Monday, December 21, 2009

Working From Home

I have a very limited income so I am always looking for something to do at home. I have some health problems so it is not an easy matter for me to get out and get a job outside of my home. I bought a new computer awhile back and have been checking the Internet to see what I can find to do. I have found a few things like blogging but it has not paid enough to keep up with my bills. I really need something that will make some good money to substantially step up my income so that after the bills are paid, I can buy some groceries, as well as, put gas in my van. My friend has a franchise business and he has been talking to me about it quite a bit. He is a good friend and has been a great deal of help to me. My other friend who helps me a lot also has his own business and he has given me many good ideas but I just have not found something yet that quite fits the bill for me. I want to work with my computer and make money with it if at all possible. Now that it is winter too, the ground and roads get so icy and I have to be extra careful not to fall and break something. If I could just find a good home business where I could work at my computer and stay in the warm house this winter, it would just be great.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Coming

When I say it's coming I mean freezing rain that I know everybody just loves. It great because I don't have to leave the house unless I want to. Tomorrow I'll read the Sunday paper then watch the movie Julia and Julie that I rented just for tomorrow. My friend has been dieing to see it so she will come over to keep me company. I really hope it's as good as the reviews have been saying. Well tomorrow will tell the tale..

What Happened?

After a week of single digit and below zero temps today showed us temps in the high 30's. Whatb happened and will it happen again tomorrow? I hat the subzero temps because of lung problems but today was a good day to be out and about. My friend and I drove 100 miles to Ankeny,Iowa and visited until about 9:00 tonight bafore we drove home again. It was a real nice ride except for one 7mile stretch with bumper to bumper traffic. It seems a semi went in the ditch and a dozen men were transferring the load to another truck. Traffic was down to one lane and backed up for 6 miles. That was a lot more than I needed to make my day complete.

Cancun Adults Only

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Friday, November 27, 2009


The weather is holding it's own again this month. December is just around the corner and it's still in the 40's temp wise. We usually have at least some snow on the ground by now but you can't get that with this kind of weather. I'm not complaining because my old body works a whole lot slower when it's cold outside. Naturally I'm praying for warm weather for the whole winter months but we'll have to see what happens.


The Thanksgiving day has passed and it was a good time for everybody. I drove my friend to her sons house a hundred miles away for dinner. The food was good but as usual I wasn't included in much of the conversation. I make a very good pie and mashed potatoes and was asked to bring these things with me. This is fine but I think if you go out of your way to contribute to something you should at least get som recognition for it. i don't think it will happen again because I'll just cook for myself and my family and that will end it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hair Stylists Jobs

My best friend has her own beauty salon. She works hard at it and long hours. I am sure it wasn't so easy at one time to find the salon job she wanted. But now hair stylist jobs are much easier to find. This website has made it so much easier for people to locate jobs all over the country. Also it helps salon owners to locate the right people to fill their jobs. This website has launched a new search engine to do just that - match the right people with the right jobs. This is a much needed source of information for all those interested in salon work, as well as those looking for just the right employees to fill their positions.

Rain and Snow

It has been raining today. This afternoon it was snowing for awhile. We have to travel aways tomorrow and we don't need any bad weather. I have driven truck for many years and am a very experienced driver but I don't like bad weather either. It sounds like the snow may have stopped so we should have a good trip.

New Nephew

My niece had a new baby boy on November 23. That was also the birthday of her Uncle so he was quite excited about it. He weighed in at 7 # 14 oz and has a little 2 year old sister. She thinks he is pretty nice. Their grandpa and grammy are staying at the house taking care of their grandchild until the mother gets out of the hospital with the new baby. The grandmother found out it isn't so easy taking care of a 2 year old after you reach 50 :0)

Degree Online

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Invitation to Dinner

My friend and I have been invited out to Thanksgiving Dinner at her son's home. We are taking a couple of dishes along, but mainly I am making the pumpkin pie. My daughter invited us too but we decided we would go there for Christmas dinner. She was kind of disappointed but glad we will be there for Christmas. It is a long drive so I better get busy and get my work done.

Baking Pies

I am baking pies for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. What is Thanksgiving without a good pumpkin pie? And I really can make a good pie. My sister gave me a pie crust recipe that is so tender. I have gotten so many compliments on my pies. Now, too often, people ask me to make them a pie. It has gotten so I have had to turn down a lot of them because it is a lot of work.

Oakley Gas Can Sunglasses

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Server migration

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Northwest Culinary Institute

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Friday, November 13, 2009


My neighbor moved over to his sisters house across town for the winter. We live in a trailor park and his trailor is a little cold so they take him to their house. He's 86 years old and everyone worries about him. He says the older he gets the less he has to say about what's good for him. Out of 50 trailors there is only about 13 of us that stay year round and fight the cold. I hope it's a milder one like they say it's going to be.

No Snow Yet

Well it is Iowa and everyone who has lived here more than a year knows what that mean as far as weather is concerned. What I mean is always expect the unexpected. You don't know if it will snow, rain, warm up or cool down. The thing is it's November now and it's half over. We can have snow at any time from now on. The weathermen are saying rain and clouds. I've been around a good number of years and it usually snows around the 17th. My birthday is the 10th and wothin a week here it comes. Once in a while it messes up by a week but you can always be sure it's coming.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Translation Revolution

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Real Property Management

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Saturday, October 17, 2009


My friends and I visited an orchard that another friend owns. We bought some of the best tasting eating apples I have had in years. They're called Honey Crisp and they're sweet and full of juice. We went back out today again and bought just juice which is fabulous. The crop is pretty much gone now so will have to find another supply.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Rain Today

I woke up this morning and was suprised that everything was dry for a change. It's been raining off and on for several many days now. The rain isn't all that bad but the chill that comes with it is bad. With Arthritis and lung problems I can't handle the wet cold anymore. It was really nice to see for a while today.


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Friday, September 25, 2009

Rain Again

Well the last week we have had rain just about everyday. Maybe not a lot but enough to measure and if it keeps up harvest will be slow going. I really missed not hauling grain last year but I'm getting so crippled up I probably would take longer just getting in the truck than driving to th elevater. It's really tough getting older regardless what anyone says. If you have a disability it's even worse. I have to admit it does beat the alternative when you think about it.

Cell Phones

My friend and I always get new phones when our contract expires. It's a good thing because I manage to drop mine enough that sometimes it really doesn't want to work. I have no idea how but when I do drop it I drop it on cement and it falls apart and has to be reassenbled. It's always a accident but it still happens. Thankfully the phone company always has a free phone when you sign up again. At least I'll have a new one to try not to drop.

Disney Tickets

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My New Van

I traded my 2001 Winstar van for a 2007 Freestar van two months ago. I really just love this freestar and wouldn't part with it for the world. It gets about 2 miles less per gallon than my winstar did but there are other compensations that make up for that. I guess you have to drive a Ford van to know the difference between them and the rest of the vans in the world.

Flu Time Again

People are running to get their flu shots for this swine flu going around. I get a flu shot every year vbecause I have some bad resperatory problems and don't want a cold of anykind. The dumb thing is I caught a cold and it keeps hanging on and just doesn't want to leave. My friend has one of her own and won't take mine so I have to deal with it. Doctors appointment on Monday so if it's not better I'll get a big vitamin shot or something.

Tippmann Paintball Guns

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Watermark Graphics

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Conroe Lapband

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Motorcycle Parts And Accessories

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Attractive Appearance

I know that the first time people see you, they take a look at your clothes. Are they neat and pressed, or do they look like you just climbed out of bed? And what about your hair? Do you have a neat hairdo or haircut? Does it look like it has been washed in the past month? You want to be sure you have an Attractive Appearance especially if you are looking for a new job. Or perhaps you are going to a party and hope to meet that someone special. How will he or she size you up? Will you attract them or repel them with your appearance. It is important to match the colors of your clothing too and don't mix stripes with flowers for example. Are your shoes polished or run down? There is a lot of things people can do to improve their appearance and make a good first impression.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rugged Nerds

Hey you gamers out there have I got good news for you. there's a new game website in town at gaming forum where you can find a great way to spend your day. With competitions and new games to play. You can just chat about anything with other players and get pointers from then to make your game better. This new game site will be busy so get in on the action as soon as you can and check it out. I believe it will be one of the hottest places for gamers to go with demos and replays of everyboby's favorite games. on't miss out and check it out.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bedtime Again

I laid down earlier and slept 2 hours to make up for the sleep I lost last night. My foot cramped with huge pain all night and about the time I got back to sleep it would come again. So anyhow I've been up a while now and starting tomiss the keys I need to do this. That kind of makes me think it's time for bed again. I'm a one finger typist so hitting 2 keys at once is easy.

Cable TV

I got a converter box last month and shut off my cable. I really can't believe I don't miss it at all.I'm usually in here playing with the old computer and don't think about it. My friend came over and put up an antenna for me so I can at least watch local channels. I actually get 14 channels and they are very clear. I have 4 TV's and tomorrow my frind will put in a splitter so I can watch which ever one I want.

Coin dealer

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Knee Surgery

I have old steel knee replacement and they want to replace the other one too. My sister just has a replacement redone and is on the way to good health again. I think about mine and think I can live with the pain it gives me a little longer. After falling on my knees several times real hard since I got the one replaced it seems to hurt more than the real one. So I guess I'll just wait a while longer.

Labor Day Weekend

The final camping out weekend before cold weather starts heading this way. There is hundreds of events going on all the area that I had to miss. I'm not only not in the labor force anymore but I couldn't do a lot of physical labor if I had to. I have enough trouble walking without having to go to work. I guess it's like that old saying, If I knew I would live this long I would have taken better care of my body when I was young.

Blood Glucose Monitors

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day weekend

I live in a trailor park and 2/3's of the people use it as a resort park since we're only 1/2 block from the lake. After Labor day fewer of them keep coming back on weekends until spring. The park quiets down and the golf carts are put away so you don't have to dodge the kids driving them. We have some kids as young as 6 driving the carts and that's a real road hazard. They have to slip over the edge of the seat to reach the pedals. Oh Well, Winter's coming.

Trading Cars

The local Ford dealer had a2007 Freestar van on his lot so I stopped and looked at it. It was everything my 2001 winstar was and more so I checked with the bank. The loan officer said go ahead and trade and I'll give you a check to close the deal. So in a period of 2 days I started driving my new Freestar van and it's great. I don't know if it will be my last car but if it is I chose a beauty.

Family Vacation

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Secure FTP Server

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Online Car Search

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Best Time

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WHG 8 13

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mini Vans

Today I traded my 2001 Ford winstar for a 2007 Ford freestar. The freestar is an SEL top of the line mini van that I've wanted since they first started building them. I have to get used to all the things it does by itself and how many more with my help. It almost feels like you're driving a computer instead of a car. Just like my old winstar the ride is just incredible. I've always said Ford vans are the best and I stand by that.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Real Estate Postings

I would like to find some good honest Realtors so I could choose one to get my home sold. In our area, I am not sure where to look so I was glad to find this website. Here you can just fill in your State where you live and it will give you a whole list of local realtors in your area. Not only that but it gives you all kinds of other information such as what realtors charge for commissions. This is a big thing for me as my home is not worth a whole lot and I want to get to keep as much money from the sale as possible. I also want to know who is going to represent me and who represents the buyer. There are so many questions that I have in regard to selling my home and I am glad to find a place where I can get some real answers.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chief Supply

Most safety officials such as Police Officers, EMTs, Firemen and others in the public eye want their people to look their best. That is why this company has furnished catalogs to many since l977. If you are looking for tactical gear this is the place to order. They have great customer service and have made it as easy as possible for you to order by fax, internet or toll-free phone. They will give you quality outfitting and have a 90 day return policy if you aren't satisfied. They also have a 30 day charge plan to make it convenient for you. You will find competitive pricing here also and we all need that these days. Check out their inventory and I feel you will find just what you have been looking for.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Missed Again

The weatherman said about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow we will have a light rain and it will last all day off and on. Guess what the rain got here early and it's pouring outside not just a light rain. Oh well you can't win them all I guess. They have been having a pretty good record until this happened. Anyhow everything is totally wet outside now so that will limit any outside work that needs doing. Good because that really means sleep in tomorrow.

My World

I just watched a Clint Eastwood movie that was made in the late 50's. I should say the movie was based in the 50's with the cars and senery. They had a bunch of late 50's cars including a 57 Ford which I have loved since they made the first one. When I look at cars today I can't tell one from another but back then every car was a classic and had it's own look. I've been a Ford person since day one which makes for some good arguements because A lot of family members like Chevy's. Their loss I guess they come from the side we don't talk about.


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Crossword Puzzles

I'm sitting here and just remembered I still have to do the weekly puzzle from the paper. They start at $250 and add $50 to it every week nobody solves the puzzle. They just had a winner a few weeks ago for $7850.00 and I wished I had been the one to solve it. It's up to $450 this week so that would pay a few bills for me. That's what life is all about it seems is to work hard and pay your bills even if you don't have any left for you. That's the government's idea of getting a head in this old world.

What A Day

I knew I should have slept in this morning but I had someone that was supposed to come over. I got up and about 3 hours after I thought they would be here they showed up. I could have slept at least 2 of that for sure. I sure could use it now because I still have an hours work to do and have to stay awake. Oh well I can sleep in tomorrow at least until 9:00 and that will be good. I'll have to see if my friend wants to go to the fair. It doesn't make any difference to me but she likes it. I just need more sleep then we'll see what happens after that.

Degree Online

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One More Year

I have a 2001 Ford winstar and it's a great car. It's fun to drive and the best ride I have ever had from any car. It has to last me at least one more year before it's paid for and then I can trade cars for what I think will be the last time. I plan on living a long time yet but I want a new car to live with. I know the winstar will last me for a good number of years.

Television Movies

I thought I had seen every movie Clint Eastwood ever made. I turned the TV to movie plex and would you believe there was a Clint Eastwood movie I hadn't seen. So needless to say I'm watching it now. I still can't believe there was one I hadn't seen. He made a lot of them for sure. I think I like the old westerns and Dirty Harry ones the best.

Costume Jewelery Rings

When you're looking for costume jewelery that is so beautiful you can't tell it from real diamonds then stop looking. Holsted is the best manufacturer of costume jewelery. Since 1971 Holsted craftsmen have fashioned jewelery for every occasion. Wether it's a gift for your girlfriens, your mother or just a present for someone special they have it. If they don't have what you want they can make it for you. The first thing that you have to do is just go online to this site costume jewelry rings where you will find everything you could ever want in fashionable jewelery. Nothing but the best materials and craftsmanship goes into every piece.

Baking Again

I had a woman find out that I make real good pies and she wants me to make a chocolarte one for her. Pluss she wants about 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies too. I don't want word to get out that I'm baking again or all the ones I made them for before will want me to come out of retirement. I'm going to bake a pie for my friend and I and also some cookies because we like them too. I like to make us a pie once in a while just because we like pie.

Feeling Good

My lower back has been a pain in the butt literally for many years especially the lower part. I saw a exercise contraption that was really funny to me that anyone would buy it to exercise with. I bought it with a totally different idea in mind instead of exercise. I thought I could adapt it into a dealy that would put my back back in place and make it quit hurting all the time. It took several months for me to feel up to working on it but I finally got it done. I tried it and my back poped and rattled and everything went into place like it should have been all these years. Many trips to the chiropractor never made me feel so great after one treatment. My device did everything I had imagined it wood and more. No more back pain for me and now I get up in the morning and take 2 minutes to use it and feel great all day. If I'm doing something that requires me to work half bent over so my back starts killing me I just use My contraption and the pain is gone.

Family Vacation

Everyone wants a vacation that will make the rest of their lives seem more worth while.This site family vacation is the first step on your way to heaven. White sand beaches are the trademark of the Karisma hotels of the Mexican reviera Maya. Luxury living at it's best from the white sand beaches to gourmet food and beverages. For some a true vacation is like a second honeymoon without the kids. Surprise there are exclusive hotels that are adults only such as the Hidden Beach Resort that caters to the nudist clientel and is the only one in the Mexican Reviera Maya resorts. With the gourmet food, beverages, suites and secluded beaches where you can totally relax i can only say if they don't have everything you want then it doesn't exist anywhere. The Vacation to end all Vacations.


The weatherman just said tomorrow for sure we will get the rain we didn't get today. I think they could have just canceled it. The farmers would have screamed because they need it now instead of this fall when they need to get in the fields. Oh well I guess a little rain won't hurt but they're talking all day tomorrow starting early in the morning. The temps are staying cooler so that has been helping those of us with breathing problems. I'm looking toward the weekend to see what that will bring.

County Fair Time

Well it finally came around to our turn. The North Iowa Fair has started and will run through the weekend. I personally have gotten so sick of the same old thing year after year that last year I stayed home. Everything you enjoy doing is twice as much money as a couple years ago. I suppose it's old age getting to me but when you only have so much money every month you have to make it last. If you do anything that's not on your list the extra money has to come from somewhere. Usually it comes from your food allowance because you can always get by on eating a little less. Your prescriptions need to be purchased to keep you alive and pain free. It's simple math if you want to eat and stay healthy then you don't go to the fair.


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What Happened?

It was supposed to rain today and this morning I would have sworn it was ready any minute. It never came about and now the sun is shining and about 80 degrees outside. There is no doubt this is the weirdest July we've had for many years. I've seen a lot of them even one with snow on the 4th and that was really strange. The people that are in the know are saying it's about the coldest July for a very long time. I say if it's so cold then what is this winter going to be like. Last year we had more days below zero than we've had in the last 5 years put together so go figure.

Owch That Hurts

I have a very high pain threshold conpared to most people. I can play or work with a lot of pain because I know it will get better. I put off going to a doctor because they just say take 2 aspirin and put heat or ice on it. Well I have an attack of gout and let me tell you it brought me to my knees. It was in my foot and kept me awake all night in just plain pain that even I couldn't stand. I called and went to the doctor, who gave me some pills to take every hour for 6 pills then repeat the same the next day. Within an hour or maybe even less the pain was gone and I thought the doctor was the greatest guy I had ever met. What I'm trying to say if someone tells you they had a gout attack just have plenty of sympathy for them and be glad it wasn't you.

Options Express

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gift Card Printers

One of the easiest gifts to give today is a plastic gift card. You see them in many big stores and it is so easy to buy them and not have to worry about buying a gift the person will like and wrapping it up and then getting it to them. Sometimes, you have to mail the gift which makes even more work. I love giving Gift Cards as it makes things so much easier. That is why many businesses are starting to have their own gift cards available and they have found their business grows because of them. It draws people into their businesses and they will do other shopping as well. This website is a great place for any business to contact and get set up with gift cards. They help you get the logo you want and guide you through the processes. Check them out and see about them now.

Collision Repair Experts

If you live in the Irvine, California area or anywhere in the vicinity, it is easy to find a collision repair shop at this website. All you have to do is check into auto body repair irvine and they furnish you with a great map showing all their skilled shops. I know it is tough when you get into a collision and your vehicle needs repair. You also want it to get back to its regular good looking condition so you want repairmen that know what they are doing. You can find out here from others who have used them to repair their vehicles. It is easy to find out how satisfied customers have used their shops. It sure takes a lot of worry out of getting your vehicle repaired.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Offeretti Review

Being on a limited income, I am always looking for ways to save my money and make it go farther. I was checking the internet and found Offeretti - Offers, Deals, Coupons, Savings, Specials. It is a great website for everything you could want. I am a member of Facebook and you should be a member to look up all the specials. I checked out restaurants and found great deals on Applebees. I can take my friend to dinner at half the cost. Check it out and see for yourself. You can even share these offers with your family.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spreety TV Online

What could be any better than watching your favorite movies on television, unless it is Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free. This is exactly what I need because my income is in the dumpster and I have had to drop my cable today. I was hoping to catch a couple off my beat up old antenna but this is just what I need. And I can keep up with my favorite TV shows too.

I love SCI-FI movies and they have plenty of them listed under Ghost Hunters. I want to watch Titanic Terror first and then there are dozens of them to follow. I can't think of anything better than getting to see the movies free right here on my computer. What a great deal!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Get the Very Best

When I think of watches, being on my income, I usually think of Wal-Mart and Timex or some other inexpensive brand. Since I do not have a lot of money to spare, when my watch breaks down for good, then I go shopping for the best thing I can find for the least money. But I got a new outlook on watches when I checked into this great website. I discovered that even I could own a beautiful Rolex watch. And it was easy to find them at

Their watches are not only beautiful but they are elegant. They make you feel like you are someone special when you put on one of their fabulous Rolex watches. You will never get a better price for one either. They have pre-owned watches, as well as, the new ones. Since they are independent dealers, they are able to set their own prices, saving you lots of money, yet still getting the same fine quality Rolex. You just can't beat their deals. And whether it is a man's watch you want or a beautiful lady's watch for your wife or significant other, they have a huge selection to choose from. If anything, it will be hard to decide on the right one but I am sure you will manage to do that easily.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bloggles The Mind

I get a lot of emails about what people think other people should be doing. Especially in government after a major election has just taken place. Even before those elected can make a dent in the damage the last 2 or 3 men before him has created and left for him to straighten out. To me it's like those people that take a bite of something and then spit it out without tasting it. Then they tell everyone how bad it was and not to eat it. Later in their life they attend a dinner and take a bite of the very same thing as before and say, Oh My God this is good because they waited for their tastebuds to sample it or someone recomended it. I must be really weird in my thinking because I have a habit of tasting everything before I think about spitting it out. I usually fine it's something that teases my tastebuds and makes me so glad I tried it. Everybody that has ever made a great stew knows that the next day after it has set and the flavors have had a chance to blend even more it changes. That simply means that same stew is even better the next day. The same goes with politics that seem bad today so you spit, but in 6 months or next year it may have a flavor you would die for. I remember F.D.R., Truman, Ike, Nixon Ford, Carter, Bush. Clinten, Bush, and Obama and any in between that I probably forgot. We watched a new president start out green with a huge load left by the guy before him and wondered what next. I'm 72 years old and wouldn't want that job because half the country think you suck and they never even tasted the stew. They are spitters and think the country owes them something and the more the better. I say taste the stew and if you don't like it wait until tomorrow or the next day and taste it again because it will be better. It never ceases to amaze me how many people tend to yell and cry long before they're hurt. I think it's so they can hear themselves yelling and crying hopeing someone will join them. Just wait if you don't like it because it will change and for the better until the next election.

You say you like playing games with your friends but can't always get together? Then I've got great news for you that you'll find to your liking. Go to this website multiplayer games and you can see what I'm saying. Multiplayer games online at your fingertips. Like they say it doesn't get much better than this. Not only can you and your friends play games together but you play free. Just go to the website and sign up now to get started right away. Make more friends while you're there if you don't have anyone to bring with. There's always some games to play.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ever Wondered If?

If you had the money for college and studied to be a teacher like you thought about. If you had followed your passion for numbers and the top of the bookeeping class grades and become an accountant. Maybe even followed in the footsteps of other family members and become a mechanic. Ever wondered if you made the right decision when you first drove a truck and fell in love for the first time. Well I loved traveling the whole United States driving a big rig. I did dumb things like jumping out of trailors and out of the truck cab. Doing that messed up my knees and hips so I get a lot of pain sometimes. When that happens you wonder What If.

A Time To Work

My friend called me to see if I wanted to drink a beer this afternoon late. I had just gotten some blog opportunities and had blogs to do so said another day. Tomorrow will be another day he said so we'll try again. I'm done now but there isn't anyone around now so I'll watch some TV and head for bed. Some days you really have some tough decisions to make. I'm hoping there will be more blogs opps tomorrow. There haven't been a lot of opportunities lately so every little bit helps.


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Commercials On TV

Have you ever watched a commercial so many times you quit buying their product hopeing they go broke? I know there are so many of them that shouldn't be seen again.There are products that can't possibly be as good as the commercials for it. Then there are some that have a great product but the advertizing sucks. What can you do just change stations or not buy the product.

Farmers Markets

One good sign that summer's on the way is farmers karkets are popping up everywhere. It's so great to get fresh produce and not have a gerden. In my town the senior citizen organization passes out coupon books to seniors on fixed incomes that couldn't afford the veggies. I get one every year and this year it has $30 worth of coupons instead of $28 so it's better. You don't know how hard it is to get fresh veggies when there isn't enough money. There's always something you have to do that costs you. Sometimes you go without to pay something else.


The Monex Deposit Company has been in the precious metals business for over 30 years. Because of this simple fact you know you're dealing with the leader in the precious metals business. Gold and Silver are both climbing in value right now and are a great investment for everyone. If you're looking for something to invest in you can't go wrong with gold and silver. For more detailed information this website bullion can fill you in. You know if you are going to invest in anything you want an expert helping you with your purchase. The Monex companies have been leaders in the industry for many years and their credentials are excellent. Before you invest check here first for the best of everything in precious metals.

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How about you?

The last few days I had to go back to wearing long pants again. I've been wearing shorts for a month now but with the damp weather we've had we also had some very chilly air. Today we had some rain early but then it warmed up to just over 70 and the shorts came back out. I can't get over how funny long pant legs feel after wearing shorts for a while. I really prefer shorts to run around in so, How about You.

Keeping Busy

The one thing I don't have doing is keeping busy. If I think one day I can relax or get a few things I have to do done then it happens. Someone calls and needs me for something or other. It's usually some minor repair job that they could have done. They think they're doing me a favor helping me stay busy. Wrong, I like laying back and relaxing at least now and then. Well at least I'm keeping busy.

Paintball Marker Package

If you're into the sport of paintball games then I ask where you get your supplys. Do they have the best prices and ship your order free? I want to tell you now that Zepher offers the lowest prices and have since 2003 when they started. Top quality equipment and satisfied customers is their motto. Kingman spider, Zap. Maddog designz and Pure Energy are a few of their suppliers of guns. feild gear goggles and just everything you could need to compete. If you'll check this website paintball marker package you will see for yourself what I'm talking about. Check them out and let them make your internet buying experience a happy one for everyone. Paintball is the game and Zepher is the name.

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Dream With Me

If I had the money to dream about changing all my old beat up furniture, I would just love to go with rustic western style furniture. My grandpa and grandma used to go to this cabin, belonging to my uncle, every summer and it had very rustic furniture. It even had kerosene lamps and a battery radio. If I could dream I would first get the chair pictured above and collapse in front of my television screen. Check out this great website and see if you agree with me.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

I just found the easiest way to get my start-page. All I had to do was go to this website at browser start page and put in my name. And there was my start-page with my name in large living color. Next you just follow a simple set of directions to continue. It is so easy anyone can do it. I wish I had found this sooner as everything else has seemed so complicated for me. Why don't you look into it too and see what I mean. Enjoy yourself and set up your own start-page.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Staying Alive

Had my lungs checked last week and the doctor put me on this inhaler for a month to see what happens. My breathing seem to be getting better. I was in a state of schock when the pharmacy said it was $263.85 for a months inhaler. Thank You Lord for insurance or I wouldn't have it. I can't believe the cost of medicine these days.

Friends And Family

I have several friends that come over to visit and drink a beer. This is a good way to spend a couple hours in the afternoon. I sit at my computer and do little things that I know how to. Family members call every so often and we have a good visit with them and keep up on the family news at the same time. I've only been computing for about three years but my hard drive needed to be replaced and I didn't know what to do without it. Everything's better now and I'm happy again.


There's one thing everyone should practice is good dental care. You never know just how important it is until you're old and wearing false teeth. By checking this website Sacramento Dentist you can get in touch with good dentists that can help you keep your teeth forever. The dentist in my town in Iowa offers the best care you can get. He's a family dentist that does cosmetic repair that you may need or just fix a tooth that needed capping. Good dentists are as important as good doctors when it comes to your health. So check out this dentist because if you don't take care of your teeth they will go away.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crystal Singing Bowls

I remember studying about the Himalayas in school geography class. They have a culture that never ceases to interest me. The Crystal Singing Bowls are part of that culture helping with the healing of both mind and body. Sound meditation clears the head and helps relaxation andmental stimulation. You should take a trip there on your computer by going to thie site Gongs and learning more about the singing bowls and other meditation tools used by the Tibetan people. While you're there check out the other prayer items from Tibetan Herbal incense, gongs, prayer flags and beads. So many handicrafts at wholesale prices with 100% satisfaction gaurantee. This is a great way to find the peace and harmony you need in your life.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Favorite Perfumes

When you dress up to go out, I do not feel you are completely dressed until you have on the proper men's cologne such as chrome cologne. It is among several favorites of mine. But along with that, I just love the perfumes women wear. My nieces both just love "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder and I can see why. It has such a wonderful aroma that now my grandaughter is also wearing it. The great thing about this website is that you can find all your favorites both for men and women at great prices. I love to save money while buying cologne for myself or gifts of perfume for my loved ones. Why don't you check out their huge selection for yourself and see if I am right about that?

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Real Property Management

Are you a landlord, owning several houses or apartments? Do you get awfully tired of running after the problems of your tenants or trying to collect rent, etc.? Now is the time to seriously consider having Real Property Management take over for you and take the stress out of your life. It does not matter whether you have only one rental property or many of them, this is the company for you. They have the experience and know how to manage your properties for you. They don't charge you any leasing fees and their management fees are affordable. I think one important thing is that they will manage collections for you and also evictions, which is always a stressful part of handling your properties. Look them up, or give them a call. They also have a FAX number you can use.

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Fix Auto 4/20/09

With money so tight today, it is important to cut corners everywhere you can. I sure can't afford to buy a new car so I must fix up the one I have. I got a good idea to check into places where I could get auto parts and I found this website auto body shop ontario. They are collision experts and can guide you right to the place closest to you to get your car fixed. They are nationwide, so that is a great help. You can trust their body shops because they have very strict standards to go by for their shops. Check them out to get your car back in good shape again.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boats and Lakes

I live right near the lake and the people are back for the summer now in my trailer court. It gets pretty wild and I actually like it better in the fall and Spring when they aren't around. Many are bringing their boats to launch now and people are all over on bikes and mopeds, motorcycles too. I used to ride a motorcycle years ago but couldn't handle one anymore. Live changes as we age. I enjoy the warm weather though unless it is too hot.

New Patio Furniture

My friend got some wrought iron patio furniture. She decided to give it to her youngest son and his wife. So we took off late in the afternoon and drove over 100 miles one way to deliver it. We didn't get home till 12:30 a.m. and boy was I tired. I hate those long trips. I hope we don't have to make that trip for awhile.

Online Degree

Yesterday I attended a graduation of a young wife who had the time and funds to attend the college she wanted. Many young marrieds have gone with that degree because they had to work to live and didn't have the time. Capella University has changed all that by offering a college degree online. Stundent from 50 states and 45 countries enroll every year to achieve their higher education and this is a great way to do it. You can still hold a job and take your classes online to get your degree. Over 24,000 students enrolled this year alone. By going to this website online degree you could be one of then and be off on a better career. They offer 15 certificate and 111 graduate and undergraduate specializations to meet your every need. By living at home you save that expense which will also help by easing the stress of finding a place to live on campus that you can afford. It doesn't get any better than that regardless how you look at it. I say happy learning, GO FOR IT.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Colon Cancer

My sister's husband had colon cancer surgery and it was a surprise. He had a colonoscopy 4 years ago and was told he didn't have to have another for 10 years. I guess when you get over 80, you need to have a colonoscopy more often than some doctors suggest. They were able to get all the cancer and he doesn't need further treatment. That is sure a good thing. Chemo makes everyone so sick, they wish they were dead anyway.


My brother-in-law had serious surgery the end of April. He finally got home yesterday after an 11 day stay. He said the new beds in the hospital are terrible. If you don't move, the mattress moves for you. It is to keep people from getting bed sores but it also keeps you awake and you can't get your rest. He was so glad to get home.

The Baptist Muse

Check out the website for The Baptist Muse and you will see there is something for everyone, not just Baptists. Christians, alike can read their blog and see the stories of what people are going through and how to solve your problems. It is free and you can make new friends and share photos and videos with them.

Have questions about the Bible and God? There is a great deal of information with The Daily Bread. Bible scriptures come to life and there are regular daily devotions for you to read and enjoy as a great part of your day. Join the forums and learn all about the various Bible translations. This isn't just for Baptists but for everyone to learn and enjoy.

And do not miss out on the Archives of Resources. It is jam packed with Creation Science and Baptist History. You can even download the podcasts of great sermons in the past. Perhaps you are looking for some good Christian music and some new program and ministry ideas for your own local church. They have it here too.

Looking for a good summer camp? This is the place to look and also if you have a child ready or almost ready to plan for college, you can find Baptist colleges there too. There is so much to cover at this website, you need to check into it yourself and see all they have to offer. It is a well-rounded website for Baptists, as well as, other Christians.

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Want to Win a Gnome and $100?

That heading should get you excited right away. With my budget being what it is, living on Social Security, I grab at anything I can to win some money and prizes. Now you, too, can enter this contest on the Twitter and Facebook sweepstakes. Take time out and Learn more about Startlike. Be sure and see the 90 second tutorial video with surprises you will love. Have some fun. It has a great start page with new photos every day. You can meet new friends on the discussion board and every day a new topic of interest for you. It is so easy to post an update here and you get the chance to win $100 and a gnome. Join in the fun.

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Radiator April 12

I don't know which is worse, having your battery go dead or having your radiator leak. If you have that problem and are looking for a Ford Truck Radiator, then this is the place to go. They have been in the business for over 30 years and have a huge inventory. You can get next day service at any of their 250 locally owned places. It doesn't matter if it is for a car or truck, they will be able to help you and quickly. They have a lifetime warranty backing up each of their Ford Truck Radiators so you know they are good.

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Graduation Events

Going to the graduation of a friend's daughter-in-law who is graduating from college. It is a 30 mph wind today and they are going to set up a tent in the driveway. They better really stake it down or it will be gone with the wind, so to speak. I had to get up very early to get on the road and it will be a long day. I will be very tired tomorrow. I know we will have a good time and lots of good food once we're there though. Always enjoy that part of it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WHG 7 17 Web Hosting

Their site is award winning in so many types of blog hosting. This is the for you if you are planning a new website. Don't struggle as I did to get setup. You can find all the information at green web hostingand help right here that you need. If you are looking for the best budget hosting you can find, just check into Web Hosting Pad. The costs were important to me as I am on a very limited social security budget and they have various types of web hosting at various costs to fit your budget. They list the top 10 web hosting providers. When you are looking for a web hosting provider, you need to be sure they are reliable, affordable and have good technical support.

When I was looking to set up a new blog, I did not know where to begin looking for a company such as web hosting. I asked my friend for help but he didn’t know. Then I was lucky to be assisted by members of my family who had just set up their own new websites and had done all the legwork for me. They helped me set up everything I needed and it works fine, but it would have been much easier if I had gone to this website for their experienced help. When I was looking to set up a new blog, I did not know where to begin looking for a company such as web hosting. I asked around for help and was lucky to be assisted by members of my family who had just set up their own new websites and had done all the legwork for me. They helped me set up everything I needed and it works fine, but it would have been much easier if I had gone to this website for their experienced help.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Wet Weather

Yesterday it stopped raining long enough for me to clean the leaves out of the front bushes. Today I thought it would be dry enough to get rid of them. Guess what happened last night while we were sleeping? Yep, it rained again and everything is soaked again. The leaves are spread out over about half the yard real thick so nothing will grow under them. I figure if it don't grow I don't mow so it works for me. Maybe next week it will be dry and I'll get it done.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shop at

You can spend many hours on the Internet shopping around for just the things you want. It can take a long time to find the correct product you are looking for. But now you can find just about anything you want in just a few minutes by shopping at this online website and save yourself hours of hunting for just the right gift or necessity you have been looking for.

I know one of the things I have been looking for especially is luggage. Mine is pretty beat up from all the traveling I have done and and I would like to go see my sister in another state.

By shopping here, I not only found what I was looking for but more. Since I kind of wanted to take her along a birthday present, I checked into watches and I found just the perfect one for her. She will be so surprised. This website carries a huge variety of fine products here and can be your one stop shopping website.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sale Day Again

The TV just announced a sale at the fairgrounds for all kinds of great stuff. Mostly electronics like GPS's and iPods and things like that. DVD players and just about anything you could want for a real good price. I personally would be a little suspictious of the cheap prices. To manytimes it looks good but the insides have been replaced by cheap parts. That's where the old let the buyer beware comes into play. I suppose I'll have to go over and check out what they have to offer.

Late Night Snacks

Well I did it and stayed up late enough I'm getting hungry again. That only means one thing in this house and that's go eat something. Since I live alone I'll have to make whatever it is myself. When my wife was alive she would share a snack with me and she would make it. Things are a whole lot different now and the snacks aren't as good either. I've got all kinds of things to fix for a snack but some are a little involved and by the time I get it made I'm not as hungry. Needless to say if I don't stop this and eat I will starve.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Yesterday I went to a wedding of a good friend and had a great time. I listened to how much work it was to find just the right things to make it a success. Don't worry if you have a wedding coming up your problems are solved by just going online. This Website bridesmaid gifts is the best place to look for everything you need. Those hard to find item that other places don't carry are easily found online. Personalized gifts for the attendants and bridesmaids aren't a problem here. The hard to find things and there's over a thousand of them can be found and the prices can't be beat. Last minute orders have a quick turnaround delivery service. There's a big plus with the 24 hour accessability of Knot Wedding Shop and your problems are solved.

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Visit And learn

I think tomorrow I'll visit my sister and have her coach me on running this old computer. She showed me several things last time we got together but I need a refresher course. My friend would like to go with and learn too. We aren't kids and got our computers a few years ago so it's like teaching old dogs new tricks. I've had a lot of fun since I got my computer and she has too but there is so much to learn about them. Needless to say we won't live long enough to learn it all but every new lesson helps.

Gambling Fever

My friend goes to the casino 20 miles up the road about every week.I talked to him the other day and he was very excited because he had won some money. He tried a new method of betting and it worked really well for him. I go with him every once in a great while but not often since I don't have his funds to spend. He said he was going to try his idea out a few more times to see if it works or not. If it works he wants me to go with him and try it to see if it works for everyone or if it was just a fluck. When he told me about it I thought it really made sense so we'll see how he does over the next month.

Stock Options Trading

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Enough All Ready

I'm ready for the rain to stop even if everyone else says we need lots more. But when it rains I can't breathe very well and when the sun comes out and that humidity goes up I just about die. I'm making an appointment for a lung specialist to get it fixed. I do have Emphezema and my lungs are getting worse but there's still hope something can be done to help.

Wedding Again

My friend and I were invited to another wedding yesterday and so that's what we did all day. The wedding didn't start until 5:00 in the afternoon and was a hundred miles away. We arrived in plenty of time but the reception afterwards lasted until 10:00 and then the dancing started. Since we had a hundred miles to drive back home so we left. It just started to rain when we left the reception and poured down rain 1 minute after we got in the car. We ran out of the rain about 10 miles north of town. We got all the way home and I dropped my friend off at her house and went home myself. When I got the car unloaded and was in the house the rain came down like a flood. God was really smiling on us yesterday.

Online Degrees

The days of attending a college where you have to travel hundreds of miles and live on campus have changed. Now you can study all your courses right in your home. Capella University is based in Minneapolis and has everything you need for the degree you want right online. To get things rolling just take a visit their website online degree and check out what they have to offer. Besides 15 certificate programs ther's 111 graduate and under graduate courses. Forty Five countries and all 50 states supplied the 24,000 students that were enrolled as of september, 2008. With a staff of superior educators you can choose any degree you want to study for and succeed in aquiring it.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best of Time

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My brother-in-law is going in for a catscan today. He has never had one before. He has to drink 2 bottles of chocolate fudge flavored barium over a 2 hour period. I bet it doesn't taste as good as it sounds. My sister will have to drive him over so he can drink it on the way. They want him to save some of it to drink just before the scan so that it lights up the stomach. It is quite interesting what the scan does. They will be anxious to get the results.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tough Times

Things aren't the greatest and not looking much better down the road aways. I really believe in time the plans that they're working on will get it all straightened out. The biggest thing we have to worry about is the politicians that are taking payoffs to pass bills for big business and private groups. We can't let any attachments be added to the proposals unless it's just for the little guys out here. By little guys I mean the ones earning less than $25,000 a year. Government thinks poverty begins at $250,000 and there isn't many earning that kind of money in the general workforce. I know that there are jobs out there for $25 and $30 an hour but whoa back, that isn't all the jobs out there. Check it out and see how many workers are making minimum wage or not much more. I would love to be in the workforce but being disabled and not able to much of anything anymore I have to be content with my Social Security. When they pass those bills make sure the little guys are the ones that get the goodies.

Food Bank

Today I went to a small church in the next town down the road. Every third Saturday they have a food bank and pass out food to needy families including senior citizens that don't have a large income. I was signed in and given a box with an assortment of canned goods and a large package of lunch meat, and a box of crackers. This will really help me with meals this month. There were about 45 families there and it was good to see them being helped. I know there are other places around the state that do this so it's good.

Air Conditioning

I have breathing problems and air conditioning is a must in hot and especially humid weather. My grandfather had asthma and after moving to several other parts of the country, he finally settled in his home town and built a house with central air conditioning. It was a life saver for him.

I believe portable air conditioning would be a great advantage to me working in my office in my home. I spend a great deal of time in there and it would energy efficient as well and save me some money by not air conditioning the entire house all the time.

This online website has a great variety of every size and type of air conditioner that you could possibly need. Check them out and don't hesitate to call them with any questions you may have. Check out their online guides to air conditioning too and testimonials of happy customers.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Shower Chairs

There are nothing like good shower chairs to make you feel more secure in the shower. I have had one for so many years, it is time for a new one. When I had my knee replacement, I needed to feel more secure in the shower. Having a chair to sit down on and take my shower was just what I needed. Living alone, it was of great assistance to me. This online website has good ones and not only that they have an addition 55,000 other medical products in 50 categories so you will find just what you need. Check them out today.

Dog Training Product for Dog Lovers

I know many people would love to have a dog but then they start thinking of all the work that goes into training a puppy as it grows. Potty training is always a big thing especially if you have a house dog like my sister's Boston Terrier, Holly. Her neighbors have a big dog out in a fenced yard and the neighbor has spent a lot of time on dog training. Don Sullivan is the expert when it comes to dog training systems and dog training behavior. The Custom collar is just wonderful when it comes to Dog training. She used a special collar to teach her dog not to bark at every little thing and nothing is so bad as having a dog barking in the late hours of the night.

A great many people are well-pleased with the dog training products they have ordered from this website. I know several people who totally agree that using Don Sullivan's way to train your dog is the best way to do it. He has a complete dog training system that will be well worth your time to look into. Check into the Custom Collar and you will see that it is just one of the things you need and remember there is a Money Back Guarantee.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Buddha Statues

If you are a follower of Buddha, then this is the website for you to check out. You will find Buddha Statues made of several beautiful materials. Not only that, but they have a huge selection of other items to add to your decor such as picture frames, lamps and candles. There is also quite a variety of jewelry and also your choice of fine stationary. Don't miss out on the fashions, as well. There are both mens and womens t-shirts with your choice of styles and designs and colors. Be sure to check out their gift boxes for both men and women too.

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Luminscent Business

On the Internet you will find information on They are a company in Russia that opened up in May 2008 and have the neatest product. Luminosphore is a product you can use safely on anything and make it glow in the dark. It takes on its glowing properties from the daylight and sunlight and then at night it illuminates on almost anything. You can decorate your car, your home, your clothing. It is an exciting product because it is completely safe as it is made from safe materials and is not flammable or made with anything radioactive. You can certainly find a great many uses for it almost everywhere. Check it out.

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Easter Sunday

My sister went to her daughter's for Easter dinner. Their grandchild was there running all over the place. She is going to have a new little sister or brother in November. I wonder if she will be jealous of the baby. Here is a picture of my great grandniece. My sister said they had the best chocolate dessert for dinner. This picture doesn't really do it justice as it looked like something right out of a magazine and was delicious, so I have heard.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flirty Lingerie

Everyone knows men push their way into clubs where women strip for their pleasure. The naked body is a beautiful sight to behold for all men. There is one thing that is more tantalizing and teasing than that and it's Sexy Lingerie. Now you can gift your wife or significant other with some beautiful sexy gifts.

Womens' underwear that reveals enough of the female form that the men want more. Check out this online website and check out the panties, bras, and garterbelts along with all the other lingerie. Are you planning a vacation? Be sure to check out the latest sexy clothes for going out clubbing. Relax guys there's even special lingerie for you. You can spend the afternoon checking out the products that are offered, purchase them and try them on to see how they work.

I enjoy surprises and I think most men do too. When it comes to a turn on, you can't beat beautiful pushup bras, teddys, and babydolls that tease you with just enough view to get you started. Think about it for a minute and you'll admit what you can't see is what you want. The more revealing something is there's more of what you want showing, so go check out that site and turn your nights into paradise. Don't worry about your privacy either, as everything is kept quite confidential on all orders.

Compression Connectors

If you have a small or large hookup job to do with coax cable, this is the website to get your best compression connector. I have done a great many hookups for my satellite dish and I know that if you don't get a good tight connection, you will not have a good picture. This company has a very large range of every kind of connector you could possibly need. But not only that, they have the tools to use also. The CPLCCT-SLM compression tool simplifies compression connector installation. I would hate to go back to the old way of doing this type of work with the old connectors and tools. If you are in the business, or just doing a small job of your own connecting coax cables, I think you will find just what you need at their site. They have a huge selection at their store.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Umoo - Stock Market

Are you one of those people, like me, who would like to get into the stock market but do not know a thing about it except what you see on television? I do not have any money to take any chances so I am just out of luck. But not anymore. Here at virtual stock game I am able to play a game and learn how to win in the stock market without risking any money. I am a gamer and love playing so this is right up my alley. I get the chance to bid and buy stocks and learn all at the same time. They actually use real time quotes from the S&P500. Also this is good for more experienced stock market investors, as well, as it gives them a chance to hone their skills and learn a great deal more about investing in stocks.

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Rustic Furniture

My Uncle has a cabin up in the mountains of Colorado above Vale. It is very relaxed without running water or electricity. I found this website rustic furniture and they have a wonderful log bed made of Red Cedar that would fit perfectly into this cabin. I like the full size bed and along with it I would want the two drawer log cabin nightstand. Check them out for your home away from home. I know you will find unique furniture that will fit into your cabin and many pieces I would like in my home as well as the cabin. I think you will find their prices quite reasonable too.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Plaques and Grave Markers

When it comes to advance funeral planning, one of the most important parts is the cast bronze plaques. There are a great many to choose from and various designs. At this website you will find a large selection of bronze memorial plaques, as well as, bronze grave markers in many styles.

They have been in business since 1909 and are experts at what they do. Their prices are unbeatable. Check out their photo gallery for all the choices of the various themes that you can choose from. They do not charge extra either for graphics and logos and that is a big savings for you. Often companies will limit you on the number of words you wish to have on your markers, but this company does not do that.

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Perkins Restaurant

My brother-in-law's brother and his wife drove in last night from Texas. They are on their way home to Wisconsin. They met with my sister and her husband and another sister-in-law, who just lost her husband, and they all had a great breakfast and visit at Perkins. You can always count on Perkins to have good food and hot coffee. The Wisconsin relatives picked up the tab which was great too. They had not seen them since last May so it was a good visit. They are on their way now to Wisconsin. Their son got the pipes blown out and water and heat running and is anxious for them to get home. They have been gone 3 months and their grandkids are eager to see them too. It is a beautiful sunny day out. Wind from the north is cold but it is a nice day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Health Care

I have been having some tests done to see if I can improve my health. I found out that I have good oxygen levels so my lungs are working good. That was good news. Now I am going to the doctor today to find out how my heart tests came out. I really could use a good knee replacement too but that is in the future. Hoping for a good report today. My brother-in-law is going in too for a checkup on his sciatic nerve pain. I wonder if he has another disc that needs surgery. Could be. Anyway it is good to keep up on your checkups and stay as healthy as you can.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weather Weekend

They threatened us with many inches of snow and blowing winds this weekend. It didn't happen. Hurray for that. We did have just enough to cover the ground and then it all melted by noon. It turned out to be not too bad a weekend, although it was quite windy. I just took it easy and had a laid back weekend. It is always good to enjoy one of those. Quite cloudy this morning and cold but it should be warming up the rest of the week. I see the wind is still blowing very hard and it comes off the lake by me. It is very cold.

Friday, April 3, 2009

THG Worldwide

I know that one of the objectives of a corporation is to show their chief executives and upper management just how much they mean to them. One of the ways they do this is to treat them to corporate trips. At this website, Jon Stromberg and Paul Meakins head up this worldwide corporate hospitality business.

If you check through their website you will find many exciting events, not just in the United States but worldwide. The Kentucky Derby is a great example of U.S. companies taking their corporate employees to a beautiful place with all the amenities to enjoy a time of great relaxation and fun. This gives the employees a new found enthusiasm to get back to their jobs as they have had a welcome time of rest and relaxation.

Currently the CEO of THG, Jon Stromberg started his career in sales and worked his way up through the company. Paul Meakins has worked for some time with all the offices of THG and works along with Jon Stromberg as General Manager. He works with training, hiring and the performance management of the team members. Their company strives to be the very best in the business of corporate hospitality and have succeeded very well.

Check out the testimonials and itineraries online. Also they have open jobs you may be interested in looking into. If you are an H.R. professional, you have the ability to help upper management decide which events would be appropriate and most enjoyable for their staff to take part in with THG Worldwide.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


What a beautiful day today. Doctor changed my medication and I'm feeling much better now. I think they had me over medicated by just a little bit and now it's so much better. Two of my meds were cut in half so I still take the same things but less of it. Getting better all the time so I hope soon I'll be walking without falling down because I tripped over my own feet or a small rock or something. I'm waiting for that day to get here and the sooner the better.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Freelance Job Board

These are really tough times for a great many people who have been laid off. Many companies have cut way back and let many of their people go permanently. Everyone is looking for a way to make some extra money to supplement their income. Now they can go to the Freelance Job Board website and find literally thousands of jobs.

I know what you are thinking. How much is this going to cost me to find a job here? Let me tell you the good news. It is 100% free and you can check the board right now and find so many jobs that you may qualify for. Check out all the many categories and then check out the latest ones listed. This is a great place to look for that job you can do from home too.

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Homemade Chocolate Pie

My sister says she went to a little restaurant in another town and they had all kinds of homemade pie. She brought home a couple of pieces of chocolate for supper. They had coconut cream and banana cream for lunch with the best hot beef around. The meat just melts in your mouth and it's served with real mashed potatoes and the best gravy. And for the lighter eaters, you can get a half a hot beef. But you have to have the pie. It's too bad I don't live closer, I would have enjoyed sharing that pie.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Denver Plastic Surgeon

Many women are unhappy with their bodies. There is either too much here or too little there. What they need to do is find a good denver plastic surgeon that is well skilled in several fields of plastic surgery. In going through the Internet, I found this website Denver plastic surgeon and I found out everything I wanted to know about body contouring. I have never liked my long bumpy nose so I thought this would be the place to look into facial surgery. It would give me new found confidence if I could have a good looking nose as many of the movie stars have. It would also give me more confidence in myself. How about you? Is there something you would like improved? Check out this website and see what they can do for you too.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Search Engines

I don't know a whole lot about search engines but my sister is going to come over this week and put a couple more on my computer. I am having quite a time with the only one I have now. I think she said she has 3 she uses all the time. It will be great to have another search engine to depend on when this one gives me problems. I hope to learn more about computers all the time too. They are sure a good way to pass the time of day on a bad weather day.


You know what they say. We will have weather, whether or not. Well, today we have very strong winds from the East and it is blowing leaves all over the place. The neighbor decided to rake and all her leaves are now on my lawn. I don't know what she was thinking - raking in all this wind. It has got to be about 40 mph sustained and it is barely above 40 degrees. Sure takes the heat out of the house in a hurry. It is very sunny out but the sun isn't doing anything to warm things up.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is not so easy to find when you are retired. It can be very expensive if you are on a limited income. The last few Falls, I have worked driving semi for a farmer, taking the corn into the elevators. Last fall though, he cut back as many companies have done and didn't need me. That made for a shortfall in extra income. But now I have a lead on some supplemental insurance and I will sure be glad when I get the policy so I can take care of a few things that need doing. It helps to have it cost less too and hoping to get a real good rate.


My nephew, Tyler, has been skateboarding for some time now and has gotten very good at it. Now that winter is here, he has been snowboarding and just loves the sport. He is shopping around for a good snowboard and I found this online website. I told him about Morrow snowboards and told him to be sure and check them out before he buys another one. His friends so far has let him use theirs but he needs one of his own. They all want to go together and go on a trip to the mountains where they can get some real snowboarding fun. It is all pretty much flat land around here with a few major hills but that is about it.

It is very important to have the right protective gear and this is the place to get it. Not only that but he can get some DVD's on snowboarding and learn all there is to know about it, since he is just a beginner. He's got the talent and is very anxious to get started but we want him to do it safely. He's going to be doing double flips, if I know Tyler, because he loves that. And I expect him to be in the papers and news one of these days, doing his tricks. This website has great apparel so he will look his best when they take his picture. And whatever he buys, his folks need to be sure and get the snowboard bindings. That is very important and sometimes might be overlooked by parents who are kind of new at this.

It is very important to check the snowboard rail and I am sure Tyler knows that because right now, snowboarding is his life and all he can think about. He's banged himself up a couple times, but he keeps on coming back for more and he is getting better and better. His brothers are envious.

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