Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting Old

I've had friends ask me if it's so different getting older. I tell them in some ways it's good and in other ways it really sucks. My wife and I didn't start saving until our later years and helped our children every time we could. All parents do this and we even helped young people just getting started on their own. I meanlike getting their own appartment and needing dishes and bedding and silverware. I know these things don't cost that much but when you're feeding 6 kids of your own and paying your own bills it can get a little tough. So we started saving late in life and plannig where we wanted to retire to. Everything was going good and the savings account was growing slowly but surely. Well my got cancer and we fought it with everything we could. Needless to say the savings went first because my wife was the most important thing in my life. Chemo and Radiation for 4 years and she wouldfeel better then relaspe. So in November I reached 62 and applied for early retirment. The next month on December 25th, Christmas morning at 10:30 my wife went to be with the lord and left me here to see what old age is like alone. So when someone asks me what it's like to get old ( I'm 76 ) I have to tell them without the love of your life it SUCKS.

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