Friday, April 27, 2007

I Can't Believe It

Well it's that time of the day again to run into town and pick up my bills. I wonder what it would be like to go for a month or two without any bills at all. I really think it would be great. I would probably get foolish and spend it on celebrating not haveing any bills to pay. Then when I do again the money will be gone and same old same old. What everybody calls square one, or starting over. Oh well it's fun to dream because it gives you something to blog about.

Saving Time And Money

If you're like me you have an abundance of lretters going out every week. Save time next time by using labels for you're return address. We have over 16,000 different graphics you can get. Check out this site return address labels you will find they come on sheets or in rolls. How about real gold or silver foil labels? We have them for only $39.95 and on the net you won't find a better price. Our labels save you time and money because they're low cost and shipping starts at $1.95 and only slightly more for large orders. In this modern day time everyone could use extra time so why write when you can just stick. Different sizes available too.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Potato Salad

My friend and I were talking about summer dishes and potato salad came up. I told her I like potato salad all year long not just in the summer.She said she did too so we made a huge bowl of it. I boiled eggs at my house and she did potatoes at hers. She brought them over for the mixingalong with some chopped up celery. I had a jar of my favorite salad olives and a vadalia onion chopped up. The mixing started with the patatoes and eggs chopped up with the celery then onion and salad olives scattered all over the dish.I mixed mayonaze with salt pepper and olive juice and stirred that into the mixed up veggies. When we were done we had almost a gallon of poatao salad.Her and I are the only ones to share this dish. It was made on Sunday and it was gone this morning ( Wednesday ) now that's good eating. Next time you make potato salad put some green olives in it for great flavor.

Great Cooks Need Funds

You say you're a great cook and would really like to start your oqn restaurant? If that's the case then you're reading the answer to all your needs. Just go to this site business loans This is where you find the people who like financing small to midsize restaurants and retailers. This is what they do, so check it out and see what they can do to get your business off the ground. You'll be making a great living doing what you love the most, cooking and watching people enjoying fine food.

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Ready to go

My good friend just asked me if I would drive her down to Tulsa to see her son and his family.Being a retired truckdriver I don't pass up any chances to drive 1200 miles round at someone elses expense. All gas and meals for the trip will be paid and a little gambling money on the side that could make me rich. It'll only be for 4 days but at least I'll get to see some over the road miles that I miss so much. If this works out good we may go to her daughters in Nashville the following month.

Great Future Ahead

Have you thought about your retirement? This is when you should think about it not after you retire. Social Security won't give you the kind of life you dreamed of retiring to. My friend told me that investing in your future requires a plan and someone who knows investments. If you go to this site global futures you can get all the particulars from people who know the score. Not only where to invest but how to invest. Did you know you can start for as little as $250? That's a start but not a limit of what you can invest. That part is intirely up to you, the more and better you invest the greater your future will be.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Really Came Close.

I was checking my blogs this afternoon when the big one appeared. I clicked on it as fast as I could because 3 seconds before it wasn't there. I thought I have a good chance this time but all I got was sorry but it's taken. That's the way life is so they say. I pronbably would have spent it all on bills and they who would I have to talk to every month when they call for money. I don't worry because if I can get enough of the lesser paying ones I can still pay them off just not as fast.So hey don't worry about the big one getting away. The name of the game is blogging and that's where the real fun is. Who knows maybe they'll do it again one day.

Looking Real Good.

Nowadays so many people are really pleased about how they look. That doesn't include all people though. Some have blemishes or features they would like to change.If you happen to be one of these people then the first thing you should is go online. Once there check out this website Skin Care Problems they have an extensive line of skin care products for every need or problem. They not only have skin care products but also facilities for cosmetic surgery if that's what you require. Think about it wether it's skin care or surgery we can do it all. Why look any farther, just login and see what we can do to make your life better.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Getting Married.

Through the years there has only been a few of us who have driven trucks for a living.I'm talking 18 wheelers and doing it for years. I personally retired from it after 45 years. I still have 2 younger cousins who drive over the road. One of them has been single for10 years and now he met a little Spanish girl from Bogata, Columbia. He's traveled down to spend vacations with her plus email back and forth for years. She has come to the United States on a financee visa and they are getting married next month. I wish him all the luck in the world. I've been widowed for 9 years but enjoy being alone so it's not for me.

No Better Way.

Have you ever been to a trade show? I have and there isn't a better way to spend the day and stay on top of what's new. This one very good way for dealers and manufacturers to bring their new products into the public eye. The town of 30,000 people just down the road 9 miles has one every year. Dealers from all overthe area which includes about 4 states come to north central Iowe to display their wares. You can get pamphlets explaining everything you want to know about their product. They also haveseveral people there to explain the intricate operating procedures of the equipment.There's websites like this one Trade Show Booths that you can check out. I happen to be one of those lucky people that has Emphazema and there are all kinds of impurities that can cause me some real breathing problems. I visited a booth that was demonstrating a new one on the market that would cover 3,000 square feet of space. I happen to live in a mobile home thats 900 square feet so ons purifier would keep the air in my intire home free from all polution and help me breathe easier. I purchased one and have never regretted it. Because of that I now attend all of the trade shows that they have in my area. The thing I really like the most is seeing the new things that companies have come up with to make life easier for everyone. Home products, farm machinery and that's just the beginning. You can't leave out electronice, everything from high definition televisions to the latest advances in computers. Everything in audio and video systems. The things I've mentioned are just a few thing that you'll find at a trade show. Once one comes to your town or a town near you and you actually attent it you will never know what a great time you can have. Some people just stand totally amazed at the advancements that have been made in every field of industry and home improvements. Next time a show comes to your town go to it and take the whole day because that's how long it will take to see everything. You may just have to come back the next day to finish because the first day was to short.

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Work, Work, Work.

Guess what, the rain has stopped for a while this morning so I can get the rest of the yard work. I helped my friend with her lawn and she hasn't got a tree in her yard. I've been watching the birds that she feeds with 6 feeders because I think they're dropping leaves in her yard in exchande for food. We must have a meeting and come to some other arrangement. You know like FREE FOOD NO LEAVES, well it's just an idea I had. It probably wouldn't work anyway.I've heard really wierder ones in my lifetime for sure. Never know it might work. Maybe come and eat then take a leaf with you for your nest. That would be a good way to clean your yard up. Right now I suppose I'd better get at it myself.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Best for Less

When building or remodeling you first must consider the lighting of your rooms. For you to get the best you must get online. When you do go directly to this site D'Legne Chandeliers they can supply you with everything you could ever want in lighting. Give your living room a royal look with one of their beautiful chandeliers. If this sounds good to you then the best part is still to come. To save you even more they don't sell in stores that way you avoid costly markups and eliminate the guy in the middle. They will only sell directly to the customer themselves. Servicing happy customers is the only way tosell your product. That's why their the best for less.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Windy City.

Hey I don't mean Chicago I mean right here. The wind is blowing 25 to 30 MPH today and little branches are strating to fall again. Everytime you get it cleaned up a little this happens.Oh well no sense crying about it that's just how it goes. It would really be great to just sit and relax all day for one day. My friends say you can sleep when you're dead and I say then I won't need it as much. I realise as I get older I need alot more, maybe tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2007

What You Can Do.

You know in this day and age it's easy to get down on your luck. Everybody has been there at one time or another not reallt sure why it's just there.Your income is just paying the bills and they raise the interest rate. This puts a bind on your budget and you don't know what to do. What if you or the Mrs. loses their job at a crutial time when things are already short, where do you turn. If you're about to lose your house and you have lived there for a good many years what do you do. First of all think about looking into this website Sell to Rent for help with your problem. Today there's a new concept in the housing market. When times are bad and you don't know which way to turn think about this. You can sell your house and then rent it back. This is a fantastic way for you to keep your home and not have to move with nothing to go on and nothing to show for all those years. You can sell your house, pay off the mortgage and then rent the same house back. You can use any extra money to help get by on until things improve. When you look at the cost of moving to a new house and starting over this is the best thing you could do. You know the needs and fixings of your old house and won't have to start from scratch with repairs on a new home. I say think about it before you jump off the deep end. You sell and rent back nothing is easier.

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You need a friend.

When your day is over and you need to unwind you need a friend. It can be your best buddy or your best galpal. Whatever you want we all have both and know one fits the occasion better than the other. Now don't get me wrong when i say we all have both. I meant we who are single have both. I have married friends that both have both, you really need them. The guys can yak about what really ticks them off and the women friends can give you advice when you mess up with your sweetie. When you're an old trucker like me with 3 1/2 millions miles over the road you learn to appreciate both kinds of friends.I was very fornunate comming from divorced parents to be raised by a house full of women.I not only knew what the guys were talking about but I also knew what the girls meant. I had many tell me that they didn't know how I knew what they were talking about. I'd just reply I was raised by my mother two sisters snd three femail cousins and their mom. My male image was my grandfather. I believe it was the best of both worlds because I knew things about girls that took my friends years to learn, not to mention a few divorces.

Life gets better.

Rumor has it that Payperpost has aquired another company.We don't know what they did or how the purchase of them will affect us but think about it. Payperpost has been our mother company, nursing and guideing us on the right path to posterity. With the addition of another company it can only get better. I can't say but it seems like to me with the growth of our mother company things can't help but get better. You know For instance when you click on open opportunities there could actually be some instead of haveing to go back and check twenty times a day hoping there might be something to help you reach your goal of being a top blogger.It may mean more Opportunities, higher pay opportunities, who knows, I don't. If you don't go to this site blogs and see what they have to say about it. One thing about it you can't go wrong being connected with payperpost. Their one company that gioes out of their way to give us the best chances to make money on the opportunities we have. I believe with this addition to our company it can only mean that everyone will profit from it.To me there's nothing better than making money and working with friends at the same time. What do you think about it? Expansion of companies is always good for everyone envolvedwith them. Think about it since we're involved with payperpost our lives have just gotten better. I really like the idea, how about you?Let's all do our best to back them all the way.


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Yard work

I finally think I'll have to admit the yard work is to much for me.I think when you're out in the yard raking and you find yourself using the rake for support the time has come to have someone else do it.My walking and balance is getting a little hairier each month that goes by. I don't go anywhere without a cane. That brings up the fact you can't handle a rake and cane at the same time. Believe me you need the cane on the uneven lawn to just stay upright.Soooo the time has come to hire someone to rake leaves and branches out of the yard. I would leave them there if the mower didn't mind running over them. The landlord would just gripe me out untill I did it anyway.

We Search You Find

If you have a company that depends on its sales personal then you know what it's like to lose a good representative. When that happens and you think there's no tomorrow then there's still hope. Just visit this site Sales Recruiting and let us find your new sales person for you.Tell us what you need and want and we do all the work searching. I can assure you you'll be happy with our selection. If your not don't worry we gaurntee our work and they will be replaced by another. We work in several of the New England States in helping organizations find sales candidates and also help sales candidates find the organization they've been looking for.It doesn't get any better than that. Just contact us with your needs and we'll go right to work filling them.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chickens and Feathers

Sometimes everything seem to go just as you planned.Other times you think things are going well and it blows up in your face. That's why they say chickens and feathers. Chicken one day because everything is good and there's enough to go around.Feathers the next because leftovers are all there is. You always have to pace yourself so you don't run out to soon. That's not just food but energy, money and all the staples of a good life. Some people don't think about that and wind up living from day to day barely getting by. They can't figure out what happened to them that they don't have enough of anything. Just another little secret of life you usually learn the hard way.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Getting a Good Life

I'll tell you what, we've all gotten email saying meet your perfect mate. You just have to join our dating service. I've got to tell you there is a new game in town or on the net. first check out this site - webcams, chat, personals you'll find it different from anything you've seen before. The difference is there's chat rooms but also webcam live show to watch. You can contact the people performing in the films instantly. No actors or professionals just ordinary people like you and me. Oh they have regular dating service and games you can play with your new found friends. Don't forget the Hot or Not competition or maybe play the game Play or flirt. Check out the site for yourself and make your own decision.

I'm being paid for this post.

I'm being paid for this post.

It's Me Again Margaret

Just like a bad penny I just keep comming back to this spot. The weather is wonderful and people are walking all over town. I'm limited because of severe arthritis in my legs. Doctors appointment the end of the month may cure that problem. I would love to walk for miles like I used to without stopping every 50 yards and rest and catch my breath.But that, sometimes is how life goes on and you just go with the flow. I know things will really get different from now on and you can take that to the bank.

It's Magic.

You've all heard of tag cloud developement to get you to where you want to go. Magic software has come up with a new edevelopement system that is the ultimate system. It's not only hassle free but also code free. To check it out check this site eDeveloper Discovery for more information.Find out now before your friends are useing it and telling you about it. You should check into Yahoo's new developers discussion group where you'll be able to get new ideas from others. You can also go to this site for information, . You can't go wrong with this software and who knows you may be the first on your block to have it. This is software for rapid application of where you want to go and what you want to do, couldn't hurt so check it out.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Next Month

Why is it when the paycheck is gone there is still some bills left? It seems like no matter how hard I try I have a few left over. Some months I earn a little extra money but there are always people who want it. The gas and light company is my biggest downfall. In the winter i have to turn the furnace up and they turn the rates up. When that happens the money goes out to stay warm and other bills don't get any or just enough to keep them from screaming. I really believe since I have started blogging I will solve this problem. I'll have to wait untill next winter before I know for sure.

Life and Health

If you're really interested in getting healthy then here's the first thing you have to do.First you have to cleanse the inside of your body. Your vital organs , intestines and lymphatic system must be flushed of all the impurities that are living inside of you. This is a two part detoxifying program that cleanses your body of toxins and impurities that can cause you many different health problems. You probably say I've tried laxitives before and you couldn't leave the house. That's not the case with this plan. You won't experience body cramps or loose stools. Go to this site Dual Action Cleanse for more complete information on this subject. A major part of colon problems are caused by impurities and toxins inside your body. Once they're dealt with it reduces your risk of colon problems down the road. So I say be safe and check it out.

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R & R Beer - Time

What a fantastic day this has been. I woke up this morning feeling good and the weather is great.I've got my errands done for today and when I finish this my blogging will be done too.The heavy wind we had for 4 days has filled my yard up with tree branches. I suppose if I leave them laying there they'll disappear but then again maybe they won't. I'll find out when I get a visit from my landlord and he says I have to clean them up.I think I'll ask my bud's that stop over for beer time to help me maybe three of us could do it in about 1/2 hour. If I have to do it alone with the arthritis in my legs it will take about a day and 1/2 to get-er-done. We'll wait and see.

Cancer Care

I have lost many friends and loved ones to cancer of all kinds. Years ago they had to perform exploritory surgery to see how advanced the cancer was. When they did the incision the cancer spread like wildfire. If not then there was a chance other tissue would be damaged especially in the brain. That could affect other parts of the body. Now with the Gamma Knife there isn't any cutting and it is done with uncanny precision. I guess you would call it space age technology. To explain what I'm trying to say go to this site brain tumor treatment and check it out for yourself. This is a procedure that could save the life of someone very dear to you or to someone you know.The key is don't wait untill it's to late.

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Getting old

You know, the older you get the more deseases they come up with.I guess they were always there but we didn't have anything to call them. Nowadays they have a name for everything. The bad part is they are working on a cure for most of them. The worst part most of us won't see them suceed in our lifetime. Maybe not even in our childrens lifetime but there's hope.When my wife died of cancer 8 years ago the news paper came out with an article on cancer treatment. They had a new treatment for her kind of cancer. It was the same treatment they had given her for 4 years and she died anyway. But life goes on.

New Treatment for The Brain

Through out my long life I've had several friends who had brain tumors. Back then there was a risk involved but not today. The Leksell Gamma Knife surgery is the ultimate in precision surgery for brain tumors. While performing the surgery radiation can be applied from all angles to reduce all risk to the patient. Precision surgery, Patient safety and recovery are the key factors involved.For more information go to this site Gamma Knife where everything will be explained in detail. Progress in medical procedures have taken the brain off the endangered list.

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Today is just a fabulous day to get outside and get it done. Lawn work like leaves or mowing the grass a perfect day for it. Very little wind to blow them all over. Personally I like to clean out the bushes and then run over everything with my mulching mower. It really saves fighting those big leaf bags. The final point is it's 70 degrees out and that makes me feel good all over.

Real Estate at it's Best

When was the last time you were in Las Vegas? What a city, bright lights and beauty every where you look.This is a place where you can enjoy yourself 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My friend went out and liked it so well she moved out there. She said to go to this site New homes and find out what there is for housing and Real Estate properties. It's deffinately the place to go even if you haven't made up your mind to move it won't hurt a thing to look and get ideas of what you want. Just remember when it comes to Las Vegas Real Estate you can't beat checking out for all of your Real Estate needs. What are you waiting for, go check it out.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Big Sister

My big sister looks out for me every chance she gets. She is older than me but she is shorter than me. We have always stuck up for each other and get along really good. She has taught me alot about computers and so has my friend Laura. I really enjoy posting on my blog. It passes alot of time and is alot of fun too to work with my new computer.

Reproductive Access Solutions

Some of my best friends have tried to get pregnant without success and it is very very expensive. Most of them are working but their empoyers don't furnish this type of insurance for fertility treatments in fact many of their pregnant employees aren't even furnished with Maternity Health Insurance. I browing the internet I found this site pregnant no insurance that will help them find a solution to their problems according to their individual needs. This can be a real challenge but RAS has the solution. Tell your friends to check into this today or if you are looking for this help, you should check into it right away.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Hey,Hey,Hey Another Day

Well today I decided to do something different so I went to the new Casino 20 miles up the road.I spent about an hour and a half and lost $18 doing it.That wasn't bad but it gave me something to do out of my usual routine. I like going up there but all my friend with the exception of a few think I'm crazy. I know I can't afford it but I enjoy going and taking a chance once in a while. When I got back home I stopped at the V.F.W. and had a couple beers.My buddy said he and his wife would be there so I thought it would be fun. I hadn't been in there since the week they opened. Tell you what between the smoke and the noise of one drunk trying to shout over the one next to him I couldn't take it. My buddy and his wife weren't there so I left and came home.I don't usually do the bar scene and now I really know why.The polution between cigarette smoke and the noise I just couldn't take it. Call it old age or what you will but I can't do it anymore.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Golf Vacation Way To Learn

Let me ask you, are you a golfer that has just never been as good as your buddies? If that's the case you really should learn a few things that will help your game. Go to this site Golf Fitness Vacations and check out what they have to teach you. The golf vacation schools are the only place for you if you really want to learn. You're not only enjoying a vacation but you'll be learning how to hit the ball farther and straighter with more consistency. It's not just the swing but how to swing, your balance and stance. Wouldn't you like to finish the back nine with a great score? Just think about heading for the clubhouse to talk golf instead of the whirlpool to get rid of the aches and pains. These people can show you how so check it out.

Golf Fitness Vacations

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Today Again

Today was just about perfect. The temps were in the 50's and you didn't need a coat if you went out. One more day like and all the snow we got Wednesday will be totally gone.I had a hard time grasping the fact that Monday I mowed my friends lawn and mulched the leaves. On Wednesday there was 5 1/2 inches of snow covering everything. Now it's almost gone again what a world we live in. Some things that happen are totally unbelievable and you just have to except it. Whatever you do hang around and be amazed as life as we know it goes on. Everything happens for a reason but sometimes that reason is really hard to find.Now that doesn't mean it's not there so don't give up looking. That's the really fun part of life, the looking.

Know What You Want

Do you think you have it tough? Well we all have at one time or another. Peter Belisi was a regular guy struggling with monthly needs and bills. The only difference was he had a dream. He liked fashion and started to dress using different accessories to accent his clothes.Not having much money to spare because of family needs he used what he could for new ties to look better. After a while people noticed the way he looked and commented on how well he dressed. Before long they were asking advice from him on accessorising they wardrobe.That was the beginning for the fabulous business that he had dreamed of. To learn more check out this site Belisi you won't regret it. You owe it to yourself to find out what you can do if your willing to sacrifice and work long hours to obtain your dream. It's top of the line, best of the best. Tryit and see for yourself.


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I have a good friend that gets a chance to travel out of the country every so often. Her sisters husband works for a company that sends him all over the world to teach his ideas to company branches. They spend usually a tear at each location the company sends him to. When they get settled her sister starts in on when can you come to visit? Since she doesn't have to come up with a room or meals she saves for airfare and spending money. It's really a good deal for her because she likes to travel all over to different countries. I don't like to fly and have no desire to see more than the good old U.S,of A. so I stay here and hold down the fort. I go over to her house and care for her dogs and take care of the property. She just got back from Hong Kong and brought a bag of treats from there. Small indivual bags with either a chicken foot, or duck neck or duck kidney. The kidney suprised me because I didn't know ducks had kidneys. To my supprise they are very good. I haven't tried the chicken foot yet but may .

Care About How You Look?

I don't know who picks out your clothes but I do mine.I usually dress for extreme comfort. When I do clean up to get out of the house I have to consult my good friend on what goes with what.You have a better way to find out if you really care about how you look. Go to this site Belisi and you'll learn fashion and which assessories are needed to finish the job of looking good. From denim to casmere you will find out what goes and what doesn't. Everyone I know really like to look their best and impress the boss or maybe a potential girlfriend. What ever you want to do you can't go wrong here because they have everything you need to look great. Peter Belisi really wanted to create a fashion company for all to use from the rich to the regular Joe or Jane. That's why he's the best, so check it out.

I'm being paid for this post.

I'm being paid for this post.

Great Day

This is a great day to be alive because the snow has stopped and the sun is shineing brightly. Weatherman predicting warmer weather all week and getting better after that. I think it's about time Spring finally got here. The 5 1/2 inches of snow we got Tuesday and Wednesday slowed everyone down a little but we knew it wouldn't last for long. Temps now in high 30's and climbing to mid 40's later on. Snow is slowly melting away. I suppose we'll have to contend with a little mud then. I sure wish I had someone to scrub me floors on days like this. That's the biggest drawback of the single life.

Want To Really Relax?

There's something new in the airwaves. It's an online radio station that will bring you all your favorites. I like the Classics, you might like the new Hot Artists, Jass or the legendary music from the past. Do me and yourself a huge favor next time your on the computer. Check out this site, Belisi and find what you've been looking for. Then all you have to do is lean back in your chair and let the soft music soothe away the day's stress. Belisi is well known for many other things and now they've added something you can enjoy sitting at your computer and letting them bring the best to you.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Come on sun.

Today I decided that the sun should help with the snow removal at my place. Since I only havea couple visitors a week I shouldn't have to shovel my drive. My car goes right through it and others can too. I did shovel a good friends drive but she has a business and her clients don't like walking in the snow. I figured I needed the exercise anyway. Now that was the truth until I got back home and decided I had enough exercise for this snow storm. I checked around and my neighbors all agreed with me so nobody shoveled out.We only got around 5 inches anyway and it's wet and heavy and will melt fast.I HOPE.

Proper Connections.

Hey are you tired of stepping over cords or trying to figure out where to plug your digital goodies? Then my friend you should check out this site HDMI Switch and see everything you need. They have a connection for your HDMI appliances. You can plug in up to four of them. How about remote control or changing ports with the push of a button. Another feature would be LED display so you know where you are. This is awesome man and way to many things to write about. The best idea is just check out the site for yourself I'm sure you won't be disapointed.

I'm being paid for this post.


I really don't believe it but I woke up this morning to 3 inches of snow on the ground. The weatherman made it worse by saying 4 to 8 more are on the way. When it's all over we could have a foot of new snow on the ground. The weather has been warm enough that the previous 14 inches we had on the ground has melted but they assure us the temps are comming back up and will melt this too in a few days. Boy I hope so because this is wet heavy snow and causes back problems.

Window Privacy

Did you just get a new house, apartment or condo? If You just want to spruce up your old place. Your first stop should be at this site Blinds . They have a selection of window blinds that covers anything you could imagine. Windows are the eyes to the world, wether it's looking out or looking in. Your guests will comment on how beautiful they look. The second purpose is keeping out the bright sunlight and I'm sorry to say , the prying eyes of nieghbors and passerbys in the evening. I say check it out because there's no guestion in my mind you'll find everything you need for your windows.You'll be so thrilled that you did.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Family Dinners.

Since my wife passed away 8 years ago family dinners are passing too. My one daughter that lives close by gets together with me to celebrate the special occasions.The last few we have added a little different menu. At Christmas time we grill steaks and baked potatoes. Last year we did have traditional ham for Easter but this year We're going to meet in town and indulge in Chinese buffet all you can eat.It's so much better when you can visit and everyone is right there not out in the kitchen cooking. Then after, someone has to clean up the dishes and house. Figuring the restraunts are open we may just as well let them do everything for us andwe can all relax and visit. You know after all Easter is about Love of Christ, Family and not what's for dinner. Think about it, RIGHT?

Your Target Shoots Back

I remember when I was young we played war games with cap guns and they were fun. The only thing was the bigger guys wouldn't admit being shot. Now all that has changed with the introduction of paintball guns. The best place to look for your equipment is online at Ultimate Paintball online store selling the things you need for success. but visit this site paintball guns first you'll get some really good ideas on the equipment you need. You can find big names like Spyder and Tippman also Small parts are available. The next time you are sitting around with your buddies and someone says what can we do to have some fun,be ready with the answer. Go get you paintball guns and let's have some real fun already. What are you waiting for? Get- Er- Done.

Friday, April 6, 2007


Boy I just don't know where spring went. Just the other day we had temperatures in the 80's. The last few days it's barely gotten to 30 with 25 mile per hour wind. This is not my idea of spring. Normal temps should be at least 55 to 60 and this stuff doesn't quite hack it.Everybody who live in Iowa say what more can you expect? I would like the seasons not to be all messed up but mainly because if we get April showers now it will freeze everything solid.I'm not going to worry about it anymore it'll all change in a few days. after all it is Iowa isn't it?

Really Big Day

I'LL tell you what, if you haven't got the word yet then this should really get your attention. What I'm talking about is a possible payday that could make any of us happy. That's right can you imagine posting a blog and getting really big bucks for it. That's thousand dollar Tuesday means to bloggers in the month of April.I don't know about the rest of you but I'm retired and living on a low fixed income and could sure use some relief from the old bill collectors.I'm sure many of you out there are in that same boat. There's always a place for some more money in all our lives. So between midnight Monday night anf 11:59 P.M. Tuesday night there will be an opportunity for $1000 for every who gets there first.What you will have to do is get a lot of sleep the night before and then you need a really comfortable chair to sit on. The first thing everyone should so they don't mess up is this. Chechout this site blog traffic you can get all the particulars on the whole situation and then you'll know what your doing.The best part is everybody has an equal chance of getting the thousand dollar blog because it's open to all bloggers.Now that you know the story let me say this. Good luck to all entries and if your like me and have to type with one finger then I hope you don't get a paper cut on the end of it.

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Friday again.

I don't know about you but I really like my Fridays. Three or four of us get together and tip a few cold beers and have some good conversation.Two are winding after a week of hard work and two of us are older and don't work anymore.I have arthurites in my legs really bad so everyone comes over here to make it easier on me.The guy across the road is 84 and 14 years my senior but he has real good mobility and not like me The other guys are 20 years my juniors so we represent three generations.We discuss sports, fishingthe news, TV shows and women. In all the time we've been getting together there has never been a bad word between any of us.It's really a great deal for everybody concerned. While I sit here I'm thinking I wish everyone could have 2 or 3 good friends to have a beer with and unwind at the end of the week.It does brighten up a pretty dreary week for some of us.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Reservations for you.

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What's New

The biggest thing going right now is the blog swards. I think it's great because I'm retired and handycapped so this is a really big part of my life now.It's bad when you have nothing to do except sit and think about how things were and are today.After a while it starts bending your mind around. You feel useless when you see other guys doing the same job that you did, and even did better.If you're lucky like I was a good friend or relative says why don't you blog? I say how? they say hey you've been all over the country thousands of times surely there are good memories that you think about at different times. Well put them down of paper like a journal only use your computer. So I did and I'm loving it,

The Best Of The Best

I've gotten so tired of the Award shows on TV that I don't even watch them anymore.There will finally be an awards show that will be worth catching. It won't be on TV but you can catch it on your PC. It's an award show for bloggers. The best part of it will the judges will be bloggers like you and me. We will get to vote on our favorite blog and pick the winner. First go to this site blog awards and check it out. Then you read and checkout the blogs and cast your vote.There will be all different categories of bloggers. You can vote for the Hot Mamma's, the Nasty bloggers. The ones that love or hate everything and everyone.Car lovers,Hunters, Fishermen you name it and it could be there. There is going to be a big variety of categories to choose from. This is your opportunity to check out everyone elses blogs and compare with what your doing. Maybe pick up some pointers on how to make your blogs better. I'm sure if this works out as they plan, it may be the first awards show but it won't be the last. My advise to everybody would be head for the website mentioned and get in on the action for yourself. Then who knows your blogs may be in the next competition and you could be the next big winner. Everyone get in the groove and support the plan because I think it's a winner.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Is This Not Spring?

Daytime temps of just above freezing and nightime temps below freezing with thewindchill figured in.Normal temps for here are low 50's not low 30's. That quick change really takes it's toll. The ice is out of the lake but if it doesn't warm up again it will freeze over again. You know that saying It don't get any better than this? Well this is Iowa and our saying is what you see is what you get because this is as good as it gets. The month that has the most perfect weather is the shortest month of the year. I mean that because it goes by so fast and not that it's February.I think I'll put on a potof coffee and make a sandwich and see what happens, Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Winter's Back.

Whoa, the weatherman just said the temperature is 21 degrees wit the wind chill making it feel like 5 degrees.Last week it was in the 60's and even 70's one day. What happened to spring did it take a break with everyone else.I have bad knees and legs and this cold weather just slows me down to about a crawl.I know that I don't make the rules but if I could have a vote I'd vote for warm. How about you? Who? You that's who, don't just stand there listening offer an opinion at least. I know I'm just one person but if enough people read this blog and submit a vote maybe we could get warm weather all year long.What do you all think.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Phones A Click Away

These days everyone has a cell phone from grandparents to elementery students. They are becomming a great necessity in our world. The biggest question is how long have you had your phone? The technology is going nowadays it seems like every month the older phones are obsolete. The smartphones on the market can do just about everything but walk the dog. It's possible that's comming too. Now if I have your attention click on this site Wirefly's" top smartphones to see what's out there. I believe some of you will be surprised as I was when you see the top 5 smartphones being offered. In this computerised world if you don't upgrade , you watch the technology pass you by.

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