Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finding the Best Cat Supplies Online

Post from guest blogger Hannah Weeks

My cat means the world to me. He's been here for me through so many hard times that I don't think I would have been able to pull myself through without his company. Honestly, he's probably one of the best friends I have ever had. As a way to say thank you for everything he's done for me I always try to keep him as healthy as I possibly can. Recently, I found out that using the computer is one of the best ways to stay up to date on all things related to his health. Not only can I read articles pertaining to my cat's health online using my huges net satellite internet service, but I can also purchase various medications and foods at significantly discounted prices. It makes me feel really good to know that I'm doing all that I can to keep him in the best shape possible. I love keeping myself in the loop about the latest treatments and healthy diets for him. If my friends knew how much money I have spent on cat toys and accessories in the past year they would probably think I've finally gone insane. But they don't have to know, and I don't think he's going to say anything about it in the near future. After all, I'm the one who has the access to the bag of catnip.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Independent But Secure

Thanks to guest blogger Jesse Murphy for the post.

For a woman to live alone is common now. Living alone is the ultimate sign of female freedom from male domination and many other societal norms that may have held us back thus far. This is supreme freedom for the ladies and every moment should be savored accordingly.
Security should however be a top priority for any woman living alone. The choice of security is left to the lady of the house but I find that having a security system installed is a good place to begin. It is simple, cost effective and easy to use all the while giving you peace of mind in the home.
I have been living alone for quite a while now and this has proven its worth over time. I sleepin peace and come and go as I please without any fear that there may be a burglar waiting to pounce on me the minute I open the door. For all the women living alone, this is a fear most of us grapple with and if you have been a victim at any point in time then the fear is real. All the somberness aside, it is quite commendable for a woman to be independent and live on her own but, security should always be a top priority for this most fair of sexes. I looked for first alert home security system around Clevelandin order to feel safe at home, and I’m glad I did so that I can maintain my independence and solitude.

Cool Summer Day

Well I guess it has finally quit raining for awhile. It is sure nice to have no humidity again. They say the corn makes the humidity though and it is really growing so I guess the humidity will be back again so I better enjoy it while I can. It sure helps my breathing and I don't need the air conditioner on for awhile. We are supposed to have a good week with lots of sun and low humidity. That will make the crops grow and we will be able to go outside for a change and really enjoy it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's Life

We've had nothing but rain for days and weeks. This means staying home and looking to your computer for tasks you can do to liven up your day. The only thing is there aren't any blog opportunities to occupy even a little of your time. One company puts out a few every week but if you don't sleep with your computer you miss the biggest share of them. The other company doesn't know that slavery doesn't exist anymore and wants work done for pennies instead of dollars. I personally wonder how much they charge the advertiser for the blog they only pay 50 cents to have done. I think that if you want a 200 word blog about a product then it should pay at least $200 to the blogger. A lotr of us blog because we enjoy it and the dollars we make doing it helps out small Social Secyrity checks that just pay our monthly bills. The 50 cent company used to pay much more for the same thing they pay $.50 for now but they are still in business and getting richer. I've been doing this for 3 going on 4 years and don't have a ranking so I'm told I don't qualify for 99% of their opportunities. Not to mention the fact that when they show up on my computer they have all been taken and I don't stand a chance. The other companies at least pay a suitable wage for your efforts and you can at least buy a half gallon of milk and a load of bread. I'm probably the only one out here that feels used and cheated but " THAT'S LIFE ".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Few More weeks

I need a knee replacement and finally have an appointment for the 30th of this month. The doctor will decide when he can do the surgery and we'll go for it. It'll be so nice to get rid of most of the pain I have every day. My right knee was replaced 10 years ago but Feels worse at times than the one that needs fixing. He may want to replace the replacement and do both of them. I guess we'll know in a couple weeks.

Bad News

My daughter has an acreage and a lot to mow every week. Yesterday she said her John Deere lawn tractor died and she needs to mow. Being an older John Deere the motor is out of production so it would have to be replaced. The cost is just about as much as a new tractor so it's the old rock and a hard place. I wish I had some money I could give her for a new one but I don't. I'm going to look around and ask my friends if they know of any good used ones.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Buy Gold Bars

If you're ready to make some very solid investments for your future I have news for you. Right now is the best time to buy gold and silver either in bars or coins. The markets are up and stockpiles are getting lower. When that happens the prices go up are you make money. If this sounds like a good idea to you then check out this website buy gold bars and get the real information how to get started. While some commodities are localized gold and silver are in demand worldwide. Ingots or gold bars are convient for safe deposit box storage and always maintain their weight value. Coins can be bought or sold by face currency value or even as ingots by weight. Either way it's still your best investment and always will be. Wether it's a few dollars or a few thousand you can't find a better investment than Gold and Silver.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Digital Assets

We are all looking for more and better ways to keep in touch with our families. We know how much it means to us to get photos from relatives and friends. They tell us where they have been on vacations and it is almost like being there with them. It is easy to keep up with the way their families are growing. I have wanted to do the same but I was not sure how to go about it. I was checking around on the Internet and found 123Print. I would allow me to send my pictures of my trips and vacations out to all my family and friends. But what I really like about it is that you can edit your pictures. You know so many turn out with red eyes and you can edit that and you can crop the parts of the pictures you would rather not have them see, perhaps. I like to be able to organize them in such a way they can tell where the pictures were taken, whether it is away or near your home. You can share with the MAPS application. It is really easy to upload them from my computer and enclose them in emails. My sister does that alot. I need something that is easy. I found out I could even upload photos from my camera phone. Another great feature is the privacy feature so you can just share your photos with whomever you wish, not the whole world. In addition, they have all kinds of photos you can use if you like to make your own cards. That is a big asset.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I've wanted a laptop computer for years but no way to pay for one. A friend knew I had a few things he wanted so he offered me a computer for them. Since it was a working laptop I jumped at the chance to have it. I'm now sitting at the kitchen table having coffee in the morning and playing with the computer instead of walking to the other end of the house to use this one. It's taken me a while to get used to the laptop but it is a lot of fun having it.

Gas Prices

The news just said the prices are coming down so there will be more traveling this summer. I think it's great but when you're on a very fixed income you can't always afford any gas at any price. I think it's good that people can go farther and stay longer with the extra money. With all the stress in this old world today people need to get away and rest and enjoy doing fun things with the family. Summer will be a bonus this year.

Buy Gold Coins

If you have never heard of The United States Gold Bureau and you have funds to invest in your future then you should check it out. Precious metals and especially gold and silver are the best investment you can make for your family's future. Silver prices are on the increase along with gold. Both can be purchased in coin or ingot forn and it's easy to store either at home or in a safe depoait box. This website buy gold coins is a very good place to start. This is where you can find out how, where and when you can purchase silver and gold. The best part is if you have some gold or silver and things get tough finanically you can get the price you paid and more depending on market. So if you're looking for a worth while investment that will always pay you back on your investment try Silver and Gold.