Thursday, April 29, 2010


You know you're tired but the thunder shakes the whole house. Ever tried to sleep in that kind of action? about everytime you doze off boom boom and you're awake again. So why not stay up and play with the computer. It's only an hour or two more then you can sleep with a train running through your house. I don't know but I think I'm getting close to that point now.


There's a resturaunt in town called Sevens. they serve a noon special everyday during the week. If you stop in for lunch and you leave hungry it's your fault. The portions are big enough to satisfy the biggest appetite. Thursday is creamed chich on bisquets and hot beef on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday you get a supprise with 2 BBQ sandwichs and chips and they make their own chips. Friday it's fish and I suppose chips again but forgot to ask. If you're in town stop in and say hello to Addy the best waitress in Clear lake.

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Storage Units For Rent

I have a friend who rents storage units by contract. When you let things go and don't pay your fees then you get a call and if nothing is done it goes into the dumpster and heads for the landfill. I'm sorry to say that happened today and I was asked to help. It was a long day but we almost got done and will be in a matter of 2 or 3 hours tomorrow. Most of the things in there were junk or not fixable.

April Showers

about 7:00 we heard a couple bangs and booms and the rain started. I tell you it rained and rained hard to where you had trouble seeing down the street. If this is an example then the May flowers should be 4 feet high. If they're not it won't be because they need water to survive. So once again I saved a few dollars at the carwash and my car is beautiful.

Buy Gold Coins

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exterior Shutters

There sure are a lot of different exterior shutters on the homes all around me. The neighbors have some that are almost the same color as their house and I do not think that is very attractive. Some of the shutters are wood shutters and it looks to me that my neighbor to the left is always painting theirs a different color every year. But in checking the Internet, I found there are many kinds of wood shutters that last and last. They take on their own personality and add to the appearance of your home. You may want to refinish them only once every 7 years or so. That makes more sense to me than painting shutters every year. It is possible to get synthetic shutters but they do not have all the good looks of wooden ones. I have been giving it a great deal of thought lately, and my house could really use some sprucing up outside. That is why I have been checking out places to buy some good shutters. It has helped me make up my mind just which to get, whether pine or red cedar for instance. I have been considering California redwood shutters as I used to live in California and all the shutters there looked so good. I know my home would look really sharp with shutters so I guess I will put that on my list of things to do this summer, now that the weather is getting better every day.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I don't care what anybody says, we all need friends. I'm partically disabled and can't do a lot of the things I've done all my life. I needed a support post replaced for my porch roof. One of my good friends showed up with a 4x4x8foot post and my other good friend took the old one out and put the new one in. They check in on me every other day and sometimes every day to make sure I don't need anything. They say you never know who your friends are until you need something. I have to tell you I know who my friends are.

It Is april

It has to be April since it's been raining for the last 3 days. Personally I think a break would be nice for a few days at least. I have to admit my car is looking way better than a few days ago. I can always use the money the car wash charges for other things. The streets and buildings are looking better too. farmers probably aren't very happy because they want to get it planted. Since I haven't had any thing to do with planting or harvest for the last 2+ years I really don't care.

Home Medical Supplies

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daily Temperatures

This week the temperatures have been in the 70;s and even low 80's one day. Starting tomorrow they will drop to the low 60's for several days. This fluxuation is really getting old this early in the year. Since they are fluxuating I for one think the summer months are going to be really hot just like last winter was extremely cold with lots of snow. I guess we'll all have to wait and see what happens but I'm hoping for a cooler summer.

Spring Problems

One of the biggest spring problem that most of us have is extra weight. That 10 pounds of extra fat you put on to keep warm all winter has become a problem. The is is what you realise when you try to fasten your summer shorts and slacks. I know I have at least 10 pounds to get rid of. Being partially disabled I can't get out and speedwalk or jog a mile or two. I try to do what yard work I can handle without falling on my butt. Sometimes that's easier to say than do. I've found the older I get the harder it is to lose that extra weight but it still needs to be done. I want to lose even more so next winter I'll have a head start on it.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Springtime Is here.

Rain, Rain, Rain is all I've seen from early this morning until around 1:30 this afternoon. I was glad the last hour I was driving south because I drove out of it into bright sunlight. Sometimes it's hard to believe the difference 35 miles can make. I'm a retired truckdriver and seen mose everything in road conditions. Like going down the roar in the sun and suddenly it's raining so hard you can't see the road. Then 5 minutes later you're back in the sun and dry roads. The same thing has happened many times with snow and ice too. It can be dark as if it were midnight and only be noon. Then there's rain on one side of the street and dry on the other side. They say God works in mysterious ways and it's true so keep watching.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tomorrow is a great day for everyone to get out and give thanks for the wonderful life God has given them. I had an ocasion where I spent 4 days in shock with severe burns and wasn't expected to live through the week. Since then 60 years have passed and I thank God every day for the extra time he has given me. I've always said that God had a reason for keeping me alive and there's some day he will reveal what it is. Many times through the extra 60 years I've lived I came in contact with various people that needed help in one way or another and I tried my best to help them. Sometimes it means sharing what little cash I have or physical help moving heavy objects. Then again I was just someone that was there for them to unload their hearts to. Everyone has problems of one kind or another and all they need is someone to listen. It's like my late wife Betty used to say when she came home from work yelling. She would say you know I'm not yelling at you I'm just yelling at you. I don't know what I'd do if you weren't here to vent my hostilities to, probably go crazy. Since she died I've had many friends come over for a beer and a good gabfest to get things off their chests. I'm a very good listener and my advice is free wether you want it or not. I think the best Easter present you could give someone is friendship, so be a friend to everyone you know and they will spread it to everyone they know and what a wonder world we will have , " UNDER GOD " , Love Your Friend " HAPPY EASTER "