period of time when you're out there. Maybe younger people cope better with the heat but us older ones sure don't. There's only a few weeks left to get it done but weatherman says rain and cooler temps comming. Let's hope so and we'll get-r-done.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Electronic Mortgage

There's a new software out that makes life in the emortgage business easier. Now you can store your records electronically. Smart Docs can keep emortgage and the data they're made from separated for easy use. You can even transfer,audit or check into the basics. The first thing you really have to do is go to this website electronic mortgage where you will find all the information you need for your mortgage. Smart Docs uses loan specific data and eliminates duplication of your documents, it's what's happening now.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Gas Stations

I'm starting to enjoy going into a gas station again. I'm starting to feel like they aren't trying to rob you when you pull into the drive. Gasoline here is down to $2.73 a gallon and thats the lowest it's been since last year. Who knows it may be over $3.00 again tomorrow. Lord I certainly hope not. With me not being able to walk well I need the car to get around and that takes gas so I guess I'll keep buying it regardless of price. I may have to cut out some of the short trips to doctor and pharmacy I take but I'll worry about that another day.


The world of blogging is slowly returning to the way it was. We're getting some opps and even making a dollar or two. For a long spell there wasn't much to talk about because there weren't any opps to write a blog about. Now things are comming around and the opps are comming back. I don't expect to ever get rich but it does keep my head above the water. For that I thank you blogging.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Orlando Travel

You say the family finally cornered you for that trip to Disney World, no problem. This is one of the easy things we do. You take a minute and go online to this website orlando hotel and you'll find everything you need. You need a rental car or maybe even a guide to point out the best of intertainment or points of interest. They can help you with everything from room reservations to travel plans and car rentals and they do it at the most affordable rates. With the widest assortment of hotel and travel arangements in the Orlando area you can't go wrong stopping here first. Wether it's a second honeymoon, a vacation or a vacation with the whole family it will be the best ever with online connection.

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The Club

No, I don't mean the security feature for your car. I'm talking about good friends getting together and talking about the neighbors. We may as well because I'm sure some neighbors are talking about us. We like to sit down and share a few beers and the latest news about the park where we live. Alot of mobile homes have been sold lately and there are more for sale. We are located 1/2 block from the local lake which is famous for tourist all summer and winter. People who live 100 miles away want a summer cabin so they buy a trailor and live in it on weekends. They complain about the neighbors who live here year round and act like they own the place. It's getting so old if it weren't for the mess of moving all my things I'd put mine up for sale too. Who knows I still may do it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Inovative Tutoring

If you have children between 4 and 14 years of age and their not showing the progress in school you know they need later on in life. The best thing you can do is go to this site Innovative Tutor where you can get all the information on tutoring you need for your child. My wife and I tutored our children with the help of a tutoring service and we're so glad we did. They are all working at jobs they enjoy that they couldn't have done without proper schooling and tutoring. We made sure the future would hold the right opportunities for them. Make sure your child has the same chance in life by checking this out.

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Horror Movies

I love horror movies and books too. I enjoy reading Stephen King as my favorite author. I don't collect alot of things but I do have probable 40 som of Kings books. I haven't read them all yet and hope I can before I die but that would mean living till125 the way I read. I can't sit down and read half a 400 page book in a morning but more like in a month. I enjoy reading but my eyes get tired and next thing I know I'm asleep in my chair. I never drop a book or lose my place but it takes a while to read it. I guess I'd have to say I'm a reader that lives the books he reads and I really get envolved in the story. To me it's like a long vacation without leaving your house. Some of my friends read a book a day and I can't see what they get out of them. To me you can't absorb the story reading that fast.

It's Halloween Time

If you really like scary movies then you'll love Ron Zombies new version Holloween the movie coming out August 31st. With him at the wheel you're guaranteed thrills, chills and white knuckle tension through the whole film. I personally loved all of the Halloween films and even said a bunch of prayers for poor little Jamie Lee being chased all over. To get a better idea of what I'm saying then you should go to this website Halloween the movie and find out what I mean. Michael Meyers has been reincarnated once again for the performance of his life and this time you could be one of his victims. If not on the screen maybe when you get home and try to sleep and can't. My prediction for this film is to be full of thrills, shocks,special effects that will have the less brave squirming in their seats waiting for it to be over. Maybe excusing themselves to go to the bathroom so they don't have to watch what is going on.This is definitely not going to be a movie for wimps or those who are weak at heart. Mainly because what the for-runners started this one will finish or will this be just the beginning, the prelude so to speak for a sequel of terror and horror that will out do everything you have ever seen. I don't know. Do you? I guess I'll have to wait and see like everyone else because only time will tell. Until then I'll see you August 31st.

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I had to go downtown yesterday and I went my usual route.When I pulled up to the intersection at main street I stopped for the stop sign and some people walked across in front of my car. I commented to my friend on who the one man was and she laughed. I said that's Rudy Julinani The x-mayor of NYC and republic candidate for president. Again she laughed and said what on earth would he be doing in our little town of Clear Lake, Iowa? I said what else, politicing for president. She had a good laugh and today confessed to me that on the news last night the reporter said he had eaten at a local restuarant in Clear Lake. You'll never believe what I had to go through to get har to say I was right.

Math Tutoring

My wife and I tutored our children at home during the school year. We even took it into the summer months to be sure they got the best education possible. In the world for parents that are interested in their childs education they can go to this website Math Tutors it's a sure fired way for math education. These tutoring centers bring the best of the best and give your child a better chance in life. Nobody wants their child checking out at a discount store when they could be working in an office or even a hospital. Without good math skills that's where they'll be. It's the future your dealing with so make the right choice.

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Back Again

Well the chiropractor helped but now the pain is back. I just made another appointment for a second adjustment so it will get better. It's bad enough when your knees don't work but when the back goes too that's pain. I hope he can fix it without having to go back 20 times.

Reading Tutors

Stop and think which subject you had in school was the most important.Did you say reading? If you did then you are right. Reading is the #1 subject you should be sure your child understands to it's fullest. Check out this websiteReading Tutors and you'll get further imformation. Stundents now a days aren't big on reading but without it you'll never get the really good jobs. Reading isn't only a way of learning everything there is to know but also an adventure into mysterious places. Check in with Scor Learning Centers and give your child the edge he or she needs.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007


It's been great seeing opps again after a long dry spell. My you got it comming funds were starting to get pretty dry. It looked to me like a drought but we finally got some rain. I'm not it can save the crops from the banker but it'll help keep him away for a few more days. I must check for opps at the wrong time because other bloggers I know say they get a few but not like before. Seems like everytime I check the opps are gone and don't come back. I'm thankful for any I can get and check at least 10 times a day for opps. Maybe it'll get better when I get a PR1 rank or something.

Terry's Fabrics

Fabrics are our business and the bedding we offer is of the best quality you can find. For a better idea of what we can offer you just go to this website bedspreads and you'll find everything you could possibly imagine in bedroom goods. When you get home after work and are through with your meal and hot shower it's time to relax. Nothing meets you needs more than beautiful bedding in the perfect colors to help you relax from the days stress from your job. Scents, sounds and colors have been proven to have relaxing effects on everyone. For me that means starting with the bedding and going from there.

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Boy Now That's Rain

I woke up about 2:00 A.M. and it was raining . That's no big thing but it was still raining at noon and I'm talking steady rain.You know the kind that everyone but me runs from place to place trying to stay partially dry. I say everyone but me because I can't remember the last time I could do what they call run. So I'm walking to the store getting soaked and thinking why can't it stop until I get home and then start again.Well you won't believe this but 10 minutes after I got home it stopped how's that for great timming? The sun even peeked out for a few minutes. It made me feel so good I think I'll try venturing out again in about an hour. Think it'll rain on me? I wouldn't be surprized.

Friday, August 3, 2007

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