Saturday, June 30, 2007

Celebration Time

Here in Clear Lake they have a very large celebration on the 4th of July.Big carnival and a huge fireworks display. Plus a big parade and this year Bill and Hillary Clinton will be in the parade so they expect over 50,000 people in town for it. What a mess the town will be in for a week. The people that come in from out of town are better than alot of people that live here. They all run stopsigns and don't know what a 4way stop is. I really like to just stay as far away as I can but I have a friend that has to see it all. She forgets I can't walk very well anymore and crowds have a tendency to push me around and sometimes down. One of these days I'll get one of those Hoverounds and just run over them.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dog Day Again

Tomorrow I get to chaufier my friends dog to get her stitches out of her eye. She is a beautiful German shorthair Pointer brown in color. She's about 15 months old and had cataract surgery on one eye. The other eye was to far gone to be helped. It's really a shame since she's such a great dog that she will be limited in her hunting performance. These dogs are bred and raised to hunt Without that after all of the training they go through I feel sorry for them when they're blinded at so young an age.

Monday, June 25, 2007

It's The Police Come Out Now

That's right you're under arrest and you sentice will be to listen to the greatest group of today,The Police. They deffinately are the group of the present with a fantastic future. If you like them like I do then you must do one thing. Go to this website Police Cd or you could also check out this site for all the info you could want. Hey while your there check into the ringtones and videos too. You could even try your luck at the contests or send something great to a friend. One great gift would be that 2 disc set they came out with the first week of June because it comes with a poster included. With the track list/jukebox plays and their tours they are the group of today and tomorrow. Their music gets the adrenaline flowing and your heart started jumping for the dance floor. Something you can do at this site is follow their tour and find out when they will be in your area and if there is going to be advanced ticket sales. No ticket is a bad scene you don't want to have to go through. I sure wouldn't want to wait for them to come to my town and find out I should have gotten tickets 2 weeks ago and I can't get in. Oh by the way that 2 disc set is a compilation CD of 28 songs and if you get one for your best friend for heavens sake don't forget to get one for yourself too. That's the way you can be sure you have the police on your side and don't have to borrow your friends copy. What's that? You don't got it then get it You won't regret it. Get a copy for mom and dad because they probably jived to The Police when they were your age. When you're good you're good.

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Another Day Gone

Well another one bites the dust hopefully there will be some opps before I head for bed. They have been pretty scimpy the last few days. I shouldn't say that because there have been a lot of opps just none I can qualify for haveing no rank yet.The little rank of 1 on your Google side can make a big difference between some or none. My wife years ago would prepare a fabulous meal and one of the kids would start in on I want this instead. My wife would simply say Ther is it some or none. It was always good home cooking and they would want fast food. Taking a family of 8 to Mc Donalds was out of the question. They did get to go but not every week like they wanted. With a family thay size bills got paid first then treats.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Night

Today we had a really hard rain storm and half hour later nothing. Tornado's have been hitting all around us in about a 50 mile circle. The sun is out and humidity is bouncing off the ceiling and high enough to gag you if you have to be outside. I had big plans of mowing the lawn but rain put a stop to that at least until tomorrow. This is weedeating time too. That's just fine because that's all I have to do tomorrow and then I could go to the Casino for an hour. It's just 20 miles north of here. I like to go every so often to relax and try to get rich. LOL. We'll see what happens tomorrow if it's to hot may not even go outside.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Coupons Save Money

Did you know when you use a coupon you can really save money? The last time you went to the grocery store was there at least two women with a purse full of coupons in the checkout lane. If you don't use coupons you have no idea how much you can save on your weekly or monthly grocery bill. Think about it 10 cents to 50 cents doesn't sound like much but it adds up to dollars then $5 then $10 or $20 and you and your honey can go out to eat and not have to dip into other funds to pay for it. Try going to online shopping coupons and you can get the real lowdown on coupons, deals, or coupon codes they all save you money. I'm telling you it's not just groceries but clothing stores and hardware stores have coupons too. What did you pay for that last pair of shoes and did you see the 30% off coupon in the paper before you went. It wasn't the same store but it was the same style shoe and at half the price because of a coupon. Fast food places have always got specials when you have their coupons. I never used coupons until my sister explained to me how much more I was spending than she was. I started looking more closely at the papers and flyers I got in the mail. I would say 30% of then were for things I use all the time and many more were things I use now and then.I cut out the coupons and stacked them up in order for my next shopping spree. The coupons ranged from a dime to a dollar and when I added them all up there was well over twenty dollars worth. My oil change was $7.00 off and that bought me a whopper value meal and one for my friend with a coupon, buy one get one free. It's really funny how much you can learn after you think you can't learn anymore. Think about it this way, that special gift you wanted to get someone by taking a few dollars out of the household budget you can get with the money you save with coupons. The household budget is still in tact for the other things in life. Don't forget ( ).

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Corner Deli

This noon my friend and I went to the newly remodeled corner Deli for lunch. They served a greek salad that was out of this world. This is great if you like greek salads. If not there super sandwichs and soups and of course other types of salads.They were closed for a couple months and now their back better than ever. With a room full of tables and a full length window counter with stools. The owner is the same and the food is just as good as ever.There are several places to eat downtown but not all of them are good. I'm so glad to see the deli back and running again.

Reno 911 Miami

There had to have a better unit to send to Miami but Reno 911 got the job. This bunch reminds me of the Pink Panther movies with the bummbling inspector. The 911 crew bungles up just about everything they possibly can but in the end comes out on top. Of what we're not quite sure of yet. Just bear with me and check out this website Reno 911! Miami The Movie this is where you can get filled in on everything you want to know. The midnight shootout game is a blast and scoring big is easy when you look at the targets. Only thing is you get blindfolded and just have to shoot from memory.They put you through some pretty difficult tests. Shooting blindfolded from memory isn't as easy as you would think. The targets are jumbled up with innocent bystanders, cops and crooks. You'll get docked if you hit a cop or bystander but it's easy to do since there more of them than crooks. After several tests with your shooting abillities you get the chance to assalt the town. This is done with a rocket launcher which is one terriffic weapon but it has one flaw. When you line up your target and fire a rocket it acts like a heat seeking missile that can't find the heat. Needless to say it doesn't go straight to the target but instead goes where it feel like going. All in all the movie keeps you well intertained with adventure and plenty of laughs so when you have a chance go see for yourself. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

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With luck today I'll win the 79 million dollar Powerball Lottery and then I can spend all my time blogging. I'll have computers in every room so whenever I feel lot doing it I'll click on opps. and see what's happening. I really enjoy blogging but every time I start someone wants something. I usually try to help if I can because some don't have anyone else. I'm like a big brother to them but it does get to you after awhile . I really hate it when I'm trying to get something done and I keep getting interupted. Oh well that's life so I live with it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Living In Luxury

Think about the time you spend in your bedroom,sleeping, dressing and when friends come over they always want to see everything. Since your bedroom is usually first on the list you want it to look perfect. If you need ideas then just go to this website quilted bedspreads you'll find everything you need to turn your bedroom into a showpiece. The side effects will be a much more comfortable room for you to rest in. The bedspreads will give you the feeling of luxury every time you walk in the door. While you're there check out the room accessories like tables, lamps and curtains to list a few.

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Monday, June 18, 2007


They say you can't have to many friends. I like the saying that you can count your really good friends on one hand. Think about your really good friends in your life right now.How many of them are there for you no matter what? I have had several of my friends die in the last few years. So those friends that are there for me no matter what are down to about three. These are the really good friends that you trust without question with your most inner secrets. If you have three I say that's great and probably more than you need most of the time.Where would your life be without good friends to share it with all along the way. When your life is over you need someone to say yes I knew him well and he was my friend.

Cold And Hungry

Many years ago I would find myself trying to get home from a trip several states away. I usually packed light because I hiked alot. I did many different jobs back then. One of which was transporting Motorhomes all around the country. To try to save money for family expenses I would give my wife most of my expense money. I would keep just enough to get the unit to the dealer and food money. I had to be careful what I ate or I could blow 2 days meal money on one meal. There were many times when that happened because hiking in the fresh air over a lot of miles would give you a tremendous appetite. If I got to the point I was totally broke I would stop in a small town and go to the church and explain my problem and they would generously buy me food and a place to sleep fo the night. This usually included breakfast and a ride to the city limits to start hiking again. On other ocasions I would check in with the local police department and after running a want check on me they would usually help in the same way as the church. Usually food, logging and a ride to the edge of town. That was a hard time in my life because the job market was way down and those that had goog jobs held on to them and the rest of us had to do whatever we could fine to feed our families. I always put my hand out to anyone who needed it and still do but life has changed so much I wonder if everybody does what they can or turn the other way when they see someone in need. This is my story but to read about a new TV series with other stories of survival check this site USA Network's Burn Notice and see how they handle it.

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Rain and Errands

Well it's still raining out there and I have a couple things I have to do in town. I wonder what it would be like to not have bills that have to be paid on a deadline. I could stay inside where it's dry and warm if it weren't for that. I suppose I'd better get my body moving to get to post office by 5:00. They go by post mark annd if it doesn't jive they charge a late fee. That's the way some of them make their money I guess. Gotta Go.

Insurance Needs

The last time you needed a doctor did you have insurance? How about your pet, is it insured? In this world of ours the veterary cost are getting as high as it is for us. This Website pet insurance can give you a good look into what it costs nowadays for Pet care. My good friend just spent over $3000 for cataract surgery fo his hunting dog. Without health and medical insurance for your pet you will have to pay. Veteranarians like people doctors train and study a long time at high costs to themselves. We know when we need them we'll pay for that training and it will help if you have pet owners insurance.

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Sitting and Loving It.

Well I've got all my running done till the end of the month then it's off with the dog again. I usually drive 8000 miles a year anymore but to drive 3000 miles in 10 days was a bit of a strain. When I was over the road I'd do 3500 every week and sometimes more. I'm not the young guy I used to be and I feel it. I really enjoyed driving all over but I'm enjoying resting now. Sitting here at the old computer I looked outside and a huge thunder storm is just going through.Whoa is it ever raining out there. Really hard wind and heavy rain is just what we need.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Making Money

If you're like everyone else I know you would like to be making more money. If you'll just go to make money online you will find some amazing solutions to your needs. There are books and courses that can teach you how to make money. This of course will be from the comfort of your own home and using your own computer. Joel Comm is a best selling author and creator of a blog that can get you started making money on line. I say go for it because it only gets better.

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We have a pizza and other types of food sports bar abd food service in my town. They serve a Ginie Grinder pizza that's out of this world. You really have to like hot types of food because it's made with hot peppers and it's delicious. Really my favorite and most of my friends feel the same way. Cooking fires the peppers up and when your mouth is on fire don't drink that beer or you will suffer. Water is the drink of the day then afterwards drink the beer or whatever. If you ever try it you'll want more of the same everytime someone says how about a pizza.

Todays Learning System

They say you can tell the really good students by how much they like school. There are so many kids nowadays that love school but can't understand how a lot of things work. When this happens they need an inovative teaching program to help them undertand it. At this website Innovative Tutor you'll find the best chance your child can have. When they don't undersyand they lose interest and fall behind the rest of the class. Some even wind up dropping out and with a little tutoring could have been famous people in history. Do your child the greatest favor you can give them and see to it they have a chance to understand and learn.

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Party time

All my summer chores are done till Monday and my friends want me to go with for pizza and beer. It's been such a busy week I haven't had time for much of anything. It's always great when we get together and go over what's been happening. We usually try for every other week at least. Sometimes it's a quick brew in the middle of the week and that's good too.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Childhood Must

It's hard to believe how many high school students have poor reading skills. Years ago when I got custody of my children their reading was way below the grade levels that they were in. My second wife and I tutored them amd increased their reading level by 3 years the first. They kept improving every year and were at the normal level when they reached high school. Today there's a lot better way to do it. Just check in at Reading Tutors and they will gladly explain their courses. This is of great benefit to parents since they usually both have to work to make any kind of living.Reading is the best way for kids to learn and with reading tutors they really have a better chance.

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What? Change The Oil?

Holly mackeral there bunky. I just changed my cars oil and somehow managed to put 3000 miles on it in 9 day's. Time to make the old trip to the lube shop. I'm very happy the last 9 days are over. I'm an old professional driver but 200 miles a week to 3000 miles in 9 days is a little tireing to say the least. I did have a day or 2 between each trip but still it's not like staying home in your own bed. I guess we'll have to see what happens next.

Why Your Child?

What a lot of parents don't realize is during summer vacation their child loses about a month of their education. The best way to keep this from happening is with summer camp tutoring. Keeping things they have learned fresh in their minds means not haveing to spend time going over old material. Score Summer Program at this website Summer Camps can fill you in on how to do it. With the subjects fresh in their minds teachers can progress without spending time reteaching old subjects. The time involved is spread out in 30 sessions for an hour. That still leaves plenty of time for summer fun. Remember these children are our country's future so let's give them a head start.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Return trip

Back from Tulsa and not ready to back right away.It's 600 miles one way and I drive straight through. The same comming back home again. I'm really tired when I get back so I'm wondering why I'm sitting here doing blogs. We had a great trip with the exception of 80 miles of extremely heavy rain. I had trouble seeing a few times but made it through it and got home safely. Now I can relax until Wednesday and then back to Madison for 500 mile same day turn around. After that I think I'll be able to relax for at least a week.

Using Coupon Codes

I really enjoy shopping for my jeans and shirts at the GAP. It is a great store and I can go online without ever leaving home and shop for specials and save alot of money using their coupon codes promo codes. I am on a limited income so it really helps to be able to save money for other things by using coupons.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

I'm Iowa bound from Tulsa, Oklahoma today. It was hot when we left but guess Iowa is hot too. We are supposed to get rain almost every day this week, so we'll see. I bet my kittens really miss me as I put food out for them every day. They are wild and there is a new crop every so often. I really enjoy watching them run and play. They are so much fun.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Optics Planet

Now I'm a hunter and I can bag a squirrel in the tree before you even see it. Now I was playing around with my new computer and I ran across this great site night vision and what a unique website to get every kind of hunting gear, military gear,and even SWAT and law enforcement gear. But greatest of all is that they carry a tremendous line of night vision gear. They specialize in all the big name brands like Bushnell, Trijicon, Weaver,Yukon and ATN and a whole lot more. They have night vision goggles, night vision cameras, night vision rifle scopes from the best gen. 1 scopes to the latest gen.4 scopes. No matter how you plan to use it, they have the right gear for you. There are night vision binoculars too and flashlights, heat seekers and thermal imagers, the list is almost endless.Have some fun and check into this great site.

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Arrived Tulsa!

Left early Friday morning and made good time. I brought my friend down here to visit her son and we are in the mall today shopping around and window shopping too. Just called my big sister to see how she is doing after her surgery on Thursday. She is getting along good. She's a tough old gal. My other sister is having a yard sale and heard it started off good so hope she did well. Today is the last day for her sale. Now my other sister is out in Illinois so I don't know what she is up to right now. Probably about 5 ft 4 inches.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Schooling At It's Best

I know your children are going to school but are you sure they're getting the proper education? One way to be really sure your child won't go without the best education would be to go to this website Summer Program . Once you're here check out their summer program and their inovative tutoring environment for learning. This the perfect way to insure that they lead the field in which ever profession they choose for their life. Lack of a good education is no reason for stumbling through life without a teriffic job to support you. Give your the opportunities they should have today to survive in this computerized world.

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Back On The Road

Early tomorrow morning I'm leaveing for Tulsa, Ok. to spend a couple days with friends. It'll be a nice drive of about 600 miles or 10 1/2 hours which comes first. I've turned it several times now and it's a fun run. I'm taking my friend to visit her son and his family so I'll have company for the trip. We're going to leave about 6:00 A.M. so this post will have to be a little short. But it happens I've been told. See you when I return on Monday.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Play To Win

You say you like games, well here's a website for you to check into for free and join up. All game opportunities are open to members and it's free to join. You won't get a bunch of offers to complete and no spam email either. A prize will be posted for members to enter to win. This lasts for 7 to 14 days then 7 entries are picked from entries recieved. These will be posted for other members to vote on and the biggest vote getter wins the prize. Remember you have to join to play and it's free. The owner company has other websites you can check out while you're on line they are Why wait, sign up, play some games and win some prizes.

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Kittens And Cats

The baby kittens are really growing now. They're about 5 weeks old and just full of energy.I personally love cats and wish I had a place in the country so I could keep all of them. Kittens playing in the yard are a source of intertainment for all ages. They jump and roll and run as fast as they can just to bounce to a stop stiff legged and backs arched up prancing sideways. It's a shame they have to grow up and can't stay little. I shouldn't say that because my full grown cats are a source of love and affection at night while watching TV. They walk in front of you, meet you at the door when you get home and curl up in your lap and purr. They never ask for presents just room and board and their happy. Why not Their Loving Cats.

How Much Is That

Been in a store lately when the power went out and watch cashiers try to make change. My suggestion is go to the older checkers if you want the right change. The younger checkers may be able to figure it or may not. With all the calculaters and electronic help now days they don' know the basics. I say give your child a chance and get them proper educations.Score Learning Centers as far as you need to look. This website Math Tutors can show you how easy it is to tutor your children so they can go on to higher education. You know without a good education in math computers and ekectronics are out of the question and that is the future of the world today. Give them a future and teach them right.

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Dog Duty

This morning at 5:00 A.M. I left for Madison Wisc. to deliver my friends hunting dog to the veterinary center for eye surgery.Not a bad run 500 miles and11 hours driving 2 lane roads. May have to go back next week for follow up but don't know yet.I've been getting alot of driving time in lately. This time at least it was by the hour and the money is good. I couldn't get over how much the roads have changed. New roads and intersections all over the place. Of course it's been 10 years since I last traveled those roads.

Older and Wiser

Being the older generation and haveing tutored my children through school I know the importance of good education. That's why I'm continually pushing education at my children and grandchildren. The one's that continued on to college have thanked my wife and I for seeing they had a good start in life. Listen when I tell you The Score learning centers are a major plus in everybody's book of learning. Check this website Math Tutors and see what they have to offer your children. In today's world of electronics the best gift you can give them is a good education. My grandson is listening to me so I know his daughter will have a great future. How about your children are they getting the best that life can offer?

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Funny night

My lady friend and I went to a small town 4 miles west of here around the lake and gor frozen yougurt. I had blackraspberry and she had butter pecan. After a nice drive around the lake we arrived at my house and enjoyed the new Larry the Cable Guy program. Of course it followed the blue collar comedy show.I just love to watch this backwoods humor because it's so funny and Larry The Cable Guy is the funniest of all. He had alot of new material tonight and was really funny. When it was over another comedy show started and about 10 minutes into it my friend kicked back the lounge chair and was napping in another 5 minutes. I can't say I blame her because we had a long dragged out day at a class graduation party That seemed to last forever. After about an hours nap she was ready to go home and feed her dogs and go to bed. I fed my cats and am checking out my puter for emails. A good day was had by all.

Check The Heavens.

When you lay out in the lawn at noght looking at the stars have you ever wished you had a telescope to get a better view? Now you can because there's an online place where you can check out every type of optical device you could ever want. Stop by this site cool gadgets next time you're on the internet and check out all the amazing lenses they have to offer. I'm telling you there is everything from noight vision to binoculars to spotting scopes. Being a rifle and pistol nut I like the spotting scope. If that sounds like you then go to http://opticsplanet.netspottingscopes.html Your preference may be a powerful telescope for star gazing. Whatever you're looking for don't make a move until you check here. You deffinately won't be sorry I wasn't.

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